** Hanna’s pov continues **
Logan walked up to Lia and I with a smile on his face..
“hey, I was just looking for you” he said, “well me too, I was just showing this newbie here our new school” I said while Logan glanced at me then back at Lia
“don’t forget you’re a newbie yourself” he said enthusiastically and Amelia smiled..
“well Hannah welcome to boulder academy I’m Logan by the way” Logan said and shook me.. And I almost fainted, he’s so dreamy..
Amelia and Logan walked up to a table different from others and there, there was a boy with blonde hair and another boy with brown hair which his hands were around a girl who had black long hair.. Logan and Amelia sat down while Amelia gave me a look to sit down and I did and she smiled friendly “guys this is Hannah, Hannah Einstein, she’s new here” I said and the blonde boy looked at me..
“Hannah, Hannah Einstein, any way related with Sherlock Einstein” Jason said sarcastically and I faced my head down while Amelia shot him a glare and he rolled his eyes and turned to me..
“I’m Jason” he said and I nod.. “I’m Ricky and this is my girlfriend Betty” the brown haired boy ‘said and his girlfriend rolled his eyes..
I waved at them with a smile and Betty waved back too..
“so Lia, I heard you and Betty got an A for your art project” Jason asked and chewed on his nacho cheese..
“of course they did, my babe is keeping the dice rolling” Logan said and placed his hand around Amelia’s shoulder and my head skipped
He just called her babe
Are they dating? Oh my God.. I’m too late, well Amelia is really pretty.. I thought I was going to have a chance of dating him.. But who am I kidding I’m just a cheesy New girl, compared to all the hotties here
“don’t call me babe” Amelia warned Logan and he laughed
“yeah don’t call her babe, dude she’s your wife, call her wife” Jason joked or I thought so and he laughed
Why the hell would he call her wife.. “why would he call her wife” I wanted to ask and I was surprised I did asked, I said out my mind and they all turned to me surprisingly..
“because they are married” Jason said in a Duh tone and my eyes kind of widen..
“they are?” I asked and Logan and Amelia both nodded
“I mean, don’t you even know them, didn’t you heard of their wedding it’s the biggest and haven’t you heard of Logan brown kludge you’re sitting almost close to him” Jason said with zeal and Amelia rolled her eyes..
Wait!! I can’t believe it, Logan’s the Logan I’ve been hearing about, The Logan brown kludge the great great great great grandson of kludge Gabriel Hamilton, I suddenly remembered when my mom told me about a crown prince getting married but I wasn’t too interested in it.. He’s actually The Logan everyone wants to meet, and I can’t believe I actually talked to him and his wife
I nodded at my sudden remembrance sighed, “I did hear about the wedding” I said while Jason smirked..
After eating brunch with Logan and the others I grabbed my bag and waved Amelia goodbye.. She’s such a good person, and she’s lucky too.. I was staring at my time table and walking in the hallway when I accidentally bumped into a girl..
“sorry” I said when she groaned angrily and walked away.. Some girls.. She’s so not like Amelia, Amelia is so nice..
I went to Math class and goodness I just couldn’t stop thinking about Logan, even though I know he’s married
Darn it..

** LIA’s POV **
School was over that day and Logan and I went home as usual, I took a shower while Logan ordered a pizza,
While eating the pizza Logan asked “what do you want to do today”
“I don’t know, study” I said and he rolled his eyes
“you are such a cliché” he tells me and I gave him a look and he shrugged
“seriously, most teenage girls wants to go out like party, or the beach or even go on a date, but you, you want to sit here and study, that’s so lame that I might puke” he said
“well I am not ‘most’ teenage’ I am me,” I defended and he scoffed “yeah right” at me
Suddenly an idea popped in my head and i smiled
“how about we go see my parents” I said and his face changed
“that’s even worse than studying” he said half yelling
“are you saying my family’s lame?” I said, standing up
“I didn’t say that, you just did” he backfired and I huffed angrily ..
“you know what just forget it, I’ll just watch TV then, than making you go with me to see my lame family” I said and put air quotation around the ‘lame’ before grabbing a slice of pizza and head downstairs.. .. Angrily
I wasn’t paying attention to the TV I was ‘watching’ when someone tapped my shoulder
“what?” I said a little bit aggressively since I know it was Logan..
“I’m sorry for being rude earlier” he apologized and I sighed ..”okay whatever” I said and he walked around the couch and stood in front of me so I can see him.. “look LIA, I’m sorry if you want to go to your parent’s house I’ll be happy to drive you there myself, it’s just an hour drive” he said with pleading eyes and I gazed at him before saying
“it’s okay.. It actually is” he apologized, that’s okay for me ,but it seems like he isn’t listening to me, he still wants me to go visit my parents..
“nuh-uh you’re going to see your mom and step mom and dad..and that’s that!” he said strictly
“and what are you? My husband?” I said sarcastically, realising how dumb I was saying that, he is my husband
“no your dad” he replied sarcastically too with a smile, while I rolled my eyes and went upstairs to change.. I have no choice but to agree
Inside the car was quiet as Logan drove us to my parent’s house, I caught him glancing at me occasionally and it kind of got me pissed off but I didn’t say anything.. I mean he should keep his eyes on the road not me..
When he glanced at me again I sighed and turned to him angrily
“dude? Will you keep your eyes on the road” I half yell
“what? I am keeping my eyes on the road” he lied with a smirk “I saw you with my own eyes Brown you were staring at me” I said with seriousness and he laughed
“sore it’s just so funny, when you intend to be serious, and fine maybe I did glance at you and do you want to know why?.. It’s because you’re too beautiful to resist” he said with his charming boyish voice..
“don’t flatter yourself” I rolled my eyes and he laughs, “okay fine I won’t” he said and took my hand in his and continued driving with one hand..
Getting to my parent’s house I got nervous as Logan and I both stood outside the mansion in front of the porch.. It’s just mom and dad you don’t have to be nervous, I reminded my self before ringing the door bell and five seconds later the door was opened by, my mom and she screamed happily seeing us.. Me! Seeing me actually.
“hey mom” I waved shyly and we both got ourselves engaged in a mother and daughter warm embrace..
“wow you look as pretty as ever” my mom tells me immediately after the embrace and I smiled shyly.. “hey there mom” Logan said playfully with his dimple-like smile
“mom?” mine was in a confused tone while my mom’s was surprised and happy,
“yeah mom… Is anything wrong” he (Logan) asked
“yes” I said
“no” my mom said the same time with mine..
“Debbie Downer” Logan murmured and puts his hand around my shoulder saying “so mom are we going to come in or not”
“oh sorry for my manners, do Come in I was just making dinner for the whole family, your grandma, Delia, emerald and derrick incase you’re wondering your dad’s out of town” my mom said as she closes the door
I stopped on my track as the name ‘Derrick’ ringed in my head
What’s he doing here, I want to ask but I couldn’t..
“what the hell, what’s Derrick doing here” Logan asked angrily
“oh you know him?” my mom a asked,
“of course I do know derrick who used to be best friends with Lia, why won’t i know him” Logan replied
“used to? Honey did you guys fight, did anything happen between you and derrick” my mom asked me.. Yes mom a lot did happened, my best friend kissed me on my wedding day and a week after he came to me telling me how much he loves me and how much he’ll love us to be more than friends In front of Logan, my husband, I don’t even love Derrick, I mean I do but not the other way round.. I want to yell and tell my mom but I just said
“no everything’s fine.. Nothing’s going on between Derrick and I, we’re still friends” I lied and Logan’s eyes widen, he wanted to say something, but with the pleading eyes I gave him he just sighed instead,
We both head to the dining room there I saw my step mom and step sister
“hey Delia,” I said and she stood up happily and hugged me
“oh my god, it’s so good to see you again” my step mom said and I smiled, “emerald!” I hugged my baby sister and she couldn’t stop smiling..
Derrick walked into the dining room and stopped on his track seeing Logan and I… His light brown eyes searched mine as he tried to tell something with them but I quickly look away..
The dinner was awkward for Logan Derrick and I, while for others it was just a happy family get together feast..

After dinner Logan was helping my mom do something while I decided to check out my old room to kill time..
My mom hasn’t change a bit, everything was still neat and untouched, I smiled staring at the room, it’s been ages ‘Elena’ I said to my room, and smiled
Just then Derrick walked In.. And my heart skipped a beat
Why is he here?
What does he wants?!!
“I have to tell you something Lia,” he said and moved closer to me

Episode 26

Lia’s pov continues
Derrick moved his brown hair back while I took a step back..
“look Lia I want to tell you that I’m sorry, but I’m not actually sorry” he said while I tilt my head in confusion ..
“I mean I didn’t do anything wrong, I just fell in love with you and it’s not a crime, you’re the one who’s actually at fault here, you’re actually the one who has been being nice to me ,you’re all caring and Kind and seriously who wouldn’t fall in love with you ,so it’s your fault princess, don’t be mad at me” he Said and bit his upper lip
He’s talking crazy
“what are you even doing here” I asked saying out of point
“my parent’s out of town, so I get to stay here for a complete seven days that’s a week, but the point is that I’ll keep loving you Lia. I’ll keep loving you still my heart says stop, even though you’re married to me popular because, you know why?because you can’t force love” he said and I sighed heavily..
He just doesn’t get it..
“Derrick, why won’t you just stop” I said shaking my head negatively
“because I’m pissed off okay, I’m too late, I’m too late to have you” he said with anger in his tone
“even though it wasn’t too late, I wouldn’t have accepted you Derrick” I said with seriousness, not actually sure of my words..
He searched my eyes with his and smirked “you’re lying Lia,” he tells me and I rolled my eyes
“you don’t get it Derrick” I said with a sigh
“what’s there not to get Lia tell me, you make me smile for no reason whatsoever, you make me laugh at the unfunny things most of all, you make me love you when I shouldn’t be loving you” he said calmly with a shrug and gazed at me biting his lip..
“look derrick just stop it, just stop it.. All this cant work out okay, stop being so difficult!!!” I yelled and he nods..
“well I’m sorry but I just wanted to let you know” he said and I sighed angrily and walked passed him.. He’s unbelievable…
I hurried down the stairs and found my mom and Logan laughing and talking on the couch “Logan?” I called and he turned
“Can we go.. Like now?” I asked and he stood up
“your wish is my command babe” he joked but I didn’t laugh and he know something was wrong.. “honey you guys can stay over a little bit longer” my mom offered but I shook my head negatively and said,
“no thanks mom, I just remembered I have an assignment to attend to”
“okay then If you say so” my mom said with a frown but I forced out a smile for her..
“is everything okay?” Logan asked almost in a whisper..
“y-yeah everything’s fine” I said breathlessly
“really?” he arched his eyebrows and I nod..
The door to my room suddenly opened and Derrick walked out and Logan suddenly said to me
“wait, you were in your room with him, did anything happen?” Logan asked but I Just sighed and shook my hair negatively
“can we just go” I said and the frown on his face made me felt so guilty when I didn’t do anything wrong..
“fine” he said and we both walked out of the house together.. I just can’t stand Derrick, he’s kind of annoying..
Even though the air conditioning was on in the car, it still felt hot, I thought maybe it was just the sun since its getting close to summer anyways, but it was me, I was sweating a little without knowing, all I know was that I was hot,
We suddenly got to a certain place where Logan stopped the car and turned to me
“Lia, you have to tell me, did anything happen between you and derrick.. cause look I’m scared Lia, I love you so much and I don’t want anyone or anything to come between us” he said sadly and I sighed
“well he just said, he’ll keep loving me till his heart tells him to stop” I said
“and what did you say” Logan asked with his green eyes all over me..
“well I told him, I’ll never love him, even now or before I met you” i explained ..
“but then why were you scared and nervous when you came downstairs” he asked
And I replied
“he said somethings that made me that way, he said I make him smile for no reason whatsoever, I make him laugh at unfunny and I make him love him when he’s not supposed to, and hearing a word like that from him made me felt awkward, odd uncomfortable and it was.. Just. I don’t know how to put it for you to understand.. I mean he is… Was my best friend and hearing words like that from him sounds kind of irritating”
“but you don’t love him right?” Logan asked and I grunt
“for godsake, no.. I don’t” I said bodly, and it’s true, I don’t..
“okay fine, from now on let’s don’t keep secrets from each other okay?” he said
“sure, that’ wasn’t a secret but sure I won’t.. I promise” I said and he gave a small smile and breathed a sigh of relief before he started driving..
We both remained quiet and I started to feel dizzy and nauseous, I rested my head on the car window and sighed heavily closing my eyes
“are you okay?” Logan asked while I just nod.. “just feeling a little tired that’s all” I said with a light shrug
“okay, we’ll get home soon” he said while I nod,,
We were finally home and I went upstairs to take a rest cause I felt really tired.. And weak.. I packed my hair in ponytail and laid on the bed with a sigh I could feel my face getting tight, but all I really thought that moment was just too sleep.. I suddenly felt cold and I quickly went under the blankets ….
Logan’s pov

I walked inside the room and took of my jacket, I found Lia laying on the bed and shaking in cold, she was shivering real bad.. I looked at the window and it was open and the wind was real nasty tonight and I had a feeling it’s going to rain.. I quickly close the window and turned off the air conditioner, “hey are you sure you’re okay” I asked sitting on the bed..
“I’m f-fine” she said and I gave her a “you’re-lying” look white she tried to roll her eyes but suddenly stop and closed her eyes like she was enduring a pain..
“Lia, I’m scared, are you sure you’re okay?,you don’t look okay” I said panicking
“for god’s sake Brown, I’m fine now could you just let me be” she said and I sighed and nod while she forced out a smile, her face looks dry and sleepy,
She stretched her hand forward and grabbed mine, the wrapped her Fingers around my palm and I did the same thing.. And she smiled and closed her eyes..
“or you could take some medicine before you f—-
I stopped talking because she was already asleep, I looked at her and leaned closer placing a kiss on her forehead.. I removed my hand from hers and stood up, I switched off the lights and joined her in bed holding back her hand and before I knew it I fell asleep too..
The next morning which was Saturday , I woke up around six in the morning and it was raining real hard, I turned to my wife and she was still asleep,
I got down from the bed and went to brush my teeth, the rain was pouring too hard that when I turned the faucet I couldn’t hear the sound of the water coming out of the sink..
After brushing my teeth, I walked out and decided to make tea for Lia and I, ..
After second thoughts and all, I made coffee for my self and made tea for Lia, I toasted some loaves of bread and buttered it all, before taking it upstairs,
Immediately I walked in the room, I saw Lia, coming out of the bathroom and she was walking slower than ever..

What is wrong with her.


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I love this! Ruthie lee u are the best…