Beauty And The Beast Episode 21 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 11 - 12 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 21 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Theme: Unexpected Meeting! 😱

🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

A mild tap on my upper arm woke me from my nap,I rubbed my eyes to see Kira standing over me. I had fallen asleep few hours after Caden left for the meeting.

“Empress I’m sorry to disturb your sleep.” She apologized.

“It’s alright.” I knew she wouldn’t have woke up me if it wasn’t important.

“How are you feeling?” She asked.

“I’m everything okay?” I asked.

“Yes,your guards are waiting to take you to the Emperor.”

I glanced up at the wall clock,the time was 4:00pm. I gasped in sheer surprise realizing that I had sleep for close to five hours! I should prepare for the meeting with Caden! I sat up Immediately.

“I will bring your clothes.” Kira said before walking towards the closet.

“I should take a shower before wearing new clothes.” I said.

“Okay Empress.”

I opened the drawer next to the bed and grabbed a pad from it before rushing off to the bathroom.

Kira already prepared my outfit before I finished up in the bathroom. A deep blue slack,black off shouldered top and sandals.

“Are you coming with me?” I asked Kira.

“Me? Oh no!” She replied.


I bidded Kira goodbye as we came out of the suites before moving on with Lawson and Samson. A black car was already waiting to bring me to Caden.

“Thank you…” I said to Lawson when he opened the car door.

The car glided into motion after they both entered the car. Lawson sat with me in the back row while Samson settled next to the driver. Gosh! It has been a while since I have been in a car! Eversince I got here I haven’t had a chance do so many things! I missed the internet! Not like I have too many friends to keep up with online but the fact remains that I miss surfing through the internet and learning new things. I also miss my career as a teacher! Talking and teaching the kids had been the best parts of my job as a teacher.

And it’s a pity that I can’t do anything of those things anymore except I want to work as a teacher at the Royal Academy in the Imperial. Definitely that would be a no no for me. Caden would never allow work as a teacher here.

I snapped out of thought and turned to Lawson. “Where are we going?” I asked.

“To meet the Emperor.” Lawson replied.

Yeah I know we’re meeting the Emperor but where exactly are we headed?!

I was really anxious to see Caden. I kinda missed him,and it’s funny how much I have grown attracted to him. To be honest,I was deeply in love with Caden!

“We’re there Empress.” Samson announced.

Soon the car pulled to a halt after a long ride with me having an internal banter about Caden and everything that has happened since I got to this place.

I slipped out of the car before Lawson came over to open the door. “You don’t need to do everything for me.”

“The Emperor assigned us to help you.” Lawson countered.

“I have hands Law -“

“Abeja..” I heard Caden’s voice.

A huge smile broke out on my face when I turned to face him. He must have been waiting for our arrival. I embraced him tightly when he covered the gap between us.

“How are you feeling?” He asked.

“I am good,the tablets really worked and I had a good rest.”

“It’s good to hear that coming from you.” He kissed forehead.

“So where is it? The place or thing you’ve planned to show me?” I asked anxiously.

“We’re here at the place.” He smiled.

I raised my eyebrows in confusion as my eyes scanned the area. We were in an open field with people hanging around.

“Caden what’s going on? And where is this place?” I asked.

“I want you to calm down because I intend to tell you my plans and show you around too.” He held on to my right hand as we began to walk.

“This is the proposed site for the Home for old humans.” He said.

“Okay…” That’s explains the working men around the area.

“But along the line I decided to do something better for your kind.”

“Something like what?” I asked.

Caden stopped in front of an enormous black gate which was similar to an entrance of a big city, Kingdom or something. I could see people moving in and out of the place carrying building items. They were labourers employed to work on the site..either Vampires or Humans I couldn’t differentiate at that moment.

Caden stood in front of me,his eyes bored into mine as he brought out a white sheet from inside his suit jacket.

“What’s this?” I asked after he handed me the paper.

“Read it..” he smiled.

I went ahead to unfold the sheet and gasped out in sheer shock. It was a Royal Letter with the headings. “PLANS TO REVERSE THE TRADITION OF HUMANS BEING USED AS PETS,SLAVES AND FORCEFUL FOOD SOURCE.”

My eyes flickered to read the remaining part of the letter.

“I, Emperor Caden Wright is sending out these words to all Alphas,Noblemen and Vampires of High titles to let you know about my plan to reverse the inhumane tradition which I established hundreds of years ago. It is my honour to invite you to the Imperial to have a discussion about my plans.”

I stopped to look up at him. “Caden, you really want to put an end to the tradition?”

“Yes,I told you that I would work on ending the tradition so we can all live together in peace.”

I nodded in understanding. “So..this is the surprise?!” I smiled and waved the letter in the air.

He shook his head. “We already sent out the letters to the people who needs to attend the meeting.”

“When is it?”

“In three days time.” He answered.


“And I want you to be at the meeting.”

I shook my head in disagreement. “No Caden…I..I..don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Hey relax, I’ll be there with you all through the meeting. No one will dare disrespect you.” He leaned in and kissed my forehead.

“Caden..what if they all say no?”

“Abeja I made the rule and I can change it. Their opinions doesn’t matter but I just want them to be aware of my plans..that’s all.”

Okay! Caden is the Emperor! Whatever he wants he will get! Anything he says is final! I figured Caden is trying to change,like him considering other vampires opinions about his plans when the old Caden would have just changed the whole tradition!

“There’s still more…” He pulled away.

My forehead creased. “What again?”

“Oh! You didn’t see that?” He pointed to the writing on the gate.

“HOME FOR HUMANS” was boldly written on the gate. I guess I had missed that because I was too excited to see Caden.

“I know.. it’s a home for old Humans.” I mumbled.

“” he shook his head as he led me through the gate. “Look – “

My eyes widened when they scanned the whole areas. Beautiful houses built together like it was an estate! Large interlocked roads leading to the far ends of other houses!

“Basically this whole area is where I plan to keep the humans I would grant amnesty to soon..right after the meeting.”

My jaw dropped completely. “This.. unbelievable! The Humans would be so happy to hear about your plans!” I embraced him. “Thank you Caden!”

“Anything to make you happy my Abeja.”

I was super excited! But deep down in my heart I also prayed that the Vampires approves the Emperor’s plan and it shouldn’t bring any trouble to the Imperial.

“How about we check out the place? Rooms..and everything.” Caden said.

“I’d really love that!”

We spent hours checking the houses,moving from one block to another. There are about 100 buildings and some others in progress. Caden revealed that they had been working on the place for sometime now. The initial plan for this place was an investment since he had wanted to go into Estate Management. So anyone who wants a home in his Imperial would pay and get one. But Caden changed his plans for my kind. He revealed his plans to give a room to each human and probably employ some to work at the Imperial and also get paid. Everything about his plan made my feelings for him grow deeper.

“You must be really tired.” Caden smoothened strands of hair from my face.

“No,I’m fine.”

I was tired but too much excitement about this place won’t let me admit it to Caden. I wanted to see all of the whole area but it was really late.

“You should head back to the suite and have a good rest.” He said.

I frowned at his words. “What about you? Shouldn’t we head back to the suites together?”

“I want to hold a brief meeting with the workers.”

“How long would that take?” I asked.

Caden glanced at his watch. “I should return to the suite by 10.”

“What’s the time?”

“8:59pm..” he replied.

“I will wait for you.” I said.

“Abeja the meeting might take long,I also have to talk to the group of architects too.”

“I understand you.”

“I don’t want to keep you waiting while I talk to people.”

“Well I also don’t want to return to the suite without you. I can wait in the car till you are done.” I answered.

Caden rubbed his temples. “Okay..okay..if you insist on waiting for me.” He gave me a quick kiss on the lips.

“Lawson take her to the car,I’ll be with you soon.” He said.

“Okay Emperor.” My guards said in unison. I waved at Caden before moving on with them.

Well I ended up falling asleep in the car while I waited for Caden. My gaze flickered to my watch when I opened my sleepy eyes. The time was 10:30pm and Caden wasn’t back.

“Empress?” Samson peeped into the car.

“Yes Samson.”

“The Emperor asked us to take you to the suite. He’s still busy with the workers.”

“I know it’s late but tell him I will stay here and wait for him.”

I wouldn’t return to the suite without Caden. If I head back alone, I’ll end up sleeping and won’t get to see him tomorrow because he would be out of the suite before I wake up. I may not get to see him until the day of the meeting because I am sure he would be busy planning ahead of that day!

“I’ll wait for him.” I repeated.

“Okay Empress.” Samson put his walkie-talkie on and went ahead to talk to Caden.

Finally! Caden showed up at 11:05pm with people who doesn’t seem human to me. I heaved a sigh of relief.

He came to the side of the car. “Abeja sorry I kept you waiting.” He apologized.

“It’s alright. Can we leave now?” I asked.

“Sure but there’s someone I want you to meet.”

I rolled my eyes at him. “Who?”

“The head of the construction team. She has longed to meet you but work hasn’t given her the time to call at the suite to say Hi to you.” Caden explained with a smile.

“Is she a vampire?” I asked.

“Yes..and a very good friend. You’ll definitely like her because she’s a Nigerian.”

“Oh! Really? Where is she?”

“Over there with the rest of the team.” Caden unlocked the car and helped me out of the car.

“We’ll leave after this okay?” I nodded as he led me towards the group of Vampires standing together engrossed in a conversation with just one woman in their midst.

“Hannah?” Caden called out.

The woman and the rest of the team turned to face us. All of a sudden my heart skipped a beat when Hannah’s gaze finally met mine.

“Hannah meet Cassidy Moore my mate.” Caden introduced briefly.

I gaped in shock at the figure in front of me. Hannah?! This can’t be happening! No! No! This must be a dream! I chanted within as I took in the features of the woman I once knew. The face of the woman I never allowed to leave my memory all these years. Maybe she isn’t the one? She looked totally different from the woman who once tucked me into bed and read my bed time stories. Deep Red Hair, Beautiful body in jeans and tops like it had been before! Except for the hair the resemblance still lingered in the surface.

A tear dropped down my cheek as Hannah stared at me. Perhaps has she forgotten me?

“Did you say Cassidy Moore?” She asked Caden with her eyes trained on me.

Geez! Her voice! It remains the same!

“Yes Hannah she’s my mate.”

She’s a Nigerian! Her name is Hannah! That was my mom’s Christian name! Adebimpe Hannah Moore,that was her full name when she was married to my dad! This is no joke!

I didn’t expect to see her here even though I had wished to see her again. And the most surprising aspect was that she was a Vampire! How in hell did it happen?!

“Cassidy?” Her voice came out in rasp. It was a tone of recognition. She knew who I was!

Slowly I turned away from them,hot tears splashed down my face.

“What’s happening? Have you met before?” Caden asked.

“Yeah..I think so..I just need to be sure..” she stuttered.

I began to walk away. I felt like if I stayed my heart was going to burst anytime soon.

“What are you saying? Cassidy?!” Caden followed me.

I didn’t know how to feel but soon anger stirred within me as memories came crashing in my head. She didn’t return as promised!

Maybe I wouldn’t have had a rough childhood! I would have learnt so many things I didn’t know if she had came for me! Maybe I wouldn’t miss having a dad if she had been there! Maybe I wouldn’t have lived alone all my life if she had came for me as promised!

“Tell me what happening Hannah?!”

“She’s my child.”


I hurried towards the car! All I wanted was to be away from her. Seriously I didn’t expect to react this way but I just couldn’t help it. I should happy right?

Caden came to the side of the car. “Is that true?” He asked. I closed my eyes and gave No response.

“Cassidy…” She was there,next to him trying to plead. “I understand how you feel…but you have to hear me out before judging me.”

“Hannah let’s talk about it later. My mate is really tired. You can come by at the suites tomorrow.” Caden said.

I could feel her eyes on me as she stepped away from the car. I avoided making an eye contact. “Okay Emperor.” She bowed.

“Good night Hannah.” He said before getting into the car. “Drive.” He ordered the driver.

I couldn’t control my tears as I kept wondering if I should really jugde my mom or blame her for everything that has happened to me. Caden grabbed my hands and squeezed it gently.

The drive to the suite was in extreme silence. No one uttered a word as we just got lost in our thoughts.


Beauty And The Beast

Sincere apologies for not updating! I suffered a bit of writer’s Bloc trying to figure out what the next episode should entail. And I guess I did a good job in this episode!
So Cassidy found her mom in this bloodsucking world and funny enough she’s a Vampire! How did it happen? Will Cassidy accept her mom? Well find out in the next episode! 💕

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1 year ago

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Hope judith
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Margaret Akpala
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