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With the satanic money, I became very popular and famous.

Without the realization that what comes after such immediate prosperity is sorrow, for the devil does not give free gifts.

On one of my trips, I had the opportunity to meet top superstars that I had never expected to see in my life.

On May 5, 2011, one of those visits led me to Equitorial Guinea, where I met with some of the country’s top celebrities.

The gathering was held in a building on the outskirts of the city.

While we were in this building, I realized it was a Masonic temple.
It contained several types of symbols.

During this meeting, I was introduced and compared to joining the GAY brotherhood, which they claimed was the only way I could keep my FAME.

I was giving a ring that they said was meant for protection.

Following the meeting in Equatorial Guinea, I had already joined a number of various secret cults, all of which were sub-branches of the (most likely termed the Illuminatii) temple of the being with whom I had traded my soul.

To maintain my position, I had to sleep with a gay brother once every two weeks.

This act of sleeping with the same sex gender began during my first tour to Ethiopia, when I was forced to sleep with one of the country’s most popular GAY stars.

On every occasion I attended, I had to dress in a specific outfit that I had been advised to wear by the devil the night before the event.

That was the case with all of my coworkers who I knew had sold their souls.

When we had popular shows or concerts, no one recognized the signs on the clothes we wore for such occasions; only Satan worshipers in this very gathering understood those signs.

We demonstrated that we obeyed all of the guidelines assigned to us by the Devil.

We had to dress and live in a way that would impress the world.
And obeying all of the Devil’s directions is an act of allegiance to him.

I went from being a unique and well-dressed church organist to growing my hair and plaiting it.

I pierced my ears, started wearing earrings, and tattooed my skin. They weren’t just any tattoos, but multiple symbols from the various cults I’ve joined.

But I guess no one knew what they were meant for.

[Written by: Yùñg Tyga stories ✍️]

With all of the tattoos on my skin and the worldly lifestyle I’ve begun to adopt, despite my parents were proud of my accomplishment at such a young age, they were dissatisfied with my abrupt shift in lifestyle.

Even though I have purchased for them expensive cars and were paying their expenses, they were dissatisfied with the lifestyle I had established.

“Is it obligatory that all celebrities should tattoo their skin.” ??
My mother curiously inquired one evening.

“No mom, it’s just something I unnecessarily did, not that I was obliged to do it.” I lied.

I was just eighteen years old at the time, but I already had my own built-in and fully furnished apartment.

By then, I’d moved into an apartment to escape unpleasant questions from my parents like “why I’ve abandoned church or the gospel and instead given my whole self to the entertainment world.”

I only visited them during the holidays or on weekends.

I was now living alone.
I started patronising girls.

I slept with almost 50 girls in less than one week.
Even boys who tried coming closed to me, I secretly slept with most of them.

Those were all the taxes we needed to pay to appease the devil.

The decisions we made and the places we went were all arranged by the devil, not us.

I wasn’t into drugs yet.

After a year, I stopped going to church on a regular basis because I had become completely dependent on the outside world.

I’ve lived ten years enjoying the devil’s gift: FAME, WEALTH, and POWER, until one day, while on a trip back from Pretoria to my home country following a holiday tour, the lady sitting next to me on the plane said something to me that caught my full attention to what she was saying.

We are confident that you are enjoying your FAME, and it is a pleasure to have been sent by our Lord (Satan) to inform you about your time on Earth.

You have exactly six years to live; after that, you will die, so make the most of your FAME, MONEY, and magnificent houses.

As she talked, her face was turned away from me, in another direction.
She vanished as soon as she finished speaking, even before I could ask her who she was and who she was talking to.

Despite everything that occurred, nobody aboard the aircraft ever seemed to notice it.

I became terrified.

It dawned on me that she had been referring to me.
HOW CAN YOU MENTION THE TIME AM TO LIVE FOR.” I started arguing within myself.

I didn’t know one of the passengers noticed my reaction.

“Is everything alright sir.”? —The passenger asked.

I immediately straightened myself, acting as though nothing had occurred, after some other passenger turned to face me, looking at me like I had caused something dreadful.

My shaky behavior right away led them to believe that I was high on drūgs.
Following this incident, I quickly became Overheated and tense on the plane.

I promptly fell off h!tting my head on the armrest of one of those passenger chairs, and got badly cūt.

I was now lying unconscious.

The last thing I noticed was three medical emergency flight paramedics racing over to help me.

I passed out.

I later recall seeing myself lying on a hospital bed, oxygen masks hooked to my nostrils, and two of those medical flight paramedics rolling the bed out of the plane.

According to the physicians, I had previously fallen off on the plane due to excessive blood pressure caused by a Psychological trauma.

Note: Psychological trauma:‐ It is an emotional response caused by severe distressing events that are outside the normal range of human experiences.

Right after my mental health treatment, I faced the most difficult phase of my life: I got involved terribly with…

To be continued…

Stay tuned for the next episode 🥶

©️ Yùñg Tygä stories ✍️

“I’m a fountain of endless inspiration and that’s God’s gift.”

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