My Wedding Day Story. An Advice To Young Lady On Marriage – Margaret Idahosa

My Wedding Day Story. An Advice To Young Lady On Marriage – Margaret Idahosa

My Wedding Day Story. An Advice To Young Lady On Marriage – Margaret Idahosa

Archbishop Margaret Ekhoe-Benson Idahosa clocked 77 years Last Year August. She has been the arrowhead of Church of God Missions Int’l Inc, since the death of her husband, Archbishop Benson Idahosa.

Having seen it all, she narrated what transpired on her wedding day with the great Idahosa and advised young women on what to avoid before getting married.

“There’s an aspect that I need to tell you or reiterate to you about the day we got wedded, so that the new ladies now, our girls now, will not say until I have this, until I have that before I will get married.

“The day we got married, my husband didn’t have a car, we only had a motorcycle. Yamaha, Yamaha 200, that was what we had. The day we got married, we borrowed our car. Our car took us to church and brought us back to the reception.

Before the reception was over, the owner of the car told my husband that he had a place to go, so, he took the car. Then, we did our reception in the frontage of one of the in-law’s house.

“The in-law was coming back from Lagos and “he told his wife”, listen, I don’t want to meet any crowd at the front of my house. So, we hurried things over and when it was time for us to go home, there was no car. I had to tiptoe, my husband had to carry my veil and we had about 8 houses before we got to our house.

My husband carried my veil, we both walked or trekked to the house,” she narrated.
Why am I saying this?
“I’m saying this to tell our young ladies that it’s not everything you must have.” If I want a limousine to take me to church now, it’s at my beckon and I will get it, but then, there was none.

But you see, don’t allow the position that you are in now to dictate your future because your future is bright, your future is great, your future is powerful. So, don’t let what you have now disturb you at all.

My husband said before he left, he said where you are coming from is “hind”, that is, it’s behind you. There’s nothing to write home about where you are coming, but where you are now you are not perturbed because you know where you are going.


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