======== Logan’s pov =========
After falling asleep that afternoon, i woke up in the evening and all of a sudden a knock came at the door,
I went to get it and I wasn’t surprised to see my friends because I was expecting them, they’re planning to have a sleepover here.. Bummer!
“hey there man” Jason, my best friend said and was the first to walk in.
“hey there Logan looking good as ever” my other friend Ricky said and walked in, followed by Betty his girlfriend, and then Tressa .. A blabber beak and a fun squasher girl, who’s clearly throwing herself at me… Everyone at school knows that, even when I was still dating Tania..
They all walked in and gazed at every inch of the house
“wow this house is sweet” Ricky said, and plopped right into the couch grabbing the remote that was laying there..
As much as they’re my friend and I hang out with them so much, they still can be pretty annoying, Ricky and television are best friends..
“so.. ” Jason sat Down on the couch opposite Ricky’s couch.. “where’s your wife” he asked
“how did you know th–
“C’mon it’s all over the internet, everyone knows you’re married, but too bad the paparazzi didn’t get a good shot of her face, I want to see her in person and tell her she just married her worst nightmare” Jason said and they all laughed..
“shut up.. It’s not funny” I yanked at all of them.. And Betty rolled her eyes and sat down beside Ricky while Tressa sat down in between Jason and I…
“but still where is she,” Jason asked looking everywhere..
“she’s asleep” I replied calmly
“why, did you give her any of your cigarette” Jason laughed and I shot him a glare..
“just because Logan smoked the night he and Tania broke up didn’t make him a smoker” Ricky defended me and I smiled at him and said “thanks Rickstar”
“so this, girl, you got married to, is she pretty” Tressa asked ..
“yeah” I replied, Lia is way more prettier
“prettier than me?” she asked batting her lashes at me..
“yeah” Jason replied For me
Which made Tressa turn to him angrily “and who asked you geek, you haven’t even seen her before!?” she yanked..
“well maybe I haven’t but I have a feeling she is prettier than you” Jason said and we all laughed, and immediately Lia started walking down the stairs and everyone kept quiet.. . And Jason lost it.. He was actually staring at her lustfully, and it made me frown..
No not Jason..
Tressa rolled her eyes and crossed her skinny legs..
“hi..” Lia said with a friendly smile.. And then waved ..
“hi…” Betty and Ricky said the same time, smiling at Lia..
“hey there” Jason said and moved his blonde hair back .. Lia smiled at him and Tressa before disappearing into the kitchen..
“wow man she is fire” Jason said and Betty laughed..
“don’t talk about her that way” I said to Jason almost angry
“you should say thank you, I just complimented her” Jason defended and I rolled my eyes.. “you called that pretty?,” Tressa said disgustingly twirling her hair in her finger.. “yeah” Jason said..
“Tania’s way prettier than her” she added while Jason scoffed and Betty shook her head negatively
Hmm I wonder what Lia’s doing in the kitchen..
“guys I’ll be right back” I said standing up,
“and I’m coming with you” Jason said walking up to me while I just sighed..
“so.. Dude why haven’t you been in school?” Jason asked as we head straight to the kitchen..
“you know the wedding, and all, and also I was sick but thanks to Lia, I was okay” I replied
“I thought her name was Amelia” he said confusingly
“don’t be dumb man, Lia’s for short” I said almost in a whisper because we were already walking in the kitchen. And Lia was eating the cupcakes I made for her this morning..
“did you make this?” she asked licking her fingers covered in the cake’s icing..
“yep I made them for you” I said with a smile
“wow where did you learn to make this?” she said happily.. Which made me chuckle
“well that’s what you get, when you are the only child and you have an extended family, my aunt taught me” I said In a bragging tone..
While Jason nudged me and gave me a look that says introduce-her-to-me I didn’t want to, but what’s the use..
“oh, where are my manners, Lia meet my best friend Jason, Jason meet Lia, my wife” I grinned while Jason rolled his eyes at the statement “my wife” even Lia rolled her eyes too but covered it up with her pretty smile
“I could have shook your hands but it’s covered in my saliva and cake” she said cheerfully and laughed and Jason joined her too..
Lia hasn’t recovered from her laugh when she took another bite from the cupcake and a small pile of icing laid at the corner of her mouth,
“Lia, you’ve got something on your.. Li–
I didn’t complete my word, I didn’t need to complete it, I moved forward and swiped the icing from her lips and did the strangest and funny thing ever..
I licked it..
“okay first of all eww” Lia said sarcastically and took another bite, while Jason wore a surprised look..
“what? You’re my wife” I said and Lia rolled her eyes..
“you’re pathetic” she tells me.. And walked outside
“thanks” I replied and moved behind her..
We all got back to the living room and everyone attention was on the TV, where they were showing ‘American Dad’ .. Until Tressa noticed us…
“so where are you guys matrimonial bed!?” Ricky asked with a sly smile, and his girlfriend slapped him playfully on his chest..
“oh no Betty don’t go all slappy on Ricky, he’s right, Logan dear show us your matrimonial bed” Betty said standing up..
I glanced at Lia and she gave me “show-them” look and I smiled..
“it’s upstairs” I said and before I knew it, Tressa smiled and walked up stairs, she’s just not a blabber beak, she’s a two faced bottom beater gossiper..
“looks like we’re all going upstairs then” Ricky announced and we all head upstairs, I thought Lia wasn’t happy about all this but she was totally cool with it, I so much love her..
“wow your bed, is amazing we could all fit, it’s so wide” betty said and sat down on the edge..
“it’s nice but still kind of..
“kind of what?” Jason cut her off and she rolled her eyes not really knowing what to say..
“I’m hungry” Betty cried..
“I think Betty speaks for all of us” Tressa Said
“yeah” Ricky and Jason said in unison
“well thats not my problem, you guys were the one who wanted to have a sleepover” I said and they all groaned
“you’ll never change Logan, you’re still As rude as ever” Tressa said rolling her eyes..
“well sorry for not being able to change that” I yanked at her.. No them..
“I’ll prepare dinner for you guys” Lia offered nicely with a smile..
“awwn thanks” Betty said grinning
“you’re an angel” Jason seethe and Lia blushed and said “thanks”
Ugh . .
“I can come help you” Jason said
“no thanks I can manage” Lia answered
“but I can —
“she just said she can manage” I cut Jason angrily and he raised his arm in the air, surrender-like making me roll my eyes..
This guys are going to bring out the bad side of me, which I don’t want Lia to see..
I just hope this sleepover goes well..


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