MARRIED TO MY SISTER’S LOVER Final Part 4 – Missing pen


👰🏾‍♂️EPISODE 4 👰🏾‍♂️

That same day by afternoon I saw my wife removing contents from the fridge and when she was done she carried the fridge into my sisters room.

One night I stayed up till 2pm working so I forgot to lock the main house door. At exactly 2:15 am when I remembered and went to lock the door, I was shocked at what I saw.

I noticed my wife with a big bag walking towards the gates. I was about sneaking up to her but I stepped on some sort of liquid and fell to the floor, hitting my head on the ground and went unconscious.

When I woke up, it was 5 am already and by then my wife was already back. I checked the floors if I would see any liquid but there was none.

I returned to my room and began preparing for work but while I was about taking a bath I noticed a strange thing on my feets.

I looked at the stain on my leg and I was amazed to see blood on my feet. I was anxiously thinking I sustained a big injury when I fell but after proper examination I discovered the blood stains on my feet where not mine.

I immediately remembered that while I was about sneaking on my wife I slipped on a liquid, which means that the contents in the bag possess blood.

I was amazed and quickly tied my towel and speedily went to my brother’s door. I knocked just a few seconds and the door creak open .

I was so excited as I explained my findings to him thinking that was the only lead. To my biggest surprise my brother laughed before saying;

“So you can not sneak with out having to almost die?”

“What do you mean, atleast I woke up to do something” I replied back.

My brother shook his head and went to bring his phone. He switched it on and played a video of my wife burying body parts in a bush.

“How did you get that video?” I asked curiously.

“I was sleeping, when I heard you screaming like a girl, so I followed the directions of the scream but found you unconscious. I was about helping you when the sounds of the gate attracted my attention and I followed her ” he answered.

I asked him to transfer the video to me so I could give it to the police to follow up the story. Like a girl in love I happily went to work but didn’t forgot to pay a visit to the station.

When I returned back from work, I noticed that my room was scattered. I went to my brother’s room but didn’t see him.

I was furious so I rushed to the kitchen to pick a knife and put an end to everything. I just picked up the knife but before leaving I heard some one humming from the store room.

I walked inside and found my brother who was bound with rope and his lips taped . I immediately rescued him and he told me that our sister and my wife overheard us in the morning and they have escaped.

I quickly went to my room to check my financial documents but all was lost. I called back the police station and updated them while we waited for results.

Two days later my wife and her lover, my sister, where caught on the border trying to leave the country.

They both were arrested and charged to the court. Before their sentencing, my sister confessed that she did what she did because when her husband was dieing of a terminal disease I sold our only family land to start my company instead of using the money to sustain her husband’s life.

She said at first she didn’t hold grudges until she met Sandra, my wife that evening I introduced Sandra to her as my wife. Sandra, my wife, being her longtime s3x lover complied because they still had feelings for each other.

There plan was to do a ritual over my head to die, then take my financial documents for a run. And that was why they killed my brother’s friend.

They both were judged farely by the law and I returned back to being single 😎

The End 💥💥


My pen don’t bleed ❣️❣️❣️❣️ it writes…..

©️ Missing pen

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Jonathan Gaius
18 days ago

Interesting 🤔

Chidera Ruleth
Chidera Ruleth
17 days ago

Things dey happen sha