THE DIARY OF LIA MARK (Dear diary) Episode 9 by RUTHIE LEE


THE DIARY OF LIA MARK (Dear diary) Episode 9 by RUTHIE LEE

The next morning I woke up and felt something against my waist, I slowly opened my eyes and found Logan’s arm around my waist and my back against his chest..
What the hell
I removed his hand and got down from the bed, I glanced at the clock and immediately got into the bathroom ..
I quickly took my bath, wore my school uniform and still I was surprised Logan isn’t going to school..
After eating jam and bread downstairs alone, I went back upstairs and, to check on Logan and I was surprised he’s still asleep.. He is so not a morning person
“Logan!” I called and shook him lightly, he blinked though his closed eyes and opened his eyes gently, “Lia?” he called surprisingly and sit up
“yeah it’s me what’s wrong aren’t you going to school” she asked , he suddenly sighed and tilt his head closing his eyes..
“look.. I.. don.. I don’t feel good” he said and I nodded and he rubbed his forehead and laid back on the bed..
“take care” I said and I head out of the room
I hope he’s okay..
••••~••••~• Logan’s pov ~••••~••••
Immediately Lia left i couldn’t sleep I kept tossing and turning, bearing the almighty head ache that was hitting my head, but still Even though the headache was almighty, it still wasn’t mightier than Lia’s heart … We don’t go to the same school but still she cared if I would go or not,.. That’s what you get when you’re around her, her love and kindness..
I manged to get up from the bed but I lost balance and fell back on the bed, the Headache was too strong and it took control all over my body.
I slowly stood up and walked to the bathroom, I took my bath and felt relieved a bit but my head was still pounding, I tried to eat but I lost my appetite,
School’s definitely cancelled for today I think..
I got back to the room and laid back on the bed not when I fell asleep..
^^^^^^^^ LIA’S POV^^^^^^^
School was okay, I guess, who am I kidding it wasn’t, everyone practically knows about the wedding, it’s on the internet, the newspaper and they just can’t stop talking about it in radios..
Damn it..
Noah was actually avoiding me I kind of noticed but I just let him Be, Amanda tried to be friendly with me just because she’s a big fan of Logan.. I did give her a chance though, I don’t mind making new friends at all even though ones who are my enemies before..
During lunch, derrick and I sat together and ate quietly, he didn’t say much actually he was kind of quiet..
“is anything bothering you, is something wrong?” I asked as we went head back to class
“not really” he said quietly turning his gaze to the floor..
I held his arm and stopped on my track, making him stop also
“look Derrick, If there’s anything bothering you, just tell me you’re not yourself, what are friends for, friends tell each other everything” I said and he sighed
“well I’m sorry I can’t tell you” he said and started to walk away.. But I caught him up and stopped him holding his arm tightly so he wouldn’t slip off..
“come-on derrick, what secret is bigger than the bond you have with your best friend?” I asked and he closed his eyes and then re-opened them
“best friends! It is because we’re friends that’s why I can’t tell you, I’m sorry please just do me a favor” he said and I tilt my head and waited patiently for what favor he has to say..
“leave me alone, and let me say for the rest of our lives” he said and jerked his arm away and walked away..
I couldn’t speak I was pretty dumbfounded, first Noah avoided me now Derrick..
My derrick.. Something is so not right, I didn’t know I was getting all teary and when I did I fought them back..
I don’t have to cry..
I can’t cry..
I’m not weak, I can’t believe Derrick just broke us up, he broke our friendship, I sighed and moved my hair back and walked inside the class..
School wasn’t as great anymore, I was just thinking of Derrick and when school was finally over I was glad, I quickly changed my backpack and head out and my new drivers “Davis” took me home..
I walked inside our enormous living room and the cushion Chairs were scattered, I moved to the dining room and was astonished to see a plate of bread and jam.. That has only one bite on its body.. Strange..
Why would Logan do this..
I hurried up the stairs and the room door was opened a bit, when I walked in Logan was still sleeping,
Wow! When I saw that it’s not the same clothes he wore yesterday I breathes a sigh of relief knowing he has gotten up before ,
But doesn’t he go to school?
I removed my school uniform and took a cold bath .. After I’ve changed into mufti, I decided to make Lunch just in case he wakes up and feels hungry..
I glance to look at Logan and his face didn’t look okay, his lips was dry and parted open his face looks so dry and sick..
Oh my God, what if he’s sick..
I walked over to him to wake him up but I flinched when my hands got in contact with his body, he was boiling hot. . .
“Logan,” I called and shook him gently and he suddenly opened his eyes..
“a-are you okay?” I asked quietly while he nods and closes his eyes back..
He is definitely not okay
“Logan” I called again and started to feel scared, what if something happened and he… No I can’t think that way.. I
“Logan please wake up” I ‘said and held his arm
His eyes fluttered open and he sat up while I knelt in front of him
“oh you’re back” he said with a small forceful smile and his voice comes out low..
“yes I am back but are you okay, you don’t look okay we have to get you to the hospital” I said rushing my words.. He just shrugged and stood up and started to walk downstairs,, I grabbed my phone and hurried behind him.. While climbing down the stairs.. He almost fell down but I gladly caught him and trust me this dude is heavy..
But what’s wrong with him..
We got down and I told Davis, my driver to get the car ready, he did and he drove us to the hospital which was the last building in the estate..
During the ride Logan was just quiet with his eyes closed and I felt really sorry for him..
We got to the hospital and we both walked in, we went to the reception office and found a nurse drinking coffee and reading her a newspaper, and I was surprised to see myself in there in a wedding � dress when I took a peek..
“Uhm excuse me?” I said while Logan just bit his lips and slid his hand in his pocket.. The nurse looked up and quickly gasped.
“oh my you’re.. Amelia” she said smiling and then Turned to Logan and her eyes suddenly lit,
“how can I help you guys” she asked Standing up and still smiling..
I was at home all alone preparing dinner, Logan’s still at the hospital sleeping I guess… he’ll be discharged tonight, the Doctor Who finally attended us said Logan developed a sudden fever, and I was kind of surprised because he was perfectly fine yesterday..
The doctor also said that after two shots and a little bit of sleep he’ll be okay, and that’s when I left…
Dinner was ready and I ate alone, it was 6:30pm and I just sighed while eating today’s not a good day, first derrick broke our Friendship Now Logan’s sick, they both almost gave me a heart attack.. After eating I decided to watch TV which I didn’t really put my mind into I was just thinking about derrick, what is just so hard that he didn’t have to say it to my face..
I suddenly heard a car sound In front of the house and I ran outside hoping it was Logan and it was him..
•…•…•…Logan’s pov•…•…•…•
As I walked out of the car after Davis drove me back from the hospital, Lia gave me a friendly warm hug and my heart skipped a beat,
She cares..
I was feeling better but after this hug, I felt great
“oh you’re okay” she said her eyes filled with sadness,
Was she really sad about me being sick???
“yeah I am thanks to you” I said coolly and she smiled and hugged me again till we both walked inside, to “our” room
I sat down on the bed and she sat right next to me but not too close
I slipped out my a small medicine bag from my pocket and showed it to her.
“this is apparently my medicine” I smiled and she smiled back
“well take it while I go get dinner” she said and hurried out, she’s so great..
She’s a good friend, a great partner, an amazing person, and a unique wife.. She cares too much
I underestimated her.. I took my new medicine and,
She came back with my food and I ate hungrily I haven’t eaten since this morning, she watched me as I ate and trust me it was pretty strange, ..
“have you ever had a best friend and then one day they told you to stop talking to them” she asked rushing her words. .. And a bit angry
I dropped my spoon and turns to her
“did derrick do anything wrong?” I asked, she sighed and turned away..
“did I sound that obvious” she said her voice currently changing,
“what happened, he stopped talking to you?” I asked and when she turned to me her eyes were misty and glossy..
“he told me to leave him alone, to not talk to him till like forever” she cried, out loud and she looks kind of cute, I tried my best to hold in the Laughters that filled my tummy as she demonstrated with her hands, but she’ll skin me alive if I even giggle..
“it’s okay, maybe he’s just going through a phase” I said but she shook her head negatively
“he’s not going through any damn phase the seriousness and sadness that filled his voice made me noticed that he wasn’t joking around, Logan” she said and I sighed and dropped my meal on the bed and scooped closer to her “look I know Derick’s not like that there must be a reason for all of this okay now don’t be sad I know derrick” I said and tried to clean her tears but she removed my hand and cleared it her self **
“you two just became friend’s yesterday, you don’t really know him” she back fired
“well he’s sure easy to understand” I said and she just sighed heavily and replied,
“Now I have no one, now that Derrick’s gone” okay now is she serious..
“there’s me” I said and arched my brows
“oh” she breathed out and I rolled my eyes
“well you’re still a stranger to me but, you’re more than I think you might be” she said and snaked her hands around my body leaning close to my chest..
“thanks” she breathed out and I smiled and kissed her forehead and she flinched..
“what should we do” I ask, as we both laid on the bed quietly after my meal..
“let’s play a game of truth or dare I guess” she laughed
“okay I’m in” I said
“no.. I was just kidding I hate that” she said
“come-on don’t be a Debbie Downer, it will be fun” I said and sit up
“okay, okay” she agreed and sat up too smiling..


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19 days ago

Getting more interesting. I th Derrick is in love

19 days ago

Derrick prolly loves lia.

Gesem Garba Gadi
Gesem Garba Gadi
19 days ago

Oh my dear Derrick… I knw u love Amelia but she doesn’t seems to notice…I feel for u..Amelia and Logan bravo to ur new friendship