Why Are You This Sweet Tonight – Praises Chidera Obiora

Why Are You This Sweet Tonight - Praises Chidera Obiora

Why Are You This Sweet Tonight – Praises Chidera Obiora

This evening on my way back from work, my wife called me to find out how I was doing. I told her I was fine and was already on my way home.

She said okay, and told me she was waiting for me.

I chuckled over the phone.

This kind of call usually comes every Friday. It was our usual Freaky Friday where we go crazy in the bedroom.

When I got home I noticed my wife had changed the bulbs from white to blue. My whole sitting room was looking like a full moon.

My wife emerged from the kitchen walking sexily towards me. She was clad in a sexy short gown. She embraced me tightly and kissed my lips for over three minutes. This was the longest kiss we’ve had in two months. She kissed my ears and pecked my forehead.

“Welcome the husband of my world.”

I chuckled.

“Baby, why are you this sweet tonight?”

My wife smiled.

“Tonight is our night, baby. And I don’t want anything that will spoil it.”

I took off my shirt, while she helped me to remove my trousers. Together, she led me to the bedroom and started rubbing my head.

Everything was strange to me yet it was sweeting me. I could not say anything. I just flowed with the moment.

And while she was licking my ears and wiggling her tongue inside, helping me to clean them, my eyes kept spinning and I started speaking in languages I could not understand.

At that moment, she said to me.

In simple words that wafted into my ears like a bullet piercing through butter.

“Honey, don’t you think it is high time you buy our mother a car?”

My eyes started opening small small.

“Which mother? You mother or my mother?”

“My mother. My mother needs a car of her own. And my brother too. He needs a car to do Kabu kabu.”

At that moment, everything my wife was doing stopped sweeting me. My eyes cleared. My hard p*nis became a deflated balloon with wrinkles.

I stood up.

“Ehen…I knew something was wrong from the moment I saw a blue light in this house. No wonder you were licking my ears and touching my nipples. I knew it.”

“That was not the reason na. Honey. I really wanted to do this with you. Please, don’t spoil tonight na.”

“Let the night spoil o. Let the night spoil.”

I opened the door and started walking out.

“Honey where are you going to?”

“I am going to change the bulb from blue to white. Let us start from that angle first. You want to use blue bulb and make me buy your mama car.”

“No baby it was not…”

“It is not what? No wonder you were licking my ears like it was peak milk. God has delivered me this night. Allow me this night o. Go and wear your sweater.”

My name is Praises Chidera Obiora and I am the best at what I do

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