JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 34 – 35 by Azeemah Salami

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 22 - 23 by Azeemah Salami

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 34 by Azeemah Salami


????Dan’s POV????

I stood up slowly and left their house in tears.

Maybe that’s the end of our friendship…
And also the end of my love for her.


“Dan, Dan” Dad called as i walked past them to the stairs.
I just got home after roaming the streets aimlessly.
“What’s wrong?” He asked.
“I’ll be fine,i just need some time alone” I said and started walking to my room, ignoring further calls.

I landed on my bed with a huff.
I was laying chest up, facing the ceiling.
I counted the lines back and forth severally but doing that did nothing to stop my tears.

I should go blind already,i cry too much.

She stopped our friendship when i planned on expressing my feelings to her.
Well,who would be in her shoes and not behave that way.
She lost her mother not long after she was born,she went mentally deranged at 16! And all this was caused by my family,my parents to be precise.

I was so foolish to expect that she’s gonna accept me with open arms.
What if i had been in her shoes?
I know for sure that i wouldn’t have ended our friendship,i wouldn’t have allowed our parents past to disrupt anything between us but mind differs,she can’t think the same way i do.

She has already gone through a lot at her age, and all of it started when she met me,when she accepted to be my friend!
I shouldn’t have started talking to her,i shouldn’t have involved myself with her at the beginning cause now it’s difficult for me to detach from her.

I can’t be okay if she doesn’t talk to me.
I don’t think i should give up yet,i should tell her the real story behind her mum’s death.
Liam probably cooked up some lies in the story.
I can’t give up on Anel yet, she has become part of my world and i think i love her.

I love her?
Is this how love is?

I believe Love can be destructive and can also be sweet.
It caused destruction in our parents time and it’s about to,in our own time but I’m not gonna allow it to.
I’ll make sure ours end sweetly.

Does she love me too?…Nah,she doesn’t,she can’t.
Anel doesn’t believe in love.
But what if she does?
What if she loves me too?
Girls find it hard to resist my charm but Anel is far different from other girls.

Whatever the case may be …. I’m ready to scale through,i should stop crying everytime like a baby.

I laid on my side and closed my eyes.
I really need a good sleep.

????Anel’s POV????

“Did i told you i need to wipe my tears!” I yelled at Claire who was stretching a handkerchief to me.
“I’m sorry” She said and walked away.
I hissed.

I wiped my tears with my hands and then laid on the couch.

He didn’t even visit me during my stay in the hospital.
I missed him and I’ve been looking forward to seeing him the moment i returned from the hospital.

But what if he had visited me?
I wouldn’t have known cause i wasn’t in my right senses.

I can’t even believe i went deranged…at 16!
That is the worst thing that has ever happened to me.
I feel so bad about it and i had to flare up the moment i saw him.

Dan cares for me.
He likes me.
But we can’t be friends anymore.
His father killed my mother or rather his father caused my mother’s’s death.

Now,i understand the dream i once had.
Mum told me she hope I’ll continue being Dan’s friend when i find out who he is.

But should i allow what happened between our parents stop our own friendship?
Should i allow our parents past disrupt our friendship?

Dan knows nothing about all this,his father and mother are the culprits.
Now, i think I’m a fool to have done that but no matter how i keep blaming myself,i can’t possibly continue our friendship cause the memories won’t stop coming to my head whenever i see him.

Im thinking of changing school soon…i don’t want to see him at all.
It hurts to know that artist Shaw is the cause of my mother’s death,the man I’ve always cherished even without seeing,artist Shaw is the only person i ever loved outside my family circle.
I once believed he’s kind hearted but not anymore.
I’m trying so much to hate him but the hate isn’t just coming up.

It hurts more to know that Dan,the only friend i have is his son.

Why do they have to be the one,it should have been other people.
I’ve always vowed to do something terrible the day i find the people that caused my mother’s death but look at me,i can’t do anything.

The shock was too much for me and i think i nearly died that day.

I should just stop brooding,i haven’t talked to any of my family since i returned from the hospital and i feel bad about the way i treated Claire.. I should go apologise now.

I sat up and slipped my feet into my footwear.
I dropped my phone and was about standing up but it vibrated,i picked it up thinking Dan has sent another message..
I was a bit disappointed when the message wasn’t from him,it was from an unknown number.

Was i expecting him to send message after all i said to him?
I already made it clear that we should stop being friends and that’s what he followed.
It’s fine by me but deep down,i know it isn’t.
I can’t believe i still want him ,even after finding out who he is.

I clicked on the message;

???? While you were sick! He was playing with his friends,he didn’t even bother about you,he didn’t even bothered to check on you in the hospital.

????He said he’s free and happy without you.

????So bitch,what are you gonna do?

????I bet you feel betrayed..view the pictures below to confirm it.

“Wow” I laughed as i viewed the so-called pictures.
Only a fool wouldn’t know that Dan was faking his smile and laughter. I know the difference between his real and fake laughter.
I laughed again…the pictures looked funny.
Karissa and Jacq look like evil witches.

But who would have sent this?
I think it was the same person that sent Travis and i picture to Dan.
It’s obvious this person is trying to cause enmity between Dan and i.
I’m suspecting someone I’m gonna confirm that when i get to school on Monday.
I swear down…I’m gonna beat the day living out of her.

I zoomed the picture and laughed harder but then i stopped laughing when i saw weariness beneath Dan fake laughter.

Dan has been so worried about me and i returned only to give him a cold attitude.
But i can’t possibly give him a warm attitude.

I need to go confirm from Claire if Dan truly visited me in the hospital.
I stood up and hurried down to Claire’s room.

I didn’t find her in her room,i checked other rooms and couldn’t find her still.
I descended the stairs and headed straight to the kitchen.

Oh…She’s there!
I should have come check her here first cause the kitchen is just like her room.
She loves cooking a lot and you’ll always see her on apron.
I sometimes doubt if she’s a psychologist.

“Hi Claire” I said and smiled at her surprised look.
“Anel,are you sure you’re not mistaken?” She asked.
“I’m sorry for behaving that way towards you.. please forgive me” I said and rubbed my palms together.
“Wow” She exclaimed and quickly switch off the gas cooker.
She wiped her hands on the napkin and walked closer to me.

“Anel, don’t be sorry and of course I’m not angry,you returned from the hospital today after suffering from mental disorder for few days. I expected you to behave worst but here you’re apologising…I‘m so impressed” She smiled.
I nodded “Thank you”
“I actually thought you won’t talk to anyone for days cause most of my clients who once suffered from mental disorder kept to theirselves for days, It’s absolutely normal.” She said.

“I actually thought of keeping to myself but i had a rethink,I’ll be the one hurting if i keep to myself, besides none of you caused my predicament” I said with a shrug.
“Wow,come here Anel..I’m so impressed” She said pulling me into a hug.
I hugged her back and i think i sniffed some curry powder beneath her ears.

“We were all worried while you were in the hospital, Kelly already told me everything,i mean everything from the beginning so i perfectly understand how you might be feeling presently finding out your friend is the son of…”
“You knew? And you allowed him in” I interrupted her .

“Yeah,i did. He wasn’t the one who caused the death of your mother. It was his parents,so i see no reason why i shouldn’t allow him in”
I sighed…”okay,but i want to ask you some things”
“Go on dear” she said sweetly.

“Di..did he visited me while i was in the hospital?” I asked.
“Who? You mean Daniel?” She asked and i nodded.
His full name sounded different..I’m so used to calling him Dan.
“He did,but you know you were first taken to ‘forth run hospital’. While you were there, Dan is always coming but Liam doesn’t allow him in” She said and my heart sank.

“Are you okay?” She asked and i nodded.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah” I managed to say.
“Come,sit here” She said and dragged a kitchen stool closer to my butt.
I sat down and muttered ‘thanks’.

“Should i continue?” She asked and i nodded.
“Your situation grew worse and you were transferred to a psychiatric hospital but before we left Forth run hospital,Liam threatened to sue any of the nurses or doctors who reveals the name of the psychiatric hospital to anyone”
“Wow!” I exclaimed sadly.

My thoughts were on the wrong path.

“Liam ordered the cops to arrest Dan’s parents for being responsible for your mental disorder and they did”
“What! Liam did that?” I asked in surprise.
“Yeah,he did”
“OMG!” I can’t even imagine the stress Dan would have gone through..

I didn’t know this was all this happened..

“But that didn’t stop Dan from locating the psychiatric hospital you were admitted into.
He came in the morning,when we all went home to get changed,he lied to the nurses that Liam sent him so they allowed him into your ward…I did not know what went wrong but i think your scream alerted the nurses, including Liam who was coming back from home.
I wasn’t present but i heard from the nurses that Liam threw Dan out of the hospital”

“Ah!” I sighed annoyingly. How could Liam do that.
Dan doesn’t know anything about mum’s death! He should face artist Shaw instead of Dan.

“I wouldn’t blame Liam, according to the story Kelly told me, Liam loved his sister more than anyone in the world. Just imagine loosing the only person you love most. He’s doing what he think is right but he’s going a bit far with it”
“Extremely far!” I said and she smiled.

“But do you know the funniest thing?” She asked.
“What?” I asked.
“You got well immediately Dan left your ward”
“Really?” I asked in disbelief.

She nodded…”Even though Liam kept insisting that the doctor already said your mental disorder will be temporary. As a psychologist; i knew it was Dan’s presence that brought back your senses. Everyone knows that too but they all fail to admit it” She said and tears filled my eyes.

“Believe it or not,there’s a strong connection between you and Dan,i don’t know the type of connection it is but trust me it’s a good one.
I overheard all you said to him,i don’t blame him, neither do i blame him cause you’re both suffering from your parents past and i don’t think you should blame him cause he knows nothing about it and it’s unfortunate you already allowed that to be a stumbling block in your friendship” She said.

I sniffed as tears rolled down my cheeks.
She passed me a handkerchief and this time,i gladly collected it.
I wiped my tears and blew my nose into it.

“It’s okay Anel, everything will be fine” She patted my shoulders.
“What should i do?” I asked.
“Do whatever you feel is right,no one is gonna question you,but make sure you think wisely.” She said and i nodded.

I have gat some thinking to do.

“Thanks Claire” I said.
She smiled and nodded.

“Can i fry the chicken as we discuss some other things?” She asked and i smiled.
“Of course” I said.
“You’re gonna help me slice the onions” She said.
“Gladly” I said and got down from the stool.
“Quickly grab your apron and chef cap,then wash your hands” She said switching on the gas cooker.

“Okay” I said and grabbed my an apron and chef cap.
I wore it and then walked to the sink to wash my hands.
I rinsed it and dried it with a clean napkin and then walked back to Claire.
She bursted into laughter when she saw me…

“Wow… welcome to the show, cook Anel” She said dramatically.
“My pleasure” I raised my head high and we both laughed.


I walked into the classroom and the first person my eyes searched for was Dan.

He was seated.

I was about walking to my seat when the students surprised me by rushing to hug me.


????Jacq’s POV????

I glanced at Karissa to be sure she’s aware of the ongoing drama.
When i was sick for two weeks, i didn’t get much students to welcome me this way but just look at how they crowded her like she’s a celebrity or something!

This girl is getting on my nerves..
Why didn’t she just die alongside the sickness.

I watched as she hugged the students one after the other, answering their questions with smiles.
Dan said she was sick,then why’s she looking more beautiful.. shouldn’t she be looking haggard and ugly!

I looked at Dan and saw him looking at her in admiration, i noticed his eyes that sparkles whenever he looks at Anel,he was looking dull earlier but now his eyes is all brightened up.
I’ll make sure his eyes sparkle whenever he sees me too…I just need a little time to finalise my plan.

And why is he not among the foolish students that welcomed her?
I guess our minor plan already worked out.
They’re obviously not on talking terms.

????‍❤️‍????We miss you.

????‍❤️‍????How have you been?

????‍❤️‍???? You’re looking more beautiful.

????‍❤️‍????Dan said you were sick.

????‍❤️‍????Are you fine now.

????‍❤️‍???? OMG…look at her beautiful face.

????‍❤️‍????She hugs beautifully.

????‍❤️‍????I want her to hug me again…..

I covered my ears in anger to stop myself from hearing the compliment they directed to her only.
Can’t the class prefect stop them!
Well…she can’t,cause she’s also among the fools.

I stopped myself from placing my head on the desk,i need to see if she’s gonna greet Dan she gets to her seat.
“Gosh!” I sighed after she was finally returning to her seat.
I realised i was not only the one that turned my neck to see what will play out between the both of them.

She dropped her backpack and stood in front of Dan’s desk holding her phone instead of getting on her seat.
I was almost pushed to drag out her hair from her scalp.

????Dan’s POV????

“Let me have your phone” Anel said to my complete surprise.

I thought she won’t talk to me.
I was damn happy when i saw her walk into the class today.
But then i felt sad knowing she won’t talk to me.

Here she is, asking for my phone.
Has she forgiven me?
Will she continue to be my friend?

“Let me have your phone” She repeated.
“For what?” I asked.

You’re a fool Dan!
Give her the phone now!!

“Just let me have it” She said and adjusted her pontsplait.
I smiled…I’ve missed that.

“Are you giving me or not?” She asked and i brought out my phone, unlocked it before handing it over to her.
She collected it and remained standing in front of my desk.

I don’t want her to leave though…i can’t be more happy watching her beautiful face this way.
Damn! Did her lashes grew longer?

She held her phone beside mine for some minutes,im clueless on what she was doing but i wish she can continue,i love that feeling that tingling feeling in my chest.

She suddenly dropped the phones on the desk.
I quickly caught hers from falling.

What went wrong?

She turned and walked furiously to karissa’s seat.
She dragged Karissa out of her seat by her hair and started hitting her.

I was more surprised when Jacq jumped out of her seat and started hitting Anel.


JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 35 by Azeemah Salami


????Dan’s POV????

She turned and walked furiously to karissa’s seat.
She dragged Karissa out of her seat by her hair and started hitting her.

I was more surprised when Jacq jumped out of her seat and started hitting Anel.


I hurried out of my seat to go separate them but most of the students already fled out of their seats blocking my way in the process,they were also trying to separate them.
I try to push my way through but it wasn’t possible.
I was only seeing them,i couldn’t get to them.

Anel had smashed Jacq on the floor beside Karissa,with the way she was so capable of beating up the both of them,I’m beginning to think she’s a guy clothed in ladies wear.

“Dan! You can’t just stand there and watch” Jacq cried.
“Bitch! I’m gonna sue you” Karissa screamed and tried to hit Anel but Anel twisted her arm and punched her on the face.

I finally succeeded in pushing my way through the students,i got to the center where Anel was beating up Jacq and Karissa.
They were screaming and trying to hit her back but she already pinned their hands to the floor.

I quickly dragged Anel away from them,she made to rush back to them almost slipping out of my grip but i tightened my grip on her.
“Let go of me” She yelled and i quickly did.
I was glad she didn’t go to meet them.
I hissed at the students cheering Anel to continue the beating.

Jacq and Karissa quickly stood up and i sighed sadly at how bruised their faces were.
They tightened and rushed at Anel who speedily dodged.
Their fists collided with the wall,they screamed in pain before falling flat on the floor. The students laughed hard.

“What the hell is going on here?” We heard and everyone turned to see who walked in.


They all scampered to their seats while Anel and i remained standing. Jacq and Karissa were still on the floor.

“Anel,you’re back” Travis smiled ‘foolishly’.
“Travis is that what you’re gonna say. Just take a look at us” Karissa cried.
Travis cleared his throat…”What happened?”
“She beat us up!” Karissa fumed.

“You mean she’s the only one that beat up the both of you?” He asked.
“She didn’t beat me up! You’re the one she beat up!” Jacq yelled, dusting her skirt while standing up.

I’m very disappointed in her, Jacq wasn’t this way. Is she starting to get influenced by Karissa.

“That’s a lie! She beat us both up” Karissa insisted not getting up from the floor.
The class watched in silence.
“I fought back! But you didn’t,all you did was to scream like the baby you are” Jacq said.
“You didn’t fought back,she already beat you up before you could and you’re a baby too!” Karissa hissed.

“What’s all this fuss about?” Travis asked.
Karissa stood up and brushed her scattered hair with her palms.
“No one should look at me that way! I still remain the school queen” She shouted at the students who mocked her.
Anel stood with her hands folded beneath her breasts,she didn’t utter a word,she only stared at her feet and that made me admire her more.

“Now,you all should come with me” Travis said.
The three of them marched after him and i also decided to go with them.
Travis suddenly turned,our gaze met and he glared hard at me,i glared back equally.

“I hope you’re not trying to come with us” He asked with a raised brow.
“What if i am?”
“You dare not ” He said to me with so much hatred in his voice.
“And what if i do?” I asked.
“You’re gonna face my wrath” He growled like the wolf he is.

I laughed and wondered what type of wrath he gat!

“Step back” He threatened.
“I won’t” I said.
He advanced towards me in long strides.
“You wanna hit him? You dare not!” Anel said and i couldn’t hide my smile.
Travis stopped and glanced at Anel before glaring at me.

“Dan” Anel called.
“Huh?” I asked nervously..

It seems she has changed her mind about ending our friendship.

“Please go back,I’ll be back soon” She said.
I sighed…”Okay,just because of you” I said and watched as Travis gritted his teeth before barging out of the classroom.

They walked out after him.

The students didn’t take their gaze off me as i walked back to my seat.


I sat down,placed my hands on the desk and sighed.
My gaze fell on our phones,i picked and pressed the power button.
It came into life and i was surprised she used our picture as her wallpaper..the one we took together at school,i think it was two weeks ago.

I smiled as i realised how much she cherishes our friendship,I’m not sure she still do?
With all that have happened.

????Anel’s POV????

“Is this the principal’s office?” I asked Travis who led us to an empty hallway.
“Oh…so you wanna serve punishment right?” He asked.
“That’s better than being with you” I said.

The two bitches beside him hissed.

I’m not surprised Karissa is the one sending those messages.
She likes Dan,then she should just go ahead and tell him instead of sending those childish messages, i couldn’t let it slide cause this is the second time she’ll be doing such.
What if i hadn’t figured that Dan’s laughter in the picture was fake,i would have been so annoyed and probably won’t talk to Dan again.

She’s a bitch!
But then who took the picture?
The picture was captured from the window which was close to our seats,the person went to the garden to capture it.
That means Karissa has an accomplice and i promise to find that one soon.

Dan is yet to noticed that Jacq gat feelings for him.
She’s a two faced bitch,she acts nice in Dan’s presence and then behave bitchy in his absence.
I destest people like that…i thought Dan said she was a nice person.

He hasn’t figured out who she is.

I was surprised when she started hitting me while i was hitting Karissa but then i decided to allow her have a sweeeeeet taste of her medicine.
None of my mate hits me and go away with it.

“Anel! I’m talking to you,what happened?” Dan asked.
“Why should i tell you that when the principal is right there in her office,just take us to the principal..oh..i guess you don’t want your girlfriend to get punished” I said pointing to Karissa.
“She isn’t my girlfriend” He said.
“And what’s my business with that?”

“After the principal,I’m the next person that gives order!” Travis boasted and i laughed.
“I think I’m starting to get blind or is there really no ‘vice principal’ post tag on your shirt that indicates that you’re the vice principal” I said.
“Ah!” He huffed.

“Travis,you should punish her for speaking to you that way” Karissa said.
“You know i can’t” He whispered to her and she nodded angrily, almost breaking her neck.
I’ll be very glad if she does.

“So what really caused the commotion?” Travis asked.
“I was sitting and she came from nowhere and started hitting me, Jacq tried to save me but this manly-girl beat her up too” she said.
“Okay,Anel may i know the reason you went to hit Karissa?” He asked.

“You wanna know?” I asked and he nodded.
“Well…ask her the reason she kept sending crazy messages!” I said.
“What!” They all exclaimed.

I hissed and started walking away.
I wonder why there’s no teacher in our class yet.

????Jacq’s POV????

“What!” We all exclaimed in surprise and watched as she walked away.
“She found out?” Karissa asked in fear.
“Damn!” Travis swore.

How could she find out?
I mean how!

Oh…She had compared karissa’s contact to the one used to send the message and it matched!
Was she suspecting Karissa earlier?

“Now she thinks I’m the only one involved in this . You shouldn’t have used my phone to send that message!” Karissa yelled.
“Oh…you expected me to use my phone right?” I glared at her.
“Why can’t you?” She glared back.

“Everyone knows you’re the one who’s freaking in love with Dan! She won’t suspect anything cause she’ll think you did that out of jealousy” I said.
“We’re all involved in this and now I’m the only one taking the blame for it.. what if she tells Dan,then he’s gonna hate me forever” She cried and i felt like hitting the hell out of her.

“Don’t act like you’re the only one she beat up,she beat me up too! and she’s not gonna tell Dan” I said.
“What if she does?”
“Then Dan will know how much you love him, he’s gonna come to you” I said.
“Really?” She wiped her tears.
“Of course” I said.

“You’re working on how Dan will love you, won’t you help me out on Anel. It looks like she still hates me” Travis said.
“Once we carry out our major plan,then Anel is gonna love you completely” I said.
“You mean we’re still gonna carry out that plan after we failed on this one?” He asked.

“This is just a minor plan,planned to stir up something bad between them so we shouldn’t be bothered it failed. I’ll make sure our major plan works out” I said
“I know once we carry out that major plan,Dan is gonna love me forever” Karissa giggled.


“Fine, I’ll be going back to the class” Travis said and walked away.

“My face hurts” I massaged my face with my palms.

That girl really beat me up badly.

“Is she probably a guy?” Karissa asked.
“Who knows?” I said..i think she’s too beautiful to be a guy.
“She beats so terribly,i can’t believe she beat you up too. You look strong but you couldn’t raise a finger when she smashed you to the floor” Karissa laughed.

I glared at her angrily and she covered her mouth with her palm still laughing.
That annoyed me more!

I hissed and started walking away.
“I’m sorry Jacq” Karissa ran to me .
“Fuck off” I flung her arm away and continued my walk.

Seriously…i wish i was the one who had beaten up Anel.
I didn’t know she gat that strength.

I shouldn’t have jumped out of my seat to save this ungrateful Karissa.
I should have allowed Anel beaten her to a pulp.

I’m still amazed at how she smashed me to the floor like i weighed nothing,i didn’t even get the chance to hit her twice before she started beating me.

Ouch…my back hurts too.

It’s fine..I’m doing all this for Dan and i know he’ll be mine soon.

“Jacq” I heard Karissa called and i cursed under my breath.


????Dan’s POV????

“Don’t just sit and stare at me,go have your lunch” Anel said and turned back to her textbook.

“I’m not going to have lunch” I said.
“Why?” I asked.
“Cause you refuse to talk to me”
“What am i doing?” She asked.
“This is not how we were Anel” I said.

“You want us to go back to how we were?” She asked and i nodded.
“That can’t be possible” She said and my heart sank.
“Anel …I’m sorry i”
“You didn’t offend me Dan, you didn’t do anything wrong. We can still continue being friends” She smiled.
“Really?” I grinned.
“Yeah” She smiled and i hugged her happily.
She giggled and smoothened my hair.

I can’t be more happy.
I feel so warm.

“Dan,let’s go for lunch” I heard and my smile disappeared at the moment.
Anel disengaged from the hug and i felt cold immediately.

I saw Jacq and Karissa standing in front of my desk.

“Huh?” I asked.
“Let’s go for lunch” They both said.
“I’m sorry but i won’t be having lunch today” I said.
“Really?” Jacq asked.

“Dan, just take a look at my face,can’t you see how your bitchy friend ruined my face” Karissa said and quickly shifted back when Anel made to hit her.

I stifled my laughter by clearing my throat.

“Aw! Im so sorry,she’s also sorry” I said.
“I’m not sorry a bit” Anel said.
“Can’t you stop being friends with her! She’s so ugly ” Karissa said and i laughed.
“You both should get out before i descend on you” Anel threatened.
“Jacq I’m off” Karissa scurried away.

Jacq took one last glance at me before walking away.
I felt bad.
“I’m sorry Jacq,I’m gonna have lunch with you tomorrow” I said.
She walked out of the class without responding.


“You’ve got bitches as friends” Anel rolled her eyes.
“Remember,you’re one of my friends” I teased.
” I’m not your friend,I’m your lover” She wink.
“Huh?” I asked,my heart fluttering.

Does that mean she loves me too.
Oh..gawd! Can i be more thankful.

“I’m only joking” She chortled and I think my heart broke into two.
“What? Did you took me serious?” She asked.
“No,i knew you weren’t serious” I lied.
“Fine” she said.

“Why did you beat up Karissa and Jacq?” I asked.
“I didn’t mean to beat Jacq but you saw clearly that she hit me first and i don’t let people..i mean my mates, hit me and go away with it” She said.
“I know that,so what actually caused the beating you gave to Karissa?” I asked.

“Nothing..” She said.
“You mean;you just decided to beat her up and you did?” I asked.
“Yeah,i just felt like beating up someone” She said.
She nodded.

“I don’t believe you,Karissa must have done something to warrant that”
“Well…you won’t talk to her again if i should tell you what she did.”
“What did she d..”
“Just forget it” She said.
“No,i really wanna k..”
“Let’s talk about some other things” She interrupted me and i sighed.

“Okay. Let’s talk about what happened to us recently” I said.
“I don’t wanna talk about that” she said with a frown .
“Why?” I asked.
“I don’t even wanna remember anything pertaining to it” she said.
“Okay” I said,in an understanding tone.
“I’m sorry about what Liam did to your parents” She said.

“Ohh..you shouldn’t be sorry. It’s fine” I said.
She nodded…”So tell me what I’ve missed,i want interesting gists” She giggled.
I smiled and cleared my throat.

“Trust me,I’ve piled enough gist for you” I said.
“Yaaaaay” She said happily.


Anel laughed hard as i gist her and i couldn’t help but laugh join her.
“So did the man slapped you?” She asked.
“No,but he pulled my face cap and hit it hard on my face” I said and she laughed harder.

We were both laughing when the class prefect interrupted us.

“Mrs Oliver wants the both of you in her office now” She said.

‘for what?’

“Okay, we’ll go now” Anel said.
“I wonder why she’s calling us?” I said.
“I think someone already reported the fight, let’s go. I’m gonna tell her you were not involved” She said.
“What of you?” I asked.
“I’m gonna serve my punishment of course” She said.



“Good afternoon ma’am” we chorused standing in front of Mrs Oliver’s large desk.
She looked up from her laptop.
“Oh… good afternoon” she adjusted her glasses.

“Well…why didn’t you tell me you were having difficult times while sitting beside him?” She asked Anel.

Difficult times while sitting with me?

I stared at Anel who looked completely confused.
“Difficult times? How?” She asked Mrs Oliver.

“Your dad,Liam just called me now,he said you want me to change your seat that you’re having difficult times sitting beside Dan”

“What!” Anel exclaimed.

JUST FOR LOVE 2 Episode 33

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10 months ago

My hatred for Liam is increasing by the day…..
Guy is one crazy, diluted bitch????