Twisted Identity Episode 2 – Joy Ifunanya

Twisted Identity Episode 1 - Joy Ifunanya

Twisted Identity Episode 2 – Joy Ifunanya

When Mr Bassey disappeared into the school, I stood there for more than fifteen minutes, wondering what that could mean.

What manner of man is this?. I hissed before getting into my car and driving away.

I promised not to let that bother me and drove to the office.

But I couldn’t concentrate at work. Mr Bassey’s last word kept ringing in my head.

And that man sounded like a rogue. I thought

Mercy was in the living room when I got back from work that evening. She was speaking with someone over the phone when I came in.

“What’s the meaning of that rubb!sh you did at junior’s school yesterday?. I asked as soon as I got in. She ended the call and faced me.

“What rubb!sh?”. She asked.

“Why will you go to your son’s school and be fighting?, embarrassing your fellow woman anyhow. What is wrong with you!?”. I shouted.

She laughed and clapped her hands.

“So she reported to you?… wait, your side.. woman, reported me to you and you came back here to beat me?… God!, fidelis, you should be ashamed of yourself”. She spat.

I tried hard to fight back the anger that was building up inside me.

” Stop that, you are talking nonsense. It was the proprietor that called me for a meeting after the woman reported to him. I advise that you stop this madness, you’re taking it too far and now, her lunatic husband is threatening me”. I was still shouting.

“Oh!, so she has a husband?..Wait, did you say he is threatening you?. Wow!, that’s a nice move. Let him continue to threaten you until you confess your sins. But let me make this clear to you now. No woman is coming into this house, neither am I welcoming any child here”. She said and went into the room.

With what, did they switch her brain? I wondered

That night, I was restless , I kept seeing Mr Bassey in my dreams each time I closed my eyes.

At last, I had to sit up and clean up my thoughts.

What am I even doing?, what’s wrong with me, I only met that woman for the first time that day, I am innocent and shouldn’t be anxious. I encouraged myself and went to sleep.

I was in the office the next morning, when a strange number called.

I picked and it turned out to be Mr Bassey.

“We did the test today, the result will be out tomorrow”. He said and hung up.

My heart started beating fast, but I calmed myself down again.

Meanwhile, my wife and I communicate at home through Junior.

I was rounding up from work the next evening when he called again.

“We need to talk, Mr okafor”. He sounded very serious.

“We can talk”. I replied, abruptly

“Not on the phone, I want us to meet somewhere”. He said.

“I don’t have such time”. I replied.

“I insist, we need to sit down and talk”.

If I refused to join him, he might think I’m scared of him so I agreed to meet with him that evening.

He sent an address and I drove down immediately. His car was already parked out in the field by the time I arrived. I parked mine and got into his.

He was dressed thoroughly in black, with a touch of danger- colored eye glasses. He didn’t look at me as I entered.. he was staring ahead of him.

I was scared but refused to show it.

“We’re taking a DNA test tomorrow”. He declared as soon as I closed the door.

“You did that yesterday, did you not?”. I asked.

“I did. And I want you to do same”. He replied, still looking into space.

“Why?”. I asked.

“Because I want you to'”. He maintained.

Who the heck does this man think he is?. I understand, from his tone, the results wasn’t favorable, but what business do I have with that?.

“Who do you think you’re to make decisions for me?”. I voiced out my anger.

It was only then he turned to look at me.

“Mr okafor, I said you too need to take a DNA test, I’m not begging you, it’s mandatory”.

I fought back my fears and faced him too.

“Look, man, I am not taking any test with you. if you have any issues with your wife, you sort it out with her, leave my family out of it!”. I was already opening the door before I was done talking. I stepped down, jammed the door hard and walked back to my car.

When I got home, I had a heated argument with my wife.

“You’ve seen what you have caused, a man is forcefully demanding a DNA test from me!”. I quarrelled.

“Fidelis, why do you derive pleasure in lies?, why don’t you just open up to the poor man and save him the stress of going in and out of hospitals?”. She replied.

“So you still believe the boy is my son?”. I asked.

“Till tomorrow. But you see you and that woman?, I am out for the both of you”. She replied, with one hand on her waist.

“Mercy, is it that you don’t know that anyone can resemble anybody?”. I asked.

“Yes, I know that, but you see this one, he is your son..he even looks more fidelis than you. You can’t deny it.”. She argued.

“Okay. what about I see a child looking like you tomorrow, hope you won’t feel offended if I behave same way you’re behaving right now?”. I asked.

“Fidelis, you’re just being logical here. If you know you’re innocent as you claimed, Why not take the test?, why are you scared?. Take the test and prove me wrong”. She insisted.

I went to bed angrily, without food. Mr Bassey sent threatening messages to me, three different times that night

I tossed in bed, all night, thinking over the matter. At the end, I decided I was going to take the test, at least to prove to my wife that not all men are cheats.

I picked my phone and called Mr Bassey around midnight

“I’m in. Text me the hospital’s address and time. But listen, I’m not doing this because of your threats”. I announced and hung the phone.

The next day. I drove into the hospital on my way to work.

He was already there with the boy before I arrived. After our samples were collected, we were asked to come back the following day.

The next day, I went back , taking my wife with me.

I needed to see the look on her face when I would be vindicated. I had planned on how I was going to retaliate by demanding for a DNA test on junior too, after this whole saga… I must make her feel what I felt. I had promised myself.

When we got to the hospital, Mr and Mrs Bassey were seated at the reception with two middle-aged women.

I could see the anxiety on their faces.

My wife and I, took our position on another seat, some distance away from them, awaiting the doctor’s report..

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