THE PRESSURE TO ATTEMPT by Beta Adewale Adediran



by Beta Adewale Adediran

You know it can be tiring and discouraging when you see people earning money in a fraudulent way spending yafunyafun. While you insist you will earn money legally.

You keep hustling, advertising, waking 6am daily, receiving insults, going through pressure and all you can put together at month end is not enough, you still have debt to settle sef.

Then you see young boys who is into online fraudulent business throwing money around, they wake, cruise around, go to expensive restaurants, sleep with fine babes, ride latest car and wear latest designer.

Last year Valentine, i heard a boy not more than 21yrs of age walked into a popular bar/club in osogbo and spent 600k on drinks for his pals whithin one hour before he moved to another club🙆🏽‍♂️.

As I hear am, cold catch me, i know how many days it will take me to put 600k together, i also thought about the equipments i can buy with 600k but here is a boy that is just entering into his 20s throwing it up in an hour, money that i will guide and protect with security sef lol.

Sometimes you see some of the yahoo boys and have conversation with them, some are not even as intelligent as you, so if you have chosen to do same business u may be hitting your millions quicker than them.

What about the attention, celebration and hyping they get when they walk in to events, and you the real hustler is sitting down, nobody even noticed u came, such is a temptation to start such illegal means of making money.

I have a guy that works for me, he is around 24 yrs and he is hustling, his younger brother is 22 and a yahoo boy, guess what, the parent celebrate the yahoo boy more, cos he drops money often while the elder brother still even lives with the parents😀😁.

Recently someone was telling another lady how lucrative oloso business can be, she said sometimes you can be lucky to find a man that sleeps with u for 100k, 150k etc lol u know how tempting that sound? Opolopo owo lori pe ka kan tibo ka de tun yo larin iseju mewa pere😁 hmmmm.

What about people who chose to be thugs, especially successful political thugs who have built manshions, fleet of cars in compound, they meet and discuss with governors and senators, they travel abroad and get share from government officials, they seems to have a very beautiful life.

Many times we break down, dragged by people we owe money, recieve insults from client, put up advert and people refuse to comment, get broken, Nepa is dragging for electricity money, lanlord is shouting for rent money, gas is almost finished, you need subscription on phone, rice bucket is almost empty etc stuffs like that makes you envy people earning illegal money.

Here is it, you have an edge, there is something you possess that worths millions of dollars that they dont have.

  1. Peace of mind: you see the peace is utmost in life, that you can walk freely day or night without the fear of being arrested or gunned down is priceless, it is insane to have money and lose peace or freedom.

About three times have slept in my house and we forgot to lock the entrance door, there are people that dare not try that shit, infact they cant disclose where they will be sleeping to anyone. They cant walk alone, they are always guided. they spend plenty money doing charms and bribing SARS weekly. You wont appreciate this peace, let people that have lost their own come gist u.

  1. Pride: You know how many times i come here to proudly say am a cinematographer? Some of u come online to say you are a baker, stylist, food sellers, bloggers etc and u say it with pride, the fraudulent people cant do it, they rather chose a business to cover up for them, thats when you see them operating a small business but using big cars.
  2. Legacy: Your children and grandchildren should hear about u and be happy to associate, we have some past rich men in osogbo that history had it that they did money ritual, they were wealthy and influential, today when we meet any of their children and hear the name, we link the story to them and want to draw back from them, so what is the point leaving bad name for your grand kids? They will not forgive you.
  3. Time tells: fraudulent business don’t last, someone one day will come into the game and outshine you, take the lead and you are out. An oloso will get old and lose clients, thugs take power from eachother, you can’t do yahoo till old age, technology will outgrow your brain capacity and reality will set in, olorun ma je ka jiya ojo ale.

Today we see difference between Dr Akinwumi Adesina and Hushpuppi. “bo pe boya owo palaba won ma se igi”. They keep
making and spending but no true happiness, they have money but not earning respect, reputable people or organisation is not calling them role model, their children can’t flaunt their parent’s occupation. See ehn, don’t create too much regret to ruin your old age, it can be frustrating, create sweet memories.

Dear Hustlers,
Don’t ever be tempted by the so called illegal rich people. value and integrity is important, money making may not be immediately but trust me, with consistency, prayers and hardwork, you will make more money.

The richest man in the world and the richest in Africa are not fraudulent, it means u can be legal and be super rich. Sugbon e ranti pe “Oruko rere san ju wura ati fadaka lo”

Always remember this song:
kinni n o f’ole se laye ti mo wa x2
Laye ti mo wa kaka ki n jale, ma kuku seru…
I hope this encourage someone to keep their hustle real, one day you will make it through, enjoy the process now, it makes your story inspiring tomorrow.

Pls share, let it reach more people at the verge of giving up.



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13 days ago

Never give up💪