** Lia’s pov continues **
I moved back a little at the sudden kiss Logan gave me, he thought I was asleep..
I closed my eyes and sighed lightly, today was kind of great I could say, Logan’s friends are really fun to be with especially Betty and Jason and Ricky, but Tressa, not so much she’s kind of a meanie and I kind of noticed she likes Logan, …and by that I mean a lot..
Logan’s handsome, charmazingly handsome and I like him, but I don’t actually love him like the way I had to lie in front of everybody’s face that I actually love Logan,
I don’t have any feelings for him.. I know I’m supposed to see him as my world my heart, my Husband my everything but I just see him as a friend and seriously I really wish I can change that, but our hearts have Minds of their own..
That night everyone slept sounding as the night was still young, I drifted to sleep..
The next morning, I woke up feeling strong and healthy as ever I yawned lightly and turned to my side to see Logan dressed in his school uniform and a headphone around his neck..
Wait. School.. I’m late.. And on my first day..
I quickly jumped out of the bed like someone chased me and it startled Logan and he immediately turned to me and said
“you’re dressed already, why didn’t you wake me up” I cried..
“well I turned off your alarm I wanted you to have more rest, and my friends left already to get ready for school, you should too” he said with a small smile..
“ugh.. You’re so annoying” I said almost angrily and rushed to the bathroom..
I quickly took my bath and when I came back to the room Logan wasn’t there, perfect it will give me time to dress..
I put on boulder academy uniform and wow the uniform was spectacular, it was navy blue jacket and navy blue skirt, the skirt had square printings that goes all round, and it stopped right exactly at my thigh kind of too short I’ll say.
I was brushing my hair when Logan walked in with a tray of brownies and a cup of cappuccino..
“here you go” he said and dropped it on my thigh..
“wow thanks” I said almost dramatically.. And he smiled and touched my nose with his index finger saying
“you’re welcome” and then grabbed his black backpack and walked out,
I rushed my breakfast, i think: and grabbed my backpack before meeting Logan downstairs …. We both got in the car and Davis drove us to school,
The ride to school was boring, we didn’t talk to each other in the car and Logan kept his eye on his phone throughout,…
Finally Davis stopped the car and when I looked outside, there was boulder academy, the school was huge with six building in the compound.. Davis came out of the car to open the door for me, but Logan beat him to it..
“thanks” I tell Logan is I came out of the car,
“you’re welcome” he said with a small smile before grabbing his backpack,
A car suddenly drove in front of us and a boy walked out of the car, but hold on a second, I know that boy..
It was the prime minister’s son, he’s back.. Oh em gee, he has grown so big and tall and he looks amazing, when I saw him last was in sixth or seventh grade I guess but now I’m seeing him in my final year, he looked so manly..
His driver drove the car away and he turned to our direction and we almost made eye contact when I heard my name and turned to see Betty and Ricky,
It was Betty who called me, she ran to meet me with a smile on her face and hugged me happily,
“oh my god, you look great in boulder academy uniform, it suits you best” she said and I smiled
“thanks” I said..
“looks like Edward Griffin’s back, I heard he left the country before” Betty said and shrugged and so did i..
Logan crossed his hand around my shoulder and smile
“so shall we get to class” he said
“don’t I have to sign my transfer letter first” I tell him.. And he nods and let’s go of me ..
“don’t worry I’ll take you to the principal’s office” Betty offered and I gave her a thank you smile, she glanced at ricky and then held my hand and we both walked away from the boys,..
After signing my transfer letter and getting my time table, I went to my first class which Betty also had, “English”..
On our way to English class, Betty kept talking and talking about the school I was listening enjoying every bit of it until she said..
“but still in this school, you have to he super careful now”
“what makes you say that” I asked
“you’re married to Logan” she said
“so.. ” I yanked..
“he’s a ladies man all girls go crazy for him in this school, he like rules this school, they might want to hurt and hunt you since you two are married” she said
“well since they know I’m married why do they still want to have ‘him” I asked
“the girls in this school, don’t give up easily, especially Victoria” betty said
“wait, Victoria, Victoria Kendall, the vice president daughter?” I asked and Betty nodded
Wow Logan.. Really Does rule this school, I mean I saw other cute guys here why Logan what’s so special about him.
Just then we saw Tressa walking toward us.. And goodness she accessorized Her uniform and I wouldn’t lie it looked gorgeous..
“hi Tress..
I haven’t completed that word when she threw me an evil glare and walked away catwalking..
“okay that was harsh” I said to Betty..
“that’s Tressa for you” Betty said and shrugged,
As we walked in English class, the class was way better than my previous one, that was a laptop on every seat and there was no board,
Betty took a seat and I took one beside her and she smiled happily, “you are going to love this class” she said and held my hands happily, “I’m so glad we are both having this same class, at least I’ll have someone to talk to” she continued with a happy smile.
I’m so flattered that I’m making someone smile this way, suddenly her smile changed when to adorable cute boys walked in, they both look too much alike that a smile formed on my face..
Betty rolled her eyes and said “ugh, I almost forgot these two are still in this school”
“what? What’s wrong with them?” I asked
“Carlos and Carter?, those two are the school most annoying blockheads they tease the life out of people, or should I say the life out of me I hate them so much” she said with disgust which made me giggle,
The two boys suddenly started walking up to us and Betty rolled her eyes and buried her face in her desk
“you’ve got to be kidding me” she mumbled..
“Betty, or Etty or tty whatever’s cooking in your name” one of the boys said, who wore an earring in his ear,
“just get lost” Betty looked up angrily..
“get lost, how? But if I get lost I won’t be able to see you” the one with the ear-ring said and the both of them laughed, I giggled a little and suddenly they both noticed me
“who’s this?” the one without an earring asked.
“she’s no-one and it’s none of your business?” Betty yanked at them, but they ignored her..
“I’m Carter and this is my brother Carlos, were twins” the one without an earring said and moved his hand forward for a shake..
I almost took it but Betty pulled my hand back..
“she can see that you guys are twins, dummy just get lost she’s not interested in any of you” Betty said and Carter rolled his eyes…
“wait, you look familiar” Carlos said biting his lips to recall a memory or something..
“I’m.. Amel..
“oh that’s right, Logan’s Bride” Carlos cut me off, I nod and he smiled nervously and said
“well it’s nice to see you.. Ame.. A..
“Amelia” I help him and he smiled..
“so if anyone asks, we never met” he said and walked away
“pardon my brother he can be pretty dumb sometimes” Carter said
“are you just finding that out now?” Betty blurted out..
“it’s okay” I shrugged and moved my hair back..
“okay so.. I’ll see you around and tell Logan I said hi.. Or don’t” he laughed and I laughed too.
“well Betty I’ll see you around” he said and winked at her and walked away to his seat I think..
“I think they like you” I said immediately I realised they’re fully gone..
“yeah, whatever, but didn’t you notice” she asked
“notice what?” I asked
“they were both about to flirt with you but immediately they realised you are married to Logan they backed down” Betty laughed.
“whoa, are they scared of Logan?” I asked
“who isn’t around here” Betty questioned back and I tilt my head in confusion..
“me!” I said playfully and she nudged me..
“everyone’s scared of Logan, he’s the leader of the school most horrific gangster” Betty explained and my eyebrows arched
“what?” I half yelled..
My husband is a gangster..


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