“Lia” I called softly and she didn’t turn to answer me until she got on the bed
“hmm” and answered and turned to me .. Her nose and cheeks were red and her face was dry..
“I made breakfast” I said and her blue eyes shift to the tray I was carrying, she smiled and I got close to her and place the tray on the bed sitting down beside her,
“thanks, I am starving” she said with a smile, trying to sound lively but Her voice was horsey
“I made tea for you and coffee for me” I said and she glance at my coffee “mind if I have yours” she asked and I nod, as she took a sip from the coffee she suddenly turned her head away and sneezed..
great the weather gave her a piece of its flu..
“oh darn it, you have a cold” I said and she nods “I can see that” she said sniffing..
We both didn’t talk too much we just focused on our food and enjoyed the sound of the rain.. After eating, Lia offered to take the mugs down to the kitchen but I disagreed, she’s not doing anything, not when I’m here..
I took the mugs downstairs and washed it before going back upstairs.. Lia was in wrapped in our blankets reading her geography notebook..
“reading again?” I said sarcastically and she tried to laugh but ended up coughing.. And I grinned at her saying “sorry”
“I’m just reading about space that’s all” she said and sniffed..
I got on the bed and she suddenly got close to me and hugged me leaning close to me..
“you’re warm” she said and smiled
“no you’re wrong, I’m hot” I said and winked at her and she tried to roll her eyes but she stopped..
“why didn’t get to roll those eyes of yours, afraid they’re gonna fall?” I teased and she smiled.. She was still leaning into me and I didn’t mind I just want us to stay like this even more..
“the sound of your heart is so heavy” she said with a smile
“yeah that’s because I’m with you” I said and look she gave me sent sparks to my spines,
“I love you” she said and kiss me, and I reciprocated.. “I love you more” I replied after the kiss and she hugs me tighter..
It was 3:30pm in the afternoon Lia and I were both watch the marathon of a silly comedy show, which I don’t really recall the name, when the door bell rings..
“I’ll get it” I tell her and she nods,
As I walk straight to the door, I was astonished to see an unknown guy standing by the door, blonde hair brown eyes, his hands dipped into his pocket.. And we’re both the same height, almost.. Maybe I’m a little taller than him
“and you are?” I remarked rudely, my normal attitude to people, Lia’s the one who deserves my nice attitude..
“Noah?” I hear Lia’s voice from behind as the interrupted the dude standing by our door,
“you know him?” I asked and she nods..
** Lia’s pov **
What is Noah doing here why the hell is he here.
He stopped talking to me the a day after I got married to Logan because he was the one who confessed his feelings to me first, and now he’s here,
“what are you doing here” I ask
“to see you of course” he said with a smirk
“excuse me?” Logan said with irritation staring at Noah..

(Dear diary) ✏


The furious look that laid on Logan’s face made me shift a little.. “you are here to see LIA?” Logan asked for confirmation and Noah slightly nod his head
Jason suddenly slammed the door, making me jump..
“I don’t know where you know that dude, but he’s not coming in here” Logan said angrily while I sighed,
I didn’t know what to do, I can’t fight with Logan and most of all I don’t want Logan here,
Logan walked away to the couch while I stood still by the door, planning to walk away when I suddenly heard a soft knock on the door, I huffed angrily and owned the door ,
“seriously you have to leave!” I said to Logan..
“well.. Okay.. But your boyfriend’s kind of rude, but I don’t care I just came to say I’m sorry” he said and moved his hair back..
“okay, well you’ve said enough, I forgive you now can you please leave?” I said widening my eyes and sneezing at the moment..
“bless you” he said nicely but I gave him a look and he nods his head and said
“sure I’ll leave, ” he waved lightly and walked away.
I slammed the door and head to the couch, “is he gone?” he asked
I sat down beside him and he made me lean in him and I peacefully did, the rain had already stop and we both continued our movie in peace..
Few minutes later, I start to doze off and before I knew it, I fell asleep..
I woke up feeling somewhat better, and strong, I could preserve something great, Logan’s cooking, I smiled and went downstairs slowly with my ponytail drooping down, but I angrily took off the rubber band..
“perfect timing babe, dinner’s ready!” Logan said with a dimpled smile..
Now that’s the kind of smile I want to see in my entire life we both sat down at the dinning table, we both began to eat silently, we’ve both eaten half way when he said..
“tell me about derrick”
“excuse me?” I said as I suddenly raised my head up..
“tell me about him, how did you guys met” he asked..
Well he wants to know, so I have to tell him..
“well we met a long time ago,, we just moved here when I was seven, and I didn’t have any friends and all, one morning as my driver was driving me to school, derrick being a rough naughty boy going to school ran in front of the car, and got hit, his wrist got a little broken and then he cried my driver drove him to the hospital that morning and he wore a little cast, which he forced to me signed on it with me and my driver apologizing to him, he drove with me to school that morning and ever since that day we’ve been best friend’s and we do like literary everything together,” I exclaimed and he nods.
“how about that Noah guy” he asked
“oh it hasn’t been long when Noah came to our school, he’s a newbie… He came like three weeks ago or so.. And we started to talk since he was sitting right next to me” I said and Logan nodded
“oh so you guys are just like friends?” he asked and I hesitated before answering
“well. .. He once told me he likes me… Like really really like me” I said truthfully staring at his eyes..
“well he’s not coming here anymore” Logan said trying to control his voice to be calm
I shrugged and continued eating, I don’t even want Logan here..
“so.. ” Logan said..
“so.. What?” I replied
“aren’t you gonna ask me?” he replied
“ask you what” I said with a confused look.. “how I met Tania,” he said
I see what’s happening here, it’s like a secret section..
“Uhm no.. Need.. ” I said and drank my glass of water..
*Logan’s pov* (Point Of View)
I can’t believe I’m this jealous, and Lia isn’t, I asked her about noah and derrick but she didn’t even ask me about Tania, or if I’ve liked it dated any girl apart from Tania, it’s like she’s not the jealous type..
But I love the jealous type..
Because I’m a jealous freak!!!
“but do you want to tell me how you met Tania?” Lia asked with a mocking smile..
“no.. No need it’s okay” I said and sighed and she smiled and shrugged ..
After dinner Lia begged me to do the dishes and I allowed her, I just don’t like her doing anything,.. I head upstairs to our room and laid on the bed, feeling a bit cold and I closed the window and laid back on the bed,
Few minutes later, Lia walked in and sat down on the bed beside me.. Smiling..
“okay what’s with the smile” I asked with a smile, her smiles are contagious
“nothing, I’m just happy I’m not sick anymore, no headache no cold, no sneezing I’m just okay, I guess rest was all I needed after all” she said happily..
“well good for you” I said and snaked my hands around her thin waist..
“yeah, good for me.. So about tomorrow why don’t you invite your friends over so we can like share the Sunday together, cause today was just so boring with you and me alone” she said and I faked a gasp.. .
“so you’re saying I’m boring” I said dramatically..
“I’m not saying you’re boring, I just said that” she replied sarcastically and I laughed..
“I would have scold you but I can’t, cause you’re too beautiful” I said and her cheeks flushed and she looked suddenly cute.
It’s cute that she’s like this to me..
We both talked all night till we fell asleep in each others arm, actually with me cuddling Her..

The next morning, I woke up and smiled seeing Lia In my arms, she was still sleeping peacefully and I moved my hand to her hair moving it back slowly, tugging my fingers in it and pushing it back and she suddenly moved
“oh, gosh, please continue” she mumbled and I laughed and kissed her neck, before getting out of the bed..
“maybe later” I said and she groaned disappointingly..
I quickly brushed my teeth and went downstairs to make breakfast, i texted the guys, telling them to come over.. I really didn’t want anyone with us today I just wanted it to be me, and Lia alone.. And no one else, but what can I do it’s the queen orders so I have no choice than to invite my friends over. . .
I made waffles for breakfast and Lia and I ate with smiles and talks, immediately after breakfast my friends came over and to be sincere I wasn’t that happy, but Lia was very happy and I could guess it was seeing Betty, she and Betty and got along plainly well and I like it..
Lia and Betty were both hugging and giggling when Tressa walked inside and I sighed disappointingly..
Who the hell invited her..
“hey guys” she said cheerfully and Lia’s smile suddenly fade
“I know what you all must be thinking, why am I here? Well I saw you guys coming out from a nearby restaurant and so I followed you guys cause I had a feeling you guys were coming here, I mean come-on I want to hang with you guys you’re my friends, well except for.. Well you know who, but still I want to spend time with my friends” Tressa said and Lia rolled her eyes and mumbled something to Betty which made Betty laugh and made Tressa gave both of them a glare from her big, very huge eyes..
Lia was wearing a grey crop top and a tight blue jean short making her body kind of attractive and attention catcher, and it cracks my head to see Jason staring at Her lustfully, I walked up to him and gave him a painful nudge
“really dude?” I said in anger and he flinched and turns to me with a *sorry* look, while I just glared at him and walked away..

*** Logan’s pov continues **
Everyone was in our room doing whatever is it they were doing, Jason was on the floor with his phone, while Betty was sitting bride Ricky who was lying flat on his stomach still on the floor. Tressa was sitting on a beanbags beside the bed, operating her phone while Lia was sitting close to Betty on the floor and they were both laughing and talking about a movie which I didn’t know about..
Okay, I really didn’t know how Lia defines Less-boring cause this is totally boring.. So boring, I glanced at Lia, as she was happily g8ggki with Betty
Damn it, I want to be close to her and hold her close..
I stood up and said “who wants ice-cream cause I’m going down to get mine” everyone agreed to want ice-cream except Tressa who was so focused in her phone smirking devilishly.. Ugh this girl gives me creep.. I went downstairs and brought out the biggest plate of ice-cream I could find.. I went back upstairs with five spoons..
As I walked in the room I didn’t see Lia or Tressa..
“where’s Lia?”I asked
“oh uh she went to pee or something” Betty replied and moved her hair back,
I dropped the ice cream and got close to the bathroom door and I heard the water in the sink running..
“wow Logan just can’t let Lia out of his side for once” I heard Betty saying from the other side of the room and Ricky and Jason giggled after her..
I was about to walk away when I heard Tressa’s voice from inside the bathroom ..and I moved closer cause I also heard Lia’s voice..
“so you and Logan relationship is getting stronger” Tressa said
“we’re not getting stronger, it’s already strong, stronger than you think” Lia backfired and I smiled to my self, she can’t allow Tressa get her..
“well I’m afraid it’s going to end soon” I had Tressa said.. And suddenly the running water stopped running and I could hear them more clearly now..
“what is that supposed to mean” Lia said angrily..
“oh dear, it doesn’t mean anything but it will soon” Tressa said evily and I felt like barging in and ripping her apart, but I felt like Lia wouldn’t have liked that ..
“you know I love Logan so much that nothing could ever separate us, even your bitchy self can’t do that” Lia said and Tressa gasped.. And then turned it into a laugh..
“I know you love Logan you fool, I do too and trust me this marriage thing is such a waste of time he’s going to be mine soon just wait and see” Tressa said and giggled
“you’re just wasting your time looser or Tressa or whatever your name is, Logan love me not anyone else” she said and I love her for standing up for her self, she’s such a sweet heart..
“oh I know Logan loves you sweetie but just wait and see, you just wait and see” she said and I suddenly heard nothing and I know she was coming out and I quickly walked to the other side of the room where the guys have already eaten the ice-cream half way.
“what the hell?” I asked, feeling shocked seeing as the big huge ice-cream had gone down..
“sorry dude, you were gone for too long” Jason said and he and Ricky smiled at each other..
“well you know what this remaining one is for me and Lia alone”i said and Tressa suddenly walked up to us sitting back on the bean bag..
“but I’m not done eating” Betty pouts,
“and how does that concern me?” I asked rudely
“because you’re an asshole” Betty said and I smiled at her and said thanks,
I sat on the bed and Lia suddenly walked in, I was surprised she didn’t sit on the floor close to Betty but on the bed with me..
“is this supposed to be for me?” she asked looking at the little frozen ice-cream that laid on the huge plate
“it’s for us” I corrected her
“oh” she said and glance at me then at the ice-cream..
“don’t worry You can have it alone” I said and she smiled and looked at me and shook her head negativelike
“no Logan we’ll share this, and I don’t care the amount of anything we share as long we share it together as one” she said and Betty gasped.
“oh my god, Lia that was so romantic” Betty said in a cute tone and I laughed and so did Lia..
“thanks babe” I said to Lia and she blushed.. I think
Tressa rolled her eyes and grunt like she was irritated and Lia smile glowed, it’s like that’s what she wanted to get Tressa all angry and jealous..
I couldn’t help but smile at the idea..
After rounds of different games and small TV moment, and a time at the pool, the day grew they all went home …
That night Lia and I both fell asleep peacefully in our normal position with me cuddling Her..
•••• Lia’s pov ••••
The next morning Logan and i got prepared for school and we got to school early,
After my first class I met Hannah and we both exchanged greetings and started to walk together and I got really happy when I found out that we both had the next class together and with Betty,.. After the class Betty went to meet Ricky immediately leaving me and Hannah haging..
Suddenly Victoria walked up to us, the vice president’s daughter ..
“hey Lia, Hannah” she greeted and I was surprised she knew Hannah
“Lia I’m having party at my house this evening girls only, no boys allowed and you’re invited” she said rushing her words..
“I don’t think I’m going to come cau—-
“you’re coming and that’s that” Victoria said and walked away..
“you heard her, you have to go and you must be there” Hannah said, her tone different and kind of scary but I wasn’t frightened I was just surprised..
She suddenly said and walked away…
Should I go or not?
T. B. C


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1 month ago

That party is a trap, you go and you’re doomed lia

1 month ago

Be careful Lia

1 month ago

Be careful! Most of the students are jealous of you…

Omote Judith
Omote Judith
1 month ago

Well what a loving story, please for the next episode

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Hope Judith
1 month ago