The Two Young Lovers Dated For A Year And The Lady Never

The Two Young Lovers Dated For A Year And The Lady Never

The two young lovers dated for a year and the lady never for once cooked for the guy during courtship.

Finally they got married, the lady had to cook for her husband, just then the husband knew his wife missed it in cooking, the meals were always over salted…

Three months after marriage, the husband’s family i.e mother and two siblings came visiting, the wife prepared the meal, egusi soup with vegetables and many more spices, the food’s aroma was inviting, the appearance was tempting,
just then the husband blessed the food and tasted it, then he asked everyone to
hold on,
”Dear, can you please pass me the salt”?
He requested of the wife, ”of course dear” she replied and handed him the salt,
he then applied a little salt to the over
salted meal and said “lets dine”.

When the family members began eating, they screamed, ”you’ve spoil the poor woman’s meal with your arrogance” ”you’ve over-salted it now”..
All the blame went to the man, and his wife got the cuddles.

Marriage is a beautiful and wonderful thing if two walk together and covers each others weakness

I declare to you this day, a man that can’t protect you won’t come your way…

A woman that won’t value you will never run across your part…
In the blessed name of Jesus……….Amen

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4 days ago

Amen to that….. So amazing!!