** Lia’s pov **
I went to biology class alone that morning and it was awesome, I met Carlos and Carter there and the three of us sat down together and got along Like real friends do..
“so what class do you have next,” Carter asked immediately biology was over..
“uhmm.. Art” I said and he pouts
“that’s not what I have, I have math” he said and I sighed and turned to Carlos
“what about you” I asked
“history” he replied and I sighed again..
“have you seen Betty, ” Carlos asked
“Uhm no.. I haven’t seen her since this morning” I replied and he sighed, just then Tania started walking up to us,
“hey there Tamika” she said referring to me with a fake smile
“it’s Amelia” I corrected her
“whateves, look am having a party at my house on Saturday which is tomorrow and you’re invited” she smiled, fakely again..
“a party.. I’m.. I’m not really a fan of par–”
“look Amelia, you’re going to be there whether you like it or not” she said almost yelling and I flinched..
“hey, look you don’t have to get all yelly on her” Carter chipped in
“yeah, you should go take anger management classes sometimes” Carlos said..
“and who are you two dummies her guardian angel” Tania said almost angrily
“hmm you can say that again” Carlos said and the twins laughed Tania rolled her eyes and said
“okay let me just make this clear to you Amelia, I know you’re the only one who can make Logan come to my party and if you’re not coming, then he’s not coming and if the whole school finds out Logan’s not coming then they won’t come.. So please just tell him to come.. Being his ex girlfriend doesn’t make me the villain here so just think about it” she said and walked away..
Okay she’s so mean..
“wow I can’t believe you’re actually getting forcefully invited to a party when I’m dying to go to one but still no invitation” Carlos said and rubbed his temples while I shrugged..
“but still are you going?” Carter asked
“Uhm.. I don’t know” I replied truthfully
“please go so you can invite me.. I mean us” Carlos said and gave a cute
Okay this twin are so adorable, I have to admit
“you don’t have to go if you don’t want to, Tania can’t do anything” Carter chipped in and said calmly and I smiled and nod..
He’s right,
“but please.. Please please go, cause you know If you go, then we get to go and..
“okay fine, I’ll go” I said cutting him off and his eyes lit and he hugged me happily
“thanks” he said and suddenly let go of me saying
“please don’t tell Logan that” ,I rolled my eyes and he smiled and so did Carter “so I’ll get to class now” I tell the both of them and they nod and walked away after telling me where art class is..
I got to art class and I was happy to see Betty, we almost like have every class together, the art teacher who a woman of many inspirations and kind of deep.. I wasn’t really good at art but I tried, and by the end of the class, she gave us each project and I was partnered up with Betty, the both of us were making a bird house of straws.. Pretty challenging..
I picked up my bag and moved my hair back, “so let’s go” I tell Betty and she smiled and we both walked out but I bumped into Edward..
“oh sorry” he said in his accentic voice..”oh it’s okay” I said and he nod
“you’re that girl I met yesterday” he said with a smile
“Amelia” I said and stretched my hand forward for a proper introduction
“uhh. ..i know you.. Or don’t you remember me… We like went to the same elementary school” he said and I bat my eyelashes surprisingly, he remembered he actually remembers..
“oh.. I.. Do remember you I just thought you didn’t” I said with a nervous smile
“why wouldn’t I remember you it’s not like we both have amnesia or something” he said trying to sound funny, but that wasn’t funny at all, and I didn’t laugh.. I just gave him a weird look and he understood the look..
“okay that wasn’t funny I’m not really good with jokes, but what I meant was who wouldn’t remember the smartest girl in class, I remember you and Joey Barton always competing” he said and I smiled, he does remember everything..
“guess you didn’t have amnesia after all, well I’ll see you later” I said and he smiled and Betty and I walked away..
“what was that all about” Betty asked immediately we got away from him.
“what was what all about?” I threw back the question,
“okay..i totally saw a chemistry between you two” she said and I rolled my eyes..
“don’t get all whiny Betty, there was no stupid chemistry, between us” I said
“says who, you guys were totally hiting on each other” she said and shoved me
“come-on Betty just stop it, that’s crazy talk and besides, I’m with Logan” I said and she rolled her eyes..
“do you even like Logan” she asked
“what? Of course I do what are you talking about” I replied
“come-on, I’ve seen the way you act around him, like you don’t even know him,” she said and I huffed.. “oh so you watch us now what are you, like a stalker?” I said while she shrugged
“you can call me that”..
“look what I’m saying is that you should show more Love to Logan, I mean you don’t have to act like his wife since I don’t know what wives act like, but act like a girlfriend, girlfriend” she advised and I bit my lips and gazed at the door,..
“think about it, the boy’s been giving you a lot of affection, attention and love , don’t you think it’s time for payback, even if I’ve known you only for three days, I’ve studied you so much around Logan, and just try and study Logan around other people he’s not friendly around them, but you, you’re actually lucky, and talk about charming, he’s all about that.. So Just do all that” she said and sighed
She’s right, she’s so right
“you’re right” I said lowly and she smiled
“oh.. Why do you have to be so smart” I hugged her and she giggles
“because I’m Betty” she said and I smiled and let go of her and we both hurried to the cafeteria, we went to meet the guys at the special table and Logan’s face lit up immediately he saw me…
And I felt totally guilty, he loves me but I don’t love him.. Why!!!!
“hey lia” Jason greeted and i smiled at him while Ricky waved at me
“hi LIA…” Logan called and I smiled and gave him sudden kiss on the lips which took him by surprise, Betty gave me a look that said, that-was-too-quick I shrugged and turned to Logan who was smiling brightly, I cleared my throat to talk when ricky suddenly said..
“so I got invited to Tania’s party, who else did”
“I did” Jason said “me too” Betty and Logan said together, and then everyone turned to me..
“what?” I asked
“didn’t you get invited” Jason asked
“oh I did” I said nodding, I can’t tell them she forcefully invited me.
“so are you going” Logan asked looking at me with his poppy eyes..
“Uhm yeah” I replied
“great cause if you aren’t going then I’m not” Logan said and my eyebrows arched
“really?” I said and he nodded
“well I am and I also invited two of my friends” I said while they all turned to me surprisingly
“what friends” Jason asked
“oh two guys, carter and Carlos” I said cheerfully
“what!! You invited those two annoying dudes” Betty squeaked and I smiled
“yeah they’re my friends” I said defensively. ..
“but you just met them like yesterday” Betty said.
“whoa wait, who are these guys exactly” Logan asked
“oh don’t worry you won’t know them, Mr popular” Betty said teasingly and the Two of us laughed..
“oh I know those guys, they’re funny” Ricky said and Betty gave him a look.. While he shrugged and said
“they really are!!” ..
We ordered our food and start to eat before going back back to the classes we had next and luckily Logan and I happened to have the same class..


School was over that day and Logan and I got in the car while Davis took us home..
Immediately we got home I took a shower and felt really worn out and before I knew I fell asleep..
I woke up at exactly 7:45pm I sighed which turned into a yawn and I cleaned my eyes and came Down from the bed, I saw books on the bed ignored it and just then Logan walked in..
“hey” I said
“hi… Oh good you’re awake” he said and I gave him a look
“someone’s looking for you, your sister I think, you didn’t tell me you have a sister” he said
“I don’t, I have a step sister who’s like eight” I said
“what! Then who’s that chick downstairs with the same hair as you, the same eyes and height,?” he asked and I walked passed him and head downstairs..
And I was surprised to see Amanda..
“Amanda?” I called and she turned with a smile
What the hell is she doing here, we’re not even friends.


To be continued…

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