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I sold my sould to the devil for fame and power.

Making a deal with the devil is more rampant and easier than you can ever imagine.

For the devil’s strategy is very settled and you can unwillingly fall victim to his sale talks.
Technically speaking, you can not sell your soul. You can not sell what you don’t own.

God the creator owns everything, including your soul.

So what does it mean to sell your soul to the devil?

It mean an invitation to the devil to help you attain FAME, FORTUNE & POWER but at the cost of your living on bondage.

So when a person sells his soul, in the sense that the person has chosen to consciously pledge his aligence and service to the devil or anything that is satanic and demonic.


I’ve just graduated and was very talented. All of my friends were getting jobs and I had non.

I were always saying “I’LL DO ANYTHING TO BE FAMOUS.”

Guess who was listening?
My angels were listening but remember there some other spirits hovering around us in the realm that were listening.

It wasn’t long after that, when I went to bed one night, I had a dream and in my dream was the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, naked.


“OF COURSE, I DO” I responded.

And she produced a contract(A sheet) and she took my fingers and use her finger to sliced a part of my finger with hers and had me sign in my own blood.

And I touched the contract and it bursted into flame and the aches fell on the floor.

Pretty easy to understand what happened right?

When I woke up the next day, a part of my finger was cut and the aches was next to my bed.
I was stunned.

Normally when you have such dream, you say it out and pray that it pass you by; but that day passed I didn’t cared to explain anything about it to nobody.

Within a couple of weeks, I signed a multi national tour.
With the satanic money, I became very popular and famous.


To be continued…

©️ Yùñg Tygä stories ✍️

“I’m a fountain of endless inspiration and that’s God’s gift.”

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