MY PAINS Part 51


Two weeks later, I received a call, I didn’t know who it was. I answered the call and kept mute for the
caller to talk first.
“Hello”, the caller said.
“Hello”, I said also.
“How are you doing?” The caller asked.
“I’m fine”, I said. His voice sounded very familiar.
“May I know who is on the line?” I asked.
“Wow are you joking or what? So you don’t know?” The caller asked seriously, quite angry.
“I’m sorry, I don’t have this number saved on my phone.”
“Wow, I see, so you deleted my number”, the caller said.
” Sorry, who am I speaking to?” I asked again.
“Anyway, it’s me Bayo”, the caller said.
I was surprised and dumbfounded I never expected Bayo to still call me, I deleted his number after a
week he didn’t reply my messages nor call me.
“Hello are you there?” Bayo asked.
“Yes”, I said calmly and sighed.
” What is it?” Bayo asked?
“Noting”, I said.
” Well, you noticed I hadn’t been online and not been picking your calls and you didn’t even bother to
ask me why? “
“No , no, I….I….
” It’s okay. We really need to see, can we meet tomorrow? “
“Yeah”, I said.
“Do you want to come over to my place or you want me to come?” Bayo asked.
“Anyone that’s okay by you”, I said.
” Ok, I will come, so as to know where you live also. My driver knows your house he will drive me there.”
He said.
I kept mute.
“Hello are you still there?”
“Yeah”, I said.
“Ok so be expecting me tomorrow”, Bayo said.
” Alright”, I said.
He hanged up immediately, unlike the normal him that will stay up to an hour talking to me on the
May be he is coming to take the new car he got for me, after all I don’t deserve it, I said in my mind as
tears rolled down my eyes. My feelings were mixed, I was happy Bayo called and at the same time I was
sad also. I sat down on my bed, thinking, i wished I could rectify all my mistakes.
The next day Bayo arrived, he called me when he got to my gate, I came and opened the gate and his
driver drove in and parked.
Bayo came down from his car.
We stood still looking at each other quietly for a while before Bayo walked closer to me.
” How are you doing?” Bayo asked.
Fine, I said and sighed.
“You sure? Look at your eyes they are swollen, you have been crying right? Bayo asked.
No… I lied to him.
” Hmmm, can we go in?” He asked.
“Yes”, I said leading the way.
When we got in we both sat on different chairs in my living room.
” Come and sit here with me”, Bayo commanded.
I got up sluggishly, I couldn’t look at his face as my conscience was bugging me.
“What, would you love to take?” I asked looking down.
“Noting, I’m ok. Why are you looking down?” Bayo asked.
I’m coming, I said.
I walked to the kitchen to serve him the food I prepared because he was coming.
Take, I said giving him the food I severed with a glass of water.
“Wow, thank you”, Bayo said, surprised.
I sat on the chair.
“Come and join me to eat”, Bayo said.
No, I’m ok. I ate not quite long before you came, I said to him.
Bayo commented on my food, that I was a great cook and I was quite happy.
After he was done eating, I took the plates and the cup to the kitchen for wash. Immediately, I was done
I came back to the living room and sat on the chair beside him.
” I’m sorry for not, replying your message and not picking up your calls.”, Bayo pleaded.
It’s okay….I said to him.
“As we were chatting, I received a call that my dad had a serious car accident”, Bayo said.
Jesus!… I said, as I opened my mouth in surprise.
“At a time the doctor said he needed to be flown abroad for better treatment.”
O my God!, I didn’t know all that happened, I said as tears rolled down my face.
“I was planning for my dad to be flown abroad, when the doctor later called me that he is responding to
treatments well and he is getting better already”, Bayo said.
Thank you Lord…. How is he now? I asked.
“He is ok now, he is getting better. I thank God”, Bayo said.
Yeah, thank God. I’m happy he is.
“Yeah, I had a lot of things I was going through, you know my dad is who I have left, I didn’t want to lose
him also. I couldn’t concentrate well, that’s why I wasn’t able to reply your messages and pick your calls.
I’m sorry”, Bayo said.
No, you don’t have to be. I am really happy your dad is getting better now.
“Yeah, me too “, he said looking at me.
I sighed.
“Hope you are not mad at me?” Bayo asked.
No, why would i be…I said looking down.
I was surprised at Bayo’s reactions.
Am I even sure he read those messages I sent to him, I asked myself.
“I know what you are thinking”, Bayo said.
I lifted up my head.
” I knew the truth about you being married and you have a son before you told me.”, Bayo said.
I looked at him very surprised.
“Yeah, the church my uncle attends their is a prophet that sees visions for people, he is a very close
friend to my uncle. When I told my dad and uncle about you, my uncle said he was going to invite the
prophet over to to pray concerning the woman I want to marry. The prophets came and prayed, he said
he saw you were married to a Muslim, you have a child but your husband sent you out. We were all
surprised but we believed him as he had seen so many visions concerning us that are true. He also said
the wife he married was once married to a man that maltreated her. He said I can still go ahead to marry
you If I truly love you, as he has also seen that if I marry you things will progress more for me”, Bayo
I was so surprised, indeed noting could get hidden forever, I said in my mind, as tears rolled down my
” My dad and uncle said it is my wish if I still want to go ahead to marry you. I still love ok, you are my
joy I can’t trade you for anything else. I can’t lose who gives me joy. I had just been waiting for the day
you will tell me yourself. I love you “, Bayo said, whipping my tears.
I broke down the more crying, I didn’t deserve such love from Bayo.
“Don’t cry sweetheart, once my dad is well,I will introduce you to him”, Bayo said, still whipping my
tears and petting me.
To be continued.
I was so surprised, Bayo knew before I told him.
“You don’t have to cry, we all make mistakes sometimes in life. I also have my own past, I have my own
mistakes I told you about when I just got a job before I gave my life to Christ”, Bayo said.
I still could not stop crying.
“Your past doesn’t judge you and I can never use it against you. I love you no matter what happens. You
are my joy “, Bayo said, and hugged me to himself, still petting me.
I still wished I had told him the truth earlier. Indeed Bayo’s love for me is incomparable, I wished I had
met him before I met Ibrahim.
” It’s okay, don’t cry”, Bayo said and kissed me.
An hour later after I had calmed down, Bayo asked me about my son.
“So where is your son?”
With a friend of mine, I said.
“Why?” Bayo asked seriously.
I explained all to him, how It all started, how Johnson got missing and all. I told him Joyce and her
husband were the one gave me the place I am living, I also told him Johnson was the one who said he
wanted to live with them because I didn’t have enough time for him, I started crying again, as I flashed
back telling him everything that happened.
He was very surprised.
“It’s well, don’t cry. I’m here for you”, Bayo said.
He petted me, for me to calm down.
“What’s his name?”
Johnson.. I said.
“Wow, can I see his picture?”, Bayo asked.
I took my phone and went through my gallery.
This him, I said, giving Bayo my phone.
“Wow, a young handsome boy”, he said surprised.
I smiled.
“What’s is age? What class is he?”
I told Bayo.
“It’s alright. I am ready to take him as my very own son”, Bayo said.
I couldn’t believe it. Tears rolled down my eyes. Bayo, is just such a different man, which other men out
there would still truly love me after knowing my past and still be ready to accept my child as his own,
they are rare. Bayo is just one in a kind”, I said in my mind.
“I would love to see Johnson”, Bayo said.
You can see him anytime, we can go there tomorrow, I said.
“That’s ok”, Bayo said.
An hour later, Bayo changed the topic of our discussion.
“I have a surprise for you”, Bayo said smiling.
What’s that? I asked immediately.
“I’m very sure you will like it.”
Tell me naa, I said wanting to know instantly.
“Okay, am on vacation at work, am on leave.”
Okay….. I said.
“And I would love us, I mean with Johnson also, to spend sometime outside the country.”
Hmmm, Are you serious? I asked him, surprised.
“Yeah, I would love us to go to Johannesburg, in South Africa”, Bayo said.
Wow!!!……. I said in surprise, happily.
” Yes, sweetheart. I traveled there two years ago. I have a very close friend of mine who lives there.”
Wow, Oh my God!.. I said happily.
“Yeah, I always want to see you happy.”
What did I do to Bayo, to deserve all he is doing for me. God chose him to restore my Joy, I said in my
We kept on talking about the arrangements, how it will be travelling and all.
We talked for a long time, till it was 7pm.
“Sweetheart, I have to get going now”, Bayo said.
No, you are noting going anywhere. Can’t you stay over since you are not going to work the next day? I
asked him, as I didn’t want him to go home, I had missed him so much and i still wanted more time with
“I didn’t plan to stay till the next day, and I didn’t know you will want me to spend the night in your
house”, Bayo said.
Why not!… I said.
“Ok dear but I would still love to go now, when next I come we will go to see Johnson”, Bayo said.
No, why don’t you want to spend the night in my house? Is anything wrong in my house? I know it’s not
as good as yours, but…..Bayo cut me off.
” Shuuu…”, he said removing my weave-on that was covering my face.
“Your house is good ok, and my house isn’t my house ok, it’s ours”, Bayo said.
So will you stay over till the next day? I asked him , I really wanted him to stay.
“Yes I will”, Bayo said.
I smiled and he kissed me.
“Have delayed my driver for long, let me go tell him I won’t be going home today. I will give him
transport fare so he can get home”, Bayo said.
Ohhh, that’s true, I said. I almost forgot his driver was the one who drove him.
He left to meet his driver, who was sleeping in the car.
” Is there any eatery we can have dinner? ” Bayo asked.
C’mon, you are here in my house, and you are talking about an eatery, I said to Bayo.
“I’m sorry sweetheart”, he said laughing….
“I didn’t want to stress you.”
No, you are not stressing me at all. I will prepare dinner now.
“I can’t wait to taste your food again”, Bayo said.
I laughed and walked to the kitchen.
I prepared dinner and we ate. Bayo slept over in my house.
To be continued.
The next day, I called Joyce to tell her I am coming.
After breakfast, we were preparing to go see Johnson.
You can’t put on that same clothe today na, I said.
“But I didn’t bring any other clothe”, Bayo said.
Wait, what’s your size of T-shirt and jean trouser?
He looked at me surprised.
Yeah, tell me so I can call on my sales girl to bring one for you. I don’t want you to repeat the same
“Wow”, he said in surprise.
Yeah, tell me.
He told me his size. I called my sales girl immediately and told her, I sent the picture of the T-shirt I
wanted her to bring as I had that same T-shirt, it was unisex. I sent her my address and told her to be
fast as possible.
She will be here soon, I told Bayo.
Two hours later she called me that she has arrived. I came to take it from her, I removed it from the
nylon, looked at it well before putting it in.
Sure this must be his size, I said in my mind.
I thanked her and paid her transport fare for to and fro.
Here it is, I said to Bayo.
He took the nylon, and brought it out.
“Wow, this really nice”, he said, smiling and admiring it.
Yeah…I said, smiling too.
“Wow, the T- shirt is just the same as what you are on”, he said.
I nodded my head, smiling.
“Thanks so much”, Bayo said.
Yeah… Change to that, be fast, i said, and walked away.
“Sure, so how much am I owing you now?” He asked when he came out of the room.
You are not serious, I laughed.
I knew he was serious but I didn’t need him to pay back, he had done things worth more than for me.
When we arrived at Joyce house, she welcomed us happily.
As we walked into the sitting room, Johnson ran up to me happily, I carried him and hugged him happily.
He was so happy.
“Oh, I’m sorry for not introducing him to you at first. Meet Adebayo, I said to Joyce.
Dear, meet Joyce my friend I told you about.
They both shook hands.
This is Johnson, I said to Bayo.
” Wow, how are you boy?” He asked Johnson.
“I’m fine”, Johnson replied.
He stood still staring at both of us, am sure it was because we were on the same outfit.
“Have your seats”, Joyce said to both of us.
What of your husband? I asked Joyce.
“He isn’t at home, he went for ministry work”, Joyce.
Wow.., I said.
Bayo held Johnson closer to him, they were talking.
Me and Joyce were talking also.
“What a smart boy”, Bayo said.
I smiled, Joyce smiled also and nodded her head.
As me and Joyce kept on talking, Bayo whispered in my ear that I should take Johnson to come spend
sometime with us since he is on holiday.
As we still kept on discussing, I told Joyce I would be taking Johnson to spend the holiday with me. I
sensed it that she was sad a bit after I told her. I came closer to her and sat by her side.
I so much love the way you trained Johnson up, I couldn’t have done it better and I’m sure God is happy
with you and your husband. Don’t worry God will grant you children, I said to Joyce.
“Amen”, Joyce said with a teary eye.
I consoled her.
As we came out about leaving with Johnson, Joyce whispered in my ear that we need to talk later, I was
sure it was because of Bayo.
“Mommy, you have changed your house again”, Johnson said, when we got in.
Yes love, I said to Johnson.
Bayo looked at me and we both slimed.
I was preparing food in the kitchen when Johnson came to meet me in the kitchen.
“Mommy, who is that man?” Johnson asked.
I didn’t know what to tell him.
Don’t you like him?, I asked Jonson.
“Yeah, is talking to me like he is my daddy. I wish daddy is still alive”, Johnson said.
My mind flashed back to Ibrahim and my mood changed.
“I want to see my daddy”, Johnson said with a teary eye.
It’s ok dear, all will be well, I said, petting Johnson who was already crying.
Bayo came in and asked why Johnson was crying.
Don’t mind him. It’s noting serious, i said, petting Johnson.
That was another reason I wanted Johnson to live with Joyce and Abel, the more he sees me, the more
he reminds me of his dad, the more he does the more i feel depressed.
When the food was ready, I served the food in one plate for the three of us to eat, the same way me,
Ibrahim and Johnson ate sometimes as one family.
As we kept on eating Johnson did not, I knew why but I kept silent.
“Johnson, why are you not eating?” Bayo asked him.
“Because, this the same way me, my mommy and my daddy use to eat when he was alive and you are
not my daddy”, Johnson said to Bayo.
I didn’t know what to say.
“Is he dead?” Bayo asked me seriously.
I will explain to you later, I said calmly.
Johnson… I said.
But he walked away.
I could see it that Bayo felt bad at Johnson’s statement.
Please, i am sorry for what he said he is like that, I said to Bayo.
I knew Johnson wasn’t happy that me and Bayo were together, just like the way me and his dad used to
be. Johnson had been watching the way we have been talking, laughing, the way we are close, the way
we pecked each other, am sure he didn’t like all with the strange looks he gave to me at those moments.
“Tell me the truth now, he is dead?” Bayo asked.
No, I just had to lie to him when I found him back, i said, with my eyes filled with tears.
“Why?”Bayo asked.
He kept on asking about his dad, the more he did the more I remembered and felt depressed the more,
that’s why….. Bayo cut me off.
” It’s okay, I understand “, Bayo said.
I’m sorry for the statement he made, I said to Bayo, as tears rolled down my eyes.
“You have noting to be sorry about. He is right I’m not his father “, Bayo said sadly.
Bayo pushed the food away from his side.
Are you not eating again? I asked.
“I have lost appetite”, Bayo said.
I looked at him as tears rolled down my face.
I lost appetite too.
We kept mute for a while.
“Does his dad knows his whereabout?” Bayo asked later.
No, I told you I found Johnson after we both separated and ever since then we haven’t seen or spoken, I
said to Bayo as tears were still rolling down my face.
“It’s okay. Don’t cry” Bayo said, and sighed.
I sighed also, and whipped my tears.
“Let’s all leave tomorrow to my house, so we can make arrangements for the travelling “, Bayo said, and
rested on the coach to rest.
The next morning I woke Johnson up that we were to leave for Bayo’s house. He asked me why I
explained to him and he was very happy.
The second week we were in his house, something came up and I had to relocate my boutique to
another location.
His dad was discharged from the hospital, hale and healthy, as Bayo told me and I was so happy.
To cut the long story short.
All arrangements were made. We traveled happily we spent a month there before returning back home.
It was really a great experience.
When we were back, Bayo kept on talking to me to come see his dad, but I kept on refusing.
Three months later
I was in Bayo’s house one saturday morning at 11am.
Bayo didn’t welcome me happily like he used to do.
As I was talking he kept on replying me faintly.
Bayo are you ok, I asked him after observing him.
“Sweetheart, I’m not feeling fine at all”, Bayo said.
What’s wrong? I asked surprised.
“I don’t know.”
Have you eaten?
“Yes I managed to.”
Have you gone for medical check up?Have you taken drugs?
“No, none.”
It may be malaria dear, I said to Bayo, looking at him with pity eyes.
” I think so also “, Bayo said faintly.
When last did you go for a medical check up? I asked him.
“More than eight years ago”, Bayo said.
That has been long. I don’t like the way you are at all, I think we should go now, i said.
“Let me call my driver to take us to the nearest hospital” he said.
He managed to stretch his hand to take his phone, his hand couldn’t reach, I got up immediately and
gave him the phone.
His driver came and drove us to the hospital.
Everything was done, the doctor carried a test on him. We waited patiently for the result.
The doctor came in and sat in front of us.
He sighed before speaking.
“Who is she to you?” The doctor asked Bayo.
“She’s my wife to be”, Bayo said.
“I see, madam can you please excuse us I want to talk to him privately”, the doctor said.
“No, anything you want to tell me let her know”, Bayo said.
“Are you sure of that?” The doctor asked.
“Yes”, Bayo said.
The doctor paused for a while and sighed again. We kept on looking at the doctor.
Jesus!… I didn’t know when I screamed out loudly.
I couldn’t believe it, I was shocked the doctor said Bayo is infected with HIV.
I looked at Bayo surprised.
“One may be infected with HIV and may not know till after some years, it doesn’t just show quickly”, the
doctor said.
” Doctor, please tell me it’s not true ” Bayo said, as tears rolled down his face.
The doctor tried his best to comfort him and talk to him.
He told Bayo HIV wasn’t the end of one’s life, that there are a lot living with it but one won’t know. He
told Bayo how he could manage his health status.
The doctor advised me to take the test also, but I refused, I knew well there was no way I am infected as
I had had noting to do with Bayo.
Bayo couldn’t hold back his tears.
The doctor gave him some drugs, he told him how to use the drugs, he also told him to come to the
hospital immediately if he notice any change.
As we walked out from the hospital, Bayo held my hand, I withdrew my hand from his quickly, tears
were rolling down my face.
“Please, do not see me as a bad person. I never knew until today”, Bayo said, as tears were rolling down
his face heavily.
I didn’t know what to say.
“I told you all that happened before I gave my life to Christ. I know it’s my fault, i’m carrying the cross
now”, Bayo said.
I stood still, whipping my tears that didn’t stop.
Bayo stretched his hand to touch me.
Don’t touch me, I said.
He was shocked.
I walked away from me.
“Are you leaving me?” Bayo asked.
I didn’t say a word, I turned to look back I saw his tears had increased the more, one could see his pains.
I felt like turning back to go meet him but I didn’t.
When i got home I was still crying.
So everything just has to end now, I said in my mind, as I cried out my eyes bitterly.
I still couldn’t believe what the doctor said, but it is true.
Bayo kept on calling and messaging me, I didn’t pick his call nor reply his texts messages.
I couldn’t stand the pains that everything is going to end between me and Bayo, I loved him so much.
Three weeks later, Bayo stopped calling and messaging me.
Where do I begin from again? I asked myself crying.
I felt the pains again, it was like my pains weren’t just going to end.
To be continued.
I missed Bayo so much. Even when he knew i was married and I have a child he still loved me, his love
for me was unconditional.
I picked up my phone to call him, he picked up immediately.
“Hello”, Bayo said calmly.
“How are you doing?” I asked him.
“I’m okay, by God’s grace”, he said calmly.
“I’m sorry”, I said, tears were about rolling down my eyes.
” It’s okay”, Bayo said.
“I’m sorry”, I said again.
“I heard you”, Bayo said.
“I have something i want to tell you”, I said.
“Go ahead.”
“There is a program that will take place this friday by 5pm till 8pm it’s going to be powerful i know, and I
want you to be there. We can leave from my house”
“I understand. I will attend as you have said, thanks”, he said, calmly and sighed.
“You don’t have to thank me.”
“It’s well”, he said.
” Take care”, I said.
“Okay”, Bayo replied.
“I will call you later”, I said to him.
“Okay”, Bayo said.
“Bye”, I said.
I waited for like 20seconds he didn’t say anything and I hanged up. Tears were rolling down my face.
I invited for a program that will be taking place in Abel’s church, I just believed and hoped he will be
healed there.
On that friday he came and we both left for Abel’s church.
To cut the long story short….
As Abel was ministering, prophesying into people’s life he walked down the alter, he sighed and paused.
“There is someone here right now, you have been living unhappy ever since the doctor confirmed you
to be HIV positive, the Lord said i should tell you today that he has turned your sorrow to joy”, Abel said.
” Amen! “, the congregation shouted loudly.
“Go to that hospital for a test again and come back to give your testimony”, Abel said, with boldness as
he walked back to the altar.
At that time, Bayo was on his kneels shedding tears.
I looked at him for a while with tears filled in my eyes.
When we got home, i prepared food for us to eat. I severed Bayo’s food in a different plate, normally we
do eat with the same plate. I was about lheading out of the kitchen when i changed my mind___
“No, Bayo will feel bad. Alfter all I can’t contact l HIV eating from from the same plate with him I said in
my mind.
I turned both food into one plate with two spoons on eat.
Let’s eat, I said to Bayo.
” Why did you have to do this?”, Bayo asked calmly.
What? I askedl him confused.
“Serving the food in one plate for us to eat, when you know my health condition”, Bayo said and sighed.
My eyes were filled with tears because of the statement he made.
Doesn’t stop us from eating together. I love you, I said to him as the tears rolled down my face.
“I love you too”, Bayo said.
I know God has answered our prayers the man of God confirmed that, I said to Bayo.
“I hope so”, Bayo said, sadly.
Believe it, I’m very sure of that, I said, to lift up his faith.
” Thanks. I believe”, Bayo said.
But I could see it in him that he didn’t truly believe.
Let’s eat now, I said.
“I think you should still serve yours separately, no one would love to eat with someone like me if they
know”, Bayo said as tears rolled down his eyes.
I could feel his pains.
Stop it ok, please stop. Don’t say that again, you are hurting me the more. I don’t care, i love you and I
will always do, I said.
He whipped my tears with his hand.
We both eat
The next day
Bayo left to his house.
I kept on talking to Bayo to go for a test, but he didn’t.
Things were going okay with me and Bayo, but not like it used to be anymore.
Some months late.
I was sitting in my room with Johnson, he was on mid term break, so he was with me.
My phone rang. It was my gateman in my house I rented out that was calling. He had been calling me for
over there months, telling me a man and a woman come to look for me.
I picked up the call.
“Ehenn, madam good evening o. That man come today again ooo, but he no come with that woman and
that man. He talk say he still they look for who get the house o. Na almost everyday the man they come
with one man or one woman sometimes. Madam I no give am your number o as you talk say may I no
give your number to anybody, but I tell the man say you dey come this saturday as you tell me last week.
The man talk say he go come on saturday too”, the gateman said on the phone.
“Why did you have to tell the person I will be coming on Saturday!”, I yelled at him angrily on the phone.
“Madam, abeg no vex na for three months now the man done dey come find you. Madam abeg forgive
me, if you tell me may I no tell am, I swear I for no tell am. Abeg madam”, the gateman pleaded on the
“It’s.. It’s okay”, I managed to say to calm down.
I told the gateman not to give the person my number for safety reasons, my mind kept on telling me
may be those harm robbers must have seen me, and probably after me. I wanted to go to my former
area where I lived on saturday for something else and I told the gateman a week ago when he called.
I messaged Bayo on WhatsApp to tell him.
Me: The gateman in my house I told you I rented just called me today again, that a man with a woman
or sometimes with another man come to look for me. It’s been three months now he had been calling to
tell me.
Bayo: Hmmm, three months??? And you are just telling me now.
Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t just want to bring the issue up .
Bayo: it’s okay, I understand you.
Me: I’m just scared, I just hope the person isn’t looking for me to harm me.
Bayo: Why would you be scared? Harm you for what?
Me: I told you about the incident, that happened to me more than a year ago na.
Bayo: Yeah, you did. You don’t have anything to be scared about ok, no one is going to hurt you.
Me: I’m just scared though.
Bayo: You fear too much, that’s not good. Why don’t you tell the gateman to give the man your number
so you can talk to him.
Me: Not at all, you know they can trace people through phone calls.
Me: Sweetheart, relax don’t panic. It may be your mom and your dad, or your brother. You haven’t
spoken to them since no matter how many times I told you to call them and go see them, they may be
the ones looking for you.
Me: Hmmmmm, you may be right. ( I was quite happy, my mom was back looking for me.)
Bayo: Yeah, since you told me you are going to that area for what you want to do on saturday, we can
both go together, so you won’t be scared.
( He replied with a smirk emoji.)
Me: Wow that will be nice but am not doing it again.
Bayo: Why?
Me: We will talk about that later, when you come.
Bayo: Alright, how is Johnson?
Me: He is fine, he is here with me. He is reading a Bible story.
Bayo: Wow, that’s nice.
On saturday Bayo was at my place, we both put on the same native attire. We left with Johnson. I
directed the way to him as he drove.
When we got there, the gateman opened the gate, Bayo drove in and parked. We all came out from the
The couple weren’t around, the door was locked.
“Haa, madam long time o! Thank God you done come o! The man no dey let me rest at all”, the gateman
said loudly.
You say the man comes sometimes with a man or a woman, I said to the gateman.
” Yes ooo madam.”
And you said, he will be coming today? I asked the gateman.
“Yes madam o. Ehehn na him dey call now”, the gateman said, and picked his call.
“Hello! Madam done dey here o! Come fast before she go go o! No come dey disturb me later o, come
fast fast o”, the gateman said.
I looked at Bayo, who was looking at me.
“Madam, na him o, he tell me say he still dey come. Oga good afternoon o”, he greeted Bayo.
Bayo replied him.
Who could that be?
“Don’t worry, we will know”, Bayo said.
“Daddy, I want to drink water”, Johnson said.
Johnson later got along with Bayo, well after we came back to Nigeria. He loved him so much that he
started calling him ‘Daddy.’
“Ok, my boy”, Bayo said.
Bayo walked up to the car, brought out a bottle of Eva water and gave it to Johnson.
Bayo, and I sat in the car.
Johnson, leave the hot son and come inside the car, I yelled at him.
He ran, opened the car door and entered.
See how you are sweating ehnn, I said.
“Shut the door, let me put the AC on”, Bayo said.
I shut the door, I took a tissue paper to whip sweat from Jonson’s face.
” Daddy, open your phone, I want to play game “, Johnson said.
You like games in phone ehnn, I said.
Bayo laughed, as he unlocked his phone and gave it to Johnson to play game.
“I’m sure it’s your family that comes looking for you”, Bayo said.
I smiled.
“It will really be great”, Bayo said.
I nodded my head smiling.
We waited patiently in the car for and hour, before we heard a car horn at the gate.
The gateman, rushed to the gate.
” Madam! Na him o! He done come o!”, the gateman shouted, jumping like he was hoping to see what
would happen next.
“Let’s go and see”, Bayo said.
Johnson wanted to follow us.
Johnson, wait we are coming, I said.
When we got to the gate, a man and a woman came down from a car, I was shocked on seeing them.
Lo and behold, it was Ibrahim and his mother.
What are they here for? I asked myself.
We stood still looking at each other, like we were both dumb.

MY PAINS Part 51

To be continued.

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Omote Judith
Omote Judith
3 years ago

What a lovely story

Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
3 years ago

What are they looking for wicked pple

3 years ago

What are they looking for again… this suspense is giving me HBP

Charity Abee
Charity Abee
3 years ago

I was right after all, Bayo knew she had a child. But what does Ibrahim want abi they are aware that Johnson is still alive

Lilian Gold
Lilian Gold
3 years ago

Too much…’tears rolling down my cheeks’. But quite interesting. Looking forward to the end of the story

3 years ago

What the Fuck are they looking for ????????
We’re done with Ibrahim pls????????