What is she doing here? I said in my mind,my eyebrows arched,tears engorged my throat.

Daddy stood up from his seat, I can’t tell if he is in shock or angry.

Grandpa clears his throat and began.
“Sarah came to me and told me that I should check on you,it hasn’t been easy”.
I have been looking for you for 3 years,after 10 which is the traditional time range, but couldn’t find you anywhere. My men found Sarah and told me,I was disappointed.
She looked even more sick and unhappy.
My anger rages when she confesses to abandoning you and she never mentions Special. I was surprised when you said your daughter back then, you two had a child together and she didn’t bother to tell me”.

“Oh well she had never considered me child worthy”.
I sneered.

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“That’s not true my love, I was so ashamed I couldn’t mouth it, what kind of mother leaves a months old baby and never looks back”.
Sarah pleaded.

“Let’s get this straight, father, what is she doing here in the first place? She told you all that and you let her stay and even cook the food for me and my daughter?”

Chief sighed.
“I know you son, I know deep down you want this as a family, but it’s left for you to forgive her or not”.

I stare at Mother crying, anger and sadness heavy in my heart. I hissed disrespectfully and walked out of everyone.

I went to my room and started crying,I knew my daddy would come for me but at this time I needed to be alone so I locked the door from the inside.
Daddy knocked several times, then finally I opened the door.

“Baby…you don’t have to do that,no matter what you have to respect your elders”he spoke softly.

I hugged him.
“Is she really back for us or because of Grandpa’s wealth?”

I know I just called my own mother a gold digger but I have no choice.
Why now, what about her other family?

My daddy pulled me out of the hug and cupped my cheeks with his hand.

“Look up here, I won’t force you to forgive her, it’s not your fault, Spacial you went through a lot as a baby and a child because, and I won’t stop putting you first”.
He hugged me again.

“Daddy, do you still love her?”
I asked, sobbing into his tight hug.
I felt his heart racing immediately.

He just kissed my forehead and then smiled at me.

“Come on, you can’t go to bed with that sadness, let’s go”.
He replied ignoring my question.

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We walked back to the sitting room and found Sarah still kneeling in the same place, crying.

Daddy pulled the chair for me and u sat down.

“Sarah get up please, you don’t have to do that,I have forgiven you”.

I felt something off my chest when daddy said that.

She smiled and got up ,thanked him , and everyone turned to me.

“Daddy forgives you, I also forgive you, we are humans so we can make mistakes”.
I replied.

She hugged me in tears after the reconciliation. She joined the dinner and served our plates.
She cooks very well, which makes me remember Aunt Angela. I stared over to daddy. He looked so shy ever since Sarah joined us. Is he still Inlove with her?

After dinner,I went back to my room.
I couldn’t sleep, I should be happy for my family right? But all I wanted was to see Angela with Daddy, I wonder if she was telling the truth about getting over the crush.
She adores daddy so much and she loves me.
A knock came on my door interrupting my thoughts.

“Come in,”I replied and yawned, sleepy.

The door opened slowly.

“Can we talk honey?”Sarah said after entering my room.

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I sat up and nodded rubbing my sleepy eyes.

“Your daddy,does he have someone Special in his life,you know what I mean”She asked shamefully without even looking at me directly in the eyes.

“I don’t think so, maybe you should ask him yourself”I replied tartly.

She giggled nervously.
“I thought maybe he would have someone with him all these years”.

I didn’t say another word.
“I know you hate me for abandoning you and your dad years ago,when things were not going well with him,I was under a lot of pressure..and was foolish and so self centered….”.

“Can we not talk about that please”
I pleaded, I don’t want to go into another tearing up moment.

“If there’s anything you want to ask or tell me, maybe about adolescence, the changes in your body, that you felt not quite comfortable discussing with your dad,I am here to listen honey”.

“Don’t worry,sweet Angela will help me with that”I replied, even though I felt good to hear her say that to me.

“Sweet Angela..?”she asked looking confused.

“The lady that took care of me the past years..”
I replied.

“The lady you were with that day that I met you guys at the mall years ago?”

“No that’s Cynthia,Sweet Angela took care of me when I suffered Amnesia, due to an incident, I don’t want to remember or talk about ” I said slowly.

She was quiet for sometime then she asked slowly.

“Can I have her contact?”
My eyebrows raised in surprise.

“I want to show my sincere gratitude, no matter how bad I must have been, you are still my child Special but I failed my duties as a mom,so I want to thank her for taking care of you”
She replied with a smile.

“I don’t think it’s necessary,she don’t see it as a job or burden in order to expect thanks and praises in return, she loves me as her own just like I love her and she cares alot about me”.

“Alright….”she said sadly.
I picked my diary from my desk and gave it to her.
She looked at me curiously.

“Maybe this will help you understand more about my sweet Angela”.

She looked happy that I was about to share my diary with her.

“Alright,honey I will go through it,now let’s freshen up”.
She carried me up,I chucked a little

“Let me down ,I am not a baby anymore”I giggled.

“But you are my baby!!”

After taking my bath, she insisted on doing it by herself.
I waited a little for daddy but slept off after.

That night after I got back to my room and Sarah knocked, requesting to talk to me inside the room, to be sincere I was very nervous.
After all these years,Sarah and I get to see eachother again ,not just see each other ,she wanted us to talk in the same room,even as I was excited, all I could think of was Angela.

She had been in my mind ever since the day she left,because of my ill treatment towards her. I couldn’t help it. It scares me that I was able to let go and have this feeling for her at first sight even before we got introduced to each other by Special.

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It was different from Cynthia,whom I got to like because of her kindness towards Special, then gradually fell in love with her,then I vowed not to let anyone close to my heart again.
I was so angry at myself when I realized how weak I was for Angela, so I had to
do everything in my power to get rid of her,even if she turns out to be my soulmate, I won’t risk my daughter’s happiness again ,anything can happen,and now Sarah turned a new leaf and probably wants us back together.

“Can we talk Kelvin?”she said gently.

“Sure come in”.

Sarah doesn’t seem to age at all,the only difference was her weight loss and bruises on her face as a result of physical abuse but still I won’t deny the fact that she is beautiful.

She came and sat down on the couch,while I sat up on the bed.

“Is there any problem with Special?”I asked.

“No..not at all”she chuckled.

I smiled at that,its been a while,I heard her do that.

“So…I talked with Special before she went to bed, I was happy she allowed me to at least bathe her and watch her fall asleep”
She said, smiling broadly.

“That’s nice,she’s still your baby after all,a
I am sure she still loves you”.

There was a sudden awkward silence after that.
“And you,do you still love me?”
I was left with no brain cell to supply the answer.
I swallowed hard, then seeing I said nothing she continued.

“You are my husband Kelvin”.

“Ex husband”I corrected.
I didn’t mean to sound harsh but I snapped it out without thinking about it.

“You still hate me don’t you? I brought this upon myself”.
She said in a sobby tone.

I didn’t say anything ,I don’t even know what to say.
“Fine if we don’t end up together can you at least do me a favor?”
She stared at me with wet eyes,I looked at her inquisitively.

“I want to mother another child for you Kelvin,I will take care of him or her myself as a single parent…”.

I was beyond shocked after that confession.

“Sarah what are you saying? I can’t do that,I can’t abandon my own seed”.

She stood up and walked to me.
“We are once married,so what’s the big deal,I can’t imagine another woman taking my place in your life…..,just one child and I will be happy,please Kelvin.
Look at me ,I lost all my children from my second marriage, no man would want an old hag as a bride,I am pathetic and helpless.
I just want something to remind me of you and Special wherever I found myself in future, I need another chance Kelvin ,maybe you will learn to love me again”She cried.

“Sarah,please stop .I beg you.”I said, resisting her.

She pulled off her nightgown and it slid down her feet. She didn’t even need a push up bra or bra pad to support her bosom after four child births ,she looked young without clothes on yet I don’t find myself interested in her anymore, not even for pleasure.

I tried not to look,my face was wet ,years ago ,during our marriage vows exchange, I never imagined we will end up this way,I loved Sarah so much that early days of our separation by only hope of living was Special, i would have taken my own life but now why is she here crying like I am the bad one,worst I don’t feel same for her anymore.

“Do you hate me that much Kelvin?Are you disgusted by my nakedness?”she asked, seeing that I had looked away.

She pulled me forcefully and kissed me unexpectedly,I pushed her away as gently as I could so as not to hurt her feelings more.

She cried so hysterically that I pitied her,maybe I should do it .I went to her and tried to kiss her,but ..

“I am sorry Sarah I can’t do it ,even if I wanted to grant your wish,I just couldn’t…I am in love with someone else”I said slowly and met her eyes,her eyes raised in surprise.

“But..Special said..you have no one in your life”.

“She doesn’t know about it yet”.

I expected her to continue to cry or persuade me to do it anyway but she stopped crying.

“Angela right?”
She asked.

I looked at her ,surprised.

“I read our daughter’s diary,she seems to be a very good lady…maybe the good lady you deserve Kelvin, your kind don’t deserve a self centered and foolish woman like me,am glad you are able to love again”She sobbed putting back her nightie.

“But how did you know,it was her”.

“From our daughter’s diary,she stated you hated Angela so much for no reason, does she remind you of me?she will make a good replacement”She stated.

“Not a replacement for you Sarah”I replied,she looked up at me with wet eyes.

“No matter what, you are still the first woman I fell in love with,I wonder how things end up this way”I tried not to tear up.

“Don’t say such sad things to me,it’s heartbreaking “she cried and hit me gently.

I pulled her into a hug and consoled her.

“We all make mistakes Sarah but some actually happened for our good,maybe it is our fate,so don’t blame yourself for this,I believe you will also find love,true love ,my advice Sarah ,cherish him,I am sure he will love you as much”I whispered to her.

“But not like you, men like you are rare,I was too stupid,I was stupid”she sobbed loudly.

I pecked her forehead
It was a long hug ,she first decided to pull out of it.

“So when are you going to confess to her?”
That question got me confused.

I asked, surprised at her mood switch.

“Angela, silly! Our daughter needs her and I am sure you need her more”.

I felt my throat dry and hands sweat at the thought of confessing to Angela.

“…I..don’t know ,I don’t think I can face her after all that, and who knows maybe she is presently in a relationship “.
I replied and sat down helplessly on the couch.

“Well I doubt that, even your daughter is aware that she had a huge crush on you,when a lady’s love is that obvious to people around her then it’s stronger than olumo rock,Oya tomorrow morning, you are going back and confessing to Angela”.

“Sarah, I need time to prepare,”I replied.

She sighed.
“Alright but make sure you don’t lose her,she is one of the few good women,not like me”.

“Sarah,you are a good person too”.

She chuckled .
“Thanks for the flattering Kelvin, well I guess we will call it a night ,good night Kelvin”.

I smiled back
“Goodnight Sarah”.

She pulled the door open and shut it closely after her.
I could hear her crying outside the room, she was leaning on the door.

“I hope you find happiness too Sarah “
I prayed silently and went to bed,but I wasn’t able to sleep.

Our conversation that night continued spinning in my head,on and on
Before I could close my eyes and sleep, it was already morning.

so the next morning daddy woke me up with
“I am in love with Angela”.

I thought I was hearing voices from my dream then opening my eyes and saw daddy sitting beside me.

“Good morning Daddy”.

He pecked my forehead
“Did you just say anything to me while I was sleeping daddy?”
I asked, rubbing my eyes.

“Well i..said that..I am in love with Angela”

“You are in love with sweet Angela!”

I synced with him,then jumped on him… screaming my head off.
He smiled at how excited I was,then I stopped with a curious face.

“When?… Don’t tell me you liked her all along but you pretended to hate her cus I will kill you daddy”.

He laughed a little, at my cute threat.

“I need your help,I don’t think i can live without her”he said and suddenly my face blanked out,in a way that scared him.

“Say what? Are you trying to sound romantic?”
I asked with my brows arched.

“Sorry ma’am, I can’t live without you and her”he replied trying not to laugh.

I smiled back with my teeth.

“Well buckle up ,Oga Kelvin, we will have to win Angela’s heart back”.

“Win her heart, thought she’s already in love with me”.

“But you messed up, I am afraid daddy, she might have returned back to that her ex boyfriend,they’re lovers for a longtime and a very handsome yoruba man at that ,rich too but..well you stand out ….you are grandfather’s son after all so we are going to rain money”.

I said and jumped up in excitement.

“But Angela is not after the material things”
He replied.

I slapped my forehead in disappointment.
“Daddy take a jotter and learn”
He picked up a notebook and I gave him my pen.

“Women love money…men do too”.

He playfully wrote it on the book.

“I ,Special love money too”
He wrote it.

“Angela is a woman so Angela must love money,did you get? that she isn’t after finances or obsessed with rich men,or know to place love and responsibilities first before money doesn’t mean, she will see money and reject”.
I instructed .

“Noted”He replied playfully.

“Good student,very handsome one that that “I teased him,he playfully tickled me.

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