Prison Of Negativity (SINGLES) By Amara Blessing Nwosu…

Prison Of Negativity (SINGLES) By Amara Blessing Nwosu…

Prison Of Negativity (SINGLES) By Amara Blessing

You want to meet that lady with a good heart for marriage, but you don’t like approaching ladies or having a healthy discussion with a lady, how do you hope to get her attention?

You had a bad experience with your ex, and because of that, you feel that there is no good lady/man out there, who told you that?

You had a beautiful relationship that never ended in marriage; according to you, he’s so good, you love him, and you can’t imagine life without him, and because of that you have refused to give another man a chance in your life. How so?

You have allowed your ex/past to keep you in a prison of negativity, and close your eyes from seeing anything good in relationships or other individuals.

Truth is, as long as we are on earth, we will experience all manner of relationship realities, and it is normal for things not to work as planned.

But what you owe yourself is this insight that no matter what happened in your relationship, you will keep driving forward with great enthusiasm, anticipation, and hope.

If you desire a lovely lady, and you meet one, respectfully approach her and build a friendship with her. Don’t go lyrical on the spot, just a brief introduction and a hand of fellowship for a date or friendship will do.

You cannot find a lovely lady by not talking to ladies, the opposite is true.
If you like the comment of a lady, appreciate it and build on that. Things may or may not work out, but even at that, keep the door of healthy friendship open and be fun and exciting while at it.

Beautiful Lady,
If he was so good as you said, he wouldn’t leave you for another lady, or cheat on you, or abuse you or hurt you intentionally, and if he did all those, then he’s not as good as your mind makes you feel.

He disappointed you, that’s painful, but choosing not to open your heart to other men, and get to meet with them is unhealthy for you.
Don’t bury yourself where your ex left you, there is a reason why the living don’t get buried together with the dead. Please avoid such overprotective attitude or fear by limiting yourself from meeting other men.

Loving is risky, and so is living, but we must love anyways. So open that door, stop giving your past so much power to ruin your future.

Fact is, there are millions of amazing men who are prayerfully looking for you, knocking on your door, and wishing to have the privilege to love you.

And you will never meet them by shutting all men out of your life. All men are not the same; not jerks; not cheats; not abusive; but it is your duty to figure out the content of every guest.
Be positive, be open, and give every man the chance to prove their value.

Praying and fasting for your husband or marriage, and then not making friends with men will only produce no result. We communicate to connect, and we connect when we are open to others.

So drop those shackles of your past, your past is dead, gone, and buried, and make the best of today. Maybe, just maybe, you will meet that special someone who will make you question why you never met him/her earlier than now.

You are too beautiful/handsome not to give love a chance in your life again; your bad experience irrespective.
God sometimes takes you on a long journey before getting you settled in your place of rest.

Prison Of Negativity

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4 days ago

Thanks so much for this!!