One of Those Days I followed My Husband To Work by Voice of A Goodwoman

One of Those Days I followed My Husband To Work by Voice of A Goodwoman

One of those days I followed my husband to work, it was a long drive going, after the days activities it was another long drive back home.

Reaching home, I went straight to the bed slept for about 30munites then woke again and removed the clothes I wore, changed into my nightie and continued my sleep.
Now this is the distance my husband covers to and fro everyday and still comes back home to have a bonding time with me.

After that night, I woke up the next day and asked my husband how do you do it? He said “I am first sacrificially intentional to my marriage before any other thing.”
Now get this, He has every right to be tired, but he intentionally chooses to be at strength with me.
He has every right to hit the bed immediately he gets home but he chooses to stay up a bit with me and hear all my boring gist of what happened and what did not.

One of Those One of Those One of Those One of Those

We stay up, till we fellowship and then retire to bed.
He made up his mind, that the happenings of what ever his job presents will not determine the atmosphere of his marriage, so He intentionally works in sacrifice towards what he wants to see in our marriage.
There are things your flesh present as right to you, but will the right of your flesh be the Right for your marriage?

If your partner offends you today and you decide to stay moody with unforgiveness all day, It’s your choice. if you decide to be moody today and forgive your partner tomorrow it’s also a choice. But hey, you can also decide to forgive your partner immediately the offense was done and continue winning the rest of the day as though nothing happened, this is also a choice.

You cannot win a consistent atmosphere of peace in your marriage by the convenience of the flesh, you can only win by making intentional sacrifices against the ‘flesh’.

Always remember to make your choices with a pint of sacrifice.


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