**** Logan’s pov continues ****
Lia went back downstairs to make dinner for my ‘friends’, while I laid tiredly on the bed..
“Uhm Ricky where’s our sleeping bags?” Tressa asked
“downstairs, I think” Ricky replied
“well go get it, cause you guys are not sleeping on the bed with Logan and i” Tressa said and I immediately sit up..
“sorry for reigning on your parade, but nope.. You ain’t sleeping on this bed, it’s for me and my Lia” I said with a simple smile while she rolled her eyes at me..
“well I’ll go get the sleeping bags” Betty said and she and Ricky shared a charming smile.. “thanks baby” he said and kissed her before she went downstairs..
Okay that’s the kind of charming smile and kisses I’d like to share with Lia, but for starters I don’t think she feels the same way I feel about her..
But still she’s my ”wife”
“so… Have you guys had sex yet?” Tressa asked and the small ball Ricky held suddenly fell from his hand, while Jason coughed..
“and why do you ask that” I backfired and she laughed..
“oh I knew it, you two are both weak as swan” Tressa said while we all shook our head negatively..
The door opened and Betty walked in with the sleeping bags..
Jason and Ricky took it from her and arranged theirs, happily laying on it..
“Now that our sleeping bags are ready, what we all just need is dinner” Betty said
“yeah” Jason replied
“I should go check on Lia, maybe help her out ” Betty offered but I stopped her..
“please, stop, thanks but maybe I should check my self” I said and stood up
“sure” Betty shrugged and turned to her boyfriend.. I’ve liked Betty ever since she started dating Ricky, and joining our group, she’s a sweetheart.. Like Amelia
I went downstairs and straight to the kitchen, and it looks like I came at the perfect time because she was holding piles of breakable plates, and it looks like she’ll loose her balance in any minute, her hair kept covering her face,
She almost fell but gladly I caught her and the plates and she breathed a sigh of relief..
“oh my gosh.. Thank you so much brown, I almost lost it you came at the perfect time.. Dinner’s almost ready and please help me set the plates on the table” she tells me with a relief smile
“no problemo” I said and winked at her while she smiled and shook her head negatively..
After arranging the plates on the dinning table in the dinning room, I went back to the kitchen and found Lia stirring the meal, and then she closed the pot and turned to me..
“dinner will be ready in only just a few minutes” she tells me.. Again.. And I nod, while she tucked her hand in the pocket of her apron, and shook her head because some strands of hair are disturbing her face..
“okay, seriously you should have totally pony your hair up” I said with a smile
“yeah I totally forgot, could you help me” she said and glanced at her hair, that fell on her sides
“sure thing chef” I said and saluted playfully while she laughed..
“there’s a rubber band at my back pocket, just shove your hand there and take it ..” my wife ordered and I smiled,
I dipped my hand in her back pocket and like she said there was a rubber band there, I took it and I gathered Her hair together in one and packed it in ‘pony tail’ her hair suddenly smelled like rose and Daisys and I smiled..
“are you using my shampoo?” I asked and wore a funny grumpy face..
“what, you gonna sue me?” she replied playfully and we both laughed
“I just use anything I see,.. Go call the others while I get the food in their plates” she said timidly and I nod.. “you are just so nice” I said and sighed
“yeah it runs in my family” she replied.. And I smiled and walked away..
“guys.. So dinner’s ready and everyone should get their butt downstairs” I said and everyone stood up happily, like little children who are about to collect candies..
“wow that smell is amazing, it’s killing me” Betty said, her nose up and a smile on her face..
“yeah I actually can’t wait to eat that” Ricky said
“me neither, race you to the dining room” Jason said and he and Ricky, zoomed down the stairs and to the dining room..
“boys?.. So silly” Betty said and she and Tressa laughed
“Uhm… You know I’m standing over here and I’m a boy” I said sarcastically while Betty rolled her eyes but Tressa moved closer to me and held my hand which made me stop on my track..
“oh Logan, you’re not like other guys, you’re amazingly unique and special.. In many different ways” she whined and I sighed and looked at my arm which she held
“thanks for the compliment and what the hell would my lovely wife think if she sees you holding me like this Huh?” I said and she rolled her eyes
“what’s my business with Miss Blondie, I’m holding her hand I’m holding yours” she yanked and I sighed and jerked my hand away from hers and hurries downstairs with the others,
As I walked in the dinning room, Ricky and Jason had already started eating and while Betty was helping Lia set the glass cups and the jugs of water..
“so you guys couldn’t wait till everything was prepared?” I said rolled my eyes while Jason and Ricky shrugged..
After setting the everything Betty and lia, sat down, Lia sat down beside Jason while Betty sat down beside Ricky,
I sat down beside Lia, which made her in between me and Jason which I didn’t kind of like..
We all suddenly heard the doorbell and nobody was ready to get the door but thankfully Tressa yelled
“I got it” ..and we all breathed a sigh of relief ..
“Lia, you are such a great cook, maybe I should marry you instead” Ricky said and Betty playfully hit him on his chest and they both laughed including Lia,
“but still you’re a great cook” Jason said and Lia smiled and glanced at me..
Why did she just glance at me..?
“oh my God” we heard Tressa voice saying from outside and then she walked in the dining room holding a uniform wrapped neatly in a Transparency bag.. Oh I think it’s Lia’s new uniform of my school..
“you’ve got to be kidding me,, you’re going to ‘Boulder academy now?” Tressa said disgustingly
“yeah, well I’m starting tomorrow” Lia said with a straight face..
“that’s awesome” betty Said cheerfully
“no that’s awful, she can’t come to our school, she’ll.. She’ll —
“she’ll do what? Tess” I barked, cutting her off and she frowns and huffed,
Lia stood up and took the uniform from her hand and sighed
“I don’t even want to go to your school trust me on that” Lia said while Jason dropped his spoon.. And said
“because, i love my old school” she replied and walked out to drop her uniform..
Tressa moved beside me to sit down when I said..
“that’s Lia’s seat”
“and so fucking what? What do I care, fuck lia” Tressa said angrily
“you know, you should really go back to Ohio, you’re being kind of a bitch lately” I tell her and she eyes me..
Lia came Back and found Tressa on her seat, she just grabbed her food and sat down beside Betty, looks like she didn’t want trouble, and that’s one thing I love about her..
After dinner, they all thanked LIA, cause she clearly made the food and we all went back upstairs except Tressa who wanted to watch TV..
“you know my best part about today was eating Lia’s food” Jason said while Lia laughed
“well thanks” she said and climbed on the bed while Jason and Ricky dropped to their sleeping bags ..
While Betty laid on Hers too..
“so what should we do now, cause I’m clearly bored” Ricky said
“yeah I’m bored too, and going crazy I can’t bare to hear that pitch perfect song Tess’s watching now” Jason said while I laughed..
“should we play truth or dare” Betty squeaked happily
“Uhm no thanks” Ricky said and Jason and I laughed suddenly remembering the last party we went where we did truth or dare Ricky drank threw bottles of vodka and peed on Betty’s roof.. Yeah it was hilarious since that day he hated truth or dare because they dared him to drink..
“no to me too” Lia said and I glance at her and she gave me a
“you-know-i-dont-like-that-game-” look and I shrugged..
“well then what should we do” I asked
“oh.. We should play this game, it’s called question for questions, for example I ask you a question and you’ll answer it but in a question way” she said and everyone stared at her strangely
“the game sounds boring but let’s go for it” Jason said sitting up.. And so did Ricky..
“okay I’m going first, and I’m asking you” Jason said and pointed to Lia,
“um okay” she replied..
“do you love Logan?” he asked narrowing his eyes..
Okay why did he ask that, but still it’s great he did..
“of course I love Logan, why would you think I don’t love Logan?” she said throwing back a question, okay she’s really getting good in this game.
I just couldn’t help this stupid grin that laid on my face..
“wow you guys are good” Betty said happily …
“okay my turn” Rickie said and winked at Betty While she smiled shyly..
After the game and all, the lights were finally turned off and I could say everyone was half asleep by now ..
Lia and I were on the bed, while the rest were on their sleeping bags on the floor, including Tressa,
The moon light beamed directly inside our room making a reflection on the window and shining at Lia’s face.. She’s beautiful
And this night she said she loved me..
“of course I love Logan, why would you think I don’t love Logan?” her words ringed in my head and i smiled, I moved closer to her and kissed her before closing my eyes..
My eyes went open and my heart skipped, Logan just kissed me..


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