We got to the nearest police station, and they took him in,Oscar was still crying at the top of his voice,that he was innocent of the accusations, if he is not the one then who,could it be jasper,I could remember how shattered my heart was when Oscar did it to me I trusted him so much, he was the last person I thought that would ever harm me.

The took him into the interrogations room,we waited in the DPO’s office, an hour later,he still insure he was innocent, even though they use maximum level of brutality.

“He will kept in our custody for the next five years,how about that”

The DPO told daddy,who nodded slowly.

We got out of the office heading back to the car,a bike-man drove into the compound, carrying the exact carbon copy of  Oscar,I guess that’s Jasper.

He went to daddy and started begging for Oscar’s sake,he changed a lot since all these years

I never believed he could beg on behalf of his twin brother

“He raped my daughter,am sorry I won’t let him go unpunished, you should stop pleading or you will end up with him”

When daddy mentioned rape his daddy,that was when he noticed me,he stare at me for a long time then he called me by my name.I nodded,sudden fear gripped him,his face was pale with sadness

“I did , not Oscar , I wore his clothes and deceived you”

He said and knelt down in-front of me pleading, I don’t know how am supposed to feel kaput this,when daddy was taking care of Oscar as the culprit I felt sad for him cus I have almost forgotten about those pain,but knowing that Oscar never actually had me,after all those years all I got to pay him back was this brutality,I  slapped and starting hitting jasper

“How,could you do that!!how can you be so evil as a child”

My daddy rushed and held me ,consoling me,the guards dragged jasper into the police station

I was still crying like my healing  wounds were peeled of.

“Please get the other boy”my daddy instructed

They brought Oscar out of the prison,I ran to  him and hugged him tightly crying,he was beaten beyond recognition.

“Get into the car let’s take you to the hospital “

He was even weak to talk or do anything, he was carried to the car and we drove off

At the hospital,they Ford a drop on him, and treated his injuries ,I was seated beside him all this while sobbing.

Daddy went back to the station to settle with jasper,it’s been an hour bow,Oscar was still sleeping resting from the beating and pain.

I also doze off resting my head on the bed side where he was lying down


I looked up ,my eyes half closed then seeing him awake,I opened my eyes widely

“Am so sorry Oscar ..i..

He chuckled and hugged me

“It’s okay am still very happy ,I was able to see you in this life again,you don’t know how it felt when you left without a single word”

I smiled back,his hug was all I needed that moment, remembering how kind he was to me back then,I cried more.

It was a long hug

“Do you know what will happen to my brother?”

“I heard daddy say,they should keep him there for now,glad he confessed or else I would never forgive myself if we found out a lot your innocence late”I said to me

He laughed again

He really seem happier that we met ,forgetting the pain in his body,I hugged him again

“Special “

It was daddy ,I looked up and ran to hug him too

He carried me up in his arms

“Am not a baby anymore daddy”

He always ignore those words so I let him, he will get tired cus if my weight and put him down anyway.

“I apologize for the pains I put you through my dear,to make up to you,I will love to adopt you as my won what do you say

I was more excited like it was me that he referred to

“Are you serious dad!!!,”I snapped happily, he nodded with a smile

I looked back at Oscar excitedly.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you sir,God bless you sir”

He broke down crying

I hugged daddy happily


We returned back home,adopting Oscar made Special very happy,I did it for her-sake too,each-time she talk about how Oscar helped her before he raped her,I could feel the emotions she was caging in,not just because she lost her innocence at that age but because of the person involved Well now that she finally get to know the truth,I think it’s the best thing to do as a reward for the boy,get him a good school and build a better lifetime foundation for him,tomorrow my lawyer will be around to make it official.

“What did you cook,sweet Angela?”Special asked excitedly as we sat around the table

,she was supposed to sit beside me but she went and stay beside her new older brother Oscar

“Guess?”Angela replied smiling back at her,she visited.

“Am not good with guessing”Angela said pouting.

I used realize how beautiful my thirteen years old daughter has became, she glow differently today, I wonder why

“Eba and white soup?”she snapped opening the plate

“My favorite “I said smiling at Angela,i kissed her and whispered thanks

“It’s not fair,why not my favorite”Special snapped

“Meat rich white soup,we have turkey ,catfish,dry fish.swimming in there”

Angela tried to win her heart since she got weakness for meats

“I don’t like white soups”Special continued ,filling her mouth with the meats.

“So Oscar when last did you hear about your uncle Walter?”

“Years ago when we still live with our parents, he was caught in a country for smuggle drugs,I think they gave him life imprisonment “

“Wow! that’s sad”Angela snapped.i nodded even though I was glad to hear that,I felt bad for him,after the money what next, the most have done this to him as a punishment, the devil have a way of running people easily with mouthwatering favors r then will open their butt in public and kill them.

“Si how are you feeling now honey?”

Angela asked him

“Am great Mah,thanks to Sir Kelvin..

“I told you to refer me as daddy or papa anyone”i interrupted

“Sorry sir”

He replied gently ,he looked over to Special and found her struggling with the meat

“Special let me..

Before j could finish, Oscar helped her cut the meat,he licked his fingers smiling at her then he put his meat into her plate of soup

Angel nudged me

“They’re acting like siblings already”

She whispered but I don’t like it ,I supposed to be the one helping her with that ,I glare at him

He was even cleaning her mouth and her fingers after,if not that we are here with them he might even feed her.

“Special change your seat,come over here”

I snapped out

“But daddy I…

One look,she stopped talking and did as I said,I had to feed her by force,I can do better

“Open your mouth”

Angela and Oscar laughed to their heart content


“Baby what’s that with you at the dinning ,you are the one who said Oscar is an elder brother to Special but you are trying to keep them from being actual siblings “

“Sibling,so you see the way he was smiling at her,I am a man,he was confessing with his eyes”


She cracks up.”confessing what,…love?,ofcourse he love her but in a good way,don’t be-so strict they’re kids,they just give me siblings vibes,they are innocent stop imagining things”

Angela replied.

I was still moody about what happened today.

“They’re not kids ,he is seventeen and she is thirteen,so they’re teenagers not kids ,they can have crush on anyone at this age”

I replied,I can’t imagine her ending up with someone from that kind of family,his heartless mom and uncle and sibling

“And so…,let them have  crush on anyone,Special will get married one day you know that”

She added more kerosene to the fire

“Honey!!”I snapped at her,she laughed out

“Stop being such a jelly head,accept it, it’s nature okay,I know how much you love but you have to let her live her own life ,she is a teenager now,we need to be more careful with her,also Oscar a just he will be a good big brother to our special, they’re too young to actual know their feelings,if they grow older and think of being together then let’s support them,but am sure they just love each other as siblings”

I guess she’s right, I was too protective,they’re are now sibling so what’s bad in sharing their foods.

“Thanks “I said to her

She chuckled. “for what?”

“Foe making me realize something “

“Oh I see now you finally agreed that you are overreacting and overprotective “

“Yes but even more, I need a baby”

She was confused at first then I kissed her

“Oh no,not until we get married”she said and went back to bed

“Please,please,my angela,sweet angela,is God aware that you are with me instead of heaven,oh maybe he sent you here,he will choose the most beautiful one for me”

“Okay!!,say all you want but I am not doing it”she laughed out loud





“So sad I won’t be there at your convocation ceremony “I told Special ,it was one of the times we talked on the video chat.

“Aww daddy it’s fine,I will returning home soon,how is zac and Emilia?”she asked after her twin siblings.

“They are fine ,they always ask when you will be back,video calls aren’t enough for them”.

“Me too ,I can’t wait to see my adorable twins,I spoke with mummy Sarah, she seems happy with her new family,I am happy she moved on great too”.

“Sarah?It’s been 8 yrs now…I heard from her and oh your big bro is back”i said as Oscar approached.

“Good day dad”Oscar greeted.

“Welcome,how is work?”

“Great sir,Emm,dad is that Special?”

I nodded.

“Hy Oscar!!”Special yelled out, she must have heard his voice over the phone.

“Hey!!Beauty Queen!”Oscar snapped excitedly,they both chuckled, I gave him the note pad and let them talk .


It’s been years now,I can’t believe how much Oscar has grown. He is nothing like he was before I left the country.Daddy really treats him nice and also I can’t stop feeling a bit shy anytime we talk. My heart keeps pounding and I love that feeling.I hate to say this but I fantasize about me and Oscar being a couple.

“So you work too?”I asked ,looking down shyly.

“Yes part_time at Daddy’s company”.

”Isn’t it stressful?”I asked him.

“I enjoy it,actually,it makes me feel less lazy ,almost all chores are done by the servants”.

We both laughed

“Well nice to know, Mr hardworking,I must confess you changed a lot as an adult”I pointed out.

“Look who is talking,at first sight I couldn’t recognize you”he snapped back.

We laughed again.

“I will video call you back ,I think dad must be losing his patience about his ipad”I said I actually had plans for that.

He smiled and nodded,I ended the call.

I was so excited, I quickly changed into something more attractive,light and mature ,brushed down my curly hair, and put on some lip gloss.

“Arrgh !….what am I doing ,he is my elder brother isn’t this too obvious, he will notice”I yelled at myself.

Just then my iPad vibrated.

He is calling me instead of waiting for me to call back.

I quickly flipped my hair and scattered it a little and hit the swipe to answer.

“You totally forgot to call back,do you hate your big bro so much?”He said to me, putting his tablet to a table for a better view while he sat on a chair opposite, completely shirtless!

Don’t say, a little Special, I am 21 now,not little anymore.

“Don’t be silly,of course not,it’s just 4 mins ago ,is it too long?”I said, confused at why he is upset.

“You always do that,promise to call back and then you won’t call back ,I have to call you back but most times you won’t answer,you don’t know how hurtful that is”.

His tone was different when he said that.

“School , I’m sorry,it was a heck of time studying abroad but now I am done with that we can have all the time in the world, soo…”I paused ,I have to ask him,this has been bothering me and giving me sleepless nights.

I tried a way to make it look casual.

“You look really fit,any girl as an inspiration?”I asked, praying he would say no.

“Oh..i..emm her name is carina,she is a cute troublemaker though”he said chuckling,as he ran his hands through his thick hair shyly, those muscles flexing.

I forced a smile and nodded.

“Wow…great, great…inspiration you’ve got”.

“So what about my beautiful sis,sure she got all the white boys simping?”He asked excitedly and winked,I noticed a customized necklace,with the name Special on it. I was angry that I didn’t care about that.

“Oh please I am not that pretty…”I sneered.

“So you don’t have …”

“Of course  I do! Lucas. I mean,but he is not white, he is kinda mixed”I snapped interrupting him.

“Oh…nice,we will be expecting an introduction right away, daddy said you will be home next week”.


“I missed you a-lot Special so much”.


“Are you okay? You sound angry”he asked calmly.

“I’m good, so heard anything from your brother and sister yet?”I changed the topic.

He sighed.

“Well Jasper uh, he is out. Daddy helped him start a motor parts business 3 years ago ,he is doing pretty well,my sister is a single mother now”.

“Oh that’s nice to hear,sorry I gotta go,an emergency phone call”

I snapped .

“From Lucas?”He teased with a wink.

“Well yeah!!”i snapped and forced a smile then i ended the call.

I pushed all the Teddy off my bed angrily,and buried my face in my pillow crying.

Well it’s crying, but I has nurtured this feeling for years,it was hard to he faithful to one man who isn’t even yours yet. Now

It’s time to move on from my childishness and accept that he is an older brother.

I went to the mirror and wipe my makeup off roughly,and scattered my hair.

“Who am I trying to impress by the way”i cried out.


It was the D-day not just because Special will be coming home soon,but today was also Our parents anniversary.

I dressed my best,if not for anything,Special is good with compliments I hope she finds it attractive.

“How do I look?”

Carina said turning around for me to take a proper look at her curves

“You look gorgeous”i replied with a smile

A knock came on my door.

My heart leaped, it’s happening!!!,she is finally here!

“Sir ,your sister is back”the servant informed.

I rushed out of the door, getting to the living room,I saw special sitting there with mom and playing with the twins,her smile was same but she looked more beautiful as a lady.

She saw me immediately and stood up,she grew into a very beautiful lady.

“Don’t just stand there Mr handsome “She said spreading her arms.

I chuckled, my cheeks pink ,I couldn’t look up to her face ,I can’t believe I was blushing ,worse my eyes were wet.

I went to her and hugged her tightly

“Welcome back Barrister”I said proudly.

“Thanks” she replied.

Carina came out of the room and walked to us.

“Welcome I am Carina, he told me so much about you”She said to Special offering a handshake.

“Oh…Emmm”Special then looked at me confused.

“The girl I told you about remember?”I whispered.

She smiled with her teeth broadly then accepted her hand offer.

“Yeah pardon me Carina,she’s so beautiful as you described”.

“Aww thanks”Carina replied and I pecked her cheek.

“I told you,you are beautiful,my sister just confirm it”.

“Welcome to the family”Special said to her then she picked up her clutch from the couch.

“I have to go freshen up now,the party will start soon”She said and left.

I stood there staring at her, then Carina took my hand,I followed and we both walked towards my room,getting to the door, she dragged me into my room with speed and slammed the door.

“How long am I going to act like your girlfriend? “She asked with hands akimbo.

“Emmm tonight I guess,I thought she is going to bring home her man,I don’t want to feel jealous or awkward, so i had to bring you with me”.

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong if you are in-love with her,she isn’t your blood sister,and from the record,you’ve loved her that way before your adoption”.

“I won’t say so,but I really love her before then,look ,I am adopted by her father making us siblings you get? Also because of what happened between her father and my family,he hated me for it,yes he is a good man to take me in,but sometimes I can feel the hatred he had for my family, I can’t pay him back by confessing that I love his precious daughter,who is probably in-love with her Lucas”.

Carina sighed.

“How long will you pretend then?”

“Forever I guess,as long as it’s not her,I don’t think it will be anyone else,you won’t understand but my mind is made up,I would go to the extent to lie about being impotent and I won’t want to punish my bride so daddy won’t pressure me to marry”.

Carina sighed again,she sat down on the bed and looked up at me.

“This is serious, look cousin,why don’t you at least try,maybe somehow she may feel same towards you”.

I laughed sadly.

“Well I am sure she doesn’t, first I was the one always calling her and she was the one who forgot me after we meet years later, she mistook me for Jasper”.

“That’s normal because he is your twin “

Carina said and shrugged.

“That’s not the thing,she got Lucas okay….I am  no where near a rival for those oxford boys,he must be handsome,rich and from a respectable family,just like her. I am just a boy with a messed up family, her daddy took in and helped as his own,now imagine being In love with someone whose identical raped you, it’s impossible, can we stop here,please”

“Fine I am just sad for you,I only hear those things in movies,if you really love her this much ,please voice it out,or you will end up killing yourself”.

I frowned back at her.

“Alright , alright ,I will shut it”she said tartly.

I walked to the refrigerator and grabbed a wine ,I took a shot from the wine glass,the wine was pretty strong,I decided not to take anymore or I might get drunk.


I knocked at Special’s door


“It’s me your dad”.

She opened the door,I noticed her eyes red.

“What happened?”I asked.

“Itching eyes,I just applied my eye drop”

I sighed, as a daddy who was very close to his daughter,I knew that was a good lie from her but….

she is an adult now,so I shouldn’t persuade her to tell me things she don’t want to.

“Can I help you with that?”

I asked seeing her struggle with her necklace.


I put it on her carefully.

“Thanks dad”she pecked my forehead and face the mirror brushing her hair, well she is now taller,a tall glass of wine,……oh she is on heels,I laughed at myself.

“So missing anyone back there,Oscar told me about Lucas”i said to her.

She stopped brushing her hair and paused for a while, her face blanked but then she managed to smile.

“Yeah..i guess so,can’t wait to go back to him,he is nice ,you will like him dad”.

I knew that was all lie.

“Can’t wait honey”.

I went to her and pecked her cheek then I left the room.

Few minutes later the party started,Everyone was present except for Special.

I could see Oscar searching for her codely too.

I don’t know about Oscar’s true feeling ,but if at all, I was right with my predictions, that he stole my daughters heart and then move on with his life,I won’t forgive him,Special isn’t feeling same, even with me around,there was something missing in her. As her father,i felt same way year ago,also I won’t let a boy from that kind of family end up with my daughter, I don’t hate Oscar,but he can’t be with my daughter.

Finally  Special came out of her room,she was putting on a very beautiful gown and flattered her beauty even though her makeup was not done, and her eyes swollen.

It’s no wonder, because I knew she been crying.

Angela went and hugged her,she was trying hard to pretend she was happy.


I can’t take my eyes off her

“You are being too obvious “Carina whisper to me.

“My apology”.

I got myself and focused on Carina this time, we started discussing random things,just to keep us busy and make it look like we are obsessed with each other.

Dad gestured at me to come over to the that side, I  pecked Carina’s cheek and whispered to her ,like I asked her permission.

She nodded and I walked towards daddy.


As soon as he walked towards us,Special breathing changed ,her heart was pounding,and I saw her flip her hair over her shoulders being conscious of her beauty, I couldn’t take it.

I pulled Oscar violently heading to my room,Special and the rest of the guests were dumbfounded.

I got to the room and pushed him to the wall.

“Now Mr man,I have a question for you”.

He was looking at me innocent and shocked.

“Did I do anything wrong father?”

“I have to find out about your dirty lusting after your sister Special”.

His eyes raised.

“Lusting ,daddy I never…”.

I slapped him.

“Did you or did you not want to have something intimate with her?”

He held his cheek without looking up,tears rolling down his face.

“I have never sexualized Special in my mind, dad”.

“So you only love her as a sister right?your obsession is just because she is your junior sister tight? Fine I will arrange your marriage soon with Carina, how about that?”

He looked at me,his eyes were dark and brave.

“You are right,I love her more than just sister,I won’t want to be with anyone else except her”.

“Why don’t up take this mic and say it out so they can hear what you are spitting out,shamelessly”.

He grabbed the mic, which as been connected to the speaker in the room where the guests are.

“I love Special more than anything else,I sworn to myself, if it’s not her then nobody!” He yelled  out staring bravely into my eyes, those tears didn’t even make him weak.

Then he bowed to me slowly ,and dropped the mic.

“I am sorry sir”.

I gave him a paper to sign.

“I can’t have you in my house as my son when all you want is get into my daughter’s panties just like your twin brother”.

He signed on it and left the room.


I brushed my tears off my face, getting  down to the sitting room from the next floor ,the guest were side talking about me i guess.

Special was standing at the same spot ,shocked and speechless ,they have heard what I said on the mic,her daddy was standing at the top of the stairs.

I stopped and turned back to afresh Me Kelvin.

“I came here with nothing ,so I am going to leave same,I appreciate your love and care for me, Sir Kelvin “.

I walked past Special my heart was about to explode,I don’t want to say goodbye ever,so i didn’t say a word to her,don’t hate me for this,Special.


She snapped as I walk past her,I didn’t stop,she walked to me and held me.

“I am going with you”

I looked back at her parents and the guests.

“It’s okay,I wronged your dad, it’s fine if he treat me this way”I said to her holding back my tears.

It was unexpected but I was kissed by Special, she doesn’t even care about everyone else.

“I want to go with up Oscar”.

I was sweating and my breathe fastened as I heard her say those words ,I couldn’t control myself either,I pulled her into a tight hug and kissed her a passionately afterwards.

Everyone started clapping, we heard applause and whistles. I thought I was going crazy.

We both looked at them in surprise,the only one who looked as confused as we are was Carina.

The big screen was on,It started playing, My memories with special,after the adoption. The day I carried her on my back,when she fell asleep, the day I fed her when she was sick,the day she cried when I was beaten by school bullies,more confusing the video editor made it look like  some kind of a love story journey ,we still don’t understand a thing.

“Well I predicted it”Sir Kelvin said.

“Yes you did honey”his wife said laughing out, she walked to her husband and he put his hand around her waist as they smiled back at us.

“Oscar you won my heart with your bravery, and please I will never judge you because of your family,I knew you must have thought about that “he announced.

My heart started pounding again

“This is not just our anniversary, but a very important day for You and Special,so I made this party on behalf of you guys,everyone here was invited to your engagement party actually “.

I thought I didn’t grab those words well.

“Engagement ? Dad!!,what are you up to?”Special snapped at him.

“Go on son,don’t you have a big question for your Special”he said with a wink.

I was confused but the tears embedded in my eyes were explaining how happy I was ,this means Mr Kelvin was aware of my love for his daughter and accepted me, he made me sign this papers so I won’t be a son but a son in-law.I went on my knees.

“What are you doing? We are not even in a relationship yet”Special said trying not to cry.

The cameras were flashing

“I don’t have a ring yet “I said shamefully.

“I don’t care”Special snapped crying

“Well emm I …don’t much to say, I hope I am that special one in your heart to spend the rest of your life with …..please”I closed my eyes.

“Yes, you are the one ,I want to spend the rest of my life with”.

I opened it shocked.

“But ..emm.. Lucas”.

“That name was made up,who the hell is Lucas!!”she snapped ,laughing in tears.

I was so overjoyed, I pulled her and kissed her passionately.

Carina came to us and cleared her throat

“Also I am Oscar’s cousin,nice to meet you again Special”.

She extended her hand, Special accepted,she turned to me

“Your cousin?”

I nodded excitedly

She removed her shoes, I was really curious why she did that.

“You almost ripped my heart into shreds with your pretend love life!!”She yelled angrily .

Okay that’s not good,I ran out ,she chased me throwing her shoes at me.

“I will kill you!!”she kept yelling..

At this point i don’t know what kind of couple the guests will think of us. The twins sibling laughed to their satisfied.


Well ,I hope I did the best thing for my daughter.

“You did great honey,Oscar is not a mistake, he loves her for real”Angela said as if she read my mind..

I pulled her to me.”Well ,it’s our anniversary right?”

I kissed her and the room was filled with applause


**LOVE conquers all,RICHNESS made from an EVIL SOURCE is just like A DEATH NOTE with time it will MANIFEST.

Remain blessed. Authoress caroluchy


Please Don’t be Ungrateful ? Don’t Leave Without A Comment , One Love ❤.

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Obadofin Toluwanimi
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