The driver matched the break and got down and walked slowly to the body lying on the floor,he saw he was bleeding.

“It’s a mad man ooo”.

“Is he dead?”

Kelvin opened his eyes and stood up,leaping.
He was in pain,it’s a miracle how that hit only brushed his skin.
The driver sighed deeply as he watched him leap heading to his home, the waste dumps.

He sat on the block there,groaning in pain.

“Driver let’s go now”
The passengers yelled out, the driver ran back to his car and drove off.

“Thank God he is alive,this mad man is destined to live what a hit,”.

“They should take him to hospital oo,what if he got internal bleeding”.

“Take him nah,the driver is already going his way”

People who watched the scene chatted.

“Chai,so sad he is crying oo”
Another passerby said.

“Take me to Special you want to kill me,did I do anything wrong?”
Kelvin yelled out at every living thing


As soon as we got to mummy Gina’s place,her kids ran out to greet us
I was so happy ,the first time having kids like me at home.
We got into the house,and she showed me my place.I was going to be sleeping in an empty store room.

There was a piece of wrapper and a mat on the floor for me tk sleep on.
At the other end,bag of rice and tubers of yam with rotten veggies etc

“Manage here for now,we have no room left ,my kids don’t like sharing their rooms”
I smiled back and thanked her.

I put my bag at the other end and lay down on the mat ,said a prayer.I couldn’t sleep so I got up to see if there’s anything I can help her with.

I walked through the passageway which leads to the sitting room.

“What’s your name?”
A girl that looks my age asked, dragging me on my shirt.

“I am Special”
I replied.
“And you?”

“Kira,my identical twin brothers are Oscar and Jasper”.
She introduced me and I was getting really excited.

“Come on let’s go and play outside “
I nodded and followed her.

Oscar was learning to ride his new bicycle, we watched him struggle while Jasper held the bicycle for him.

“You suck!!Oscar ,let me ride too!!”
Kira yelled at him.

“It’s my bicycle and i am not going to let you ride it”
He replied angrily.

“Is he older than you?”I asked curiously.

She chuckled.
“Yeah but just a year older,how old are you?”
She returned the question.

“I will be 10 by next week”.

“Oh wow i’m 11,finally someone who is younger than me in this house”she snapped.

I smiled back.
“Come on let’s go and look for their trouble”.
She said biting her lower lip.

I hesitated. “But isn’t it dangerous, he may fall and..hurt himself”.

She dragged me up and we went to where the boys were standing.

It was Jasper’s turn to ride. He seem to be struggling more than oscar.
Just then ,I was pushed, lost balanced and hit him unintentionally.

We both fell on the ground and he cried out loudly,holding his bruised knee.

“What did you do Special!!”
Kira yelled out at me.

“It was not intentional, I think someone pushed me”I sobbed checking my bleeding elbow”

Jasper got up and started beating me,I bursted into tears.

Their mom came to know What’s going on
Jasper cried more than ever.

“She pushed me while I was trying to ride my bicycle.” he cried out to her.

“What is the meaning of that special?”Mummy Gina snapped out loudly, after inspecting Jasper’s knee.

“I..i… didn’t mean to”.

“Were you possessed then? Dem send you to kill my children for me?”

“Mummy i… am sorry I didn’t mean to..”.
I looked at Kira,who was grinning uncontrollably enjoying the scene.

“Kira pushed me”.
I sobbed.

“Eh…mummy it’s a lie,ahhh!!, Special you can lie!! Mom I saw her push Jasper,it was no accident”.

I was shocked and confused.
“I knew your dad never trained you well,I will help him out, you spoiled brat!”

She dragged me,heading into the room
“Mummy .i .am .. I am sorry!!”
I kept crying.

She locked the door of their room and got a belt from the wardrobe.

“Kneel down”.
I obeyed immediately, crying.

I haven’t stayed a day in this house, why is all this happening to me, had I known,I won’t leave the room.
She opened the door and went out then returned with Jasper,Oscar followed behind.

“Let me see your knee,”she demanded.

He showed her crying.

“So what’s your mission? to dislocate his joint?”
She asked me ,I was shaking my head but all my body was shaking all together,sweating profusely.

She hit me with the belt hook,it cut through my skin.I had to cry out.

“Pim,on your mouth if I hear a sound I will roast you alive”.

I sealed my mouth with my family two fingers pressed on the lips.

Rubbing my other hand that will receive the strokes on my thigh.

“Mummy, I don’t think she pushed Jasper intentionally, we all know this is not the first time this kind of thing is happening and the mastermind is always Kira”Oscar cuts in.

“You are mad!!”
Kira yelled, rushing into the room.

She stood in front of her mom with a finger raised up.
“Mummy I sweeeeeear i.. didn’t…”.

“Will you shut up,you are swearing..what do I tell you about sweating”.
Her mom interrupted

“Mummy I will slap this girl ooo,who are you calling mad?”Oscar snapped back at her with red eyes.

“Will you shut up,pig!! That’s how you will always shame and blame your siblings. Why are you so stupid this boy!! So you believe this girl more than your own sister?”

She wanted to hit him but he dodged.

“Me ..I am saying nothing but the truth,this girl just arrived now ,why kill her already? That’s why all the maids that came to live with us ,ran away because of too much maltreatments”.

He ran out of the room knowing what might happen to him if he stayed even for a sec saying such things to his angered mother.

“Jasper go to the storehouse, get the first aid box, and Kira to your room immediately!!”
She instructed them to leave and she locked the door again.

“Mummy,please believe I will never…please..”I continued crying for mercy.

“Didn’t I ask you to keep your mouth shut”.

The belt landed on my back,I found myself rolling on the floor, the pain was surprisingly awful,my back was literally on fire and so sore.

“You already look like a dead body,if I handle you as I used to do,you may die in my hands. Now let me warn you if you are staying with me here,avoid getting in trouble,do whatever you’re asked to do ,and we will live peacefully ,do you understand!!”

I nod my head,my lips vibrating, my fingers holding them together.

“Good. Oya go to the kitchen and wash the dishes”.

I ran out like I just escaped from a fire outbreak,crying out my pain.

“I don’t want to hear any sound in that kitchen!!!’

I quickly sealed my lips and washed the plates, my hands were shaking, I didn’t want to break any plate,I was careful.

“Pssst psst”
I looked
it’s Kira,I ignored her.
She laughed at me mockingly and went away.
I cried more silently and continued washing the dishes.

My back was so sore that my shirt was like salt on the wounds. I feel like removing it,but first let me finish this.

Oscar entered, I pretended not to notice
My brows still arched.

“Let me help”
He offered ,but I ignored him.

He folded his sleeves and started rinsing the ones I washed.

“You look like you’re younger than Kira,how old are you”.

“10 next week”
I answered quietly.

He nodded.
“Sorry about my twin and my sister’s accusation ,she is that type of person,don’t believe anything she tells you,she’s really a troublesome person”.

I didn’t say anything, after rinsing the ones I washed ,I noticed he was staring but I focused on the dishes.
He went out and came back with a balm and drug.

“Stay still”
He pulled the back of my shit and apply the balm.
I cried silently as the ointment was very hot on the wounds.

“Sorry”he said softly.

He is really different from his siblings,he must have his father’s character,mummy Gina is mean,I thought.

I said gratefully.

He smiled back.he went to the water dispenser and got a glass.

“Here it will relieve the pain,so you can sleep at night “.

I accepted but I am not really a drug person.I put it in my mouth and put water in it,it melted,I wanted to vomit it.
He was fast and pinched my nose covering my mouth.
I swallowed forcefully,and cried,exhaling after he finally released my breath yet was grateful for him.

“Thanks”I said again.

“Go rest, I will wash the rest, lie on your tummy”.
I nodded and went back to the store room,removed my shirt ,my back was on fire.
I locked the door and cried my heart out

Few minutes later,a sharp pain woke me up from sleep. It’s mummy Gina with the belt again.
She was about to hit me again, I got up and ran towards the door crying.

“Did I ask you to wash the plates or not?”

Kira was standing by the door side,she dragged me nearer to her mom.

“Yes ma”I replied, scared for my life.

“So why is Oscar washing the dishes?”

“He said ,he want to help me”
I sobbed rubbing the place ,she hit me while sleeping.

“Really? So he is the one you will listen to and not me?”

I shook my head trying to run away realizing the trouble I just landed myself into,Kira held me so I won’t escape.
I was struggling ,pleading loudly in tears.

Their father came back that moment, fortunately for me I was saved.

“What’s going on here?”
He asked,he wasn’t walking steadily and he smelled somehow.
Mummy Gina asked Kira to let go of me ,they both went out.
I was left alone, I sat on the mat crying,my heart aching.

Gina dished out the foods and asked the kids to carry theirs.

“Kira go call Special to come and carry hers if she likes”.

Kira pouted.
“Mummy let Oscar do it,since they’re now family na”.
Her mom ignored her and after putting out the food, she went back to her room.

She met her drunk husband,pulling off his trousers.
“Help me out Regina”he muttered drunkily.

“Help you what? Why are you always embarrassing me,a personality like me stuck with a smelling drunkard, giving the neighbors things to gossip with eh? I don’t blame you if you are working and catering for your family as a responsible man should, you will never have the time to spend at a bar”she blasted him.

“So because you are the breadwinner, you are now insulting your husband, Regina. I don’t blame you either, it’s because of the chicken change your ritualistic brother gave you that is entering your brain”.
The man snapped.

“Go and do your own ritual! Animal!, Impotent fool,I don’t even know how I ended up with you!!”she snapped regretfully.

Mr Paul laughed out loud.

“Impotent call me whatever, i am better than you ,who is a witch in human form,shebi you don dey beat the new maid ,small time she will run away like the others,satanic woman, prostitute, as for those bastard children prepare to take them back to their father’s house”.

“You should be grateful other men are helping you to do your work ,if you wish to send them out to their fathers then you prepare to leave my house,good for nothing fool!!”
She slammed the door.

“No woman no cry!!!’
Mr Paul started singing the popular bob marley song.

Mrs Gina went to the study room to work on students’ records.

I was in my room,still in the same position crying as the door handle shifted.
I quickly knelt down ,pleading, shaking all over.
“Mummy I am so…”.

“Its me Oscar”
He was carrying a tray of food.
I was surprised and watched him quietly
“I am sorry I landed you in trouble,”he said softly.

I looked away crying.

“My sister found out and told mummy,that gossiper”he spat out.

I didn’t say anything or look at him.

“Don’t worry i will tell daddy,he will personally deal with Kira”
He assured me.

I still said nothing, I don’t know what I would say ,it will land me in trouble again.

“You must be hungry, here eat ,yours is smaller. I mixed ours so we can eat together Belle full”.

He put it down on the mat and gave me a spoon.
I reluctantly accepted and slowly went over to the mat.

“I will be back”
He dropped his spoon and went out
I was so hungry but I didn’t touch the food till he came back.

Oscar came with chilled five alive juice, the biggest size.

“Here,mummy bought for us yesterday I kept mine,I can’t drink all of it alone”.

I wondered why he was being so nice to me,what if he stole it and wanted to accuse me like Kira.

“I don’t what to drink”
I said quietly, eating the food.

He smiled back and got up ,he opened the door then yelled out.


“Can I share my juice with Special!!”

“How is that my business!”his mother snapped out angrily.

He closed the door and smirked.
“See.. there’s nothing to be scared of”.
I didn’t know when I smiled back


It’s been a month now my life at mummy Gina’s home was nothing like I expected.

I ignored the call,it’s no other person than Kira,I know she’s not up to any good.

I continued washing the dishes,then I heard her footsteps approaching.

“I told you mom is calling you and you are ignoring mom’s call”
I quickly dried my hands and rushed to mummy Gina’s room.

She was applying her makeup when I entered after she granted me the permission to.

“I will be back tomorrow, also my husband won’t be back till next week,he went for a burial in our hometown,why am I telling you all this,if you try any rubbish with my kids I have properly instructed them to deal with you if you insult them or object to whatever they ask you to do,do you hear me?”

I nodded slowly .

“You are not dumb are you?”

“No mah”
I answered blankly.

“Good.Kira,help me with this necklace”she instructed Kira. I watched the two do their business.
I wonder if this is how I would have been close to my mother if I wasn’t rejected by her.

“Go call Jasper for me Special”.
I went away ,and walked out of the house heading to the neighbor’s.

The boys were playing ball with one of our neighbor’s son.
The twins were identical ,I usually identify Jasper from Oscar due to their facial reaction to my presence.
Jasper is always the frowning one or straight face when ever he sees me but oscar was the friendly one,he smiles at me.

“Eemm Mummy is calling you”.

The two looked at me with a curious frown.

“Senior Jasper “
I said facing the one I assumed should be Jasper.

He smiled back with a giggle.
“I’m Oscar,seriously Special you should be able to identify me by now,we are really close”.

I mumbled my head bowed shamefully.

“Oh please don’t apologize”.

“You guys are identical I don’t blame her,I too get confused sometimes”
Luke the boy next door added.

Oscar shrugged.

Jasper threw the ball at the two and ran back inside without saying anything to me.
He only gave me the ‘I despise you’ look
I could remember the day he slapped me becausecus I didn’t call him senior Jasper,mummy Gina was okay with it,she said they’re my seniors afterall.

“Come play with us, Special “
Oscar invited.

“I am doing something inside,you should probably rest, you guys have been playing for hours now”i suggested.

“She’s right ,I am tired too”.
Luke said, exhaling breathlessly .

Oscar removed his polo fan, fanning himself with it and ran to me.
“Alright let’s go”.

We both walked back to the house
Just then his mom called so we separated our ways.
He went inside the mom’s room,while I went back to the kitchen.

After washing the dishes,Mommy went out and the three of us were home alone.
Kira was the first to get hold of the remote control.
So we are going to watch her channel first
I always pray they choose Nickelodeon or Disney junior or cartoon network.
I closed my eyes, praying silently.
“Fearless heart!!!hooo!!”
It’s the adult channel again telemundo.
“Kira, can you put something that everyone enjoys,”Oscar snapped.

Kira ignored him
“There’s pg right,if you don’t change it I am going to tell mom”.

“Well I have a witness who can testify that I didn’t put on the Telemundo channel”.

Oscar gazed at Jasper who smiled at him Savagely in support of Kira.
“It’s two against one, sorry Oscar”.

“Well it’s two against two, Special is a witness too”.
Oscar replied then he looked towards me and found me sitting on the tiled floor.

“Come and sit over here Special”.
He tapped on the couch.

Kira immediately lay down on the couch and stretched her legs.
“No more space”she yelled.

“Come let me lap you then”.
I stood up and went to him.

He carried me on his lap.
“Change the channel kira,I am serious I will tell mom,you two are watching adult scenes on Telemundo and special will bear me witness”
He instructed again.

Kira laughed.
“As if mom will actually listen to her”.

“Well we will see…”

“The fact that she was from a mentally disabled family,”Jasper added.

The word drew my attention, Oscar was stunned for a sec too.

“What do you mean by that,why are you all being so unfair to this girl,she is supposed to be like a younger sis to us”.

“Her dad is mad!!,I overheard mom discussing it with uncle Walter, drugs made him mad”Kira snapped.

I was breathless for a sec.I suddenly started sweating and shaking.

Oscar noticed.
“Special don’t mind them, they’re just….”.

I got up and rushed into my room.I heard Oscar’s voice yelling at them.

What if it’s true, Dad is mad?the stories she told me doesn’t add up,dad can never be away for this long without saying anything unless something happened to him.
Lots of thoughts rushed in my mind,I cried more.

“Where are you daddy”

Oscar came and consoled me.
“I promise, they’re only trying to make you feel bad,don’t you trust your dad ,he said he will be back ,believe him than them,only he is not into drugs right?”he asked.

I shook my head sobbing.
“Please stop, nothing happened to him, Jasper is good at trying to make you feel bad ,just ignore him”.

I just hope what Oscar said it’s true just as it sounds to me.

I can’t live if I find out dad is actually out there ,helpless.

He hugged me again
“Happy 10th birthday Special,who is daddy’s big girl?”

I was shocked when I heard that from him
I hugged him so much,as much as I missed dad.
That’s the exact word he would use if he was here.

“Thanks senior Oscar”.

“Tomorrow when mom comes back I will persuade her to get you a birthday cake,I wish I could get you one but well I am 13 plus years old, still a teenager”.
He said with regret.

I giggled at his expression.

“That’s it keep the smile on,don’t think about your dad he is perfectly fine I assure you that”.

I nodded.
“It’s my turn, let’s go and watch cartoons “
I was happy but also worried.
After some time ,Jasper took over the remote.
I went and warmed the food then we ate dinner before we all went to bed.

Midnight, Special was awakened by the door sound.
She looked startled but seeing Oscar’s smile in the dark ,she was relieved.

“You came back”.
She asked sleepily.

“Yh..I.emm ,I wanted to give you a birthday present first before anyone else”.

Special asked confused.

“Yes, like I said before anyone else,”he snapped impatiently.

“You sometimes sound like Jasper”
Spacial said recognizing the similarity in the voice.

“Well it’s me Oscar,why are you so dumb,you should be able to recognize me,I am never like that stupid boy Jasper, I don’t even know why I am his brother,him and Kira are the worst set of siblings one can have”.

Special nodded in agreement, then she looked up in excitement.

“So what’s my gift?”

“First closed your eyes”
He whispered.
Special trusted Oscar second to her father,since she arrived in this house ,it was always better when Oscar comes around,he defends her,he was like the father’s missing image, and he never jokes with her,also he sees her as their last born.

She closed her eyes ,covering her face with her palms in anticipation.

“Keep your eyes shut”.
He instructed again then he pulled her hands down from her face.
His lips touched hers.

She reacted innocently, she felt nothing like that before,but her body shows it was kinda of a sensitive touch.
He ran his fingers through her laps, Special was uncomfortable.

“Daddy said, no one should touch me down there”.
She replied innocently and opened her eyes but before she could say another thing.
He grabbed her mouth shut and pushed her down.
She was calling Oscar out in her mind but couldn’t voice it out.

He had his way, it was so painful, that she started kicking to get him off her.

She didn’t know what it is he was doing down there,but it hurts like she was going to die, and it pained her a lot ,like there’s a sore inside there.

She felt the pain of a fresh wound inside her delicate feminine part.

They heard footsteps, he stopped abruptly, making sure everywhere was calm.
Special tearing already soaked her face
“If you cry loud or tell anyone, I will never be your friend again,I will join everyone in this family to torture you”.
He slowly let go of her mouth and left the room quietly.

Special remained in the same position,her legs apart, thick fluid slowly dripping down her legs, now she understands why daddy told her not to let anyone go down there.

“I am hurting daddy please come back,it hurts so much in my front bum, its pains”she cried in the dark, quivering all over.
She referred to both no1 and no 2 as bums

Well the next morning, their mom returned, she asked after Special,why the last night’s dirty dishes were still unwashed.

“Let me get her mom”.
Oscar volunteered.

“No let me do it”
Jasper countered and ran towards the room.
Oscar frowned at him,he wondered why Jasper suddenly wanted to be the one to call Special.

“Jesus!!,mummy come and see,this girl is bleeding!!”Jasper snapped out loud.

Gina rushed into the room and found Special still in the same position, almost lifeless.
No one had to explain to her what happened and she didn’t want to take her to the hospital because there would be questions.

She rushed out and bought pain medicine and an oral drip for her.
Gina knew the truth will be out someday,their neighbors are detectives in things like that ,very nosey.

They will question Special one day and get the words out of her.

“Who among you two did this”
She asked her sons in a locked room.

None of them admitted.
Oscar was the one fuming ,cursing and crying.
“Why would you do such a wicked thing to her, Jasper? It’s because of those adult movies you watch”

“Shut up! Did jasper accuse you why accusing him”
His mom whipped him hard.

“Listen and Listen good,if anyone happens to ask you two about Special tell them she ran away,did you get me?”

Jasper nodded but Oscar was only sobbing for the pain he received from her whip.

She called Kira and instructed her to do the same.
She went to Special and asked her who did it.
She told her it was Oscar.
it was unbelievable , Oscar was the one cursing the person that did that and yelling at his mom stubbornly that he will tell the neighbors. She thought it would be Jasper,there’s a time when she was invited by his school principal, and he was caught with a female classmate making out in the toilet.

“Kids these days are unbelievable, where do they learn such from”she thought,”I have to get rid of this girl before she puts me in trouble.

That night,she consoled special
“I have good news,your daddy is coming back tomorrow”.

Special suddenly stopped her sorrowful sobbing.She looked at Gina with wet sparkling eyes.

“Daddy is coming back?”she cried.

“Yes dear, would you like to go to the airport and welcome him?”
She hugged Gina in tears.

“Yes mummy, I love to!”

“Alright stop crying, remember don’t tell him about yesternight”.

Special nodded but deep down she can’t wait to tell her dad everything that happened since he left her.
It’s still a shock to her,how Oscar could do such to her.

Was he all nice just to hurt her this much,it hurts so much, she can still feel the soreness inside her.

“We have to leave now so we can get to the airport on time”.
Gina instructed,It was 9pm that time,Special agreed.

We’ve been driving for hours now, my eyes were folded with a black cloth.
My Gina said it was a surprise , I would love to be surprised too.

I slept off at the back seat, I don’t know how long I have slept off.
Then I woke up hearing the car break.
I was so excited,maybe it’s morning already and I will see Daddy.

“Are you ready?”
Mummy Gina whispered.

I nodded, but I can feel it’s still cold and quiet.
I can even hear crickets,I wonder what time it is but it’s definitely not morning.

She carried me out of the car and put me to my feet.

“Remove the fold”
She instructed.
I did as she said.It was still dark but it’s not an airport. I wonder where we are.

“Special,you daddy was last seen in this place,mad. i can’t continue keeping you with me,you can look for him by yourself”.

My heart skipped a beat, Mad? Look for him?
“Mummy I don’t understand”.
I sobbed as tears engorged my throat.

“Don’t come looking for me,”she said again.

Before I could utter another word,she looked around,went into the car and drove off at high speed.

I chased and cried after the car till her legs went limp.

I looked around unaware of where she was or even the state she’s in.
I am scared of the dark and ghosts, my alerted wet eyes shining brightly in the dark, I developed an immediate cold, shivering all over. I don’t know if to follow Mummy Gina’s direction or the opposite.
I am lost,I don’t know where I am, I can’t shout , some wild animal might come and hurt me.

I prayed and cried silently till I was too weak to cry,but I couldn’t fall asleep not knowing where I was at the moment.I sat by the roadside ,sobbing and mumbling words.

“Daddy?,daddy? Please come back, I am scared,my front bum is still paining me”.
My scared eyes looking at the direction of every single sound.

Kelvin was at his usual spot,when a minister was passing with his crew,a crusade publicity.

Kelvin recognized the man of God.
There have been many preachers ,and men of God as they claimed that passed by without him noticing them in his state but today it was different.
Something told him, this man can help you.

He came out of his place and asked the minister to pray for him.

It attracted the attention of the onlookers and market women at that side.

“I just want to return to Special please save me from this reproach, please”.

“Only God saves my dear,and it is written, that whatever we shall ask,we shall receive,you are a great man my friend,your enemies that put you in this state will receive the reward of their evil”.

“Amen !!”
The intercessor members with him,chorused.

“Give me your hand”.

“If you don’t want to take me to Special I won’t give you my hand”.
Kelvin said and laughed madly then started scratching his body crazily.

“In the name of Jesus I set you free!”

Even the onlookers and sellers nearby shouted Amen while watching the scene with interest.

Kelvin stood there and started crying,
the minister continued declaring his freedom in the name of the almighty God
the seventh time.

Exactly at the seventh time, Kelvin fell down like almighty log.
The crowds doubled, everyone eagerly waiting to see what happened next.

“It is done”.
The minister concluded, waving to the glory of God.

“How are you feeling my dear?”
The minister asked and gave him a hand.

Kelvin gained his sanity ,he couldn’t even get up cus of shame
He breaks down crying,covering his face.
All the details of how he got here were flashing back in his mind.
he cried again more loudly, his face still covered with his hands.
The members and some onlookers were praising God almighty.

The minister knelt down and started consoling him.

“Please someone should get him a nice outfit to change to and something to eat,also some antibiotics to take”.

A sister volunteered.

“You are a great man,it’s over my friend ,stop crying”the man of God consoled him.
After they took him away in their church bus and drove off.

Two people discussing the scene.

“Rita, you know that mad man? That is always saying “take me to Special?”

“The calm and handsome one?”

“Yeah,he is now healed ooo,one church like that came for publicity and God touched him”.

“Abeg, na one of their stunts, all this miracle churches we know them ,e fit be set up,the guy came and stayed here for months so now they don come do their yeye scam miracle,so e go be like say na them heal am”.

“Are you saying God can’t heal a mad man?”

“Abeg forget that thing, no be naija again,all these fake miracles, me I don’t believe anything”.

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Alagoa Boye Joyous
Alagoa Boye Joyous
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1 year ago

Wow….I’m smiling seriously after this episode… God is still doing wonders

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Albert jnr
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Wow..am only excited for d healing
But for my precious special I feel pity for her😥😥😥

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Enobong Dan
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Even more interesting

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This story is making me feel bad , like what the F!!