BEAUTY CALLS Episode 21 – 22 by RUTHIE LEE



~•~•~•Selene’s pov•~•~•~
“Endy I’m pregnant” I said but he didn’t hold any emotion, expression or reaction..
“really?” he said sarcastically with his eyebrow arched.
He thinks I’m joking..
“do you think I’m joking?” I asked sitting up straight.
“hell yes I do, you were lying to my mom a few minutes ago, why Wont you lie to me? And besides I don’t like it when people joke with this kind of stuff in particular with me” he said and I sighed.
“okay so what made you think I’ll be joking about me being pregnant” I asked folding my arms..
“I dunno, cause I know Daniel didn’t say anything about it when we went to the hospital” he said and I stood up and walked closer to his desk, where he was seated.
“I have no idea why Daniel didn’t see any baby in me, but I am pregnant I know what I saw and heard Endy, I need you to believe me, I need you to know that your seed is in me” I said softly and slowly placed his hands on my flat stomach as he stared into my eyes..
He suddenly flinched and stood up, “oh my God, I felt it” he said and I smiled
“you are pregnant, I don’t know how but I actually felt it” he exclaimed happily while I continue to smile ..
“but how.. We.. I mean w-we just had sex like three days ago or so and you’re pregnant” he said boldly and I sighed..
“I don’t know too, I have no idea how it’s possible” I said
“but if Daniel couldn’t see the baby then, how did you find out?” he asked and I moved to his bed and sat down.
I thought he’d never ask. I mashed my lips together before I started,
“well it was when I fell asleep, I first felt that something was actually dragging me to have that nap and then when I did, I saw my self at your house, this house, but everywhere was empty, no chairs TV nothing at all, and then suddenly I started hearing those strange noises it was really awful and it pierced my ears, I was freaked out but not until you held my hand I didn’t know how you held my hand cause I was αlone βut still I still felt that you held my hand, I became calm and slowly the awful ear piercing noise started fading away but only one sound could be heard, the cry of a baby and it kept crying and crying till I couldn’t take it anymore so I slowly climbed the stairs and listened carefully to where the baby’s voice was coming from, and it was coming from this very room, your room endy, I walked in your room and it was empty also with only a rocking baby’s crib the baby stopped crying immediately I stepped closer to the crib and when I looked inside I saw a beautiful baby I couldn’t tell if it was a girl or a boy and also I can’t remember the baby’s face but I know “it” was very beautiful.. I carried the baby cause I felt like I had to and a gust of wind blew making the window open with force and then I saw a girl who look just like me.. I wouldn’t say just like me, she was me.. I guess.. I think it was.. —
“can you just continue” Endy interrupted me impatiently and I sighed, rolled my eyes and continued ,
“anyway, this lady who was actually looking so much like me, smiled at me outside the window I didn’t know if she was standing on air cause you know, there’s nothing really there for her to stand on.. She walked inside the room I was in and smiled at me and the baby..
“Selene..” she said but I just stared at her like I was freaking out, and of course I was freaking out I haven’t had this kind of dream in my life
“what?.. Do you want?” I slowly ask her and she step closer to me
“I want you to know that you’re pregnant and this is your child” she said and I froze
“my Child?” I asked
“yes .. Yours and Endymoin too” she said, I didn’t know If I should be happy, freaked out or you know.. But I just kept calm and the baby was just so soft and cuddly and who would want to give that up..
“the symptoms you might be having might be strange to you, right?” she said touching the crib with her long nails. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her cause it was as if I was staring at myself in the mirror but the creepy kind..
“they’re not just strange, they’re terrifying, horrible, awful and painful” I replied and she grinned
“the pain you’re feeling will be the joy of tomorrow, don’t you want that?” she asked
“I do but does it have to be painful?” I asked and she nodded
“the pain shows that the baby you’ll be giving birth to will be, gifted, and extraordinary,” she said but I just didn’t give any reaction.
“Selene you’re not human nor will you ever be, you’re abnormal among human and so Is Endy” she said but I wasn’t even surprised she said that.
“you both are extremely different from other people and thats why you both were meant to be, and when his seed got into you, a bond was created, an unbreakable forever bond and that bond made a baby in you, a baby that will be just like you, pretty, breath taking, and healthy” the Lady said while I just listened attentively.. She suddenly shoved her hand in her hair and brought out three rocks which is oddly shaped
“pick one” she told me and slowly I picked one and she smiled..
“good, excellent choice, now the baby’s yours, it all yours” she said and I looked down at the baby and called your name
“Endy..” but you didn’t reply me,
“Endy it’s ours..” I said seeing you suddenly standing by the baby’s crib and you smiled at me.. You stopped smiling and started walking away and I begged for you not to go but you did anyway.. I sat down on the cold floor with the baby in my hand, I couldn’t move cause it seems like the baby was heavier than me but I still didn’t feel like leaving the baby alone cause it’s ours now, I wanted to leave but I couldn’t I was stuck with the lady in front of me smiling at me creepily.. Then I heard you wishing for me to wake up.
“remember Selene you’re pregnant and you must tell Endy, you’re both going to experience a lot of things..” she said before I woke up and found no baby in my hand, and I didn’t know if I should call that a nightmare or a good dream.. And the dream kept me thinking all day, but now that I’ve said this to you I feel great” I explained and smiled
“wow” Endy breathed staring at me.
“so you dreamt all that with that little nap?” he asked and I smiled
“you might think all this is freaking crazy but I saw what I saw Endy I wish you were there” I said with a sigh..
“no… It’s not ‘freaking crazy’, it is but it’s not, you won’t believe I actually heard your voice when you called me, I was so surprised..and scared” he said and I laugh
“but don’t worry we’re both in this together, good or bad moments, I’ll always be here for you, for us and for the baby” he said and hugged me..
We are damn right meant to be. Endy wanted to disengage our small hug but I didn’t want to
“can we stay like this for a little bit” I asked
“why not” he replied and kissed the top of my head.
We both stayed like that quietly and it didn’t last for two minute when we both heard a knock.. I backed away while he smiled-shrugged at me before walking to his door and opened it, and it was Louis… It’s been ages since I saw Louis and Linc..
“End.. Mom wants you to come downstairs for a family feast, that’s what she called it, with Selene” he said and looked inside and saw me and I gave him a small smile and wave. And he wave back. . .”okay we’ll be there” Endy assured him and he nods and walked away
“looks like we’re going down now” I said and he nods and we both walked out with him holding my hand,
while coming down the stairs he held me tight like I was some baby who can’t come down without its mother by its side..
“Endy what’s this?” I asked referring to the way he held me as we walk down the stairs..
“I’m just making sure” he said
“making sure of what?” I asked
“so you won’t fall down, since you’re… You know.. Pregnant” he whispered and I felt like slapping his dumb brain..
“seriously Endy, I think you’re just overreacting, do I look like am pregnant?” I asked and he smiled
“don’t smile at me and just Let go of me” I said released my hand from his and he pouts but I just smiled and walked downstairs without him.. No one was in the living room but I could hear voices coming from the dining room. “they’re in the dinning room” Endy said behind me
“I know” I said and we both walked in the dining room together,

“okay, she’s on her way” Linc said gripping on his phone as we walked in the dining room..
“oh you’re both here, have your seat” Mrs Rita Endy’s mom, said happily and Endy and I looked at each other before sitting down
Everyone sat down and Linc had already started to eat while everyone get ready to.
Wendy wasn’t looking so good she was looking pale and sleepy and she just stayed quiet and stared at the table and truth, I was a little worried about her..
“oh my God, I miss your food so much this is so yummy” Linc said with his mouth full,
“you naughty boy, you’re eating already?!!” Mrs Rita half yelled
“I just couldn’t wait, no offense mom” Linc said while his mom rolled her eyes in return.. Mrs Rita turned to wendy and noticed her paleness and quietness
“honey you okay?” she asked while Wendy just nodded..
“are you sure?” she asked
“I am.. Can we just eat now” Wendy said lowly and Mrs Rita shrugged and we all started to eat..
“so Louis, how was Tennessee?” Mrs Rita asked
“it is not as great as anyone would think” Louis replied and Mrs Rita laughed, and I couldn’t tell what was funny.. I kept eating not really paying attention at their conversation until Mrs Rita called my name and I turned to her
“yeah, Selene I heard you’re Josie’s replacement from Lance, I can’t believe you used to be the house keeper” she said smiling at me.. Used to be..? I still am..
“I’m still the house kee–
“I mean look at you, a beautiful lady like you being a mere house keeper I just can’t believe it” she said stabbing her food with her fork
Just because I’m pretty doesn’t mean I can’t be a house keeper
“well I was looking for a job and I found this one and the pay was really good so I had to take it, I-i don’t really come from Rich family” I tell her and she nods
“honey, you’re a blossom now, you’re one of us already, you’re with Endy and.. You’re one of us Dear” Mrs Rita said and I smiled and was about to say something but a loud squeaky voice interrupted me from the door..
“I’m here..” the voice said and at the same time Wendy and Endy rolled their eyes..
Everyone turned to the door and it was ‘Alyssa’ Lance, bitchy girlfriend, I don’t know her much but judging by her looks and attitude when I first saw her, I knew she wasn’t the type you make friends with, and Endy and Wendy doesn’t seem to like..
“mom you’re home..” she said happily and gave Mrs Rita a hug and went to sit down in between Lance and Louis, making her opposite me.. Great.
“Endy.. It’s so good to see you again” she said giving Endy a smile..
“yeah you too” Endy replied not looking at her, Alyssa turned to Wendy to say something but Wendy suddenly stood up and grabbed her food..
“I’m going upstairs, there’s just too much noise here” she said..
“oh okay..” Mrs Rita said sadly while Wendy walked out..
“so babe how was the ride from your place to here” Lance asked admiring his girlfriend as she slowly take of her fur jacket.. “it was stressful but I manged to get here thinking of someone” she said with a smile
“I know that someone’s me” Lance said proudly
“of course who else would it be” she said, smiled at him and glance at Endy, who was paying attention to his food..
Why I’m I getting a weird feeling about that “someone”…


“Alyssa meet Selene, Endy’s girl” mrs Rita said and Alyssa looked at me.
“Oh no need for the introduction mom, I’ve met her before” Alyssa said staring at me as I drank my water looking at her back..
“good, isn’t she a beaut, she’s just perfect, and right for Endy” Mrs Rita said smiling at me..
“yes.. She is just perfect” Alyssa said with her teeth clenched together and her hand gripping tightly on her glass of water.. I haven’t dealt with this type of girls before but I know the littlest things get them easily..
“so Endy.. How did you and Selene meet?” Alyssa asked and Endy looked at her.. Oh she doesn’t know I used to be the house keeper and then realise Endy and I have so many things in common..
“table manners please, I don’t talk while I eat” Endy said and Alyssa gave an angry fake smile ..
“oh sorry I have no idea” she said and drank her water,
I smiled at Endy’s reply and her reaction..
«what are you smiling at» I heard Endy’s voice in my head and suddenly turned to him.. He wasn’t saying anything outside but I’m sure he said something..
“did you just say something” I whispered to him..
“did you hear that?” he asked surprisingly and I nod..
“it’s like we can mind communicating” he said and I rolled my eyes.. “that can’t be hundred percent possible” I said and he sighed.. And said in a low tone
“okay then let’s try it, you go first” he said and I nod and sat down properly, everyone was busy talking but I just concentrated on what I should say with Endy and in my head, In my mind I said..
«hey» he suddenly turned to me and smiled
“I heard you loud and clear you said hey” he told me softly and I gasped, it worked, I can’t believe this, is this actually part of the bond the lady in my dream was talking about..
“okay my turn” he whispered and I waited and listened to whatever he had to say,
«I think you’re pretty when you eat, and I love you» I hear his voice in me and my heart fluttered
I turned to him and smiled, “oh my god that was so sweet” I said and he shrugged..
“told you it works” he said and I hit his shoulder playfully

“I thought you said you don’t talk while you eat” Alyssa suddenly interrupts our sudden playdate and me Endy both turned to her and so did everyone.. And she didn’t even hide the fact that she’s angry ..
“I don’t, I was just whispering some important things to Selene” Endy said calmly
“yeah right?” Alyssa replied and rolled her eyes..
«let’s eat quickly and get out of here I seriously hate her presence» Endy said to me through his mind and I nod and continued eating,
After eating though, Endy and I wanted to leave but Mrs Rita said we must all eat dessert together, dessert was set on the table, different kinds of junk food and my mouth was already watering, and I was suddenly glad Mrs Rita didn’t let you us go..
“Selene, dear why don’t you help me get the last bowl of ice-cream in the fridge from the kitchen” Mrs Rita said
“sure” I said and stood up..
“and I’ll come help” Alyssa said, smiled at me and Mrs Rita before standing up and walking straight to the kitchen with me,..
We got to the quiet kitchen and I opened the fridge and brought out the ice-cream and closed it back and was about to walk away when Alyssa suddenly stood in front of me.
“what?” I asked nicely
“I should help you with that” she said referring to the bowl of ice-cream
“no worries, I got this” I said and she forcefully grabbed it from me.. Making me flinch
“that’s how I’ll be snatching Endy from you” she said clearly, lowly and closely to my face..
I was damn right, she is in love with Endy,
she’s obsessed with the love she has for Endy, she doesn’t like Lance at all, either she’s dating him because of the family’s richness or she’s dating him because she’s trying to get close to Endy.. My Endymoin.
And she’s so shameless, she’s not even hiding the fact that she loves Endy, isn’t she afraid I might spill the beans to Lance..

I smiled at her sudden remark of snatching Endy from me and she moved back a little
“why are you Smiling?, this is nothing you can smile about cause I stay true to my words, I know you’re pretty and all but sometimes in life if you don’t get what you want you have to fight for it and, you know what I’ll be fighting for” she said and I sighed and shook my head negatively..
“Alyssa, you might look older than me, I don’t know your age but you’re not too older than me but you’re kind of older than me with a year or two, by your face and body, but the way you talk, shows that you’re still growing in here” I said pointing to her head and referring to her brain..
“don’t you dare talk to me that way” she warned but I just moved closer to her, and looked her in the eyes.. “or what?” I yanked..
Even though she was wearing a five inches heel, I was still a little bit taller then her,
“you don’t know what I’m capable of do you” she said but I just rolled my eyes..
“pick someone Your Own size Alice or Alyssa what ever your name is.. And I’ll have that” I said and took the ice-cream back from her forcefully.. I gave her a “get-lost” smile and walked out of the kitchen..
I went back to the dining room with the ice-cream and everyone started eating, Alyssa came back too and gave me a loon before going back to lances side and sitting beside him.
I sat down beside my sweet and lovely Endy, who smiled at me as I came, I looked at my front ready to eat dessert with others but I didn’t know where to start from.. There were just so many.. I just couldn’t decide, they were biscuits, fruit tarts, cookies, cakes, pudding, custard creams, sweet soup and bourbons.. I kept staring at the sweet savoury coursed in front of me and I was about to take an apricot from the fruit tarts when Endy suddenly shoved an apricot in my mouth..
“you just couldn’t stop staring at it and you still couldn’t touch it so I had to give you one myself” emduysaid and I giggled shyly..
“but still I wanted to take it myself…. So don’t act like a hero just because you fed me an apricot” I said and he laughed..
“I didn’t act like a hero, I just did that cause I wanted to” he said defensively
“yeah right” I said sarcastically, bringing out the apricot’s seed from my mouth
“you are just so… Ugh.. I don’t even know what to say” he groaned and slowly breathed in and out and took another apricot
“want this one?” he asked bringing it closer to my mouth, I opened my mouth getting ready for apricot to get in but he quickly turned his hand and shoved it into his mouth.
“now that’s what a hero would do, what? Are you mad?” he asked but I just rolled my eyes..
“you big baby” I cuss angrily and he smiled and placed his hand around my shoulder..
“come-in, don’t be mad, I know you’re a little mad at me” he said still smiling
Of course I am
“no I’m not” I said and he gave me a “really?” look.. He grabbed a fork and stabbed a little part of the cake in front of us and brought it close to my mouth, but I didn’t open up cause I felt like he’ll still trick me
“seriously, open up I’m not gonna do that again.” he said and I looked at him and he smiled and nod, his hand was still around my shoulder and slowly I opened my mouth and the cake almost got in my mouth but he suddenly turned his hand again to his mouth and was about to eat the cake..
“don’t you dare!” I warned him and he stopped himself from eating it and brought it back to my mouth and I ate it while he smiled..
“see.. Isn’t that much better” he said like he didn’t trick me, I just shook my head and gave him a playful glare and removing his hand from my shoulder..
“hey I’m sorry okay?” he said but I just pretended to be angry and started to eat the cake like I wasn’t hearing what he’s saying..
“hey” he said and kisses my cheek and I stopped and looked at him
“I’m sorry” he mouthed to me..
I turned back to the cake and continued eating.. “Selene.. Are you giving me the silent treatment?;” he asked but still he got no reply from me.. He forcefully grabbed my face closer to his and started to give me little pecks on my lips continuously,
“I’m going to kiss you until you accept my apology” he whispered in my ear and continued to kiss me but I just laughed and stopped him.. By pushing his head away
“it’s okay.. I forgive you” I primped and he smiled
“now that’s more like it” he said and let’s go of me.
“awwn.. You guys remind me of my young age” Mrs Rita suddenly said and Endy and I suddenly looked up to see everyone eyes were on us around the table..
“I’m done” Louis said lowly and stood up
“but you haven’t even had ice-cream yet” Mrs Rita said
“it’s okay mom, I’m full and I’m gonna head upstairs now thanks for the food” louis said nicely to his mom
“okay sweetie,” Mrs Rita replied and Louis glance at Endy and I before heading upstairs,
I turned back to my course, but my eyes met with Alyssa’s and the way she was looking at me wasn’t friendly at all.. But I don’t care..
She doesn’t know who she’s dealing with.



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2 months ago

You repeated episode 22, so sweet. I think Louis likes Selene. They should communicate more in their minds and where’s grandma

2 months ago
Reply to  Harbey

Is it Louis or endy

2 months ago
Reply to  Babe

From Louis’s reaction now. He likes the girl

2 months ago

OMG.. This story is getting more interesting.
Kudos to the writer

2 months ago

The communication Link between them is actually mind blowing………