MY PAINS Part 41


Some months later.
I was in my living room sitting, my mind flashed back to Joyce and Abel.
They must be living happily now even as she betrayed me. Lord who did i offend to deserve all this i’m
going trough, I said in my mind as tears rolled down my eyes and i whipped it off with my hands.
I decided to login on my Instagram to see how fine they were doing.
The must have had about two kids now, i said to myself, as i took my phone. As I was just scrolling
through Instagram, i saw a picture of Ibrahim and Aliya, they were having a nice time outside the
country, I was so surprised, tears rolled down my face. I screenshot the picture and unfollowed
I later opened my gallery, looking at the picture, the pains came again, i was shedding tears, i felt the
pains again in my heart.
I later deleted the picture immediately.
I wished i had not gone to meet Ibrahim on that day, as Joyce persuaded me to.
I went through Abel’s page on Instagram to see how both of them were doing.
I saw different videos of Abel healing people, videos of him preaching, different pictures of he and Joyce.
They are really living happy, i said to myself as tears rolled down my eyes. I still kept on scrolling down
till I saw what shocked me deeply, I couldn’t believe it at all.
I saw Jonson’s picture, he was on the same pyjamas he wore that day the harm robbers came.
“I was going some where one day, early in the morning, when the Holy spirit told me to reverse and pass another lane. I didn’t know where the lane was leading to I was confused, I decided not to reserve, the spirit of the Lord spoke to me again to take a different lane, I had no option than to listen to the Spirit. The Holy spirit kept on showing me direction, I drove for about an hour and half, I was so confused I didn’t know where I was going to, then the Spirit of God told me to pack my car and come down I obeyed. I didn’t know where the spirit of God was leading me too. The spirit of God told me to look forward, I saw this boy sitting on the road side, the Spirit of God told me to walk up to child, I almost didn’t want to but I had no option than to obey the spirit of God. I walked up to this little boy. I asked him why he was sitting on the road side at that time of the day, he only told me he wants to go home and meet his mummy. Please who so ever know this little boy should come for him with evidence.”
That was what Abel tagged with Jonson’s picture.
I couldn’t believe it, so Johnson is alive heal and healthy, I said to myself as tears of Joy rolled down my
face, I was so speechless, it was really like a dream to me but it was real.
Indeed, God really works in a miraculous way that is different from the way man can understand, I said
to myself crying tears of joy, thanking God.
Lord, you are so great.
I started singing…
Jesus you are so good to me in all circumstances, in all circumstances.
Tears of joy were following from my eyes heavily.I rolled down on the floor thanking God. All my
thoughts had been Johnson was dead, but God kept him. Joy filled my heart so much. I was actually
smiling again after a long time. I was crying tears of Joy. I started singing again…
Way maker, miracle worker, promise keeper, light in the darkness my God that is who you are..
God is really a miracle worker I said in my crying tears of Joy, it was still almost unbelievable. Who would
have thought i was still ever going to find my son back. I cried tears of joy so much thanking God.
To be continued.
I didn’t have Abel’s number to call him so I messaged him, I kept on checking but he didn’t come online
to reply.
The next day. I thanked God and prayed. It was still like a dream to me. I took my phone to look at
Johnson’s picture, tears of joy rolled down my eyes, it was almost unbelievable to me at that moment. I
scrolled down on Abel’s page i saw, they were to hold a program by 10am. I checked my time, it was
6:15am. I went ahead to the bathroom, to brush my teeth and take my bath. I took my car key, headed
to my car and drove off.
As i walked into the church, I looked all around it had really changed from the time I do attend his
church then. The workers were setting the church, for the program.
A big church indeed, i said in my mind as I kept on walking forward. I looked forward to the alter side, i
saw a man and a boy on the same colour of suit. The boy turned back to pick a paper that fell from the
man’s hand. Lo and behold it was Johnson. He recognized me immediately.
“Mommy!!!!!!!” Johnson screamed out loudly, running towards me.
Son!!!! I screamed running towards him also.
The man turned back to look, it was Abel.
He jumped on me, i carried him and held him tightly to myself. I started crying, tears of joy. I sat down
on the chair in the church, still holding Johnson tightly to myself. Johnson started crying also. We were
in that position for a while, when a lady approached us and placed her hands on me. I looked up, it was
Joyce, she was very surprised, her mouth were wide opened in surprise. I turned my face away from her.
She brought out a tissue paper from her bag and whipped my tears.
“I didn’t know he is your son. it’s ok don’t cry. We still have a lot to talk about, Joyce said.
She held my hand taking me to Abel’s office in the church. I held Johnson with my other hand, Abel
followed us also, when we got in we all sat down. I was still crying. I didn’t even know what to do or say.
Johnson, was still crying also. I’m sure it because he saw me crying. Joyce, was whipping my tears away,
telling me not to cry. Abel was petting Johnson.
“I know you don’t like me right now, but it’s not the way you see it to be, we have a lot to talk about, I’m
grateful to God. It’s so unbelievable that he is your son. My husband found Johnson, one day, she said as
tears filled her eyes.
She kept on talking and petting me not to cry. Abel, stood still he was so surprised that he couldn’t say a
When it was almost time for the program to start we all left office. Me and Johnson sat in front of
congregation that was almost filled up with a lot of people.
When it was time for testimony, people came out testify of how Abel had prayed for them and they
were healed.
Some testified of how Abel spoke a word and their life turned around for good, some testified of how
they got delivered through Abel. The most shocking of all, was when a woman testified of how God used
Abel to raise her six years old daughter who was already confirmed dead by the doctor. I also shared my
testimony of how i lost Johnson and found him through Abel. The whole church clapped as they were
surprised that the mother of the child had come.
During the program, some people were brought to front of the alter. Abel prayed for those who
couldn’t walk, they started walking immediately. He prayed for those who had mental problems they
became healed. He prayed for those who were blind, they started to see. A lot and a lot of miraculous
things happened. Johnson, kept on shouting Hallelujah, with the congregation. I just watched, amazed
of how God was really using Abel. God is really using Abel or over using, i will say. The kind of anointing
he has, was a gift, i will say. I flashed back to the times, he was still in school, who knew God will later be
using him this way. Of course if i knew, i won’t have turned him down then.
Life…..I said, as tears rolled down my eyes.
When the program was over around 7pm, Abel and Joyce attended to those who came to see them
before they walked up to me. I thanked them so much, they said i should thank God instead. Joyce, said
it was late, that i should come over to her house, that we had a lot to discuss.
You betrayed me, but i have sincerely forgiven you today, i said in my mind as I followed her and Abel
with Johnson outside the church. Joyce, told me my car was safe to be parked in the church compound. I
entered their car and Abel drove off. Johnson was so happy seeing me, i was so happy also.
God is great, i kept on saying in my mind smiling. Johnson looked well taken care of.
When we got to their house, Joyce prepared dinner. Johnson, was just moving all around the house
playing and coming back to me to hug me.
After dinner, Joyce spoke.
“God really works in a miraculously way. We never knew Johnson is your son. He always kept on telling
us he wants to go meet his mommy and daddy, me and my husband do tell him God will bring his
parents. I am so happy, Johnson had never been so happy this way”, Joyce said.
Thank God, i said and sighed.
“Hmmm, i know you think i betrayed you but I didnt.”
It’s okay that was all in the past, I said to Joyce as I didn’t want her to bring the past up.
“No, you have to believe me, i didn’t know he is the same Abel you told me about then.”
Abel nodded his head.
“You have to believe me, it was after our wedding Abel told me everything. I tried reaching you before
our wedding but your line were always switched off and you didn’t come online also. I saw your husband
one evening, i asked him about you, he told me you were fine, that you just hardly put on your phone to
avoid too many calls. I gave him our wedding invitation, that I was expecting both of you, but before our
wedding was over i didn’t see both of you.”
I sighed, flashing back to those times.
“Me and Abel, were childhood friends. We met one day, since our parents both knew each other, they
wanted us to get married, that’s why our wedding plans were arranged quickly”, Joyce said.
Abel, went into a room and came out with a picture, showing me the picture he and Joyce took on a
Christmas day when they were still kids. He said his parents and hers took them out. It was when i saw
the picture i believed Joyce.
” I hope you believe now?”, Joyce asked.
I nodded my head, as tears rolled down my eyes.
“A number sent me different pictures of you and a man to me WhatsApp, that the two of you were
engaged. That was when i called you then last. Later that same day, some guys approached me when i
was driving out of my house, they warned me to stay away from you, if not they would kill me”, Abel
said to me.
I couldn’t believe it, who could have threatened him and sent those pictures to him that day, I thought
to myself.
Tears rolled down my eyes, as i flashed back to those times.
“A month after they threatened me, was when me and Joyce met again after so many years”, Abel said.
Joyce didn’t betray me. May be that was just the will of God, I said in my mind as tears rolled down my
“So that’s it all”, Abel said.
“So, what about your husband?” Joyce asked.
I started crying.
“What’s wrong?” Joyce asked.
I told her what Ibrahim did. I told her how i left his house to my own house.
Joyce felt so sorry for me.
“I’m sorry. I never knew Ibrahim would change. It was all my fault”, Joyce said as tears rolled down her
No, it’s not your fault, it was mine, i said crying.
“I caused it. During those times, he kept on asking me for your new number, i knew you were going to
be mad at me if i gave it to him, that’s why i told you then to follow him up on Instagram. Before then i
sent him your username on Instagram, so he knew you were the one he was chatting with. He asked me
if you had anyone, i told him yes that you were going to meet the person on that day, he was the one
who called you with a strange number then warning you not to go anywhere. I thought i was doing the
best as a friend for both of you, as i felt you and Ibrahim truly loved each other. It’s my fault. I’m sorry”,
Joyce said crying.
No, it wasn’t, it was my fault or let me say it was just the will of God, i said to Joyce as i whipped my
Johnson ran to me and hugged me again.
“Mummy, what about daddy?”
It was more than the fifteenth time Johnson was asking.
You will see him tomorrow, was what i replied him.
“Mommy, are you crying again?” Johnson asked me.
No son, it’s tears of Joy, i am happy seeing again, I lied to him.
I kissed him and he ran to a room again.
“That’s his room”, Joyce said.
Thank you so much for taking care of him, like your own son.
Joyce started crying.
Why are you crying? I asked her confused.
“Ever since we got married, we have not had a child. We have been trusting God for the fruit of the
womb. When Abel first found Johnson, he took him to a church member of ours, who is a man. When
Abel told me everything when he came back that day, i told him to bring Johnson to our house, since we
have no child yet”, Joyce said crying.
I was petting her. I was imaging my life and hers, i have a child, but no happy marriage, Joyce is happily
married but no child, I thought to myself as i kept on petting and encouraging her, that God will grant
them children. Abel walked up to her and consoled her also. I felt for the both of them.
That night we both held hands together. Abel prayed to God seriously, for God to restore my marriage.
The next day, was a Sunday.
Joyce gave me a gown of hers to put on for church and we all went to church together.
I couldn’t believe it, when children were called out for Bible recitation, Johnson was the only one who
recited a long Bible verse without any mistake. I was so surprised, the congregation kept on clapping and
clapping for him.
God Is great, i said in my mind.
As the sermon was going on, i felt like having Johnson closed to me, i had missed him so much. I went to
the children’s department. I saw very surprised again, when I saw Johnson was the one preaching. I sat
down quietly to listen to him, he had known the Bible than I even did. When he was done preaching, he
prayed the two children teachers that were there with the children, said Amen and clapped for him.
“Pastor son”, the children kept on saying when Johnson was done. Johnson stood smiling. I couldn’t
believe it, Johnson who was so much in love in going to mosque, Johnson who later refused was not
going to ever follow me to church again, was now the one preaching. Tears of joy rolled down my face.
Jesus you are great, i said in mind, as i whipped off my tears immediately with my hand.
“Am sure you are surprised at the way this little boy called “pastor son” preached. He is very amazing”,
one of the children teacher said.
“She is the mother. You weren’t at the church program yesterday, that’s why you don’t know”, the other
children teacher said to her.
She looked at me surprised.
When Johnson saw me he ran towards me and hugged me happily. I kissed him and told me to go sit till
the service was over, and i will be back for him, he went to sit happily.
After the service was over, i went on my kneels to thank Abel and Joyce, for raising Johnson in the ways
of the Lord. I couldn’t have trained him the way they did.
God has a reason for everything, I said In my mind.
We walked out of the church.
” So it’s time for you and Johnson to leave now”, Joyce said as tears rolled down her face.
I could feel her pains of not having a child.
God will grant you children, don’t cry please, i said to Joyce, as I whipped her tears with my hand. Joyce
walked up to where Johnson was she carried him and hugged him tightly.
“I will miss you so much”, Joyce said to Johnson.
“I will miss you too”, Johnson said.
I could Johnson loved Joyce.
Joyce started crying.
“Don’t cry. I will come to be visiting you”, Johnson said to Joyce.
Abel and i consoled her.
Joyce went to the car opened it and brought a big box out.
“Jonson’s clothes, shoes, books and everything are in here”, she said.
I didn’t really know how to thank Joyce and Abel anymore.
Thank you so much. God bless both of you and i pray God grants you children.
“Amen”, Joyce and Abel said.
Thanks for the gown also, i will return it when we visit again.
” No, you can have it, it fits you, Joyce said. Me and Joyce have the same body size, and almost the
same height.
Thank you so much, i said to Joyce, smiling.
She hugged me, Abel hugged me also. I carried the box, opened my boot and placed it there.
Abel and Joyce, hugged Johnson before he entered my car and we left.
“Mommy, why did daddy not come?” Johnson asked as i was driving.
I didn’t want to remember anything about Ibrahim, i didn’t answer him.
” Mommy, why did daddy not come?” Johnson asked again.
We will talk about that when we get home, i told Johnson, thinking of what to tell him when we got
To be continued.
“What about Aunty Miriam?” Johnson asked.
Johnson still remembered her.
She has gone to her own house, I replied him.
Johnson, you ask a lot questions.
He kept mute.
In three hours thirty minutes, we were home. I opened the door and we went in.
“Mommy”, Johnson said.
Son, i replied him.
“This is not our house na”, he said looking all around the place.
Johnson still remembered.
We changed our house, i lied to him.
“Why? Where is my daddy?”
I knelt down and placed my two hands on his shoulders.
Daddy, will be back soon ok, i told him and kissed him.
“Ok, mommy. I can’t wait to see my daddy”, he said happily.
Let me go and prepare food, for you and i to eat ok.
“Ok mommy.”
I didn’t go to my boutique for about a week, i was with Johnson at home. I was so happy he was back. I
couldn’t stop thanking God.
“Mommy, why has daddy not come back since? I have been telling you to call him, you don’t want to”,
he said angrily almost crying.
I had to lie to him so he would stop asking me. The more he talked about his dad the more i thought of
Ibrahim, and the more my pains increased.
Johnson, your daddy died, i lied to him as tears rolled down my face.
“Mommy, what happened to him?” He asked surprised.
I will let you know later, you can’t understand now.
“My teacher said when someone is dead, the person won’t come wake up again”, he said with a teary
Before, i knew it Johnson broke down crying. I started petting him.
If i knew, i wouldn’t have told him that, i said in my mind.
Later, i discovered his temperature was very high. I rushed to my room to look for the remaining
paracetamol i had left. I gave it to him, yet his body was still hot. I carried Johnson with my two hands,
Lord have mercy on me, what have I done o, i said as tears rolled down my face.
if i know i wouldn’t have told him that, i said in my mind.
I took Johnson to a near by hospital. The doctor assured me he would be fine.
Two days later, Johnson was discharged, hale and heathy. I was so happy, we went home.
Joyce and Abel came to see him. Johnson who was sad, became happy on seeing them.
Joyce complained, before she left, that the area I am living is too quite and lonely.
When they left Johnson became sad again.
I later did some shopping for him, just to make him happy.
Later, I registered Johnson in a school not far from the house. The school closed at 3pm. At 4pm, i will
leave by boutique, get to his school by 5 in the evening to pick him. I paid extra for him staying in
school after closing hour. I could have stayed out home and come to pick him up at 3pm, but if i am
alone at home I would think too much and be depressed, i didn’t want that, i needed to go out to reduce
my thinking.
Things continued like that. I didn’t really concentrate on Johnson academically and spiritually, as I wasn’t
in the right state of mind.
Johnson, was loosing interest little by little in reading his Bible, school books and also praying.
Few months later.
“Johnson, what’s wrong na? You are not reading your Bible, and school book, you are not also praying
like before again, I asked him one evening.
“Mommy, i am not happy”, he told me.
Why? i asked him surprised.
“My daddy is not here again. You don’t really have time for me. You are always sad. You don’t show me
love like the way Mr and Mrs Abel did. You don’t teach me my homework, you don’t read the Bible with
me, you don’t tell me Bible stories, you don’t come to pick me up early form school when i close, like
Mrs Abel, my second mommy did. You don’t love me.
Yes he was right, but only if he could understand.
I’m sorry Johnson. Don’t say that okay, i love you i am your mother, I said to him, holding him to myself.
Tears were rolling down my face.
“I want to go back to them.”
Who? I asked him.
“Mr and Mrs Abel, i want to go back to their house. They are my second mommy and daddy.”
I looked at him for a while, i could see he was actually serious.
Is that what you want? I asked him.
He nodded his head.
I knew there was no way i could concentrate to train Johnson up spiritually and academically like they
did. Not like i wanted him to go, i wanted the best for him and i wanted him to be happy also.
We will go there. Are you happy now?
He nodded his head happily.
The next day I called Joyce to tell her.
The day we arrived at their house, Abel and Joyce welcomed us. Joyce carried Johnson immediately, she
was so happy on seeing us.
I explained all to Joyce and Abel.
Joyce and Abel asked me about Ibrahim. I told them things were still the same. They encouraged me
that things will change for better and God will restore back my marriage.
“You have to be patient, God doesn’t work in a haste”, Abel had told me.
Joyce was happy Johnson was back. She told me she had missed him so much and the church had
missed Johnson also and they will be so happy to see him again.
“That place you are living is too quite and lonely. If only you should live there alone in the house, you
will feel so lonely”, Joyce said feeling so concerned.
I’m used to it, I said smiling.
“There is a five bedroom duplex, a church member of ours gave us the house as a gift after my husband
had prayed for him, he was healed of a chronic disease. He gave my husband the house before he
traveled aboard with his family, he said they want to live there permanently. The man and his family
were living there before. Everything you can think of are in the house. We will want you to be living
there. It’s a very lively area. Me and my husband spoke about that the day we left your house, Joyce said
I was so surprised.
You don’t have to do all that for me. I have been living there and i can still live there, I said with teary
“No”, Abel said, handing over the keys to the house to me.
“Have it, we would have moved in there since but the Holy spirit told us not to. God has a reason for
everything. We prayed about it and you are the one God wants to stay there, Joyce said smiling.
I thanked them so much.
Since, you said God said so i don’t have any reason to say no, I said, whipping my tears with my hand.
That same day, they took me to the house to see it, Johnson went along with us.
A week later.
I moved out to the house Joyce and Abel gave to me to live. It was really a nice and lively place, i loved it
so much.
Someone directed me to an agent. I showed the agent my house that i wanted to rent it. In less than
two weeks the agent found a young couple to rent my house. They couple said they wanted a house
with a gateman at the gate. The agent looked fora gateman. They paid. I exchanged contact with the
couple and the gateman before i left.
I started my normal life going to me boutique and returning home in the evening. I made some new
friends also. I was always visiting Johnson at Abel’s place every weekends.
On this particular day i was about leaving my boutique in the evening, when a young man walked in.

My sales girl went ahead to meet him, immediately he walked in. She took him around, he bought a lot
of wears and paid with his ATM card. Before he left he approached me.
“Your sales girl, told me you own here”, the young man said.
Yes, i replied him, forcing a smile, to be nice to my patroniser.
“That’s nice. I was going to see my dad and uncle, so i decided to stop and get them some wears. I must
confess, you really sell nice things here.”
Thanks, very much and thanks a lot for patronising us also, God bless you, i said still putting on a fake
I was thinking about a lot of things that depressed me before he approached me.
“You are welcome. You must be a pastor”, he said jokingly.
No, i am not.
“That’s ok, well i don’t live around here, i hope I can make order for wears and it will be brought to me?”
The young man asked.
Sure, of course. You can make orders anytime any day and it will brought to you. Here is my business
card, with my new number on it now, the first number is mine, you can always call me anytime you
want to make an order, i said.
“Thanks a lot”, the young man said.
You are welcome anytime, i replied.
“I’m Adebayo by name and you?”
I told him my name.
“Alright, thanks”, he said and left.
When i got home, i prepared food to eat. After eating, i laid down on my bed to rest, my mind flashed
back to the young man i met, Adebayo, i thought of him for a while before my mind flashed to Johnson, I
took my phone to call Joyce to speak to Johnson. He was really happy living with them. After the call my
mind flashed back to Ibrahim, tears rolled down my eyes, i managed to pray and sleep.
That how things still continued, going to my boutique and coming back in the evening.
One evening around 7pm, i was sitting in my living room when my phone rang, it was a number, I didn’t
have on my phone, i picked up the call and kept mute for a while waiting for the caller to speak first.
Caller: Hello.
Me: Hello.
Caller: Good evening.
Me: Good evening.
Caller: Do you know who is on the line?
Me: No, i do not.
Caller: And you responding like you do.
Me: For you to have called me, it’s either you know me or you called me for business.
Caller:(laughing), I love that, well it’s me Adebayo.
Me: Ohhhhh, wow.
Caller: Yeah, how you doing? How was work today?
Me: Fine. I’m doing ok, and you?
Caller: I’m doing great.
Me: That’s nice, thanks for patronising us, the other time.
Caller: it’s ok, how is your family?
Me: Fine…
Caller: Well, can i ask you a question? Please ma.
Me: Sure, go straight to the point.
Caller: Alright, I will like to know you better.
Me: Hmmm, alright.
Caller: Can we chat on WhatsApp?
Me: Yeah, we can.
Caller: Thanks a lot.
Me: You don’t need to thank me.
Caller: I need to.
Me: it’s ok.
Caller: Yeah, but before that, can we still keep on talking on phone.
Me: Yeah.
Caller: Thanks a lot.
We spoke for over an hour on the phone.
That is how i started chatting with Adebayo, he asked me if i was married or in any relationship, I told
him no.
“After all Ibrahim was gone, so i felt i wasn’t married anymore”, I said in my mind.
“Nothing, gets hidden forever”, my mind told me.
There was no day he won’t call me, talking to me for over an hour on the phone.
Almost a month later, he called me one night.
Me: Hello.
Adebayo: Hello, sweetheart.
Me:( Laughing), how are you doing, dear?
Adebayo: I’m very well. I’m missing you here. How are you doing also.
Me: Awwwww, I’m good.
Adebayo: How was work today?
Me: Fine dear, what about you?
Adebayo: Fine too, sweetheart.
Me: Alright….
Adebayo: I would love us to meet.
Me: Hmm, really?
Adebayo: Yes, don’t turn me down please…
Me: (laughing) When? Where?
Adebayo: This Saturday, don’t worry i will be there with my driver to come pick you up at your work
place, since you are there on saturdays too.
Me: Hmmm, this saturday, tomorrow?
Adebayo: Yeah, sweetheart, please….
Me: Hmm okay, but i can come myself, just tell me where you want us to meet.
Adebayo: No, i am willing to come pick you up myself.
Me:(laughing) ok.
Adebayo: So get ready sweetheart, i will be there by 11am.
Me: Ok, i will.
Adebayo: Thanks so much.
Me: You don’t have to thank me.
Adebayo: I have to, don’t tell me that.
Me: If you say so.
Adebayo: So what’s up, is there anything you need.
Me: I’m ok, no.
Adebayo: Are you sure of that?
Me: Yeah.
Adebayo: Alright.
We still talked for almost an hour, before he hanged up.
The next day saturday, i went to the saloon to fix my hair, after that was done i went home to take my
bath. I later went to a makeup artist to have some light makeups to look younger and finer. After that
was done, i went to my boutique to wait for Adebayo.
Before 11am, Adebayo, arrived. When he came down from his car, he called my number, i came out and
we hugged each other happily. I entered his car and his driver drove off. We talked, played, joked, as his
driver kept on driving.
So where exactly are we going, i asked him later.
“Relax ok, sweetheart, we will get there soon.”
Alright dear, i replied smiling.
To be continued.
“You look more beautiful today”, Bayo said.
Thank you, i replied smiling. No wonder you have been staring at me since.
He laughed.
” Yeah, i love your hairdo and the makeup, who did the makeup for you.”
(Laughing) Thanks, a makeup artist.
“Wow, you look good on the gown also, have been admiring you since we have been on our way.”
Thank you, i said blushing.
“I can’t believe, I have such a beautiful lady sitting by my side.”
(Laughing), stop it.
“Why would i? Can’t i compliment on your beauty anymore.”
It’s okay.
“So, did you take breakfast this morning?”
No, i didn’t.
“Why? You must be hungry by now.”
No, i am not.
“Alright”, he said staring at me, smiling.
What about you, did you take breakfast?
“No, i was in a hurray to come pick my sweetheart.”
You not serious, i said laughing.
“Of course, i amm, why would I lie to you?”
Have heard you o, i said smiling.
Few hours later.
This Ajah road na, where are we heading to? I asked him confused.
“Just relax, sweetheart”, he said smiling.
Ok ooo… I replied him.
Later we arrived at a very big eatery.
“Here we are, sweetheart”, Bayo said.
Wow, what a lovely place, i said admiring the environment.
” Yeah, i am happy you like it.”
I laughed.
“Let’s go in”, Bayo said, holding my hand.
When we got in, i couldn’t stop admiring the whole place, as i kept on looking all around.
” Let’s sit here”, Bayo said pointing at a table for two.
Alright, I replied as we walked towards the table to take our seat.
“First, i want to thank this beautiful miss, for accepting to come along with me”, he said smiling.
Have told you to stop thanking me, Bayo, i said smiling.
“No, i won’t stop. So what would you love to take?”
Hmmm, you brought me here so you are to decide.
“No, what would you love to take?” He asked again.”
Ok wait, I said smiling.
I looked at the price that were tagged to each food, drink, snack and the rest of all they were expensive,
I wasn’t surprised with such an eatery.
I made my choice, he ordered for it and his also.
As we were eating, he kept on staring at me.
Why you staring at me like that, stop it i don’t like it, i said smiling.
“Why won’t i stare at you”, he replied, laughing.
After about 35mintues, we were done eating and drinking.
“So sweetheart, I would love to know you more”, Bayo said looking at me seriously.
There is noting much about myself.
“Just tell me.”
I told him everything about myself, my family, the only thing i didn’t tell him was that, i was once
married and i have a child.
“Wow, wow that’s nice and you said there was noting much about you, i knew you were just joking”, he
said after i had told him about myself.
I smiled, looking at him.
Tell me about yourself too, i said still smiling.
“About myself?” He asked.
Yeah, i replied.
“Hmmmm”, he said and sighed.
What’s wrong?
“Noting, i will tell you.”
Alright, i am listening.
“Well, i am Adebayo Victor Olayemi.”
Wow, Victor is your English name.
“Yes, my dad named me Victor, my mom named me Adebayo, Olayemi is my surname.”
Wow, that’s nice, continue, i said, as i was eager to hear more from him.
“Yeah, I’m from Osun state. I’m the only son and child of my parents.”
Wow only son and child, I said surprise as my mind flashed back to Johnson, my only son and child.
Are you a Christian? I asked him.
“Yeah, of course i am.”
Alright, they must have pampered you as being the only child, i said jokingly, smiling.
“Well, no.”
(Laughing), would you say yes before?
“Well, i would have said yes if I was actually pampered like you think.”
I focused on him, looking at him seriously to hear more.
“My mom died of cancer, the year I gained admission into the university of Lagos to study an
Engineering course.”
Ohhhh, i am so sorry for that, i said feeling pity for him, it was like i felt his pains.
“You don’t have to be sorry, you didn’t cause it.”
Yeah, but i feel for you.
“I understand. After that, my dad lost his job also, it was with the help of my uncle and supports from
my dad, that i was able to go to school. I didn’t want to go to school that year i lost my mom, i loved her
so dearly, my dad was the one who encouraged me. Ever since my mom died ten years ago i had just
been trying to live happy till…”
Till what? I asked him.
“I will let you know that later. My uncle was married for eight years with no child.”
O my God, i said in surprise.
“Yeah, his wife got tired and left him as the fault was from him through medical reports. After all that,
my uncle and my dad both decided to live together. My dad and my uncle vowed not to marry another
Tears were almost dripping from my eyes, i felt his pains.
“You don’t have to cry ok, that was all in the past.”
I know but….. He cut me off.
“It’s okay. After I graduated, my uncle encouraged me to go further into doing my masters, i reluctantly
agreed and did it. After I was done, i applied for job almost everywhere but i found none, so i started to
teach in a secondary school.
To cut the story short, after some few years i got a job in Chevron.”
Chevron? You work in an oil company? I asked very surprised.
“Yeah, i never knew i was ever going to get employed there. My uncle was the one who persuaded me
to apply, he kept on praying, he has a friend who is a prophet, the prophet prayed for me also and told
me i will get the job, i didn’t believe but i got it.”
Wow….. I said in surprise.
“I still want to let you know more things about me.”
I looked at him seriously the more.
“When i got employed and started working, i got a house of mine and a car also. A lot of ladies came
around me because of money, i slept with almost all of them, till the day i was in a program, i was
caught my the Holy Spirit, I gave my life Christ when the pastor made an alter call and ever since then i
promised God not to sleep with any lady that came my way, that was how i stopped from that day i
surrendered my life to Christ. I told God the lady i will move closer to will be who i want to be serious
with, a woman i will want to take as mine forever.”
I looked at Bayo surprised.
“Yeah, i have to let you know”, he said.
Tears were rolling down my eyes, my mind was telling me to tell him the real truth about myself that i
was once married and i have a child, since Bayo also told me the truth about himself.
“Noting gets hidden forever”, my mind kept on telling me.
“Should i tell him”, I kept on asking myself.
Bayo held my two hands with his hands, looking straight into my eyes. He kept mute for a while before
he spoke.
“And you are the woman i want to be serious with, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I love
you and i want you as mine forever”, he said still looking directly into my eyes.
I kept mute, looking at him in surprise.
“What do you say to that?” Bayo asked.
“Should i tell him the truth”, I asked myself again.
“Noting gets hidden forever”, my mind still kept on telling me.

MY PAINS Part 41

To be continued.

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1 month ago

Pls tell him the truth

Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
1 month ago

You have to let him know everything about your past

1 month ago

You have to tell him the truth.Very touching

Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
1 month ago

Please post the remaining episode please