~°~°~°~° Selene’s pov°~°~°~°~°
It was the next day I did my morning routine and got ready for work, I should I say it was the day of the formal..
I went to work and not too happy and it was Endy who opened the door, I said a good morning to him and he smiled and returned the greeting, I met Mrs Ginger coming down from the stairs and she smiled seeing me..
“oh Luna, welcome dear” she said
“good morning ma’am” I said helped her get down from the last three stairs..
“what would you like me to make for breakfast” I asked Mrs Ginger politely
“oh don’t worry every one is going to go with cereals this morning” she replied and I nod and smiled
“goooooooood morning everybody” I heard an unfamiliar voice from the stairs and when I looked up I saw a girl in her late twenties I think, coming down the stairs with her purple and black hair wearing a night gown covered in skulls..
“here we go” I heard Endy muttered as he saw her and went to sit on the couch, the “girl” sighted me and slowly stare at me.. Mrs Ginger rolled her eyes, and I was shocked cause that would be the first time I’ve seen her roll her eyes is she angry or something
“goodmorning grandma.. ” the girl said when she got downstairs but Mrs Ginger just nod her head and walked away..
“Who’s this?” the “girl” asked Endy who is now standing up from the couch.
“she is the Selene I was talking about” Endy replied and the girl screamed covering her mouth
“oh my God, are you human?” the girl asked me and I nod rapidly, feeling surprised from her outrageous behaviour, she’s freakishly weird and creeping me out..
“oh em gee Endy she’s so beautiful, you are so beautiful” she said and placed both of her hands on my cheeks and I flinched by her touch, now I’m getting scared..
“wait, you’re new here right? How old are you, where are you from do you—
“Wendy stop bothering her” Endy interrupted her yelling. So her name’s Wendy
“oh quiet bird brain” the girl, I mean Wendy said to Endy and Endy sighed and walked up to us and removed Wendy’s hand from my face..
“sorry if she’s creeping you out Selene, this is Wendy my older sister” Endy said
I should have guessed she’s his older sister, but No, cause she’s not acting like an older sister at all..
“wow Selene you’re so pretty no wonder my brother had glint of happiness in his eyes when he mentioned your name yesterday” Wendy said and Endy rolled his eyes..
“w-well i-i have to go c-clean the l-living room” I suttered not liking the way she talks so fast and loud.. But she’s pretty anyway,
“aww even your voice sounds beautiful, you’re so pretty I could kiss you” she said and my eyes widen… What?
“Wendy!” Endy called and she laughed
“I was just pulling your legs” she said and started to walk away but stopped and said
“oh and Endy we are having cereals for breakfast” and then walked away..
“she just loves cereals” Endy said angrily and turned to me
“I’m sorry she behaved that way towards you, she’s just so.. ..
“freakishly weird?” I helped him with the word
“yeah that’s the word” he said and we both laughed, for the first time Endy and I both laughed, together, that’s surprising and weird at the same time..
“well I better go start cleaning” I said breaking the awkward stare Endy and I were having..
After cleaning I joined them in having breakfast cause Mrs Ginger said I must and Wendy wasn’t harsh about it but I regretted joining them cause she kept asking me questions but I just answered the one I could..
“so have you had a boyfriend before?” Wendy asked
“no” I replied not looking at her
“what? Who wouldn’t want to date you, or are you telling me lies” she said and I shook my head negatively.. If Only she knows I’m a curse
“okay then but you must have had a crush on someone before?” she said and my heart suddenly skipped I remembered my school days and I couldn’t eat anymore I just held my spoon and stared at my food.. Jonah, David, wherever you guys are I’m sorry.. Cause I know I killed them it was all me I confessed my love to Jonah and he died and David kissed me and he died how can I ever find love or even a boyfriend or get married, as a child I grow up each day telling my mom that I’ll grow up and marry a Prince Charming that will take me on a ride with his beautiful carriage and that I’ll have beautiful babies for him, but who am I kidding I’m better off alone..
“oh my God Selene are you okay?” Endy asked “oh.. I’m so sorry if I asked you what I’m not supposed to ask” Wendy chipped in and I realised I was in tears ..
Damn it.. I thought I’ve passed this. But looks like I was wrong
“no-no it’s okay i-I’m fine” I quickly said and cleaned my tears and sniffed..
“are you sure” Endy asked and I glanced at him and nod
“okay I’m sorry ..really sorry I’ll keep my mouth shut” Wendy said but I just nod
“you should have thought about that sooner” Mrs Ginger said aggressively
“whatever” Wendy said and rolled her eyes..
“Luna dear, it’s okay” Mrs Ginger said to me and I nod and faked a smile at her
“why do you keep calling her Luna when you know her name’s Selene is your Brain getting old as well grandma?” Wendy teased and Endy shot her a glare
“what? it was just a joke you piece of shit” Wendy said and hit Endy on his arm..
“that’s why I don’t like you coming home” Mrs Ginger said and Wendy smirked
“well then Gran you better find a free coupon to elderly old hotel cause I’ll be here throughout the year” Wendy replied and Mrs Ginger sighed and shook her head negatively “shake those old skulls all you want all I know is that I’ll be here till let’s say..when you’re gone, you know what I mean” Wendy said, stood up and walked away..
Okay she’s rude and also a mouth breather..
“sometimes I wonder when she got those bad attitudes from, your brothers are not like that and neither are you, nor your parents” Mrs Ginger said and sighed
“just let her be grandma” Endy said, after everyone was done eating I cleaned the dining room and did the dishes and then cleaned the kitchen, while I was cleaning the kitchen counter Wendy walked in staring at me and that made me pretty uncomfortable..
“you know I’ve never seen anyone as pretty as you before” she said
“T-thank y-you?” I said and she shrugged and walked up to me and tucked my hair behind my hair for me..
“anyways I gotta asked, what made you broke down this morning during breakfast” she asked and I sighed
“it’s okay if you don’t feel like talking am kind of nosy” she said, giggled and walked away.. I’ve been calling my self weird for the past twenty years but now, I’ve seen the most weirdest..
I was sitting in the living room doing nothing cause I’m done with all the house chores and we just ate lunch and I’m kind of full, Mrs Ginger walked up to me with a smile..
“Luna. Endy’s getting ready you should too, the formal’s about to start” she said and my stomach twist..
I already forgot about the formal but good thing I brought the dress and shoes..
“oh! okay” I said and smiled slowly
“you can change in my room or the guest room your pick” Mrs Ginger said
“don’t worry she can change in my room” Wendy voice said out of nowhere and I flinched.. Mrs Ginger looked at me for an answer and Wendy suddenly walked up to us..
“what do you say?” she asked
“s-sure” I said and she smiled..
I changed into the white dress in Wendy’s enormous closet, and when I wore the heels I walked out of the closet and Wendy gasped seeing me
“oh my god you look dazzling, Endy’s going to flip, everyone in the formal is going to flip” she said and I almost rolled my eyes
“come-on I’ll help you do something with your hair” she said,
“you’re not going to cut it are you?” I asked but she shook her head negatively
“no I’ll just pack it in ponytail something like that” she said and I nod and sat down on a white fancy chair she keeps in front of her closet opposite a wall mirror..
She helped me fixed my hair in ponytail and borrowed me a pair of her earrings which looks expensive and I’ve never wore an earring before and this feels kind of heavy, and lastly she filled my lips with red cherry lipstick.. I looked at myself in the mirror but I still kind of look the same to myself..
“thank you” I tell her
“oh no problem just making up my mistakes at breakfast” she said and I nod and walked out of her room, I slowly went downstairs cause the heels were too high I have never never wore heels before..
I came downstairs and met Endy dressed in all white, he turned and sighted me and he gazed at me deeply.. I waved my hand in front of his face and he coughed
“sorry I was uhm.. You look good” he said
“uhm thanks” I replied and we both walked outside to his car,
“well just so you know thanks for accompanying me” Endy said as we got to his car, he should know I’m just doing this for his grandma nothing else
“yeah sure” I said and he smiled and open the car door for me, he gestured his hand forward for me to get in and while I was getting in I almost lost balance but Endy palm was close and I used it for support but flinched immediately our hands got into contact.. I felt something, something I haven’t felt before but it seems like it didn’t feel anything but I know I felt something, it felt great and amazing..
It felt like Happiness..


^•^•^•^ ENDYS POV ^•^•^•^ I was already dressed in my white attire waiting for Selene to get dressed I didn’t know what was making her delay maybe Wendy’s asking her dumb questions again.. Suddenly she started coming down the stairs and I froze she looked.. She was perfect.. She was.. Damn it words couldn’t describe her.. The white dress glued to her body like it was made for her, and it brought out her curves I didn’t know she had cause she just wears baggy gowns.. Her hair was in ponytail and i just felt like grabbing her, cause she was just so beautiful, her lips was glossed with red shiny lip gloss and wow I am just speechless.. I found my self staring at her but she waves her hand in front of my face and I realised myself.. “sorry I was look good” I quickly said “thanks” she replied and we both walked outside to my car, “just so you know thanks for accompanying me” I said, and mean it.. “yeah sure” she replied and I opened the car door for her and while she was about to get in she almost lost balance but luckily she held my palm, thank goodness she’s smart.. But while our palms I felt something.. Something I haven’t felt before in my entire life.. It felt rare, it gave me bubbles but I can’t describe the feeling Selene got in and I closed the door I turned and saw my sister at the door she blew me a kiss and waved.. I got into the driver seat and drove to Kim’s company, my dad’s best friend and business partner.. * We arrived at the Kim’s company and Selene’s eyes widen when she saw the company, then how would she react when she sees my dad’s company.. “come-on” I tell her I glanced at her hands wishing to hold them so I could feel that feeling again.. We were both walking inside when I stopped and turned “we have to lock our elbows together cause it’s the casual way to enter formals” I said and she blinked rapidly before agreeing and I hooked my elbow around hers and we both walked inside.. The formal, thank goodness was a small gathering with people of the same classes thinking they’re above one another envying their neighbours but covering it up with a fake smile I know my dad has many enemies here so I better play it cool.. Everyone was in white and the first person I saw was Mr Kim himself and he was with his wife Cordelia.. “Ah..Endymion!” he exclaimed seeing me and Selene and I walked up to him and my gaze went from me to Selene and so did his wife.. Great! One thing about bringing a pretty girl to a party.. “and may i ask who this is?” Mr Kim asked and I smiled “oh this is Selene” I said “Selene what a nice name for a beautiful young lady” he said and Selene smiled and said “thank you” “anyway I heard your father couldn’t make it, but send my regards to him If he actually doesn’t make it here” Mr Kim said and I nod.. “and the kids are also asking for you” Mrs Kim said to me and I nod and they walked away, when she’s talking about the kids she means her children.. Which are Hilda, Mary and Henry, two girls and a boy, Hilda would be in her early thirties I think while Mary’s just seventeen and Henry, Henry’s the same age as my brothers and also their best friend they’re all clocking twenty three.. I glanced at Selene and she was busy observing every where with her pretty eyes, some eyes were on us or maybe Selene.. I guess, I looked straight up and immediately catch a familiar smile It was that of Hilda, Mr Kim’s first daughter.. She suddenly tapped someone who happened to be Henry, her brother and they both walked up to us smiling.. “Endy, oh it’s been ages it’s so nice to see again” Hilda said and gave me a small one handed hug, cause Selene was beside me .. “hey..” Henry who was behind Hilda said to me and I waved back, Selene who was looking at her side suddenly noticed I was talking to someone and turned and Henry eyebrows suddenly arched. “and who may I ask is this?” Hilda asked with her gummy smile referring to Selene.. “this- is Selene my friend,” I said, you don’t expect me to address her as the house keeper.. Selene smiled at both Henry and Hilda, and Hilda said “well selene nice to meet you” “nice to meet you too” Selene said “and I’m Henry” Henry said and steps forward and then shook hands with Selene and for some reason I didn’t like that.. “nice to meet you Henry” Selene said and Henry smiled.. “anyways what about those three trouble makers” Hilda asked reverting to my brothers “oh them! They’re okay and still troublesome” I said and Hilda and I laughed, “well then wherever they are tell them I said hi” she said and I nod and then she walked away .. I wasn’t surprised she didn’t ask about Wendy cause two of them are like frenemies, they laugh today and fight tomorrow.. And they’re best friends, can you believe that? “so.. You guys are just friends right? No strings attached?” Henry suddenly said and I shot him a dangerous glare.. “don’t make this awkward and embarrassing for yourself and just leave” I said and he rolled his eyes “F’ you Endy” Henry said angrily and walked away, that’s more like it.. I know I’m pretty uncomfortable with people but right now, this moment I feel free I feel open like I could get along with everybody here without, getting irritated or bored.. Wait! Is it because of Selene, I decided to take a quick glance at her maybe watch her observe the party with he pretty eyes flickering around, my gaze went from the floor and to her face and I was surprised to see her staring at me.. Our eyes got locked with each other’s and I couldn’t look away it was like I was seeing all of me inside of her, her golden eyes held so much beauty, so much power and so much happiness, What is this? Am I falling in love or am I just imagining things for myself, the idea of kissing her came across my mind but I suddenly realised my self and blinked and she flinched too and turned to her front.. “so.. Do you want to get a cup of wine?” I asked “yes please” she said and cleared her throat.. We both walked together to a bartender who stood still at the bar area waiting for someone to order something cause it looks like he’s kind of sleepy, Selene and I arm’s were still locked together and it seems like she didn’t want to let go and neither do I.. Luckily for the bartender Selene and I walked up to him and he gave us the most Fake smile he could find.. “what can I get for you two lovely couples?” he asked “oh um.. We’re not a couple” Selene suddenly said and the man tilts his head in confusion but didn’t ask anything anymore.. “anyways I’m Finn” he said dryly “just bring a bottle of heavenly nectar and we’ll be fine” I said and he nods and turned to the wines behind him “so.. have you drank wine before?” I asked teasingly “no” she said plainly staring as the barman pour our wine into glass cups and threw ice-blocks inside them.. “well you’ll love this” I said and handed her one of the glass cup filled with wine, “thanks” she said and looked away and taking a sip out of the wine and then sat down on the bar stood.. And so did I.. I dropped my palm on the counter and tapped the wooden slippery surface with my fingers as I gulped down my entire glass careful not to drop any on my shirts.. I dropped my cup and gave Finn a look to pour me another glass.. I glanced at Selene and saw her staring at my palms that was slowly tapping the bar counter following the rhythm of the music.. Why is she staring at my hands, she quickly looked away when Finn handed me my drink and in another glance I dried the cup.. °~°~°~°SELENES POV°~°~°~°
The formal wasn’t too bad like I imagined but I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I felt earlier with Endy, it made me felt like entering him and finding out something new, something adventurous.. I suddenly became curious once I was just hating his guts but now I feel like I’ve known him forever, that I couldn’t help but stare at his face when he talked, wishing for an answer to come out from it ..
Why did I feel that way? I wouldn’t be curious about it if it didn’t felt good, it felt amazingly great and I want more of where that feeling came from, it’s like mixing chocolate cake with a pile of flavoured brownies mixed with gummy bears and strawberries, it’s a sweet feeling and who wouldn’t want that..
When he caught me staring at him I couldn’t move cause it was like I should reach out and burst or something cause that moment felt right, it felt thrilling and it was magically fascinating.. His green gloomy eyes suddenly gleamed as I looked at it deeply, and suddenly it was like I could see him and no body else, my heart starts to beat fast, faster than normal and his husky eyes pierced mine, but all of a sudden he blinked and I realised my self flinching in reality.. And that’s when he said we should get wines… And while we walked I realised we both have our elbows clenched together and for reason it did feel welcoming
Drinking wines with him wasn’t suddenly easy either cause while he drank he tapped his manly hand on top of the bar-counter and I just stared at them wishing I could hold them and relive that feeling I did this evening but he’d think I’m weird by just grabbing his hand so it’s better to just act normal..
The formal ended after Mr. Kim gave a speech about some stuff I wasn’t paying any attention to..
While we got outside Endy told me he’ll drive me home since its nighttime already, I agreed with him and told him my address cause he asked for it..
The drive to my house was so long and I remained quiet in the car not really thinking about anything but “that feeling”
.. Finally!! We got to my house and he parked in front if the building and I opened the car-door before he could come out and open it and I grabbed my purse and walked out.. He walked out to and stared at me and so did I..
“so goodnight?” he said
“goodnight” I replied and my voice comes out low, and walked inside not wanting to look back.. Immediately I closed the door, seconds later I heard his car screech and drive away.
My mom wasn’t back yet and I sighed and walked upstairs to my room and I plopped down on my bed and the word I sighed out was “Endy..


That night I couldn’t sleep I kept thinking about Endy and what I felt, but thankfully I fell asleep..
The next day I woke up, another non-beautiful day, I did my morning routine and went to work, if only I could just ask Endy if he felt anything last night but of course not he’s not a weirdo like me..
I tried to forget about it but I couldn’t so I just left it at the back of my mind as I took the bus as always, getting a thousands stares as always and getting to the blossoms mansion safely as always.
I slide the house key in the key hole but it wasn’t even locked because someone suddenly opened it from inside before I could twist the key.. I quickly pull the key out of the key hole and looked up to see Endy,
“G-good morning” I stuttered
“morning” he said and I walked in and dropped my purse on the living room couch, I don’t even get why I bring that purse I just keep my un-used phone inside and nothing else..
“Selene!!” I heard Wendy’s voice squeak from the stairs and she immediately came down and gave me a huge embrace..
“goodmorning” I manage to sag from the tight hug
“morning” she said and let go of me
“so how was the formal yesterday?” she asked like it was as if I went to a high school party.
“it was okay” I said and she smiled..
“aww you could have seen your self yesterday you looked fire, and I could have sworn I saw a pile of saliva at the corner of Endy’s mouth” she said and giggled and I suddenly heard Endy cleared his throat behind us and I turned and he gave his sister a cold glare while she rolled her eyes, and walked towards him..
“those chipmunks are coming back today right?” she asked her brother and Endy nodded and brought his phone out of his pocket..
“what time?” she asked
“I don’t know but it seems like their plane just landed” Endy replied
“okay if that’s the case I must do all what a good older sister would do” Wendy said and Endy raised his eyebrows at her
“and that would be?” Endy questioned
“cooking for them” she replied and smiled while Endy smiled too.
I think he’s cute when he smiles.
What is with me this morning?
“yeah good luck with that” Endy said and walked away from her but gave me a small glance before going upstairs..
“come-on Selene let’s cook” Wendy said happily and pulled me towards the kitchen, when she held my hand I thought I’d have that “feeling” again since she’s like family with Endy, maybe that blood can still at least be the same and I can feel it again, but I was wrong I felt nothing
“so what should we make this beautiful morning?” Wendy asked putting on an apron.. and I don’t understand why we have to make breakfast like a feast..
“should we just make tuna casserole,?” she asked
“i-i don’t understand why you want to make a breakfast feast” I said and she rolled her eyes
“my three dumb brothers are coming home and I just want to make them something nice as a nice older sister I am” she said and twitched a smile,
Why would she cook for the them if she just called them dumb, and speaking of nice, she’s not much of a nice person
“oh okay!” I said and gave her a small smile..
“so.. Should we make the tuna casserole? Cause it’s their favourite but not mine” she said
“yeah we should do it since its their favourite” I said and she clapped her hands gleefully..
“you know you’re really smart” Wendy said and I gave her a thank you look..
“well those triplets are gonna love this dish” she said and placed her hands on her waist..
Triplets?.. No wonder they have the same appetites

The food was ready and the aroma took control of the house. Wendy removed her apron, then washed her hands before walking out of the kitchen..
/why did you tell Selene To Help you, I thought you were going to cook alone/ I heard Endy tell Wendy from outside
/just shut up, I did all the cooking okay! Selene just helped me dice some stuff/ Wendy backfired and I chuckled cause it was totally the opposite I was the one who did all the cooking and she was the one who Chopped and diced some of the Ingredients.
I removed my apron and was about to wash my hands when the doorbell ringed around the whole house..
“they’re here” I heard Wendy said
I sighed, and washed my hands and wiping them on a clean towel.. I tucked both sides of my hair behind my ears and walked out of the kitchen but stayed at the entrance of the kitchen and watched as Wendy welcomed them her brothers,
The three of them walked in actually only two walked in with backpacks behind them on their backs and they look nothing alike, they still have that family resemblance but as triplets they don’t look identical at all and both of them look nothing like Endy even wendy.. Endy doesn’t look like them at all..
“yeah we’re back oh my God what’s that sweet smell” one of the triplet with creamy blonde hair said with a happily
“that’s the sweet smell of my cooking” Wendy said
“you cooked?” the second one with dirty blonde hair chimed in and Wendy glared at him
“what is that supposed to mean, that I can’t cook?” Wendy said furiously at him but he shook his head negatively and said
“you’re the greatest chef ever”
Endy walked up to them and they both pounced on him with a brotherly Hug
“okay okay that’s enough” Endy said and pushed them away from his body..
“where’s Louis?” Wendy asked and I think she’s talking about the third one.
“he’s still outside getting our stuff” one of them replied
“oh my goodness, you guys always make Louis do stuff for you and that’s why he’s my favorite cause he never argues with anything anyone tells him” Wendy said and walked outside..
“where’s Josie” the creamy blonde boy asked Endy and started to look around and then spotted me at the entrance of the kitchen, I gave a welcoming smile and waved at him and his eyebrows suddenly rose confusingly ..
“who’s that?” he asked Endy bewilderingly causing Endy and his other brother to look at my direction.. His other brother eyebrows arched too and Endy gave me a look to come over.
I walked up to them adjusting the hem of my shirt and tucking my hair behind my ear,
Honestly I’m getting tired of my hair..
“uhm.. Linc, Josie’s gone and she is replacing her until Josie gets back” Endy said as I walked up to them..
“wow” the creamy blonde boy breathed out smiling and I let out a silent sigh, I loathe attention like this and yes I know it’s because of my “magnificent” beauty I wish I could just peel my face off..
“selene this is my brothers Linc as in Lincoln and this is Lance. Linc, Lance, meet Selene” Endy said dryly and I shook the two of them hands politely..
Okay the creamy blonde one is Linc and the dirty blonde is Lance, thank god they’re not identical cause it will be hard recognizing any of them cause I think I can’t even remember their names anymore..
“so Selene rig–
Linc hasn’t completed his words when wendy came inside with the last one of the boys yelling “coming through!”
“and that is louis” Endy suddenly said, Louis had brown hair with poppy green eyes like Endy’s but not close to Endy’s..
Wendy walked passed us taking his brother stuff upstairs while Louis suddenly paused seeing me..
T. B. C



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4 months ago

This is getting really interesting..Good work Ruthie Lee… please release more episodes I can’t wait 😁😁😁😁

3 months ago

This is getting more intense…….
Mind you, it’s a full house already 💃💃💃