UJU Final Episode 21 by Amah’s Heart

UJU Final Episode 21 by Amah's Heart

UJU Final Episode 21 by Amah’s Heart

I sneezed loudly, and awaken, there were tubes on every part of my body, my mouth was on tube, they were all plugged into a machine close to my bed, victor was the first person i saw, shock was written on his face as he was screaming “doctor she’s awake” the doctor came in with a rush, a nurse was also with him, they began checking me from head to toe, even open my eyes wide and my mouth too , pulling a torchlight into my mouth, he waved his hand to my eyes asking me if i can see him,

it was a funny question so i smiled and nodded, as he was still checking, mama came in and rushed to my bedside but doctor asked her to hold on, followed by big mummy, everyone was talking, laughing and praising God, victor was stuck beside me watching the doctor work on me, I knew i was fine, no pain or weakness,

I was okay, I wanted to tell the man to stop all this checking but i relaxed and let him do his job, after sometime he pursed and was staring at me like I’m some sort of a puzzle he couldn’t solve, he later said as he turned to the people around

“I have never seeing anything like this in my life, the poison has eaten her liver and darkened her inside, I told you all she may not survive this, she was 5percent on survival but Mr Victor you wanted her to be placed on life support, I actually did not want to agree with you because i saw Slim chance of surviving , you told me after this week if there’s still no improvement i can remove the life support….but here she is, no trace of any deadly poison, nothing spoilt, her liver is still intact.. Wow…wow…this is beyond me to decipher, I can’t explain it…I really can’t…

I watched and listened to the doctor talk, he can’t understand it, I’m the only one that can understand what happened, doctor later left after unplugging the tubes from my body, big mummy was praising God with mama,

after sometime they left, leaving me and victor for some privacy, he sat beside me looking at me, his eyes were not bright, both swollen probably from lack of sleep, I begin to wonder how long i have being in a hospital but victor kissed my forehead and then my hands and then said with an angry face

“don’t ever do this to me again, you gave everyone a scare, I don’t know what i would have done if you haven’t survive, how will this world be for me without you in it, everyone has being praying for you, mom has being fasting and praying, your mum hasn’t being herself, she has followed us with tears in her eyes as we move from hospital to hospital, other hospitals will just look at you and said you are as good as dead, you have being in a coma for weeks and every normal person will certainly give up on you, this is our family hospital, that was why we begged the doctor not to turn us back…

“oh mine, how long have i being in coma, and where’s this place ….

“this week will make it complete five weeks, Uju….Uju, God brought you back to me, I can’t thank him enough…we are in Abuja, the last and only place they didn’t turn us back, they said the poison is very deadly, and has destroyed your intestine, We arrested some people that came to your house that very day, but no evidence, police released them,

Ada was also arrested because she was there according to source, she was there all through the time you were on the phone with me, is either she was the person that poisoned you or she helped somebody who did that, making her an accomplice, police tortured her but she kept on saying she didn’t know… I asked them to leave her and she should pray you survive or she will answer to me…and here you are…thanks be to God, once you are out of this bed we are getting married..

“it wasn’t Ada that poisoned me, I know what she’s capable of doing but not poisoning me…

“how do you know…anyway, I’m so happy Uju…you are back from the other world, recover quickly and leave this bed so that we can get married…i can’t wait, Zarky is on suspension, because i gave him order to always watch you and guide you but he was busy doing another thing when somebody put the deadly thing in your food…welcome back Uju… He was the first to call me from the first hospital they took you and i booked my ticket to east Immediately

I smiled and told him to let Zarky return to work, he should be called back to work because he was doing something for me when it happened… “Yes let’s not delay any further again, let’s travel down to east and marry traditionally first…nothing will happen to me or anyone, don’t worry about anything God is in charged

I was confirmed OK by the doctor and i left hospital after two days, news has flew to the village that I was fine, i was fit like before, everything went back to normal for me, but no day passed without thinking of my encounter with the little girl, I haven’t seen Ada or her mother, they were in the village and i intend to see them when i travel home

And finally we all traveled, introduction was done, we heard the native doctor died by Thunder strike in his shrine two days to my traditional wedding,

I personally met Ada’s mum, I went with Zarky to her place, she was shaking and couldn’t utter a reasonable word as she saw me , she knew that i was aware of what she did, I took her by the hand to where we couldn’t be heard and told her that i was sorry for everything I did against her without knowing which led to her poisoning me,

I apologized to her repeatedly, it seem crazy apologising to somebody that intentionally wanted You dead but i have being instructed I’m what i was supposed to do , she bent down and grabbed my legs , crying bitterly and apologising, I raised her up and hugged her like i will do to my mother, I felt an inner peace and joy in my heart as i left her place that day, before i left I met with Ada and she said

“I know I did bad things to you, but there’s limit to things i can do Uju, I can’t plan to kill you, I don’t know and still don’t know how the poison got into your food, I was treated as a criminal at the police station…, I didn’t do it please believe me, Uju, and….. there’s something i have being wanting to tell you for long, I know there’s consequences to every action and I’m willing to face mine….the money you picked from the club years back, tha …..

“shhhhh, I know about it already…don’t speak again, I forgive you and Bibi, and i really mean it…..you are still going to be my Chief brides maid, hope you are getting ready for that….

Ada couldn’t utter a word, she wondered how i knew about the money and still flow with her, even as i hug her she couldn’t respond as she wept, Zarky later drove me back home.

The day came for my traditional marriage, finally, at last, the long awaited traditional marriage came, I was so happy as me and victor danced like we haven’t danced before,

it was so fun when you are marrying your best friend, pain have no place in my life, I have list of things i want to do after my wedding, all that matters at this moment is I’m very happy and everyone all seem happy too….whatever that’s meant to be will definitely be….

Hold on! I’m not done talking…not yet, a little more and i will hug you goodbye, but bear with me because today is my day, let me enjoy every bit of today, my traditional marriage is a hit, back to back..I’m dancing like there’s no tomorrow…i will continue my tale by tomorrow.

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UJU Final Episode 22 by Amah’s Heart

It’s being 8years already and it still feels like yesterday, I look back and smile because the journey has being so far so good, I’m on the ride with Victor and I can boldly say is being blissful,

Just as i was foretold, my sons came before my daughter, my first son is already 7years and his brother is 5, then my daughter is going to be three by July, and I’m 6months gone with my 4th child, who is a girl, and will take after me, I look forward to meeting her in another 3months, my joy has being full, being blessed with a loving man, who celebrates me everyday and still makes me his number one priority before anything,

who have grown strong in God and his love for humanity can be seen from afar, I’m blessed having Victor to walk with me in this journey of life, if i was to come back again and I’m giving another chance to choose a life partner, I will look for him on every hole, corner, anywhere I can possibly look until i find him.

His sister, my name sake is married and she is in UK with her Husby, they have a daughter, big mummy is over there with them,

Joe called me one day, after my second year of being married, and he told me about his love for Ada, who was still working in the kitchen and just recently got admission, after expressing the way he felt about her and wanted me to talk to her for him, I didn’t know how Ada will take the news but i decided to try anyway,

“Ada…I want to ask you a question….how do you see Joe…i mean is he cool…does he have quality that you will like in man…?

“hahahaha…are you trying to hook me up with Joe, Uju…this one you are asking if he has what i look out in a man…but wait o…to be sincere, I kinda admire him alot…truth be told….i like him alot, he is hard working, handsome and can also cook, he helps me out sometimes, and he has a fine car too, he sometimes drops me off at the bustop when I’m going out…

But he has never ask me out…he never ask me on a date and never say he likes me..but he act all romantic, I don’t even know how to interpret his actions towards me…i don’t if i should call it romantic or just friendliness, some days I wish he can actually ask me out and stop all that romantic gesture towards me, but I have being waiting and got tired of waiting…and I don’t know how to approach a man and start all that “i like you” talk, mbanu…is a no no for me…i believe a real man walks up to a woman if he likes her and expresses himself, there’s one guy in school that’s already asking me out…

but i don’t really like him, maybe because I was hoping some how Joe will ask…but is all good and to answer your question..yes he has the quality that i look out in a man, I will so like to date him that is if he ever ask if not we will just be friendly colleagues, so tell me…..why do you ask..

“nothing…just because i have seen you Often with him, some time you gist and laugh with him at the garden side and pool side also seen you both in the kitchen talking and laughing, so i felt there was a chemistry between you two…but is all good…

After the chat with Ada, the following day i called Joe and told him to go and tell Ada by himself the way he feels about her, he was scared of being turned down but i encourages him and he finally did, I was sitting in my room one day when i heard a strong knock at the door, it was Ada, she rushed in and was so happy I asked her what happened and she said Joe finally asked to date her and as much as she wanted to do small Shakara for him..telling him to give her time to think about it…she couldn’t do all that she just hugged him and said she thought he will never ask.

After 8months, they got married, Ada had miscarriage twice before she finally gave birth to her son, who is two years, and she called and tell me she’s 5months pregnant, I should pray for her because she usually miscarried when she’s 3 or 4 months gone, but she has pass the danger months I know she will be fine, they rented house before they got married not too far from here,

Joe still works here while Ada has a big supermarket Joe opened for her, she’s living her life with the man she loves and I’m equally living mine and helping people in my community the way i should, mama and Papa visit sometime and my siblings are all in school,my kids are growing so fast and my best soup is still uka…….

I was still in my own thought when Someone held me from behind…i startled and smiled… Is Victor, he kissed my neck and gently held my petruded belly, I placed my hand on his and we stood there smiling without a word, our loving silent has spoken the unsaid things in our heart, as i look up towards the sky and muttered a silent thank you to the man who got my back right from when i was still a fetus in my mother’s womb till now and i know I can count on him forever.

UJU Final

The End!

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6 days ago

I literally enjoyed every bit of this story. Learnt some lessons too…..
God Bless you Amah’s Heart. You’re the Best……
Mr Oprah ✊❣️

6 days ago

wow! thank you Amah..

it was an intersting story..

lesson is: store up as much forgiveness for everyone even before they wrong you.
also, people can actually repent from being evil to good when given a second chance.

Neimi Ngbale
Neimi Ngbale
6 days ago

One of my best so far…….. Thanks Amah’s heart

Gesem Garba Gadi
Gesem Garba Gadi
6 days ago

So touching.. Kindhearted Uju..God bless d writer

5 days ago

I love this story God bless you Amah’s

5 days ago

Thanks Amah, always delivering wonderful stories
More grace to you
Looking forward to more stories from you.
God bless you.
Thanks Opradre for the good work.

Badejo Tawakalitu Ibukunoluwa

Wow I love this story thanks Amah for directing me here. Actually am a fan on Facebook but you posted this and I decided to check and I must confess you are blessed…. Thanks so much