THE DIARY OF LIA MARK (Dear diary) Episode 10 by RUTHIE LEE


THE DIARY OF LIA MARK (Dear diary) Episode 10 by RUTHIE LEE

~โ€ขโ€ข~โ€ขโ€ข~โ€ขโ€ข~Lia’s Povโ€ขโ€ข~โ€ขโ€ข~โ€ขโ€ข~โ€ขโ€ข~
“okay truth or dare!” Logan asked me with a smile
“i-i don’t know, I never really like this game” I replied
“but come-on you just agreed to play it” he said and laid down straightly on the bed with his hands under his head..
“I’ve not really played it before but I’ve seen people played actually but I’ve never wished to try it” I said and mean it and he sighed
“okay how about truth or truth” he said..
“truth or truth?” I said confusingly with an arched brow..
“it’s like truth or dare but without a dare” he said and I nod
“I’ll do it” I gave in, smiling
“hmm seems like you’re scared of dares, well let’s go I’ll be the first” he said and I turned to face him properly,.. With him still laying down..
“okay, so who was your first love” he asked
“crush or love” I asked and bit my Lips
“Love” he replied
“well none” I said truthfully and his lips parted open
“are you serious?” he said surprisingly and I nodded, he suddenly sat up and I couldn’t believe he was sick this morning, I mean where did all this energy come from..
“I am serious” I said and he shook his head negatively and sighed,
“well how about crush, who’s your first crush” he asked
“well my first crush was, the prime minister’s son, in grade five” I said
“you mean Edward Griffin?” Logan asked, surprised again..
“yep, in fifth grade we went to the same school then until he left for Australia in grade seven” I said and a small smile formed against Logan’s face and he pushed his dark ebony hair backwards..
“yeah, I heard, so were you too cause back then” he asked
“erโ€ฆ Not really I only said hi and bye to him once” I replied and Laughed and he joined me..
“classic you” Logan said and I rolled my eyes..
“so.. My turn” I said and he nods and sat down properly, and now we’re now facing each other..
“why were you rude to me the first day you came to my house, and the second day probably and then after our wedding day you suddenly become nice to me, may I ask why?” I said and his lips suddenly formed a hard line making his dimple a little visible,. And for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off it until he had to speak
“well I guess people change”
“people change? Come-on brown you can do better than this, and PS you don’t look like someone who’s going to change easily, so tell me the truth ,it is a game of truth or truth” I said and he smiled and then shrugged
“I’m telling you I changed okay, I realised i was being stupid being rude to you” he replied
Okay I’ll take that cause I don’t deserve anyone being rude to me cause I’m never rude to people, it’s never in my vocabulary..
“okay then fine, your turn” I said happily gladly enjoining this game
“er.. Do you love Derick” he asked
“of course I love derrick he’s my best friend, why wouldn’t I love him” I said and he sighed and shook his head..
“no not that kind of love.. I mean..
“oh my goodness, no way” I yanked cutting Logan off while he laughed.. charmingly
“okay your turn” he said and I nod and moved a hair behind my ear,
“so..i heard you had a girlfriend before what’s her name and who’s more prettier me or her” I asked, I don’t know why the hell I asked that, but I already did so there’s no going back
“her name’s Tania, and I think you’re more prettier” he said with a flirty smile and I blushed
“okay my turn,” he said and the flirty smile he held suddenly disappeared..
“okay have you kissed derrick before?” he asked, He has totally asked me this before..
Okay this is starting to get weird and annoying
“yes” I agreed truthfully
“when, where and why”
“look Logan I don’t think it’s..
“come-on Lia, I answered all your questions truthfully Now answer mine, it’s only just a game” he said and I bit my lips, I don’t know I’m suddenly getting nervous, but biting my lips makes me over come it.. Somehow..
“okay first, we accidentally kissed in seventh grade, and secondly on our wedding day” I said and mushed my lips together
“on our wedding day?” he said, his voice pitchy and surprised
“yep” I replied and turned my gaze away
“well why, why did he kissed you and top of it on our wedding day” he said and scoffed
“well, he just said, can I kiss you and then he did without him me agreeing but we’ve cool that off so let’s just forget about that” I said and moved my hair back..
“no way that’s absurd, we can’t just forget about that he kissed you” he said his voice getting a little loud
“and I don’t see why you’re getting pissed off by that!” I snapped my voice a little louder than his
“you’re my wife and hearing that another dude kiss you, would totally piss me off” he yelled
“well that was before we got married you freak” I yelled and grunt,
“did you just call me a freak” he said angrily getting down from the bed
“and what are you going to do about that freak” I called again also getting angry
“maybe you’re the freak, no wonder derrick decided not to stay friends with you, he has actually realised what a freak you are” he yanked and I arch an eyebrow at him before getting down from the bed and heading out to the living room angrily..
I sat down on the couch pouting I turned on the TV and couldn’t even focus on it,
Well he just had to ruin it for us.. And I thought I was starting to have fun..
I went to the kitchen to grab some bananas, at least to eat and keep my self busy.. I sat on the kitchen counter and stuff my face in bananas
‘maybe I should apologize to him’ I thought
But I didn’t do anything wrong, but anyways I should probably apologize I feel kind of guilty.. By calling him a freak
I went back upstairs and slowly walked in, I saw him (Logan) sitting at the edge of the bed with his phone on his ear , his hair falling to his forehead as he stared at the floor
“look Tess, I don’t think that’s a good idea just give Jason the phone” Logan said into his phone sadly
I moved forward and waited silently for him to finish his call..
“look man, I don’t think that’s a good idea just do- Dang it” he said angrily suddenly realising his phone call has been hanged up..
He dropped his phone angrily and turned suddenly noticing me ..
He brushed his hair back with his fingers, and stood up..
If there’s one thing I’ll end up liking about this dude, it’s his hair, I mean it is so black and thick
and I bet it’s soft, .. I shook my head against all that and took a step forward


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18 days ago

Interesting… Can’t wait for the next episode