“er.. Logan I’m sorry for..
“it’s actually my fault Lia I’m sorry for calling you a freak” he cut me off and a thunder grumbled
Okay looks like its going to rain..
“no I’m at fault I was the one who called you a freak in the first place and I’m sorry, you were actually making a point but I just got angry at you because you mentioned Derrick’s name I guess I’m still pissed at him treating me badly I’m sorry” I said he smiled and said
“don’t worry it’s okay actually”
“thanks” I breathed out and sat down on the bed,
Glad that’s over … “Lia” Logan called and I turned to him
“so see my-my fri-friends have be-been both-thering” he stammers and I held my breath not to laugh
What the hell is he trying to say that he got nervous all of a sudden
“can just go on quickly with whatever you have to say, I don’t bite” I laughed and he smiled a gave me a look
“Right, so my friends are coming here tomorrow to.. Have a sleepover” he said and pushed his hair back nervously
“okay,” I said and turned my gaze else where
“wait, you’re cool with it” he asked
“yep what’s wrong about bringing your friends over” I said and laid tiredly on the bed
“I mean I thought you’d be furious and angry with me, you know since we just moved here and a–
“Logan, it’s okay I’m not Lucifer’s girlfriend why would I get angry for heaven’s sake .. I’m starting to get sleepy and it’s going to be a cold night with all those Thunder grumbling it’s gonna be one heavy rain” I cut him off and sighed..
“okay great thanks, Uhm I’ll go shower first” he announced and I nod.. I closed my eyes, as he walked in the bathroom,
Something buzzed beside me and I opened my eyes and found Logan’s phone beside me..
I picked it up and was surprised there wasn’t a lock screen that says input your password or pin, cause now most guys are on to that,
I gazed at his wallpaper, as he held a girl around her shoulder and they both smiled at the camera with him holding the phone, this must be Tania I guess they look kind of good together,
She had grey-green eyes and a melodious brown hair that was bulby,
I think she’s kind of, actually prettier than me..
I tapped the wallpaper and it suddenly became unlocked and I saw a message laying on the screen..
we’ll be at your house by five in the evening love, sweet Dreams hope you dream about me sweetie love -T
“T” who’s T or is it the girl Tess he mentioned earlier through his phone call.. I dropped his phone suddenly realising all this not my business.. I came down from the bed and found a rubber band lying on the small drawer beside the bed and I grabbed it and packed my hair in ponytail..i changed into my pajamas and climbed on the bed waiting for Logan to scram out of the bathroom so I can brush my teeth and go to sleep, my eyelids are already starting to get heavy..
Few minutes later Logan came out of the bathroom, :finally: with a towel around his waist and his hair wet with water dripping down his perfe.. Okay I just stop describing this boy..
“finally” I sighed out loud and crawled out of the bed
“finally what?” he asked using another towel to dry his Amazing hair..
“you’re out of the bathroom and finally I can brush my teeth” I replied truthfully
“but you could have still brush your teeth while I was in there, you know there’s a curtain in the bathtub” he said with a smile
“don’t make this weird brown” I said and shook my head negatively, heading to the bathroom door..
“lia!” Logan called Like there was an emergency
“what” I turned, startled!
“you look great in ponytail” he said and I rolled my eyes and walked into the bathroom
He’s not serious..
After brushing I went back to the room and found Logan laying on the bed with a short on but he was shirtless
I climbed the bed and went under the blanket, and suddenly there was thunder and lightning in the sky..
“whoa” I breathed
“Lia” Logan called, as he looked at his phone.. With a confused look
Oh. Uh
“did you touch my phone!?” he asked
“Uhm yeah” I replied truthfully
“oh” he said and suddenly a small smile appeared on his face..
Weird, but it’s cool he’s not angry about it..
“okay well goodnight” I tell him
“goodnight” he said and I closed my eyes while he switched off the lights, and immediately it started raining..
“sweet Dreams lia” he said but I rolled my eyes even though he couldn’t see me..
The next morning my alarm went on and I sprout out of the bed I turned to my side and I didn’t see Logan on the bed, where the hell is he..
I came down from the bed and glanced at my phone,which was on the small drawer , three missed call
Two from my mom one from my dad..
Immediately I picked my phone up, Logan walked in smiling,
“good news lia” he said
“what good ne–
I was cut off by my phone ringing and it was my mom
“hey mom,” I said into the phone
“how are you dear, hope everything’s okay?” she said happily
“yeah, everything’s great” I said and moved some strands of hair back..
“hope Logan isn’t treating you badly” she said in a serious tone
“no mom, Logan’s.. a.. He’s not like that” I said and glanced at Logan who suddenly became interested in the conversation hearing his name..
“have you prepared for school yet” she asked
“no why?” I said
“well cause you’re not allowed to go to school, cause you’re switching school” she said happily
“what?.. But why” I said, I’m starting to panic Now, this idea of going to a new school isn’t welcoming at all..
“well your grandparents and Logan’s grandparents and mom said it would be best for you if you and Logan goes to the same school, cause you know you guys are going to be together and end your final year together and don’t worry your father has done some paper work in the school and you won’t be going back there, and you’re starting Logan’s school tomorrow, we’ll be sending someone over to send your uniform today” she said and I could feel she was smiling..
“but I don’t want to switch school, I’ve already made friends here and I’m the school’s president” I said loudly
“come-on hon your friend Samantha will take your role as the school’s president” my mom said
“her name’s Amanda and she’s not my friend” I yelled
“but still honey you’ll go to a school of where the president son is.. Where legendary celebrities children are whe—
“look mom, you were the one who let me go to a ‘normal’ school before because you said, you didn’t want me around those rich and spoilt kid even though we were rich but now. I don’t even understand you anymore” I said angrily
“look honey I’m sorry I don’t make decisions around here anymore I’m sorry” she said sympathetically and sighed
“I could have said its okay but it’s not really okay… Why don’t I get to make my decision” I yanked but she just sighed and said “I’m sorry”..
“well bye for now mom” I said
“bye dear” she said and hanged up..
I sighed and fell tiredly on the bed
I’m gonna say this again
Life sucks!!
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee..
I got up from the bed and turned to Logan
“what was the good news you were about to tell me” I asked
“well your mother, kind of broke it to you” he said and I shook my head negatively without smiling
“so, going to your school is good news” I said sarcastically while he shrugged
“it is to me, I guess” he said,
“I can’t believe I’ll be stuck home alone,” I groaned and angrily threw the pillows on the floor..
“I can stay home with you if you want” Logan offered
It’s nice that he offered but he’s not derrick..
“no it’s okay” I said, it’s definitely not okay..
“you’re lying, you just said to your mom that everything isn’t okay, so you’re clearly lying” he backfired
“okay maybe I am lying, but you’re not gonna give up school today just to stay home with me” I blurt out
“who says I can’t” he yanked
“okay well if you want to stay home then it’s your choice” I said and stood up walking to the bathroom.. To take my bath..
I was dressed in a pink shirt and a black short.. Sitting on the bed and staring at the wall and thinking about this new school stuff
I mean, why did my parent even suggest I go to a new school
Is it necessary, why must Logan and I be together.. Just because he’s my so called husband
I don’t even like him.. I mean I do, but I don’t love him, if that’s what my parents are on to..
“so are you not going to eat breakfast I prepared it” I heard Logan’s voice and it suddenly brought me out from my thoughts..
“no.. Thanks I’m not hungry” I said and sighed..
“look I know this might seem hard to switch schools but everyone at my school is nice” he said and I shot him a look
“okay I’m lying, not all of them are nice but you’ll totally like it there” he said while I shrugged
“look Brown, don’t make this awkward and go eat breakfast alone” I said and he smiled and said
“I love it when you call me brown”
“oh my gosh, you’re so annoying” I said and rolled my eyes..
“well you should be glad I’m like this to you, not everyone gets my special treatment and attitude, I like you too much” he said and walked out.. To the living room I guess..
He likes me too much!!
Should I be worried about that??!!
I picked up my phone, and glanced at my contacts, I saw Derrick’s name lying peacefully at the screen..
I couldn’t stop myself from calling him, when the phone started ringing my heart beat increased
What if he didn’t answer it that would be bad, that will totally shred my heart into pieces tha–
I stopped panicking immediately I heard his phone
“Lia?” his voice sounded through the phone and I couldn’t find any emotion in it
“y-yes Derrick it’s me” I replied and gulped..
“what do you want I told you I don’t have anything to do with you” he said harshly..
“Derrick If there’s anything I’ve done I’m very sor—
He hanged up..
I can’t believe this, derrick of all people would treat me this way, now that I need him the most..
I fought the tears that bound to fall from my eyes.. I held my phone tightly almost smashing it but it’s not ‘her’ fault
I closed my eyes sadly and sighed depressingly.. Not knowing when I fell asleep
•~••~•~• Logan’s pov ~•~•~•
I was done eating breakfast and I head upstairs, maybe I can try and convince Lia to eat breakfast, she’s just so stubborn.. But fun, caring and down to earth..
As I walked in the room I found her sleeping on the bed peacefully, her phone in her hand and her eye lashes wet and sticky..
I took her phone from her hand and dropped it gently on the drawer,
I stared at her lustfully..
She’s pretty and smart, lucky me
Everyone around her is lucky, if you’re her parent you’re lucky, if you’re her sibling you’re so lucky, if you’re her friend you’re greatly lucky, or her husband.. I’m the luckiest person on earth,
She mumbled something in her sleep, making me to laugh a little
I Just love this girl..
Since she was asleep and there was nothing to do, I just head downstairs to watch TV, alone, not knowing when I fell asleep on the couch.
Lia’s pov
I woke up by the sound of voices coming from downstairs, I yawned loudly, stretching a little, my stomach grumbled and I know I was hungry ..
I rubbed my eyes and head downstairs to the living room..
There I saw, Logan, with two boys and two girls,
One of the boys had blond hair e while the other one had brown hair, but the two girls both had black..
Immediately they all noticed me they all stopped talking and a frown was set in Logan’s face..
Okay what’s wrong.. .


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