My Wife and I

My Wife and I

My Wife and I

My wife and I boarded a bus to orie Mbieri in mbieri one certain day. We were both seated at the back seat talking and laughing over some issues.

We loved to gossip a lot. It had become so used to us. And because we were so used to each other, we playfully teased each other with insults we didn’t mean.

My wife said something that annoyed me. But because we were both in the bus, I could not react. I called her an ugly woman so as to get back at her. I told her she looked like ogbanje’s grandmother.

“Don’t even talk to me till we come down from this bus.” I spoke with all seriousness.

“Yes and you too. Don’t talk to me.” She retorted.

“Fine. Let’s see who talks to who first. We shall see.”

She knew I was angry, and she was also angry at me too for taking a mare joke serious.

We stopped talking and simply sat like strangers in the bus.

When we got to a park, the bus stopped and this very handsome looking guy entered the bus and sat beside my wife.

I noticed he kept taking frequent glances at my wife. She noticed it and tried to hold my hands, but I pulled my hands away from her angrily and turned towards the other side without saying a word.

“Hello beautiful.” The young guy grinned at her.

His smiles were so magnetic. When I turned and saw his set of white teeth and pink lips, I feared for myself.

My wife didn’t reply him. She kept her head face front and pretended not to hear anything.

“Where could a beautiful woman like you be going to? Really if I had a car I wouldn’t let you take a bus.”

As if that was not enough, he whispered into my wife ears and the next thing my wife bursted out in a wild laughter – a laughter I had not seen her laugh before. Some of the passengers had to even turn to look at her.

Then the guy went on.

“Are you married? I noticed the ring on your hand.”

“Yes dear, I am married.” My wife replied. “But don’t worry, I am currently having issues with my husband. He said I am ugly. This morning he told me that I look like Ogbanje younger sister. He insulted me.”

“He must be crazy. Who insults a beautiful woman like you? You are pretty. Don’t mind him. I think he is blind. Some men these days don’t appreciate their wives.”

I turned and looked at the man. I felt like removing three teeth from the man’s mouth with just one punch. But I remembered the fight with my wife and just kept quiet.

“Yes o. I am not minding him. At least someone has told me I am beautiful and wherever he is, I just hope he is hearing now o.”

The young man laughed.

“You have a good sense of humour. I will love to have your number. We can be great friends.”

That was where I did not hold it again.

I simply held my wife by her shoulders and pulled her close to me. I landed one original kiss on her lips and she started laughing.

Bros realised that I was her husband and suddenly became cold. He told the conductor he had reached his destination and wanted coming down. I believe he felt so embarrassed. I will if I was caught in his shoes.

While the bus drove, my wife asked me.

“Shey you say you won’t talk to me? Why are you holding me and kissing me in public?”

“Ah! I had to identify and protect my property o. All these fine boys of now a days. They have no respect for people husbands again.”

My wife laughed and rested her head on my shoulders.

This is exactly what happens when you quarrel with your spouse. The devil steps in and takes advantage of one partner just to destroy your relationship.

A preacher once asked the congregation.

“Do you think if Adam and Eve were together in the garden, the serpent would have still come?”

Well, I do not think so. He waited patiently for them until they were both apart, before he chose one partner and struck swiftly.

Hold on to your partner like an egg. Make peace with your lover.
Show the devil that he can’t have his way in your relationship or marriage. Do not give chance to the devil – do not allow the devil strike.

My Wife and I

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4 months ago

Powerful message. Do not keep malice with your spouse for the two are one

3 months ago


baby girl
baby girl
3 months ago

hahahahaha, this is a beautiful piece.

1 month ago

Beautiful,good job