** Lia’s pov continues **
I sighed softly immediately Hannah left and I walked to the cafeteria alone, I walked to our special table and was astonished to see only Jason sitting there I ordered my food and joined him..
“hey where are the others?” I asked sitting down..

“don’t know actually” Jason said and I gave him a really? look and he rolled his eyes
“seriously I don’t know where they are” he said angrily..
“okay, but you don’t have to get angry at that” I said and shook my head negativelike
“and who are you to tell me not to get angry”jason said angrily almost yelling
What’s wrong with me..

“what is wrong with you Logan, why are you suddenly getting angry, what I said didn’t cause any problem to make you all mad” I half yell..

“oh you wanna know what’s wrong with me.. Ask your fucking husband” he yelled and stood up..
“you’re a dickhead Jason” I suddenly heard Logan’s voice from behind, Jason suddenly kept quiet but he was still fuming in anger, and lawd knows I didn’t say anything wrong..

“how dare you raise your asshole voice at my wife” Logan yelled and suddenly the entire cafeteria turned their attention to us..
“I can raise my voice at whoever I want to” Jason replied glaring at Logan..

“yeah hell you can but not at me or Lia” Logan said and took a step forward, they were both glaring at each other angrily when Ricky and Betty came..
“okay seriously you guys should stop” Ricky whispered to them..
“no I will not stop!!” Jason said and Logan laughed.. “look who’s talking” ..

“okay seriously what’s going on” Betty asked flipping her hair back.. She was asking me but the guys were listening anyway
“well I met Jason here and asked him if he knew where you guys were but he said he didn’t know and when I gave him sarcastic look, he suddenly got angry at me” I explained and Ricky suddenly turned to Jason and said
“wow man that’s really messed up, how can you just get all angry without a damn reason”
“I don’t know why don’t you ask Mr popular here” Jason replied and glared at Logan before walking away..

Logan sighed and shook his head negatively before sitting down ..
“what was that all about man” Ricky asked lowly and sat down beside him as everyone in the cafeteria suddenly became uninterested..

“I don’t know, puberty maybe!” Logan said and Ricky Gave him a suspicious look..
“you definitely know something, don’t be an asshole and spit it out, there’s something going on” Ricky blurted out and nudged him.
“look Ric, man can we just forget about that Jason’s just going through some phrase he’ll come back to his senses” Logan said and sighed while Ricky gave up asking him questions..

Logan’s green eyes flickered to me and he let out a small smile
“you okay?” he asked , I am okay I mean nothing really happened it’s not like Jason punched keep in the face or somethuhg, but it’s good that he cares..
I nod carefully and he nods back..

“I heard Victoria’s having a party” Ricky said and took my two of my fries while I gave him a playful glare..
“yeah.. I heard that spoiled brat” Logan said disgustingly and scoffed
“and the worst part of it, is that she’s not even inviting boys but girls Only.. I mean what the hell that’s crazy stuff” Ricky said angrily and Betty laughed..

“yeah real crazy” Logan chipped in and took one of my fries
“really?” I said and glared at the two boys sitting opposite Betty and I..
“I don’t think it’s crazy, it’s fun, I mean sometimes girls need some alone time.. Away from guys and like have fun.. You know” Betty said and took a sip out of my smoothie..

“okay you guys should seriously get your own food” I said with my eyes wide open and Logan smiled at me..
That dimpled charming smile .. And I couldn’t help but felt the heat on my cheek..
“did you get invited?” I asked Betty and she nods..
“to be sincere I don’t feel like going” I said and it’s true I don’t feel like going..

“yeah that’s it, don’t go just stay home with me” Logan said and Betty rolled her eyes..
“come-on Lia, it’s gonna be fun I promise” Betty said and I sighed and nod ….
“damn you Betty, you always have to be so convincing” Logan said angrily while Betty smiled.. “I’m gonna be stuck at home alone.. Damn it” Logan said and pouts making me laugh so hard..


After lunch I took my two classes and before I knew it school was over, Betty and I were walking through the hallway to meet the guys when victoria passed by and said
“remember girls, it started at exactly 6:30pm” and then she walked away..

As we both walked slowly in the hallway, I heard voices coming out from the junior class we were close to..
“yeah, senior Logan is way too cute” a girl’s voice said
“I totally agree with you, too bad he’s taken” another girl said, “he’s not just take he’s married, and she’s a very lucky girl she get to see his cute dimples everyday and nice soft hair with his girly lashes and nature eyes” another girl said with a dramatic sigh..

“I love Logan” one said and they all giggled and one walked out laughing bumping into us.. And I made eye contact with her and she got suddenly scared and ran inside the class..
Betty gave me a look and I shrugged and we both walked out briskly..
“such talkatives” Betty laughed..

Logan and I went home and ate dinner I did a little reading before Betty came over, even though it hasn’t been to long since we departed I was still excited to see her..
It seems like I just like her too much..

She was already dressed, in a mini maroon dress and black heels, even though Logan like her he wasn’t glad to see her..
I got dressed and curled my hair before pulling it in a ponytail and adding a messy bun to it. ..

“when will girls be back” Logan asked
“tomorrow morning” Betty replied and Logan yelled
“she’s just pulling your legs we’ll be back before midnight” I promise him and he smiled and hugged me before giving me a kiss and waving me goodbye..
Davis our driver drove us to Victoria’s house, Betty was the one who gave him directions..

Victoria’s house, or should I say parent’s house was as big as the kludge mansion and I couldn’t help but wonder if we were at the right place cause I couldn’t hear any music . .
Betty And I walked in and my jaw dropped open, is this even a party..

It was just, Tressa, Tania, Hannah and eight other girls that were inside the living room. ..
“is this a party or a party to mourn for the dead” Betty asked and I shrugged.. Victoria walked up to us with a plastic smile on her face.. And by that I mean fake smile..
“hey guys so glad you came, especially you Amelia, you’re our guest of honor” Victoria said and Betty scoffed
“is this even a party, it’s so lame” Betty said judge-ily and I almost laughed but I held it in. .

“that’s how I run my own party, few people and less noise , that’s why I didn’t invite boys they’re pile of unwanted noise..” she said with a smirk..

“really?” Betty said sarcastic and Victoria sighed and said “there’s plenty of food and drinks in the kitchen you can help yourself our with anything, enjoy the party” she said and walked away..


After two hours of boring-ness I started to get tired, Betty and I started talking and Laughing alone on the couch drinking, and hash tag it was alcoholic cause Betty if we take it. it will make us hyperactive and maybe this party won’t be as lame..

As Betty and I talked Hannah just kept staring at me. And when I look at her she immediately remove her eyes and bite her lips..
Weird … Victoria walked up to her and whispered something to her and she flinched and they both walked away..

Few minutes later Tania walked up to us, she didn’t even glance at me but at Betty, since she’s Logan’s ex it’s way too awakward talking to her..

“hey Beth, I need you to help me out in the kitchen I’m freaking out making those cookies alone” she said and being the miss goodie too shoes Betty is, she gave me a I’ll be back look and walked away..i sighed and frowned Hannah walked up to me and said..
“uhm Lia could you come with me I want to show you something” she said and stretch her hand forward with a forced smile
“sure!” I said and grabbed her hand, and it was shaking real bad
. She took me upstairs and to Victoria’s room which was the last floor..

I walked in with her and there was a balcony there she told me to wait for her there and I did and she walked away, I walked to balcony and waited and the sight from up there was really great..

“hey” I heard a familiar voice behind me. And i turned
“what are you doing here” I asked Tressa..
“oh, you know, to tell how bad of an ass I can be” she replied
Huh, I tilt my head in confusion..

“you know I said I’ll get Logan right, and now I’m about to” she said with a smirk
“what are you tal—–
She suddenly pushed me.. And I couldn’t stop myself from falling from the balcony, with screams I hit the ground and darkness invaded me..


I woke up to the sound of running foot step and beeping sound with something on my face, I opened my eyes slowly and found Logan yelling
“stay with me lia” he was running trying to catch up with the stretcher that I was laid into, I think..

I couldn’t breathe I felt pains all over my body, I saw Betty crying beside me also, I slowly close my eyes not feeling control of my body anymore..


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1 month ago

How can someone forcefully invite you to a party and you didn’t even tell your husband about it, and you honored that invitation.

1 month ago
Reply to  Abee

Read it again. She told her husband but he felt the Party would be so lame because it’s just ladies…..

1 month ago
Reply to  Peace

She only told him she was invited, she didn’t include she was forcefully invited that’s my point

Omote Judith
Omote Judith
1 month ago

Please for next episode, lia nothing will happen to you

1 month ago

I knew something bad was going to happen to lia….. thanks for the update ruthie

1 month ago

I knew this was planned. Quick recovery dear