JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 36 – 37 by Azeemah Salami

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JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 36 by Azeemah Salami


💞Anel’s POV💞

Your dad,Liam just called me now,he said you want me to change your seat that you’re having difficult times sitting beside Dan”

“What!” I exclaimed.

I sighed annoyingly,how could Liam do this!
“So you’re gonna be exchanging seats with Jacqueline Silver,she once complained about her seat” She said and picked a pen.

Not that devilish girl!

“No ma’am,all he said was false. I’m not having difficult time sitting beside Dan”
“You mean he’s telling lies?” She asked.
“Yeah” I nodded.

She smiled…”How could he tell lies. That’s impossible”
“It’s possible ma’am,he’s telling lies. I never complained about my seat to him” I said and glanced at Dan whose face held no emotion.

“You know what,he knows what’s good for you” She said.
“You mean you’re still gonna change my seat?” I asked.
“Of course,your father asked for it” she said.
“That’s what my father asked for! Not me,I’m the one schooling here not him so you gotta respect my decision too” I said.

“We have to do what your father wants” She said.
“Go ahead and I’m gonna report this to the school board” I threatened and Dan gasped.
“OMG!” Mrs Oliver exclaimed.
“Yeah” I said.

“Ohh.. okay,I’m not gonna change your seat anymore. You can both head to your class” She said.
“Thank you ma’am” Dan said and walked after me out of the office.

We got to the hallway and bursted into laughter.

“You’re something else” Dan laughed.
“Yeah i know” I joined him in laughing.
“Didn’t you see how scared she looked” Dan said and we laughed again.

We were both laughing hard that i had to close my eyes.
I stopped laughing when my my body collided into a wall.
“Ah” I groaned.
But we we weren’t close to a wall and this fragrance smells familiar.

I opened my eyes and was shocked to see Mr Jones,the geography teacher.
I quickly shifted back and nearly hissed.
He smiled..”ohh…i can see you’ve resumed”
“Yeah” I said and walked out on him.
That man has a bad aura surrounding him.

“She’s sorry sir” I heard Dan plead on my behalf.
“It’s nothing,I know her to be a rude girl” He said loudly.

I kept on walking trying to figure out where i once sniffed that particular fragrance,i heard Dan’s footsteps drawing close.
I slowed down a bit so he could meet up with me.

“Why do you have to apologise to him” I said.
“Com’on Anel,you shouldn’t be rude to people older than you” He said.
“I’m not,have you ever seen me rude to other teachers. He does not like him and that made me dislike him too” I said.
“How do you know he does not like you?” He asked.
“I sensed it” I said.

“Well… i can’t doubt you” He said and i smiled.
“Of course not”

“Get out of the way” Someone screamed and before i could blink,Dan has pushed me out of the way.
A loud bang followed.
We both landed hard on the floor breathing heavily.

I was yet to recover from the shock when i quickly sat up.
“Damn! What was that?” I asked holding my chest.
I looked up and saw it was one of the fat girls i once rescued from karissa’s bully.
She smiled and i almost returned her smile.

“Hi” She said.
“What just happened?” I asked still breathing heavily.
Dan groaned beside me and then sat up.
She pointed to a direction and i traced her thick finger only to see a large stone sitting on the floor.
“I don’t get..what happened?” I asked.

“I saw someone putting on a mask throw that huge stone,it was directed to hit your head and it was so near that i had to scream” She said.
“OMG!” My breathing increased.
“Ah!” Dan exclaimed.
“This is bad” He said.

“Thank you” I said still shaken at the thought of that stone hitting my head.
I’m damn sure I’m gonna give up Immediately…I wonder who could have thrown that huge stone from that distance.

The person wants me dead!
Could it be Karissa?
No..i have a feeling she isn’t the one.
“Thank you” Dan said to the fat girl and then stood up.
He dusted his trouser and stretched his hand to me.

I placed my shaky hand on his.
He helped me up and then dusted my skirt and hair.
“Thanks so much” I said to the fat girl who nodded.
“Be very careful,a lot of people are very jealous of you” She said.

“Thank you so much,i owe you a lot for this,you just saved my life” I said.
“It’s fine” She said and walked away.
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Dan sighed.
“This is weird” He said.
I nodded my head and looked at the huge stone once more,fear gripped me.

I would have just died like my mum.
I can’t wait to clock 17,it seems a lot of bad things happens at age ’16’.

But who could have done this.

🥀School Over🥀

I stood up and started packing my books in my backpack,still shaken over that incidence.
“Anel” Dan called and i faced him.
“You’re still shaken right?” He asked and i nodded.
“You’ll be fine” he pulled me into a hug.

I rested my head on his chest and felt a bit relieved.
Why does my heart beat faster whenever I’m with Dan.
Ah..I hope it’s definitely not what I’m thinking.

I disengaged from the hug and continued packing my books.
I finished packing it,i threw my phone in my pocket and turned to face Dan who was waiting for me.
I looked at jacq’s seat and found it empty with her backpack gone. Same as Karissa.
They didn’t wait for him.

I just hope im not causing any thing among them.
“Your friends didn’t wait for you” I said to Dan.
He nodded. “Yeah”
“Am i by chance causing quarrels among you guys?” I asked.
“No..no. let’s go” He smiled and held my hand,then led me out of the class.


We got to the gate,showed the gatekeeper our school ID card before stepping out.

Funny enough,we met both Jacq and Karissa standing outside the gate.
Their cars are yet to arrive.
So what’s with the rush? They obviously do no want to wait for Dan.

I wonder why they’re behaving so childish.
“Will you go meet them?” I asked Dan who shrugged.
“Com’on” I said and he hesitated before going to them.

I watched them and felt so pained at how they both ignored him.
I don’t just wanna create a scene,i should have taught them both a critical lesson.
Karissa wants to talk to him but Jacq kept shutting her up with glares.

I feel Jacq is more dangerous than ‘dummy Karissa’

Dan walked back to me looking a bit hurt.
“Sorry” I said.
“It’s fine” he smiled.
“Your friends behaves childish” I rolled my eyes.
He laughed…”All girls do”
“I don’t” I said.
“Well…you’re different from other girls” He said and my cheeks grew hot.

“Should i take that as a compliment?” I asked.
“Yeah” He smiled.
I dragged his cheeks playfully and muttered ‘thanks’.
“The happiness you alone gives me is more than the one ten people can give me ” He said and this time i blushed.

I hid my almost red cheeks with my palms.
He laughed.
“Com’on,get those palms of yours away,i need to see how red i made your cheeks go” he said and i laughed.

“Com’on get your hands off” He said.
“No” I said,my cheeks growing more hot.
He tried to remove my my hands from my cheeks but i held on tighter, laughing.

A car horn sounded twice but we were both carried away with our play.
I kept laughing and dodging his hand from getting to my cheeks.

“I love that” we heard a familiar voice said loudly.
We both turned and i smiled when i saw Claire in the car,in front of us, seated on the driver’s seat.
She waved at us.

We both walked to her…

“Good afternoon Claire” Dan and i greeted.
“Good afternoon sweeties,how was school today?” She asked.
“Perfectly fine” Dan said and i glared at him playfully.
“It was fine but not perfectly fine, a lot happened today” I said.
“Wow! I can’t wait to hear those gist” She said.
“And i can’t wait to tell you everything” I said.

It’s so hard to believe Claire and i and Claire would finally get this close.
I’ve only spent few days in dad’s house and I’ve told her almost all my secret.
I don’t regret doing that cause I’ve learnt a whole lot from her, she advises wisely.
She’s so intelligent that i envy her most of the time.

“Dan how have you been?” She asked.
“I’ve been fine, thanks” Dan smiled.
“That’s good to hear,so how are your parents?” She asked.
Dan glanced at me before answering.
“They are doing good” he said.

I got into the backseat and closed the car door.
Dan was still leaning on the front door.
“I’m glad you both didn’t allow your parents past to disrupt your friendship,that‘s so matured of you. You’re both doing what your parents should have done” She said and we smiled.

“Thanks Claire,i think my car is here already” he said and waved.
He winked at me and butterflies fluttered in my stomach.
“Bye,see you tomorrow” He said and walked away.
“Awwwn!” Claire said.
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“What?” I asked.
“Nothing” She laughed,and turned on the ignition.


We stepped into the house.

Dad isn’t in yet.

i smiled…im just noticing how corporate Claire dressed.

“Did you go to work?” I asked.
“Yeah” She said and dropped her handbag on the couch.
“I wouldn’t have recognised you if i had see you walking in the street” I said.
She laughed…”Do i look good?”
“Perfectly good” i said and smiled as she unpinned her hair.
It spread down to her shoulders in curly waves.

She pulled off her shoes and s un-bottened her floral shirt.

“Claire,you haven’t gotten to your room” I said.
“Yeah,i have to quickly place the soups i made in the microwave” She said and i sighed, already knowing she’s a Kitchener.
“Why don’t you freshen up first” I suggested.
“No,i need to go into the kitchen first” She said.

I shook my head and started walking to the stairs.
“Don’t forget you need to gist me”
“After I’m done freshening up” I said.
“Okay” She said and i watched her hurry into the kitchen.
I opened the door to my room and stepped in,i smiled and inhaled the scent of my room.
Always smelling nice.
I closed the door gently behind me.

I walked to my well spread bed and dropped my backpack beside it.
I sat on the bed and started pulling off my shoes,my pop sock went off next.

“Ah..I’m so tired” I said and massaged my feet for a while before un-bottening my shirt.
I stood up and grabbed my body towel before walking into the bathroom.


My necklace sparkled brightly as i walked out of the shower.
I grabbed my towel and wrapped it round my body,then made my shiny necklace lay on my chest.

Dan has this necklace too…
Does it shine brightly like mine?
Well…I’m gonna confirm that tommorow.

I walked back to my room and selected a simple outfit.
I dried my body and started getting into my clean clothes.


I adjusted my pink skirt before dropping my phone into the pocket.
I loosened my pontsplait and combed my hair.
I packed it into a high ponytail and then selected a pair of black slippers.

I slipped my feet into it, smiled and walked out of my room.

Mixed aroma ran through my nostrils as i descended the stairs.
I guess this house should be a cafeteria.
Come to think of it, Claire is fit enough to handle four cafeterias together.
I’m gonna tease her about that.

I didn’t bother going to the living room,i walked straight into the kitchen after dropping my phone on the dining table.

I met her stirring a pot of steaming chicken soup.

“I think my nose is gonna get blocked with different type of aroma” I said as i strolled into the kitchen.
She’s wearing an apron over her un-bottened shirt and her hair is well tucked in a hair net.
“I’ll be glad if it does” She said and we giggled.

“What do you want for lunch?” She asked.
“Anything” I said, just realising I’m hungry.
“Okay,I’ll prepare something now” She said.
“Let’s just have baguette with the soup” I said,not wanting her to stress herself any longer.

She just returned from work and didn’t even relax before coming into the kitchen.

“Are you sure that’s what you want? I can quickly prepare anything you want” She said and i smiled.
“Thanks Claire but that’s what i want for lunch, we’re gonna prepare something else for dinner” i said and she nodded.

She switched off the gas cooker and was about bringing out the baguette.
“No, Claire. I’ll do it” I said.
She sighed.
“Please” I said and she shrugged.
“Quickly go freshen up while i dish out our lunch” I said.
“Okay, thanks” She smiled and loosened her apron,then pulled off her hair net.
She handed it to me before walking out of the kitchen.


I sat on the dining chair, playing game on my phone while waiting for Claire to finish freshening up.
I’ve dished out our lunch already.

Her footsteps grew louder and i know she’ll be in the dining room soon. I quitted the game i was playing,then dropped my phone gently.

She walked into the dining room clad in dad’s t-shirt which looked loose and long on her,it was so cute.
She was putting on dad’s blue shorts.

I’m also gonna wear my boyfriend’s t-shirt and his sh..
What! Did i just thought of a boyfriend.

I heard the squealing of a chair before getting out of my thoughts.
Claire’s seated opposite me.

“Let’s eat” She said and i nodded.
We started eating and my thoughts kept flashing back to ‘the boyfriend thing’
Am i not gonna have a boyfriend.
Yeah…i won’t!
I already vowed to myself that i won’t.

Besides,i don’t like any gu…huh! Dan?

“No!” I said and gasped a little, realising i said that aloud.
Claire looked at me weirdly before pouring water into the glass cup and then gulping it down her throat.
“What?” asked.
“Nothing” I faked a smile.
“Your smile is fake” She said and i rubbed my forehead.
How could i forget that you can never fake a smile in Claire’s presence.

“So,you were going to gist me” she said.
“Yes!” I smiled.
“Go on” she said.

“When i got to to school in the morning….” I started.


Claire was laughing out loud when i finished telling her how i beat up Jacq and Karissa.
I didn’t find it funny though.

“Well…i won’t say what you did was right,they deserve it but avoid fighting in school next time cause it might set bad records for you” She said and i nodded.
“But what sort of school prefect is that?” She asked irritably.
“He’s a crook!” I said and bit into my chicken.
“You should report him” She said.
“I’m gonna do that soon”

“So I’ve got another thing to say” I said.
“Another gist?” She smiled.
“I won’t say it’s a gist cause it’s still bothering me up to this moment” i said.
“Really? What’s that?” She asked worriedly.
“Well…i nearly got killed today” I said and she gasped.



“OMG! That’s not a good thing” She said after i finished narrating the incidence to her.
“Yeah..it’s not” I said.
“You have to be very careful okay?” She said and i nodded.
“Or should we change your school?” She asked.
“No,I’ll be fine” I said.
“Don’t ever walk alone in the hallway again,make sure someone is always with you okay?”
I nodded.
“Is there a CCTV in your school hallway?” She asked and i nodded.

Why didn’t i think of that.

“Okay” She said.
“Don’t bother about me Claire,I’ll be fine” I said.
She let out a long breathe…

“Dad! What do you mean by Liam is gonna change my school. Did i complained about it” I shouted.
I was laying on the bed,about sleeping after having dinner when dad walked into my room to tell me this annoying news.

What the hell is wrong with Liam!

“He wants you to stop seeing that boy” Dad said.
“Boy? There’s no boy in our school” I said knowing well the person he’s referring to.
“He wants you to stop seeing Dan” Dad said.
“Have i ever complained that my eyes always get blind whenever i see Dan?” I asked crossly.

He sighed.

“Do whatever you want with his parents. Dan is innocent!” I said.
“But he still remains their son!” Dad said.

“I dare anyone to transfer me to another school, then I’m gonna make sure something terrible” I threatened.
“Huh?” His eyes widened.. “Okay,I’m gonna talk to Liam about it” He said.

“Fine” I said.
He stared at me for a while before standing up from my bed.
“Goodnight daddy” I said.
He pecked me on both cheeks and switched off the light,then switched on the bedside lamb.

“Goodnight princess”

{Next🌺day at School}


“Okay,let’s continue the game” I laughed together with Dan.
“I’m sorry Anel,i promised to have lunch with Jacq today” He said.
My laughter faded and i felt hurt or rather jealous.

“Okay” I said, trying to appear normal.
“I’m sorry” He said.
“You shouldn’t be sorry, Jacq is your friend and there’s nothing bad in having lunch with her. You can go ahead” I said, trying hard to control my voice.

I searched for Jacq in the class and couldn’t see her.
She already went to the cafeteria with her puppy.

Dan stood up and walked out of the class.

I sighed and banged the table hard.

I searched for a novel to bury my face into.
I found one.


I’ve gotten halfway with my novel when i saw the fat girl that saved me yesterday, rushing to my seat with a worried.

What went wrong?

She got to my seat…
“Thanks for yesterday” I tried to smile.
“Jacq and Karissa just poured hot pasta on Dan’s face” She said.

“What!” I shouted and rushed out of my seat.

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 37 by Azeemah Salami

Anel’s POV💞

“Jacq and Karissa just poured hot pasta on Dan’s face” She said.

“What!” I shouted and rushed out of my seat.

I rushed out of the class heading straight to the cafeteria, Jacq and Karissa just met their doom today.

I got to the cafeteria in seconds and saw Dan picking pieces of pasta off his face, he was looking so embarrassed that i felt sorry for him.
Jacq and Karissa were both seated like they just did nothing!

When did they turn this way?
I didn’t know they’ve gotten this worst!
How could they do this to their friend?

I felt more infuriated when i saw Travis laughing hard in a corner.
I rushed to him and landed a slap across his face.
Everyone gasped.

I was satisfied the slap echoed the silent cafeteria.
He held his cheek, looking more embarrassed than Dan.

“You’re a school prefect,yet you watched two bitches poured hot pasta on their classmate face and you couldn’t do anything than to laugh like a toothless pig!” I yelled.
The students bursted into laughter.

“I’ll be back for you,i gotta deal with those bitches first” I said and headed to the counter.
Students quickly paved way for me.

“No one should be afraid of me,i don’t hurt people without a reason” i said and carried the whole portion of hot pasta.
It was steaming and almost burning my hands.
I dipped my hand into my pocket and brought out all the dollar bills.
I dropped it on the counter.

“That’s the money for the whole pasta” I said and started walking to Jacq and Karissa table with the large portion of pasta in my hand.
The students watched what i was about to do in silence.
Dan tried to stop me but a glare from me made him step back.

I got to their table and noticed they were about running.
I almost kissed the fat girl when she helped me pinned them down, preventing them from taking a step.

“Please I’m sorry, Jacq poured it first” Karissa cried.

I poured the whole pasta on their faces and body before smashing the large stainless bowl on their foreheads.
Everyone gasped.
They both danced without music as the hot pasta burned their skin.

Most of the students laughed while the rest mocked them.

“I hope you’ve known how hurtful it is, you’re both cruel for doing that to him” I said.

“You’re lucky it was only pasta you poured on his face, i would have shown you what a psycho behaves like. Bitches!” I said and was walking out of the cafeteria, i stopped and turned to Travis.

“I’m going to report you to the principal. Right now” I said and walked out of the cafeteria.

I got to the hallway and was about cornering to the principal’s office when i heard footsteps behind me..
“Dan,i don’t want to talk to you okay!” I said angrily and kept on walking.
There was silence but i was still hearing those footsteps.

I stopped walking.

“Dan” I called without turning.
There was no response,a strange feeling suddenly rushed over me,it was totally different from the one i normally feel when Dan is around me.
My body grew cold immediately and my palms got wet.

Fear gripped me and i shivered.
I started turning slowly,my heart was beating faster.
I finally turned and my heart nearly jumped out of my chest when i saw no one.

What just happened?

Then, i saw Dan running towards me from a distance,he was holding my necklace or was it his.
I checked my neck and it was bare.
That’s my necklace but what just happened.

Was that real? Or just my imaginations?

“Anel,your necklace fell off your neck while you were in the cafeteria” He said stretching my necklace to me.
“Were you behind me minutes ago?” I asked.
“No..i wasn’t,did anything went wrong? He asked.
“Noo” I said and took my necklace from him.

I guess that was just my thoughts…

I hooked my necklace around my neck and started walking away.
I’m still pissed at him for leaving me in the class to the cafeteria to go meet the bitches who ended up pouring hot pasta all over his face.

Serves him right!

“Anel” he called, running after me.
“What?” I asked, turning to face him.
“Thanks and I’m sorry for making you create a scene” He said.
I started laughing hard when i saw a piece of pasta hanging on his ear looking like those long fashionable earrings.

“What?” He asked.
I brought out my phone and made him see his reflection,i didn’t stop laughing.
He giggled and removed the pasta from his ear.

“Ohh…i should have captured that ” I laughed.
“You mocking me right?,you couldn’t even console me about the pasta that was poured on my face” He said with a fake frown.
“That serves you right! You left me in the class to go meet those bitches who ended up pouring hot pasta on your face” I said.

“Ah! I didn’t know they would do that,i wouldn’t have gone to meet them but don’t tell me you’re jealous right now?” He raised his brow, hiding his grin.
“Jealous? Hell no!” I lied and quickly turned away.
I don’t want him to see my cheeks.

I blush easily but only when I’m with him.

“🔉You’re jealous..

🔊 You’re jealous

🔊I’m glad you’re jealous” He sang after me as i walked to the class.

I tried to hold my laughter but i couldn’t anymore.
I hope Dan won’t crack my ribs.


“Go wash your face,you smell of pasta” I laughed.


Dan walked into the class after the biology teacher finished teaching.

It’s obvious he has cleaned up his face.
He looks so neat and good now.
“I hope i smell nice now?” He asked.
“A little” I teased and he smiled before sitting down.

I searched his neck for the necklace but couldn’t find it.
I thought he had one too.

“If you wanna see my necklace then you’ll have to kiss me first” He said.
“Huh?” My eyes widened and my heart pumped.

What would kissing him feel like?
His lips looks so soft and kissable.

“I was only joking” He laughed and i was a bit disappointed.
Wait…did i really wanna kiss him.
Hell no!

“I knew you were joking” I lied covering it up with a smile.
“Yeah,so here’s my necklace” He said and unhooked his necklace from his neck.
Why didn’t i see it on his neck?

He handed it to me and i collected it eagerly.
“Wow” I sighed in amazement,i couldn’t take my gaze off the necklace.
It felt so special in my hands.
This is the first time I’m seeing an authentic necklace similar to mine.

His had ‘Mig❤️‘ engraved on it while mine had ‘Vin❤️‘ on it.

I grinned happily not taking my gaze off it.
“It shines right?” I asked.
“Yeah… whenever water touches it” He said.
“Mine too” I smiled.

“So,we both have something special in common” He said.
“Something our parents once had” He said which made me remember my mum.
I felt sad immediately and handed the necklace back to him.

He hooked it round his neck and adjusted it,making the dangling part fall into his shirt just like i normally do.

“Should we just pour some water on it and check it out?” I asked.
“Wow! Then the whole class is gonna know we gat shiny necklaces” He said.
“Ok then we won’t,we will do that when we’re alone” I said.
“Do you wanna check out mine too?” I asked.
“I already did when i picked it up in the cafeteria” He said.
“Ohh… people saw it?” I asked.

“Yeah,they thought it was the duplicate.” He said.
“That’s true, a lot of people have it,i sometimes get so confused” I said.
“Me too, i was happy when i saw it on Karissa’s neck,i thought she was the girl with the original necklace and i was so disappointed when i found out it was the duplicate”

“Don’t mention those bitches name” I huffed.
“Ohh” He sighed.
“What went wrong? Why exactly did you do to deserve that from them ” I asked.
“Well…i don’t really know..i got to the cafeteria and ordered my meal,i took it to their table. You know we were always sitting together. Jacq asked me get out of my table,i wasnt surprised though, i knew she was probably pissed at me. I was about speaking up but the next thing i felt on my face was hot pasta, Jacq poured hers first before Karissa did” He said.

“Wow,they are seriously annoyed with you” I said.
He nodded. “Thanks for standing up for me”
“I’m glad i did,they really needed a taste of their own medicine and i offered it to them sweetly” I smiled.
He laughed.

“The slap you landed across Travis face sounded so loud.” He said.
“He deserved it and he’s so lucky that i didn’t go report him to the principal” I said.
“I’ll go report him myself,I’m just waiting for him to commit one more offence” I said.

“I hope you do,here’s the biology note” I passed my note to him.
He collected it and flipped the pages.

Jacq and Karissa walked into the classroom.
I didn’t even notice they weren’t in the class.
I felt a bit sorry when the students mocked them as they walked to their seat but then they deserve it.

I had to hold my laughter when i saw two pieces of pasta at the back of her neck.

“You were inside the class,how did you know what was happening in the cafeteria?” He asked.
“Well… someone came to inform me about it” I smiled, remembering the fat girl.
I like her and i think I’ll make her my friend.

“Who came to inform you? The fat girl?” He asked.
“It could have been anybody” I said.
He shrugged and continued with the note.
“Anel,i wanna tell you something” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“After school is over” he said, looking nervous.
“Okay” I said.

🌴🌴🌴School Over🌴🌴🌴

“Jacq and Karissa left without even apologising to you” I said to Dan.
We were seated on the bench in the garden, school is over and most students have gone home.

Dan brought me to the garden.

“Yeah .i know, I’ve decided to quit being their friends” He said.
“Oh..no! Dan you can’t do that” I said.
“Didn’t you see what they did to me? Who does that!” He said and i noticed he’s starting to let out the anger he was bottling inside him.

“Dan! They are your friends, they’re your good friends. Quarrels are bound to happen among friends right?” I asked and he nodded.
“So just forgive them and move on,you don’t have to behave as childish as they do” I said and patted his back.

He stared at him for a long while before pulling me into a hug.
“Thanks Anel, you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me” He said with such deep emotion that i nearly cried.
“I’m glad” I said.

“I love you” He whispered into my ear and my breath stopped for a moment.
An exciting feeling ran down my spine but then i felt sad,so sad.

I disengaged from the hug and faced the other side, tears blinded my eyes.

💞Dan’s POV💞

“I love you” I whispered into her ears,glad that i finally let out my mind.
She disengaged from the hug and quickly face the other side.

She was silence for a long while and i was starting to think she’ll never talk to me again.

“Was this what you wanted to tell me?” She asked slowly without looking me in the face.
“Yes Anel,i love you,so much. You’re the only girl I’ve ever felt this way for. Whenever i want to smile,i just close my eyes and think about you. You captured my heart the very moment you walked into the classroom,i feel so happy whenever I’m with you and i wish you can be mine. Forever” I said .

How did i think of those words?
God is indeed wonderful.
Go on Dan,you’re doing great.

I think the courage i gathered was because she wasn’t facing me.
I wouldn’t have gathered that courage if she was looking at me.

“Anel,will you please be my girlfriend?” I popped the question like a gum and i almost died expecting her to say something.
She wasn’t even facing me.

I heard her sniffle..
Is she sobbing?

She suddenly turned to face me and yes,she was sobbing,her eyes shone with tears and i felt my heart break.

She cleaned her tears and stood up from the bench.

“I’m so sorry Dan, i can’t date you” She said, wiping off the the tears that kept rolling down her cheeks.
My mouth felt bitter,i couldn’t say anything.
It seems like my mind already left my body .

“Why?” I finally managed to ask.
‘why can’t you date me!’ I screamed inwardly.

“Dan, You’re just like the sun and I’m just like the moon,your existence is a necessity to mine but on the same sky,we can never exist together. I’m sorry” She said and walked away.

The tears i didn’t realise i was holding dropped from my eyes and this time my heart didn’t only break but shattered into pieces.

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 36

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10 months ago

Wow wonderful story
I just love it.
Great job author Zee.

10 months ago

This is unbelievable 😱
It’s too unbearable for Dan😭

10 months ago

It’s getting hotter

8 months ago

You guys should let go of your parents past am sure there is a reason for both of you to meet each other