PIA Episode 5 – 8 by Amah’s Heart

PIA Episode 1 - 2 by Amah's Heart

PIA Episode 5 by Amah’s Heart

As aunty Koh came in and saw that all the ironing, plates and rooms where all done, all thanks to June, so Aunty Koh thought I didn’t go out I was at home through out doing the chores,
so as she sat in the living room she told me to get plates to the dining, she stopped at the eatery with her husband on their way back and bought food for her kids, she said she doesn’t have strength to cook that evening and bought food instead, so they all ate the food she brought back
I heard her husband ask her as they all sat eating at the dining

“Do Pia has anything to eat in the kitchen…

” I don’t know…honey allow me to enjoy my food in peace…why are you asking me if she has something to eat as if I’m her mother…or is she a baby… Can’t she sort herself out…

I wasn’t bothered because i have already eaten, and i didn’t want aunty Koh husband who I use to call uncle until Aunty Koh warns me not to call him uncle again because he wasn’t related to me, so if I want to address him direct I call him “sir” instead, I didn’t want him to have any issue with his wife because of me, or Aunty Koh will transfer the anger on my body, if her husband shout at her for any reason or at the kids, I will be the one to suffer for it at the end, then she will beat me until my whole body is inflicted with wounds before she stops,
after she had serious issue with her husband, it was her husband’s two colleagues that visited the house and saw me with the body injuries, I guess they mentioned it to Aunty koh’s husband who decided to stop his wife’s barbaric act on me, which wasn’t totally stopped, she still Carry out her wicked act in different ways, which I even prefer the beaten to some of the punishment she gives me, the highest beaten I presently received from her now is to slap me or hit my head to the wall, my other punishment is starvation,
Her husband is not always around, and him being at home or out makes no much difference to me because he sees his wife doing some certain things but never stops her, he just ignore and sometime supports his wife if she accuses me wrongly, they both have something in common, which is seeing me as a nobody.

June cries sometimes when she watch me being beaten or ill treated, she sometimes hides her food just to give me to eat, after she was caught giving me some of her remaining food, aunty Koh makes sure she eats her food in her presence, she also punished me that day for collecting food from June, and I told June not to risk giving me anything or I will be the one to suffer for it,
Instead, anytime I’m asked to go and feed the dogs with any left over or prepare Noddles for the dogs I will hide and eat out of it
Like today after they finished feasting and ask me to pack the remaining one to the dogs, I wasn’t hungry because I have already eaten before coming home so I just picked some chicken laps that wasn’t well touch, I hide and eat it, and gave the dog the rest,

Aunty Koh told me that she was leaving early tomorrow morning and she want me to make sure that the cars are cleaned up,
Her husband told her to allow the gateman to wash the car but she refuse and insisted I wash the car by myself,

Washing Aunty Koh and her husband’s car wasn’t a big deal, is something I’m use to doing and I have to do it tonight again

I washed the two cars, I even put hand inside the cars tyres just to make sure there was no sign of dirt’s or sand in them,
It was very late when I finished washing the two cars, everybody has gone to bed by then,
when I came inside and check the time it was almost 2am, I change up My wet cloth and went to sleep, because I always wake by 4am everyday,
I was happy she was going out early, that will enable me to meet up with my job appointment,
As my body touched the mat, where I do sleep, I quickly doze off and I totally forgot to thank God like I have wanted to do earlier, I was too tired,

i was awaken by a bucket of ice water, Aunty Koh poured water all over me and my bag of cloths, which also has the cloth I plan to wear out today

“This is 5: 12am and you are still there sleeping like frog, you are very Lucky is cold water I poured you… any day I Wake you up again it Will be with a well boiled water, i will pour you hot water and watch your skin peel off, stupid people that don’t know how lazy you are will think I’m wicked not knowing they can not even live with you for day, they will even skin you alive if they know how annoying just seeing you is, foolish girl, hope you washed the car well, because if I see any dirt’s on it you will be in big trouble, I will so give you the beaten of your life and I will make sure you don’t step out of this house for any job search just like yesterday, shapeless amoeba, anybody that sees you now will think we are not feeding you well, even the dogs look more fresh than you, God will surely punish you for being an ungrateful fool…

Aunty Koh did not event know that I went out yesterday, and June was my miracle little friend, the only thing paining me now is that all my cloths are wet, I manage to squeezed water out of some and spread them outside with the hope it Will dry before 8am

I went about my morning chores horribly, Aunty Koh later left with her husband and kids, it was already 8:26am, I’m not allowed to use the iron on my cloths but as they Left I quickly try to dry my cloths with the hot iron,
but as it was taking time I wore it like that and locked up everywhere before running out with my slippers in hand, I ran with speed until I got to the spot and Jerry was waiting,
As I entered the car, the first thing he noticed was my wet cloth and he asked me what happen to my cloth
I try to fabricate a lie which did not settle well, he didn’t say anything again he just drove me to a boutique and got me two different cloths and sandals, he asked me to go inside there and change up of which I did quickly, when he saw me in the new dress he smile and we continue our journey to the house,

We got there 9:28am and Jerry began to apologise to my boss on my behalf, he told the man that he was the one that delayed me because his car broke down on our way down which was actually a lie,
and the man told him that he doesn’t like excuses, he said today should be the last time I will come in very late,
but he commended my dressing and said I looked smarter than yesterday, I thanked him,
he said they eat breakfast by 9am everyday and they were waiting for me to come and he didn’t bother sending his butler to make any for them,

Jerry later left, he was already running late because of me and said he will check me on his way back from work,

I was shown the big kitchen, I flew into action as i wore the kitchen apron and head covering just as Ben the Butler showed me
I made breakfast for them,
And the man looked impressed after eaten,
although he didn’t commend me but from his expression it was obvious he likes the food but his younger brother just ate silently, his face expressionless,

I clean up the house and tidy every where up, I made lunch in the afternoon for them and it was tasty and the man was also impress,
he asked me to make sure I eat anything I want to eat, I thanked him,
I ate my fill in the kitchen, and also served Ben and the two security guard,

I was satisfied before leaving that day, the man said I should try and keep to time he doesn’t like skipping breakfast, and I try to assure him I won’t resume late next time even though It sound like a fake promise in my own ears, but I’m ready to try all my possible best

Jerry came to pick me in the evening and we left, my wet cloth and another fine dress that Jerry bought for me was all packed up in a nylon bag, I held it in my laps as Jerry drove while asking me how my day went, I was glad to tell him everything bit by bit, he seems happy, he also gave me money to take transport the following day because he has appointment by 7am which he doesn’t want to miss but if he close on time he Will come and pick me up, he begged me not to go late so that my boss will not be mad at me, he even asked me to wear the second dress tomorrow and the sandals he also bought for me so that I Will appear smart, I thanked him and he just smile as he drove on

My first day at work was great, I find it easy doing everything there because I do more than double of the work at home.

Jerry is a kind soul, sometime I wonder why he is so kind to a common stranger like me, no one has really shown me so much kindness, going extra miles for me, except him and little June,
and he has never told me anything about himself except that he is an engineer, and neither have I told him mine but yet he just take delight in helping me, maybe he is an Angel

whoever he is I’m forever grateful to him.

PIA Episode 6 by Amah’s Heart

I was praying within as I got close to the house, I was hoping that nobody should be home, I started wondering why so much fear has come to settle in me, why I’m always scared of the house, I wish I can live a normal life without fear, I wish I can be free from aunty Koh’s verbal and mental abuse, free from all the trouble of this life, from so much hatred, so much sadness and so much abuse, I wish for freedom, a life without worries and pain,
I still wonder why God watch Aunty Koh get away with everything she’s doing to me, why haven’t God strike her down yet,

sometimes I still wonder if God is really there, why do evil people exist,
No matter how strong I try to be there’s some days strength fails me and I break down, I wonder what it feels like to be loved and cared for

Aunty Koh was already home with her family, I wish she will just allow me do my chores in peace, I don’t want this everyday trouble for me, I’m so tired of everything,
But even with all my wish and silent prayer there was trouble awaiting me,

I was first welcomed with a slap and a hard push to the wall, then she ripped off my cloth, she tore the cloth on my body and I was almost naked, as I clunked the remaining pieces to cover my chest, as she hit me, asking me where I was coming from, where I got money to buy the fine cloth and sandals, she accused me of stealing her money and mentioned to me that one of the women that she buys eggs from saw me at a restaurant the other day eating,
as she mentioned that a woman saw me eating I quickly remembered the woman that was looking at me as I eat at a restaurant but I didn’t pay her attention,
As my Aunty beat me asking me to give her all her money that I have stolen, that I used to buy cloth and food I try telling her I have never stolen from her but she hit me the more, her husband came out shouting and asking me why I stole,

“Pia you are the one making your Aunty to beat you all the time, I have tried to stop her from beating you and giving you all this body mark but you are not just helping yourself, you are still causing more trouble for yourself, we are really trying to make you turn out better unlike your mother but it seems your mind is made up on being a useless girl, I fight my wife most time because of you but I can see you are all she’s being complaining off, you don’t want to be useful, we have patently tried for you Pia, now the next thing you learnt is to be stealing from us, going out to buy food, if not for the woman that saw you we wouldn’t have known, why will you be buying food outside, are you not eating… Are we not feeding you well..sometimes when your aunty refuses to give you food is just to discipline you for misbehaving, which is normal, why will you go against her rules by stealing money to buy food, without serving your punishment fully, do you understand what that means, it means being disrespectful, it means stubbornness, you are indirectly telling her that she can go to hell with her food after all you can feed yourself…yes that’s what you are saying in your mind Pia, you even have gut to buy new cloth and sandals, so the cloths my wife and daughter gives you are not good again for you, you are beginning to show how ungrateful you are and never appreciate the effort we put in making you better, no one is sending you to the street to hawk, no one is bothering you for anything in this house, or is there? Haven’t we being good to you, do you know how many people are looking for this opportunity, to live in good house and to be cared for, I’m sick and tired of all this problem you are cursing in my home Pia…

“Honey, she’s leaving my house…I don’t want her again…I have really tried for her but she’s an ungrateful bastard who want to destroy my home, My living God has started exposing her, before she bewitch my children for me… Honey…this evil girl is not useful to me…please let her go…she’s a thief, liar and a witch, I’m tired of seeing her ugly face here, we will get another maid, a maid that will serve us well because Lano is going to university next year and we need somebody to do the chores…

I was already bleeding from the wound she inflicted on me, aunty Koh husband askd me to kneel down and beg his wife so that she will allow me to stay, and with my cloth torn, with pain and tears in my eyes I knelt down, because I don’t have anywhere to go or who to turn to, I pleaded for their forgiveness even though I know I did nothing wrong,
they later walk away from me leaving me on my knees, I later handed all the money that I got from Jerry to aunty Koh who insisted I give her every Penny with me or she Will kick me out of the house if she finds money with me, she doesn’t care where the money comes from, I gave her the money and watch her pieces the sandals and new cloth that Jerry got for me,
when she asked where the cloths and cash came from,
i told her that i have never stolen money from her, I told her the truth about how i got the money and cloths, she started accusing me of having a boyfriend and said I wanted to end up like my harlot mother, she warned me never to step out except to an errand,

I went to my corner and cry my eyes out,

The following day I wasn’t given food, June later sneak out some of her snacks to me and I ate,
the second day auntys Koh’s husband was out as usual
she said my punishment will end by 5pm that’s the time I will also eat, I was already weak from chores and having little to eat,

my patients ran out, around 1pm when I couldn’t bear it I went to the pot of food and took food, I know I will be caught but I needed to eat because I was already feeling dizzy, it was Midi, Aunty Koh’s son that caught me and told his Mummy who rushed to the kitchen, and poured the food on my head she attacked me and hit me with anything she lays her hands on,

I was already feeling sick from the previous beaten and no one bothers if I die or live, I had to attack her back with every strength left in me and surprisingly strength I don’t know where it came from descended on me as I fought back like a fieced lion, I picked up a wooden spoon and hit her right in her arm, she was shocked and try hitting me with what she has I held on to it as we struggle,
Aunty Koh was taller and very big in seize but I attacked with the strength of ten people, I pushed her and she fell, the glass plates in the kitchen went down with her, everything shattered on her body, I saw her bleeding from a cut she sustained, I had my own share of the beating and got wounded but my anger was far bigger than my fear, Aunty Koh was looking at me like a beast,
I left her there as she tries to get up again to deal with me, I felt like taking one of those kitchen knives she used in slashing my face to kill her right where I pushed her,
I wish I can put the knife to her stomach and dig it into her intestine and watch her wrath in pain and die, I wish for many things right now but all I did was to quietly walk out,
she shouted for Lano and Midi to block me from walking out of the door, but I pushed both of them to the floor and gave them one flexible blow each as they cry in terror,
I saw June in tears as she watch the drama,

Immediately I stepped outside June ran after asking me to take her with me to wherever I’m going, i was able to convince her to go back, she squeeze something into my palm, I didn’t bother opening it as I ran out

The Truth is I don’t even know where I’m going to, but I was determined to get out of this hell called house

I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing but I have being pushed to the wall for too long, i dont want to die yet,

Enough of Aunty Koh battering me
It was time to live for tomorrow
So I left.

PIA Episode 7 by Amah’s Heart

I walked until I was so tired, I didn’t even know where I was going, I was moving as if I have a place in mind, evening came then night settled and I was still going,

I climbed a pedestrian bridge and climbed down again, I was tired from a long walk and needed a place to sleep, I don’t have appetite for food neither do i even have anything to eat, all that I cared about was a place to lay my head,

I looked under the bridge if there was a place for me but I wasn’t comfortable with the kind of men smoking around there, I try to hang around to see if they will leave so that I can go and check for a place to sleep but it was as if they also sleeps under the bridge too,
I became scared as I saw retarded looking woman, she was mentally ill, she came to pitch her own tent too under the bridge,
later another mentally ill man came and went to his sleeping space,
I hide and watch as the smoking men also spread a cartons under the bridge and lay down to sleep, the sound of speeding cars, the mad man singing so loudly from his space, the mad woman talking to herself and laughing out loud, everywhere was so noisy, after five minutes two of the smoking men who already fell asleep started a snoring competition, they were three but the two men’s snore was echoing like a trumpet sound, everybody around here were really crazy maybe I’m also going crazy,

I quietly walked to a space far from the crazy people, with the help of the road light I was able to clear some dirts,

I wish I will become invisible tonight just to feel safe, I was scared but I have no regret leaving Aunty Koh’s house, she would have kill me anyway and nobody will question her,
I will rather end up in the street than to be under Aunty Koh’s roof, is a very deadly place for some one like me to live in, I don’t want to die yet, I still want to experience what real happiness feels like,
I was able to get empty cartons and spread on the floor to sleep,
I was too scared I couldn’t even close my eyes,
and when I finally fell asleep I was awoken by somebody touching me, and as I open my eyes it was the mad man, smiling and exposing his brown teeth,
it was not day break yet, darkness has not cleared off,
I was shock and wondered how the mad man got to know that i was laying down there, I tried to move back and look for any stick to scare him but he look like he was about to devour me, he was looking like he has seeing a treasure as he stretch his hands beckoning me

“my love..come…come to your husband.. Come and do your wife duty to me…my pumpkin…your husband need you..Come and touch me…don’t be scared my pumpkin…come..

He kept saying that while still showcasing his brown ugly looking teeth, he looks so disgusting with the way he says that while holding his manhood and licking his lips..

I was scared but I have to be brave, if I don’t do something quick he may pounce on me,
as he got closer and grabbed me I screamed so loud while trying to get away with the little strength left in me,

I kept screaming so loud which woke the smokers up, they ran down to where I was struggling with the crazy man, one of the men gave him a hard blow which sent him to the ground, he swore and cursed under his breath before leaving as the men pushed him away,

After the mad man left the men started talking within themselves, they were three men, two wanted to have their way with me, they asked me what I will offer them for saving me from the mad man,

they wanted to have turns with me,
When I thought I have overcome a problem another one will surface,

the heart of men are filled with so much wickedness, I know I can’t escape from them, I was frail, thin and weak to fight, my head aches, I have pains all over me from the beaten I got from aunty Koh, I just stood there daring the worst to happen,
but the other man who punched the mad man tried in defending me he gave me a sign to run, and he stood in front of the other two men as they argue on who to go first with me, the good man created enough space for me to run away and I did,

They two bad men try to run after me but a fight erupt between them and the good plumpy guy, I ran as my leg could carry me until I was far away from them, I kept moving until the day light settled in,

where I’m going or what to eat I don’t know, my head ache heavily, I felt tired and dizzy, my happiness was that I wasn’t rape by those crazy people, thank God somebody stood up for me,

I wish I can see Jerry right now, i wish I have money to transport myself to my work place, I will kneel down and beg the older man to allow me to work, If he refuse to take me back I will beg him to give me Jerry’s number, if I get the number i will call Jerry, he may be able to help me but the problem now how do I even get money for transport,

I saw a place to sit and i sat and held my head, a sachet water seller passed by and I pleaded for one water and I was later given, I drank deeply and poured the remaining on my aching head and washed my face, and the water helped a great deal, I was never allowed to make hair in Aunty Koh’s house, so I was always on low cut which was okay by me, I easily pour water on my head after Aunty Koh’s usual beating, and it always suit me better,

snacks seller passed and i begged for some but i was ignored, I begged some passerby for some small amount of money but no one pays me any attention,

i was still thinking of what to do while sitting down there, I unknowingly put my hand in my long gown left pocket which was half torn and I felt something inside the pocket
I quickly pulled my hand out with whatever it was and it happens to be the small pouch that June gave me which I never bother to open,
I put it into my pocket after she gave it to me and totally forgot about it
I gently opened it to check what exactly was inside the pouch, and to my greatest surprise there was a paper something was written on it and then there was small amount of money which I guess was her snacks money she saved up and put in there, I opened the pieces of paper and read it gently
that was what June wrote on the small piece of paper.

I felt like crying but held back my tears as I saw a drawing which June drew with a pencil, a bigger girl holding a smaller girl which I assume was me and she,
I allowed a tear to drop, I felt like really crying out loud but cry will not help my present situation,
the money in the pouch was enough to transport me down to the place I intended to go,
So I stood up but I felt dizzy as darkness clouded my vision, I quickly sat back, and allow the dizziness to settle, I saw people Hawking fruits and malt drink, I bought something just to eat, so that I can be energize to continue my journey,

After eating something I went to the park where I entered bus which will convey me down
I still have headache but it has stopped a little, I was happy to have gotten the miracle money from June’s pouch, which will help me greatly,
June is my little angel,

I felt safe knowing well that somebody is actually praying for me.

Even if God doesn’t listen to my own plead for mercy I know he will listen to little June, a kind little girl.

PIA Episode 8 by Amah’s Heart

When I finally got to the big house, two securities where on duty, one of the security boy, who was younger didn’t want to allow me in maybe because of the way I was looking unkempt , the other man told him to allow me in but he insisted on sending me away, and was acting as if I I came to beg for money,
he looked at me as if I was disgusting him, and pushed me off as I held the gate, the older man scolded him for being so harsh on me but he didn’t pay him any attention, he just wanted to make sure I leave,
As the whole thing was going on I saw my boss younger brother driving him, he just looked at me and didn’t give me a second look as he ignored my existent,
it was normal and i was use to being treated as trash and nobody,
as they opened the gate wide for him to drive in, the older man asked me to come inside maybe my boss brother may help me but he wasn’t looking like someone who wanted to help me, he has always given me a cold look, and I know he doesn’t like me or he doesn’t care like unlike his elder brother,
The older man who was nice to me, who’s name was Puff, went to meet my boss brother as he stepped down from his car,

he said something to him and he glance towards me before walking away, Puff came back and ask me to wait because Richie, my boss brother want to go and inform his elder brother first, the young rude security boy does not even want to see me anywhere in the compound Even after Puff told him that the boss has not being informed of my presence and the boss will have the final say not them,

“let the boss decide if he still wants her or not”

As they argued I just kept mute and pray silently to the God Jerry and June believed in, I just pray that if God really care about me he should help me to find favour before my boss,
Even my own prayer sounded funny in my ears, because all I did was to stutter, I didn’t even know what exactly i was even saying I just hope that God understands my deepest sadness

A mare look from my boss and I will be put off, I looked crazy with my appearance, I looked very dirty and sad,

After sometime Ben the butler came out, he smiled on seeing me, he was the only person that seem cool seeing me, he told me he thought I wasn’t going to come back again, he boldly said he was happy to see me and I really felt relieved, Ben told me that the boss asked me to come in he has being hoping I will come back, so I quickly followed him

The boss was seating at the living room with his brother who never bother to glance up at me, his eyes was glued to his phone

Immediately my boss saw me he frown, and gave a sign of relieved, he looked at me for sometime before asking me what happened to me, he said Jerry has being looking for me,
I tried to explain myself but I didn’t even know how to start, tears filled my eyes and as I wanted to held it back it gave way and poured down from my face,

I bent my head and my boss asked me not to explain again until I’m calm, he asked Ben to take me to the staff quarters where I can have my bath, he said I should take my time he will be available when I’m ready to talk,

I followed Ben and was shown where to refresh, there was everything in the staff quarters except female cloth, it seems that Ben read my thought and told me he Will arrange what I will wear, and by the time I’m done bathing I saw a short flower gown with leggings lying on the well dressed bed, and there was a White flat Snickers beside the bed, I took time to cream myself and apply hair cream, everything I needed was in the room, I combed my hair properly before wearing the fine dress and the white flat snickers which was bigger than my leg, I took tissue paper and stuff in the shoe, i put enough tissue paper in the shoe so that it can fit in well for me, after trying shoes on again, it was a bit loose but I can manage to walk in it, it was 7:41pm as I checked the wall clock,

Everything looked as if they are mistaken me for an important person by getting me a very fine cloth and shoe, and also allowing me to take a good bath, which enables me to scrubbed my body very well and I felt clean enough, I dried myself with the towel i saw there, i also brushed my mouth,

it was like a movie to me, i don’t know how the cloth was quickly arrange and also the shoe but I was so grateful for everything and I felt so thankful and decided to kneel down and thank God for helping me to find favour before my boss,

as I knelt down beside the bed after saying few words I dozed off, I slept off while still on my knees

When I woke up it was the following morning and I wasn’t knelling again I was laying on the well dressed bed, I was covered up with a duvet, my shoe was on the floor, I was still on my fine dress,

I became scared as I looked round the room, I try to recollect where I was, and when reality settles in, I ran to the bathroom, before rushing out, I totally forgot that I was barefooted

I have overslept, I was suppose to go to the boss yesterday after he showed me kindness but I wanted to thank God first but end up sleeping off, and someone lay me on the bed and covered me up, because i know i wouldn’t have dare lay down on such a well dressed fine bed, i would rather sleep on the ground,

who could have done such a kind deed to someone like me, I don’t deserve such act of kindness, I hope my boss will not be angry with me, he has not even told me if I’m staying or not and I’m already sleeping on the bed, when he didn’t give me permission to,

who knows what will happen to me, he may even send me back into the Street,

“God please I need your help again, save me this time and I will really kneel down to thank you, I will prostrate and roll in the dust if that will be pleasing to you, please save me Lord”

I silently prayed, When I got into the main building my boss was already dressed for the day he was going out, and on seeing me in the new dress and barefooted he smile and ask me to go and wear slippers instead of being on barefooted, he said he knows that the shoe is probably not my size,
he said on his way back he will get me new things, he asked for my shoe size and I told him,
he said I should not bother about working today, I should go and take enough rest, and eat anything available, that Ben will make food today and I will start up tomorrow

I was shock as I hear him speak to me in that kind manner,
is he really talking to me r somebody else, I wasn’t expecting such kindness, being treated as if I really matter, he spoke to me as if I’m worth something, I stood there as he walked up to me stood in front of me, i bent my head and he asked me to look up at him and I did, as I looked closely at him, he will be almost same age with Aunty Koh’s husband or even less, I wonder where his Wife and children are, maybe they are outside the country or in different city, or probably he doesn’t have one, he built a very big house and he is yet to bring in his family to live with him which is non of my business if he has a family or not, my wish is that he doesn’t get angry with me and send me away, he looked at me deeply before saying

“Pia, you are safe now, jerry has being stopping by everyday asking of you since the last time you were last seeing here, he was so worried about you and said you are probably in danger, he was able to get the address where you live and went there yesterday only to be told you stole, and almost killed your madam and her kids before running away with a huge amount of money, jerry felt something was wrong and didn’t believe their story, a little girl met him by the gate as he was about to leave and she said her name was June, she briefed Jerry all you went through and she stopped talking immediately she saw her elder sister coming and shouting at her, she ran back to the house, and Jerry has being looking for you since yesterday, I quick called him when you came in yesterday that you are here and he came last night, Ben took him to the staff quarters where you are, when he came back he said you were already asleep and he was really happy and relief before leaving, he was happy that you are safe and sound, we all are happy, …I don’t want to know what happened to you any more but just know that nobody will hurt you as far as you are under my roof, you will always be safe here, so feel free and relax because I’m not angry or worried I’m happy to see you again, I don’t know why but I’m happy that you came back here, I’m going out and Will see you when I return, go back and rest everything Will be alright”

It sound so unbelievable, could this actually be real, oh my God, so it was Jerry that put me on the bed and covered me up with a duvet,
I know I haven’t really being praying or even believing but whoever that has being praying for me is doing a great job at it,
Jerry and June are obviously God sent to me, and i Will forever be indebted to them.

PIA Episode

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Atitebi Hannah
10 months ago

This is so touching

Sulaiman zainab
Sulaiman zainab
10 months ago


Mayowa temitope
Mayowa temitope
10 months ago

Tears dropped from my eyes sha 😢 ….. I love you pia 😍

10 months ago

Next episode please..
This is lovely

10 months ago

My tears poured out on its own. God deliver as many that are in this kind situation now and give them peace

10 months ago

This is intense 😟
I couldn’t read without tears coming 😭

Thank God for your life Pia!!
Jerry, June & ur Boss, God will Bless you abundantly 🙏

Thank you very much Mr Oprah.
Amah’s Heart, I’m speechless 😷

Khethi Ndlovu
Khethi Ndlovu
9 months ago

I’m already crying but God have mercy in different ways

9 months ago

That her uncle is a woman wrapper