The next morning I woke up, I couldn’t recognize the area ,everywhere seemed strange to me.I didn’t know what to do next.
I started begging anyone I see to take me back home.
But no one gave me a listening ear,I managed to be favored with a plate of food for one mummy selling mama put at a junction.

I volunteered to wash plates then later in the evening she gave me food
I devoured it so hungrily and licked every grain.
It’s late evening, and she was already packing her stuff up.
“Mummy can I stay with you please, I have to where to go to”
I sobbed while kneeling down.
She stared at me for a while in a rather questionable way.

“My dear i don’t have space in my house,just look for where to sleep”
The face she made shows she was avoiding trouble,in a fearful way.

I wonder why she must have thought of me.
My front bum still hurts so much.
I nodded slowly at her statement and walked away.
I was scared of racing cars and bikes.
I have never been alone on this kind of busy road before.

I continued strolling till I got to an old public school.It started pouring heavily.
The school class wall is low. I think I can climb on,and get a shelter tonight.
I climbed over to the building, I found a hidden room in the classroom and lay down.

“Daddy wherever you are please be safe”
I was shivering and crying, hearing the thunder, I cried more loudly.

“I am scared daddy,am really scared”
I pulled out my diary from underneath my top,I hid it there when mummy Gina said y dawe are going to meet daddy
But it turns out ,daddy won’t be reading my diary soon.

I hugged it and sobbed loudly.
“Please be safe daddy,”I said again.

Just then I heard voices, I panicked and went to hide at a wall dividing a class and another. The smell of cigar and other things I can’t identify, suddenly, were all over the room.

I heard footsteps and deep voices approaching.

“Guy what is it?”
One asked.

“Work no dey like this guy,everybody dey safeguard now,na to become hired assassins sure now”
Another replied.

“Na to find where person go to cool off now,imagine that zita ,that girl asking me to pay her before anything”.
One with the deepest voice said.

Whatever they are saying, whosoever they are ,I knew they won’t help me find my daddy or even protect me.
I tiptoed to the other room, unluckily my leg hit a locker in the dark.

“Somebody is here,”one of them whispered to the others.
Before I could make a move,the flash lights blinded me totally.
“Well, what do we have here, a homeless ,cute looking young girl,come sweet,what are you doing here?”one of them came to me and asked.

The cigar odor from his mouth was so much that I coughed out loudly.

“Guy no reason am na underage oo”
Another one added.

“Na them dey sweet pass”.
The third one said with a chuckle.

“You people are scaring the poor girl ,dear come closer”the first one said.

I was really scared and not comfortable with them.

“Please I want to go home,I am also looking for my daddy”
I sobbed loudly.

The first one caught me and pulled me towards him.

“Please don’t hurt me, Oscar did something to me on my bum and it still hurts”
I pleaded and cried loudly.

“It’s okay we will help you get your daddy if you do what we want”
The first man said losing his belt.

The second one said something about underage and tried to stop him.
“Dude this girl is already a rape victim,don’t be heartless”.

The first one pushed him aside violently.
“It’s just a blow job,what’s the big deal?”he snapped angrily at the second guy.

“Not for me I want to go all the way”.
The third who was silent for a while added.

I didn’t understand everything but I know I am in trouble, and I was trying to find a perfect time to run.

First I observed he pulled his trousers same with Oscar.
I think he wants to do the same to me.
My heart was pounding, I was thinking fast,and stood there shivering completely helpless.

“Now my dear,get this into your mouth,just like you lick your lollipop…”.

I ran off in the dark,they chased after me.
A hand caught and swept me off my feet to the air like a feather. I landed on the floor with a huge force. My head hit the floor so hard that it got my head and brain vibrating ,I felt so light headed and blacked out.

“Whatever you are doing, do it fast o,cus me am not part of this”the second member, opposing their decision, warned.

The other two guys started undressing.Just then a car lead light flashed at them.
They had to race out of the school building, jumping the wall.

Two women rushed to Special.
One was in the attire of a catholic reverend sister.
They found her with her eyes open, lips slightly shaking and blood oozing from her head.

“Quick Angela!”she yelled at the second lady with her.

They carried Special into the car and sped off.

“God is very kind”
The Rev sister weeped.

Angela was swimming in tears ,holding Special’s bleeding temple.

“Sister Shebi, will she be alright ?”
Angela asked, sobbing loudly.

“God that saved her from being raped will sustain her, I am certain”.

“If you didn’t forget your phone and decided to go back and look for it,we wouldn’t have seen this”.

“And this is my first time forgetting my phone at school”.
The phone was still in the school,these two only wanted to save the poor girl first.

They got to the hospital nearby and paid for the emergency.
Angela was asked to stay while the Rev sister went back to get her phone ,on her way she called her revered father,who prayed and asked her to pray for the girl,God will make her to survive it.

The next morning , Special gained consciousness but something was wrong.

Angela snapped as soon as the doctor entered her room.

“She is going to be fine, are you related to her?”
Angela shook her head.

“But you can tell me anything doctor, sje is a homeless child and possibly no one can give us information about her family at the moment”.

The doctor hesitated but when the Rev sis arrived.
He decided to let them know
“She was raped,but it’s not possibly yesternight,but the main problem now is her brain damage,but luckily,its not very bad, she will regain her memory shortly”.

“Oh sweet Jesus!”
The Rev sis did the cross sign and kissed her rosary ring.

“But how are we supposed to know who and where she is from if she is suffering from memory loss?”
Angela asked.

“I found this in the classroom,I think it belonged to her”the Rev sister said and gave Angel the Diary.
Angela collected and went through it.

“This is inhuman, she’s been through hell at this tender age”she cried in tears.

“If she’s an orphan, I will take her to the orphanage home, I am the supervisor , so I will keep a good watch on her till she regains her memory”.

Angela dried her cheeks and shook her head.
“No,I will take her in,she deserves love and care. Orphanage home won’t be that easy for her”.
She insisted.

The sister agreed without hesitation.
“Will your man be okay with this?”she asked further knowing fully well his personality.

Angela is a teacher in the public school,while the sister always visit sometimes to gift the kids foodies etc
also Angela, who is a catholic member, invited the sister over to her place to thank her for her gifts.
It got dark, Rev’s sister who owned a car decided to leave before it got darker,that was when she remembered she forgot her phone at the school.

Particularly on teacher Angela’s table
“Why not I already told him about my own experience, I am sure he will understand, I can’t just let her go like that. As soon as she regains her memory I will hand her over to you,you can then decide”.
Angel replied to her question.

Rev sis nodded.
“May God strengthen you,I will keep in touch”.

When the Rev sister also left the doctors,Angela went slowly to where Special was lying.

“It’s okay dear, stop crying now”.

As soon as her hand touched special
Special aggressively started defending herself.Angela didn’t give up.
She endured the punch and kicks ,and hugged Special.

“I thought I was the most unfortunate person being raped a young age but you are a really strong girl”.
She whispered to Special, who eventually stopped kicking and spaced out with her eyes wide open.
Angela put her back to sleep and closed her eyes with her palm.

Special got discharged the upper week ,her head still wrapped with bandages.
Angela took her home as she promised the Rev sister
“Open your mouth,aahhhh,ahhhh”.

Feeding special was like feeding a stubborn toddler.
Angela will always try each time to put the spoon in, Special mood always switches from aggressive defense to calm then spacing out.

The aggressive times she will kick the plate, but Angela was the enduring type.

“Yeah that’s it ,Queen B is no more angry with Angela right?”
She teased Special,after a non aggressive feeding was successful.
“High five!”

A knock came in.
“Hold on,I am coming!”
She cleaned up Special messed up lips and went to open the door.

“Hy baby!”
She kissed her fiance kayode, who held on her waist as the two walked in the room.
“Baby I want you to meet someone special”.
She introduced.

Kayode stared at the girl in confusion,secretly comparing the resemblance with his fiancé to make sure of something.

“Who is she?”he asked dryly.

“An orphan I want us to adopt,I will call her Faith”
Angela said, stroking his chest.

“Are you serious? Stop joking, I am in the mood for that okay?”

He went to touch Special after noticing her usual gaze at the floor like she was not on this planet, spacing out.

Suddenly she started defending herself
Angela had to hug her to calm her down, Kayode was scared for his life as if he was just attacked by a mad woman.

“Baby, you scared her, she’s a rape victim like me,her own case is worse and….”

“Angela!!! Are you okay? Where did you get this mad girl from,what are you doing with her,are you being serious right now, s because you were a rape victim, I should adopt every rape victim ad mad people in this country!”

“Baby she is very fine just had a memory loss,”Angela said softly.

“Take her back, if she’s an orphan that’s why we have orphanages!”
Kayode’s voice thundered.

“I want to keep her,please baby,we can be a good parent to this poor girl please for the sake of our love.”.
“Stop your madness Angela, look let’s get this straight,take this girl back if you want this relationship to work. I am not going to be a father to some crazy bastard,you two kinda look alike so if she’s your daughter take her back to the man responsible,don’t you try to blackmail me to accept her as mine,cus it won’t ever happen”.

“Baby please calm down,we can go for DNA test, she isn’t my child, can’t you see how helpless she is, I am not trying to force her on you baby,I had this attachment with her after knowing what she passed through, please let’s help her”.

“Angela why are you doing this,why are being so stubborn, are you the first rape victim Angela? How many of them go ahead adopting rape victims allover the world”.

His statement annoyed Angela.
“Don’t just throw the word rape around like is nothing, you’ve never been in our shoes”
She said with wet eyes and arched brows.

“You know what, let me get you, do you value this girl more than our relationship or our wedding coming up in the next two months? Angela if you are going to be this stupid and dumb why say yes to me months ago”.

“I want let you insult me Kayode”
Angela sobbed.

“This girl or our marriage, choose one and let me know”.
He declared and picked his car key.

“I don’t need to think about it “
Angela yelled out in tears.

“If you think you don’t love me that much to accept her like I pleaded then go on and do whatever you want, the past 5 years of our relationship i have never requested anything in our relationship,if you don’t want her as your child at least let her stay with us,please Kayode”.

He didn’t say a word until he left the house.
Angela dried her face and ran after him pleading .
She loves kayode and the fact their wedding has been fixed after 5 yrs relationship is no joke.

She wanted to save both special and her wedding but one had to go.

“Fine, as soon as she regains her memory she’s going to the orphanage home please Kayode”she pleaded.

He zoomed off without saying anything to her.
After minutes of crying over the issue she went and found Special still in the same position spacing out, she hugged her and cried her heart out.

“Don’t worry I am not going to send you away,even though I know you don’t understand anything I am saying, I promise I will keep you safe,and persuade him to accept you”.
She whispered to Special, and pecked her cheeks.

“How are you doing bro Kelvin ?”
the Minister asked.
Kelvin, still in tears, knelt and thanked him.

“Please don’t do that,it’s God not me,don’t ever do it again please,get up”.
Kelvin dried his face
After sharing his story with the minister of God,he sighed.
I have to go back to the school and get my dear daughter, she must be traumatized about this whole stuff. I even missed her 10th birthday , but sir I have no money to go back to her”.
Kelvin cried out.

“It’s okay bro Kelvin, the congregation made a contribution for you ,I hope it will be enough”.

He gave Kelvin a huge envelope

“It’s 700,000 in total”.

Kelvin fell on his knee again.

“Please get up Mr Kelvin”.

“Thanks so much sir”.

“Go back and make sure you serve God in whichever church you belong to,do God’s will,he will bless you”.

“Amen thanks so much sir”you

“It’s okay ,thank God only”.

The minister replied with a welcoming smile.

“Can I stay till evening service so I can thank everyone”.

“No..don’t worry,they willingly gave this out ,they don’t need your thanks,bro kelvin go and start a new life with your daughter okay?”

“I will thanks again sir,God bless you mightily sir”
The minister waved at him smiling.

Kelvin went to the bank and deposited the cash into a new account.
He thought of opening a foodstuff business with the money but first go get Special
he went outside and waved at a cab,excitedly.

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Olamide Oluwakemi Atitebi

Ohhhh so sad

I feel for Special, Infact people are wicked