PINKY THE LITTLE MERMAID 2 – Author Favour Story



She reached out and was able to grab his shirt. Then she swam up to the surface as fast as she could. At last she could pull his head above the water. There the two of them floated as the waves rose and fell.

By morning, the storm had passed. Yet the prince was as still as he had been all night. From far off the Little Mermaid saw tops of hills. “Land!” she said.
She swam to the shore, pulling him behind her. It was not easy to pull the young man up onto dry sand, but she did it.

Was he dead? She sang a sad song. All of a sudden, the prince started to move. “Oh! Are you all right?” she asked, and touched his forehead.
Just then, she heard a group of girls come over. At once, she dove into the sea and hid behind a rock.

They must not see her – a mermaid! The girls found the prince, who was now awake. They called for help and soon he was led off. The prince would never know that she had saved him. The Little Mermaid sank into a deep gloom. When she went back home, her sisters wanted to know all about her trip. But she was too sad to say anything.

Days went by. Then weeks…

The sisters went to their grandmother for help. The old woman went to her granddaughter. “Child, what is the matter?” she said.

The Little Mermaid cried out, “Grandmother, I will never be happy again!” She told about meeting the prince and saving him. Then having to leave him behind. “Unless I can somehow walk on land and be with that young man.

I will be sad for the rest of my days!”
“My dear,” said the grandmother, “you know as well as I do that it is not possible for a mermaid to walk on two legs! Why, the only one who can do anything like that is the Sea Witch. But of course it is much too dangerous to go to her.”

The Sea Witch! Before she knew it, the Little Mermaid was headed to the far corner of the sea, where the Sea Witch lived.

“This is no problem,” said the Sea Witch when the Little Mermaid told her what she needed. “I fix problems much harder than this. Why, to have legs all you need to do is to drink my potion.” Then she turned to face the girl. “But I don’t just give it away, you understand.”

“Oh!” said the Little Mermaid. “What then is your price?” In her heart, she felt a lift. So there was a way she could have two legs and be with the prince after all!

“Oh, not too much,” said the Sea Witch. “For one, you must give up your voice.”

“My voice?” said the Little Mermaid. She knew her voice is what everyone loved about her the best.

“You don’t need it,” said the Sea Witch. “Chitter, chatter, what a waste of time! But know this, little pretty. If the prince marries someone else, the next day you must die. And your voice will stay with me forever. But then again, who knows? He might choose YOU….”

Watch out for the final episode 3
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