When They Tell You Divorce by VOICE of A Goodwoman

When They Tell You Divorce by VOICE of A Goodwoman
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When They Tell You Divorce by VOICE of A Goodwoman

When they tell you divorce runs in the family.
— Tell them this is where it RUNS OUT. (Matthew 19:6)

When they make it look like the daughters in your family marry late.
— Tell them this is where enjoying the husband or your youth starts. (Proverbs 5:17)

When they try to comfort you by saying it is normal in the family for women to have delayed pregnancy in marriage.
— Tell them there is no barren in the land where you come from. The fruit of the womb is your reward. (Psalm 127:7)

When they try to warn you about the family tradition of miscarriages.
— lies! Tell them you already have a name for your child, SAMUEL! because it wasn’t your husband who put a seed inside you, you have asked him of the Lord, and what the Lord gives no man can take back. (1 Samuel 1:20)

When they try to make it look normal that all husbands cheat on their wives in the family.
— they may be right! All husbands! But you didn’t just marry a husband, you married a special son of God, annointed for you, satisfied with your breast alone, and that is the difference that started with you. (Proverbs 5:19)

It is not what goes in that corrupts us, it is what goes out of us. God is more interested in the shots we fire than the shots that are fired at us. Stop accepting the confession and testimonies that does not apply to you.

That generational plague will end with you If you want it to, other people may have permitted it, but with you is where it runs out of root.

War Wife, one of the worse things you can do to yourself is to permit your supernatural marriage to operate under natural laws. Kabababatatata!!!

I am borne of the supernatural!
I am above natural influences!
I cannot be touched!
I cannot be harmed!

The government of heaven rests upon my shoulders, only the laws applicable in heaven can apply to my marriage! lekedesekayaba!!!


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Glory be to God!