MY PAINS Part 46


“Yeah, i love you, you may find it hard to believe”, Bayo said.
I still kept mute, looking at him.
“Please, what do have to say?” He asked again, still keeping an eye contact.
I still kept mute.
“It’s alright. I will give you time to decide”, Bayo said redrawing his hands from mine.
He changed the topic, and we started talking about other things, laughing.
It was time for us leave.
“Where you live is far from here, do you mind coming over to my house?” Bayo asked.
No, i will go home, i said.
“No, it’s far. Since you don’t want to come over to my house, i guess it’s because you don’t want to stay
with me, right?”
No, i just want to go home.
“(Laughing), ok, but it’s far, you can check in an hotel around here for the night, i will pay since you don’t
want to go to my house with me”, Bayo said.
No, don’t worry Bayo, i will go home at most i will get home late.
“No, i don’t want you to get home late.”
(Laughing) noting will happen to me okay.
“Yeah, but i don’t want you to go home alone, but since you insist let me call my driver to drive you
home”, he said.
Then how will you go home? I asked him.
” Don’t worry sweetheart, i will get home”, Bayo said.
No, don’t worry instead, i will get home myself.
“No, again? I don’t want you struggling to enter public vehicles, you don’t look like who has the strength
for that”, he said jokingly, laughing.
Stop it bayo, ok I’m not an aje butter, i said laughing.
“If you say so, but i won’t let you go home alone, it’s weather you come along with me so we can go to
my house, or you check in an hotel for the night, or my driver drivers you home, so choose one”, he said.
I said don’t worry ok, i said laughing.
“If you don’t agree to any then we are not leaving here”, he said smiling.
We will both sleep here then, i said jokingly.
“That will be better”, he said still smiling.
Go away, jhor, I said laughing.
“So choose one”, he said seriously.
Ok, let your driver drive me home. I hope you are the one that has the strength to struggle for public
vehicles, i said jokingly looking at him.
“Of course, i have the strength to”, he said smiling.
I laughed.
He called his driver to take me home. I told the driver my address he said he was quite familiar with
where i lived.
“Don’t worry, i will direct you”, i said to his driver.
“Ok ma”, he said.
” Make sure you drive her home safely “, Bayo said to his driver.
” Sure sir”, his driver replied him.
“I will miss you”, Bayo said, as we were outside about to leave.
Awwwwww, we will see again.
” Of course sweetheart and when we see again, you must know my house even though you agree or
not”, Bayo said.
Sure i will, i said laughing.
“Better”, Bayo said.
Yeah, bye now, i said.
“Take very good care of yourself, in case you need anything don’t think twice before calling me”, Bayo
Ok.. take care too, i said smiling.
“Yes sweetheart.”
Bye now, i said.
We both hugged each other before leaving.
As his driver was driving me home, he kept on calling me.
Me: Hello.
Adebayo: Hello dear, where are you now?
Me: C’mon we haven’t gone far yet, we just left 45min ago. Are you home now?
Adebayo: Yeah, i’m home sweetheart.
Me: Wow, that’s cool, will call you when i get home.
Adebayo: Alright dear.
Me: yeah, bye.
When i got home, i thanked his driver. I opened my purse to give him 2k, but he refused, I persuaded
him to collect it but he didn’t. I thanked him again and he drove off.
Bayo must be paying him a good salary, am sure that’s why he refused the money i gave to him, i said in
my mind, as i walked in.
Bayo is working in an oil company, wow, i said, as i laid down on my bed to rest.
I flashed back to the time we spent together, smiling on my bed.
I took my phone to call Joyce to hear from Johnson.
My mind later flashed to Ibrahim…
they must be married now, i said in my mind, i felt a bit sad as i walked to my bathroom to have my

The next day sunday, i went to Abel’s church to see Jonson’s and to worship there also. I really loved the
way they were taking care of Johnson, and he was very happy being with them.
I wished i was the one who got married to Abel…
If you were to be married to Abel you won’t have had a child till now, just like Joyce ….. My mind told
me, and i sighed.
God knows best, i said.
One night, my phone rang it was Bayo, i picked up happily we talked on the phone for an hour, before
he hanged up.
A week later, i accepted Bayo.
Things started going on well between both of us, he took me out every weekends, we became very
close, he gave me money to increase my business, i found true love in Bayo but i still refused to go to his
house no matter how he insisted.
Although, anytime my mind flashed to Ibrahim i still felt hurt and tears roll down my face, a failed
marriage was like what I was healed from but the scares were still there, it wasn’t like a failed
relationship one would get over when he or she finds love again.
I still wished i had never met Ibrahim, i wished i had not gone to his house on that day with him, i wished
i could change things to start again, i wished i had listened to my mom, it was just like my mom had
disowned me.
A day to my birthday, my mind flashed back to how Ibrahim would give me a present, a cake would be
brought for me, he would take me out with Johnson, we would all have a good time that day, tears
rolled down my face as i remembered. Then, my phone rang it was Bayo. I whipped my tears before i
picked his call.
Me: Hello, dear.
Adebayo: Hello
Adebayo: How is my sweetheart doing ?
Me: Fine dear and you?
Adebayo: I’m ok, how was work today?
Me: Fine, how was work too?
Adebayo: Fine love. Are you crying? Is anything anything wrong?
Me: No I’m not, everything is fine, why did you ask?
Adebayo: Noting, your voice sounds somehow.
Me: No, I’m very tired, that’s why.
Adebayo: You over stressed yourself that’s why, try not to next time ok, you really need to rest.
Me: Yeah.
Adebayo: Yes sweetheart. Happy birthday in advance!
Me: Awww, thanks so much.
Adebayo: Yeah, get ready i’m coming to take you out tomorrow .
Me: Alright, i will.
Adebayo: And…..
Me: And what?
Adebayo: You will stay over in my house, please….
Me: Hmmm.
Adebayo: Please, sweetheart.
Me: Alright, i will.
Adebayo: Promise?
Me: Yeah.
Adebayo: Remember, promise is a debt.
Me: Yeah i know, i promise.
Adebayo: Thanks so much sweetheart…..
Me: Go away jhor….
Adebayo:(laughing) To where? See her mouth.
Me: (laughing).
Adebayo: Thanks so much sweetheart. I love you!
Me: Love you too.
We still talked for a while before he hanged up. When he hanged up my feelings was mixed up, i
couldn’t tell if i was happy or sad.
The next day, i was ready i put on a blue jean trouser, and a yellow top, to look smart. I also put on a
yellow shoe, with a yellow bag to match, I applied some make, and packed my hair neatly. When i was
done, i went to my boutique to wait for Bayo.
To be continued.
When he got to my boutique, he called me and i came out to meet him, he lifted me up with his two
hands and we both kissed each other happily and hugged.
“You look so good today”, Bayo said, still hugging me.
Thanks Bayo, i said smiling.
“Yeah. Happy birthday to my sweetheart!”, Bayo said, looking into to my eyes smiling.
Thank you Bayo, i said happily admiring him.
“Yeah, lets get going now, so we don’t waste time”, Bayo said holding my hand.
You look very good today, i said to him, smiling.
“So i have not been looking good all this while?” He asked jokingly.
No, you just look very good today, i said.
“Because, i dressed differently today?”
May be, you are always on official wears most time, but today you on a jean trouser and a T-shirt.
“(Laughing), Yeah just decided to change today because it’s my sweetheart birthday, my woman is a
year older today”, he said smiling, looking in to my eyes.
I turned my eyes away, smiling.
“Look at her, she can’t even maintain an eye contact”, he said laughing.
Go away jhor, I said laughing.
“Am not going anywhere, I’m here with my sweetheart”, he said, touching my hair.
I removed his hand from my hair.
“She has started again”, he said smiling.
We both laughed.
“Let’s go now”, he said, and carried me like a baby to his car.
Bayo stop! Please!, I said laughing.
We both sat at the back seat, his driver started the engine to leave.
So where did you tell your driver to take us to? I asked him quietly, smiling.
“Shop rite, or don’t you like there?” Bayo asked placing his hand on my hair, smiling.
Yeah… I said smiling.
“So relax sweetheart”, he said.
Few hours we got there. We went in to eat and drink first. When we were done with that, we went
ahead to get a lot of things.
“Look at this gown here, it will fit you”, Bayo said.
No, i don’t like it jhor, I said.
“You have been saying you don’t like this, you don’t like that, i wonder what you will like”, Bayo said
Wow, i like this black gown here, i said, pointing at it.
“What did she say?” Bayo asked.
I looked at him. She said she likes it, Bayo.
“But i don’t like it sweetheart”, Bayo said, looking at the gown.
Is it my birthday or yours? I asked him.
“It’s our birthday” he said jokingly, laughing.
Bayo, stop it. I like it, i said.
“See how it looks like, very short. You want to put it on so other men will steal you from me
I laughed.
“No one can take me from you ok”, I said smiling.
“I hope so”, Bayo said.
C’mon why are you sounding like that? I asked Bayo.
“It’s okay, but get something else sweetheart”, Bayo said.
Okay dear, i said.
” That’s why I love you”, Bayo said.
We both took a lot of pictures.
“You should have been a photographer”, Bayo said jokingly, laughing.
I laughed also.
“She’s is already posting it sef”, he said looking at my phone and smiling.
Whatever… I said to him laughing.
When we were done going round to get things, he paid with his ATM.
“We are done now, or would you love to play games?”Bayo asked.
No, I’m tired now, i said, and rested my head on his shoulder.
“Today is her day, and she’s is tired already, lazy woman”, Bayo said laughing.
Stop it na, am not lazy, you know, i said to Bayo.
” Yeah, i know sweetheart. You know i was just joking”, he said smiling.
We both laughed.
“So we are done now”, Bayo said.
Yeah… I said.
“Ohhh…”, he said.
Like he just remembered something.
What’s it? I asked him.
” I still have a surprise for you”, Bayo said.
Hmmmm…. I said.
“Yeah, let’s go”, he said, holding my hand.
To where again? I’m tired na, i said, frowning.
“Lazy woman, come here jhor”, he said jokingly.
I laughed and followed him.
Bayo bought me the latest iPhone. I was very surprised. I jumped and hugged him, he lifted me up and
kissed me.
“We are done now”, Bayo said.
Thanks so much sweetheart, I said.
“Let’s go home now” he said.
Yeah….. I said happily.
Bayo, i have something to say to you, i said as we were walking to the exit.
“Go ahead sweetheart.”
I want to thank you so much, for making my birthday a remarkable one, even when i thought it won’t
be, I said to Bayo smiling.
“C’mon sweetheart, why did you say so? I love you so much and noting can change that sweetheart.”
I smiled, looking at him.
“Let me tell you a secret”, Bayo said.
I looked at him seriously.
“Remember then I told you, since my mom died I have just been trying to live happy till….” Remember
that’s how i stopped my statement.
Yeah, yeah, I nodded my head.
“I know you don’t forget things”, Bayo said.
I laughed.
“Yeah, till I met you. The first day i met you i just felt joy from no where in me.”
I looked at him smiling.
“Yeah, and you know the most amazing thing? You remind me of my mom, the way you talk sometimes,
the way you act, and your beauty, my mom was very beautiful also”, he said smiling looking at me.
I felt sad anytime Bayo talked of his mom.
“C’mon, i know you always feel sad anytime i talk of my mom, it’s all in the past”, he said still smiling.
I know…. I said calmly.
“Before i met you no matter how hard i tried to be happy i wasn’t, till I met you, joy from no where just
filled me that day, that’s what got me attracted to you, and that’s why i saved your number as “Ayo Aye
mi” you the joy of my life, thanks so much for bringing joy into my life”, he said smiling.
He are my joy giver also.
“God wants us to be together that’s why it happened that way that i found joy in you. God bless the day
i met you. I never forget to thank God in my prayers for letting me meet you.”
I thank God, i met you too, i said smiling.
He kissed me on my cheek.
We got out and headed to his car, his driver was still in the car waiting. The diver came down from the
car, collected what we bought and put it in the boot.
“Let’s go to our house now”, he said, opening the door for me to go in.
Our house… I said laughing.
“Yeah, it’s our house ” he said.
The driver started the engine to leave.
In less than 45min we were at his house.

I admired the building of his house, it was more beautiful than i imagined it to be.
What a nice place, i said to Bayo, smiling.
He smiled too.
We walked in.
You live here alone? I asked him.
“Yes…”, he replied.
You are going to be feeling lonely most of the times.
“I do, but what will i do? I told you many times to come, you kept on refusing until today.”
Wait, I said surprised…
You cook, wash and do all the house chores yourself? I asked him, when i noticed i didn’t see any maid.
“Yes sweetheart, are you surprised?” He asked me.
Yeah, kind of, I said laughing.
“My mother didn’t allow me to be lazy, being the only child, I washed clothes, cook, cleaned the house, I
did many house chores then, so I don’t find it hard”, he said smiling.
Wow, I said amazed.
“I can even cook better than you”, he said jokingly.
You say what …I said laughing. Don’t dare me o.
“I can’t wait to taste your food though.”
Sure, you will.
“And when we are married, I will assist you in cooking, washing, cleaning the house, we won’t need to
get a house maid”, he said smiling.
Wow..yeah, I said smiling too. I wished I had met Bayo, instead of Ibrahim.
When will you tell him you were once married, and you have a child
My mind kept on disturbing me.
Just then we heard a car hooting at the gate.
“Let’s go see who is that”, Bayo said holding my hand.
His gateman opened the gate and someone drove in.
I looked at the car, it was a very nice car, I admired it. As the person opened the door and came out, I
saw it was a brand new car, the nylons were still on the seats.
Bayo walked up to meet the man that came out from the car, they talked for some few minutes and the
man left.
I was confused, how one would just drive in a brand new car and just leave.
Bayo, walked up to me.
Who is he? I asked Bayo, looking confused.
“That’s for you”, Bayo said, giving me a car key.
I don’t understand you, I said looking at him confused the more.
“That’s my main gift for you, for your birthday”, he said pointing at the car.
You are kidding me right? I asked, surprised.
“No, it’s yours.”
Tears filled my eyes.
No, i don’t deserve this, i said to him.
“Someone who brought back joy into my life, deservers more than that”, he said smiling.
But……, he cut me off.
“But what, don’t make me feel bad. It is yours”, Bayo said.
I was still surprised. I was shut of words I didn’t even know what to say again. I hugged him tightly to
myself, thanking him. The tears were rolling down my face already.
Bayo, I don’t think I still deserve this, I said as tears rolled down my face.
He sighed, and placed his hand on my cheek.
“Joy can’t be bought with money, you brought back joy into my life so you deserve more than that.”
Yeah but I……
“Don’t make me feel bad, please.”
I really don’t know how to thank you again, I said crying as my mind kept on telling me to tell him the
truth about myself. It wasn’t easy for me to do so.
Thank you so much, God will bless you and multiply you, I said crying.
“Amen. Don’t cry please”, he said, whipping my tears with his hands.
I walked up to the car, opened the door and entered. I admired the car looking all around, I started the
It’s time for us to go in now, Bayo said as he carried me out.
I screamed out happily.
The way you carry me like a baby ehnnn, I said laughing.
“Yeah, you are my baby na”, he said laughing too.
Put me down on the chair, I said to him, when we got in.
“No”, he said.
He carried me to his room and laid me on his bed.
Haa..I said and sighed.
“What’s it?” Bayo asked.
Noting, I replied, looking all around his room.
He kept on looking at me.
I love the designs and furniture of your room, I said smiling, still admiring the room.
“I’m happy, you do because this is our room”, Bayo said, smiling.
I smiled back at him.
He put off his clothes, remaining his boxer and singlet.
I admired his masculine body, his muscles and all.
He came and sat on the bed with me.

He came and sat on the bed with me.
He placed my head on his laps ,

touching my hair. We were both smiling.
“Just imagine how it will be when we are married and have children in this house”, Bayo said.
I looked at him, still smiling.
” They will call you mommy, they will call me daddy, I can’t wait to be a father.”
My mind flashed back to when me and Ibrahim, would be in the room, Johnson will run in and jump on
the bed, his dad will carry him on his lap and I will kiss him.I remembered the times we lived happily
together, till all that happened.
“What’s it? What are you thinking of?” Bayo asked me.
Noting, I said smiling.
“I would love to have a daughter as my first child” Bayo said.
Wow, why? I asked him.
“Because, growing up then I had always wanted a sister.”
Ohhhhh….I said.
“Yeah, our daughter will be beautiful just like you”, he said looking at my face.
I laughed.
“So how many kids would you love us to have?” Bayo asked seriously.
One or two..I said smiling.
“No, I want three”, he said.
You are not serious, I said smiling at him.
” I’m very serious, there kids and that will make it four.” Bayo said.
I got up and sat on the bed.
How…? I asked him.
I want to take a shower, I’m coming, he said, and got up heading to the bathroom.
When he was done he came out.
“Won’t you take a shower too?” He asked me.
No, I want to go home.
“You must be joking, you are not going anywhere by this time”, he said.
I didn’t argue with him, because I felt so loved being with him, I felt like spending the night in his house,
I felt like spending the rest of my life with him instead. Bayo was such a loving and caring guy, who
would have someone like him and want to let him go.
But I didn’t bring any cloth to change to, I said.
He walked up to his wardrobe, opened it and brought out something that still had a nylon on it, showing
it hadn’t been used.
He tore the nylon and brought out what was in it, it was a female night gown. I looked at him confused,
on how he had a new female night gown in his wardrobe.
He looked at my face and laughed.
“Surprised right? Bayo asked.
Yeah…I said.
“I have a female friend, who sold night wears before she got married three months ago She brought
some to me to buy for my girlfriend, I told her I had no girlfriend, she didn’t believe me at first she was
surprised. She still insisted I should buy for my future wife to be. I laughed at her. She still kept on
persuading me to buy and I bought two from her that day.” Bayo said.
Wow…. I said surprised.
“Yeah, since then I kept in my wardrobe, hoping one day I would give it to the woman I would love to
put it on, and you are the one, Bayo said smiling.
I was smiling also.
He opened another part of his wardrobe and brought out a new towel, he tore the nylon and threw the
towel on my face.
Why naaa? I asked him laughing.
” Go and have a shower now”, he said.
I threw the towel on his face also. He took his pillow and threw it on my face. We continued like that.
Bayo stop na, I never knew you are this playful, I said, laughing.
He laughed out loudly.
“Go and take your shower now”, Bayo said.
I picked up the towel and the night gown,heading to his bathroom.
“And in case you don’t want to use my soap, check well there is a new one I haven’t used”, Bayo said.
Who will even use the soap you have been using, I said jokingly, laughing.
He laughed also.
I entered the bathroom, I put off my clothes and tied the towel round me. I folded my clothes, i opened
the door, came out and placed my cloth on a chair in his room.
I spent more time in the bathroom than usual, when I was done I dried my body with the towel and put
on the night gown he gave to me. When I came out, I looked at the wall clock it was almost 8pm, Bayo
wasn’t in the room.
I opened his room door to go check if he was in the living room, when I saw him coming in. We both
smiled at each other.
“Looking for me?” Bayo asked.
I nodded my head.
Where did you go? I asked him.
“To do something”, he said.
Okay…. I said.
“It looks beatiful on you, it was just meant for you alone”, Bayo said, admiring the night gown on me.
Yeah, i like it, I said.
We both sat on the bed. I observed my clothes weren’t on the chair, where I placed it.
Where are my clothes? I asked him.
“It’s washed”, Bayo said.
Who washed it? I asked him.
“Me, it’s on the dryer, look through the window you will see it”, Bayo said, pointing at the window.
Wow…, I said surprised.
“So you didn’t believe me before, or what?” Bayo asked me.
No, no, not that. I am very surprised thanks very much, I said smiling.
I never knew Bayo was caring up to that extent.
“Yeah, my mom always told me to wash my wife clothes sometimes, that will make her love me more
and by that she will pray for me the more. My dad also did that for my mom”, Bayo said.
I was dumbfounded.
Thank you so much for the outing, the new phone, and the car also, I don’t really know how to thank
you again. God bless you so much Bayo.
He smiled and rested my head on his chest, I felt truly loved again than ever.
At a time Bayo started moving closer to me on the bed we started kissing at first….
When I realized myself, I pushed him away.
I’m!……( I almost wanted to say I’m married)
” You are what?” Bayo asked surprised.
Noting..I’m sorry but please…don’t…
“I understand you am not a bad person as you think of me to be right now. I’m sorry I won’t touch you
again”, Bayo said, feeling bad, the way I pushed him.
I’m sorry I said, I really felt sorry for the way I pushed him.
“You don’t need to be”, he said.
I didn’t mean to do that, please don’t feel bad, I said pleading.
“I understand”, Bayo said.
Understand what? I asked.
He didn’t answer me, he shifted to the edge of the bed, and covered himself with his blanket, angrily.
That was how he slept off. After a while I slept off too.
The next day we were both happy, his driver drove me home.
In the evening, I laid down on my bed, thinking about my past life.
Sometimes, I felt like letting Bayo know the truth, but I felt he might leave me and I would be back to
the state of depression the more. I didn’t want to be depressed again.
Noting is hidden forever, noting gets hidden expect it’s a treasure and one day it will be surely seen.
My mind kept on telling me.
How would I explain to Bayo that I was once married and that I had child, he would see me as a lady who
played him upon all he had spent on me, he will see me as a deceiver, he will see me as someone
wicked, I said in my mind, as tears were rolling down my face.
Someone, who truly loves you will love you for who you are and not what you are.. my mind told me.
Bayo is just so good, nice, caring, giving he is every good thing, he doesn’t deserve a lady like me, I said
in my mind, as I cried out.
I thought of a lot of things and decided to tell him the truth. I whipped my tears and picked up my
phone. I put on my data, he was online on WhatsApp.
I messaged him “Hi.”
He replied saying “Hi my love, how are you?”
“Bayo, I have something I want to tell you.”
“Hmmmmm, go ahead”, he replied.
“Bayo, I’m sorry, I’m very sorry please forgive me.”
“Sorry for what?”, Bayo replied me immediately.
“Yes, I’m very sorry please forgive me.”
I told him everything, that i was once married and I have a son.
“Hmmmmmmmmmm, I see”, he replied me.
Bayo, I’m sorry, please don’t think of me to be someone who played you, please am not that kind of
lady please.
“Wow, really”, he replied me.
” Please, forgive me. I didn’t know how to tell you since. Please I’m sorry, I’m ready to return the phone
and the car to you I don’t deserve it at all.”
He read the message without replying me.
I sent many messages, pleading, the messages were delivered but he didn’t reply.
I still kept on sending messages to him, the messages were sent but not delivered, which meant he had
gone offline.
I cried out.
After all who would want someone like me who was once married and has a child, I said to myself.
The next day I still checked, he hadn’t come online and no call from him.
I broke down crying, I felt the pains that were almost gone were back the more again. Bayo was gone
already, I couldn’t stand the pains.
A week passed, Bayo didn’t come online or call me, I decided to be strong, but it wasn’t easy for me at
all, I lost appetite for food, I broke down almost every minute crying.
Depression was fully back again.
Heart broken again.

MY PAINS Part 46

To be continued

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  1. I think Bayo already knows you have a child before now or he also has a child. When he said we will give birth to 3 making 4 kids, he knew what he was saying. Reason he changed the subject immediately you asked him what he meant and got up to take his shower


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