Beauty And The Beast Episode 17 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 11 - 12 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Beauty And The Beast Episode 17 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

Theme: Deep Feelings 🥰

🍎Cassidy’s POV 🍎

It was morning when I woke up to perfect silence in the room. I realized that I wasn’t laying my head on a pillow but a hard surface which was pretty comfortable for me. I raised my head as I hear a light snore,it was coming from Caden. His arms was wrapped around my waist as he was deeply asleep,gone in the Dreamland. How did we ended up sleeping this close to each other? I thought within. Memories filled my mind’s eyes as I replayed the previous day in my head.

After Caden served me breakfast,we got talking as if we were couples in courting stage. We got to know each other better. Caden insisted that I tell him about my family background despite the fact that Kira already told him about me. I went in to tell Caden about my Background, Career as a teacher and how my old life was before Mikel brought me to the imperial. He was really mad at my dad for the things he did to me and felt a little annoyed at the way people especially men had treated me in the past. We talked for long moments and it was really fun! I was happy about the improvements we were making towards our relationship and building a strong bond between us like Caden said.

I didn’t get to see Kira until late in the evening when she came around to prepare dinner. You might be wondering why I couldn’t cook dinner for Caden and I. There’s something you don’t about me – I can’t cook! Being that I went to a Catholic Boarding school all my life and never had the chance of being in the kitchen to watch my mom cook. Even my step mom never made an attempt to teach me how to maybe I was the one avoiding her because I couldn’t accept the fact that dad left mom because of money.

I had lived alone all my life and wasn’t used to cooking a full course meal. I survived on desserts and quick meals but the only time I get to eat a good meal was from the school cafeteria or when I eat at a restaurant and that was rare. I learnt few things on YouTube but I haven’t put them into a good use. That was because I wasn’t used to spending a lot of time in the kitchen.

Caden was aware that I couldn’t cook and I guess I have to learn how to cook if I really wanted a family of my own. My inability to cook bothered me but Casen said it was fine,that the Royal maids in the kitchen would take care of our meals. Sounds like he has some plans for the future in mind. I knew I was stuck in this imperial forever and I already accepted my fate of being an Empress.

At night Caden said he wanted to work on some documents related to the Imperial affairs. So I kept myself busy with a motivational book and waited for Caden to come back to the room. But after my long wait and he didn’t show up in the room,I didn’t want to bother Caden so I drifted off to sleep. I assumed that Caden came to bed really late in the midnight because I woke up to pee twice and he wasn’t in bed at those times.

Caden arm around my waist tightened a bit as I turned my head to the side. I looked at the Emperor as he lay there completely peaceful. I have always wondered if Caden sleep at night with a whole Imperial in his hands.

Being next to Caden like this felt like Paradise – I wanted this life with him forever. I smiled at the thought. I snuggled closer,my head inched from his chest as I scan his face – Caden was drool- worthy. I didn’t know how I got lucky enough to be mated to such a captivating and sexy man!

I had been missing excitement in my life but coming into this world was indeed a blessing in disguise. I could have imagine how exciting my life was going to get with Caden’s love and care towards me.

Now here I was beside a man I have known for one month. The man I once hated for being cruel and wicked towards my kind. But behind this Cruel face was a man with a kind and loving heart. And it really excited me to lay in the same bed with him.

My hands reached out to caress his jaw gently and I did something I never thought I could do. I wrapped my arm around him, pulling my body up as I leaned closer and kissed his forehead and cheeks. I returned to rest my head on his chest,my head falling and rising with his breathing.

All of a sudden I was flipped over,Caden over me,his eyes looking straight into mine. Geez! I thought he was deeply alseep! His warmth spread through me as I wrap my arms around him.

“I…I..I..thought you were asleep…” I stuttered.

“Yeah..I guess I was asleep until you kissed me.”

A blush rises to my cheeks. “I..I..I..” I stopped to think of what to say to him.

“I never knew you had it in mind to -“

I interrupted him. “ what?” I stuttered again.

Caden smiled. “Seems like you’re too happy to sleep beside me and I’ll assume that you’ve had it in mind to kiss me too.” He smirked.

“ -” I was cut off when a pair of lips fell on mine. I gasped in shock when I realized what just happened. My eyes widened. CADEN KISSED ME!

It took me a second to adjust to before welcoming Caden’s lips happily. His hands roamed to my waist as I pulled him closer to deepened the kiss. Caden lay down upon me,barely any weight on me. I didn’t know how long we kissed but it felt good! That was my first Kiss at 25! 🙈

I opened my eyes when Caden pulled back. “That was almost perfect.” Caden huffed as he rested his head in the crook of my neck. I could feel the hotness on my cheeks.

“Do you know how long I have dreamt of this day?” He whispered.

So I wasn’t the only dreaming of a kiss. I ran my fingers through his hair.

“I am so lucky to be your first.” He gave me a quick kiss on the lips before he rolled over to lay beside me. I think I am the luckiest one here!

turned and rested my head on his chest.

“Abeja?” He called out in a rasp.

“You still want to keep it a secret?” I asked referring to the meaning of Abeja.

Caden took my hand and locked it with his. “Bee.” He said.

“Huh?” I raised my head to look at him. “Bee?” I asked and he nodded Yes.

“Abeja is a Spanish word meaning Bee.”

I stared into his Beautiful silver eyes that seems to be casting a spell on me. “Why Bee?”

“It means sweetness. You’re my sweetness Cassidy Moore.”

A blush rises to my cheeks. Caden led my hand towards the center of his chest,allowing me to feel the beating of his heart. “Do you feel that?” He muttered.

“Yes,I can feel your heart beat.” Caden closed his eyes. “My heart beats for you.” He smiled.

My heart skipped beats too at the same time. I didn’t know what to say to Caden as he reopened his eyes.

“Abeja,I hope our two hearts becomes one soon.” Caden said as he reached out to wipe off my face. “Oh! Oh! I didn’t mean to make you cry!” He added,a concern look on his face.

I was crying! And I didn’t know tears had slipped down my face. I sat up quickly to wipe my face clean.

“ am alright! I..I..I -” I paused.

So this is it? I asked myself. Is this what it means to have deep feelings towards another? Like to be in love? What?! The way my heartbeats each time I see right now does it mean that I have fallen in love with Caden? Oh my God! This is all new to me! I can’t explain how I feel for Caden.

I knew he was greatly affected as a vampire too. Our bodies are different. So there was a tendency that he would be attracted to me than I was to him. And thinking about the mating process,it can’t be completed if the human doesn’t fall in love with the Vampire.

Caden sat up and leaned me to his body as he caress my hair. “I don’t mean to scare you with my words. I know you aren’t ready to be engaged to me so I will give you enough time okay?” I nodded Yes.

It was true that I wasn’t ready to be engaged to Caden. I felt like we still needed more time to create a strong bond together.

“I will work hard to be that type of man you’ve always dreamt of having as a husband.” He whispered and placed a kiss in my hair.

Another tear ran down my cheek. I think I might just burst of too much excitement! It was romantic! My heart beats for Caden too! And once two individual are bond together as mates during the mating process,then their hearts literally becomes one.

He loosened up his hold around me, tilted my chin to look into his eyes before his lips came down on mine. Caden caged me in his arms as I welcome him Immediately. I let my fingers go through his locks,a moan escaped my lips as I can feel a smile against the Emperor’s lips. He stopped kissing my lips.

“As much as I would love to spend the whole day with you,I’m sorry that I have to attend a meeting.” He pressed kisses all over my face.

I gave him a disappointed look. Even though he had told me about the meeting,I didn’t want him to leave.

“I am meeting some Alphas so we can finalize the rule and start working on the homes for your kind.” He explained.

“Okay..” I pouted. It would be selfish of me to not let Caden go to the meeting. And since the meeting would benefit my kind then I release him.

“I won’t stay for too long. And when I come we would go for a walk through the forest.” He kissed my lips quickly before getting out of bed.

“Okay.. I’ll be waiting for you.” I replied as he motioned towards the bathroom.


I grinned from ear to ear when Kira came around. She had noticed my excitement as she walked through the door. Kira knew I was excited about something and I told her everything. The kiss,the confession and Caden’s decision to give me time and be the man I have always wanted to have as a husband. MR RIGHT! kind,Caring, Faithful,Selfless, funny, charming and trustworthy! That’s a perfect description of my MR RIGHT!

Kira stated that Caden feels something for me and it might not be due to the fact that he was a Vampire. To be honest,I was kinda doubting his feelings,knowing that Marilyn was in his heart. Ishould be sure if he wasn’t being controlled by the mating spirit because I feel something for him too and I wasn’t controlled by any spirit..but maybe love!

I spent the whole day chatting with Kira. She disclosed to me how worried the Emperor had been when I was unconscious. She said Caden didn’t let anyone touch me except Cora who had been around to check my wounds and vitals constantly. Kira expressed how sad she had been when she didn’t get to see me. She missed me!

She cursed Evelyn and I told her about how I pleaded with Caden to release her. At first,Kira was angry but with a good reason which I gave Caden,like Evelyn having a hard time to let go of Caden being that they’ve been together for years. Then Kira had no choice but to accept me. And she prayed that there won’t be any more troubles!

We talked about Mikel too and I was told that he was still locked up in the dungeon. Caden wasn’t ready to bring him out for judgement because he had been too busy attending to me.

I expected Caden to show up at 5:00pm but Lawson came around to inform me that Caden couldn’t make it. He apologized and asked me to have a good night rest which means he might not come to the suites or he would probably come in late.

I was sad because we wouldn’t be able to take the walk through the forest and spend some time together! But I shrug off the feelings as soon as it came. Knowing that Caden was an Emperor who runs an Imperial with about ten thousands of people both Humans and Vampires. So his attention was needed to run the affairs and keep the imperial in a safe shape.

At 8:30pm,I bidded Kira good night after dinner before heading to the bedroom. Lawson and Samson followed me so they could guard the door. Caden ordered them never to leave if he wasn’t back to the suites.

I had a hot bathe then got under the bedsheet that seems like heaven,very comfortable and warm. I snuggled with the pillow,sniffing Caden’s own and replayed our first kiss in my head.

And soon I drifted off to sleep dreaming about Caden.


Beauty And The Beast Episode

I have a song o for our lovers! ❣️
Feelings,so deep in the feelings
When am with you I can’t breathe!
Hulalallalalalallalhalala! ☺️ I think we are back on track now!

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14 days ago

Nice episode

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Hmmm getting more interesting. More elbow ebunoluwa

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Feels good to be in love 😍
Wish you the very best Cassie