ENEMIGO Episode 1 by Ebunoluwa Ademide

ENEMIGO by Ebunoluwa Ademide

COMPENDIUM OF ENEMIGO ???? by Ebunoluwa Ademide

My Mate ???? or My Enemy ????

Finally,Alpha King Sky found his mate. He ought to be happy right? Yes! But Alpha King Sky couldn’t bring himself to accept his mate. Why?

His mate turned out to be the child of the greatest enemy of Donia Kingdom. He blamed the moon goddess for pairing him up with such a mate.

The Enmity between Donia Kingdom and Crescent Pack won’t let the Alpha King Sky think twice of accepting his mate.

What Alpha King Sky doesn’t know is the fact that there is a secret enemy who also wants the Donia Throne.

Will the Alpha King get over his grudge against Crescent Alpha?

Will he accept his one and only mate?

Who is true enemy? And will the Alpha King find him?

Find out as you read this Supernatural Story! ????‍♀

Don’t miss out on this story! ????

From the Writing Space of Authoress Ademide. ????



My Mate ???? or My Enemy ????

???? Episode 1 ????

???? Sky’s POV ????

“Rise and bow to the Alpha King!” An eunuch instructed in a high tone when I appeared at the entrace of the throne hall.

The eighteen officials in my court rose to their feets and bowed their head slightly as I strode towards my seat.

“The Alpha King is seated, you may rise and take your seat.” Eunuch Cole announced after I sat down on the Judgment Seat on the Platform that is called The Stone Pavement. (Gabatha in Hebrew)

I am Alpha King Sky, the right prince to the Throne of Donia Kingdom. I am a Werewolf. My father, King Malcolm died two years ago while my mom passed away when I was just 10 years old. It was after her death that my father passed on his Alpha title to me.

My father was devastated, dejected and sad as he mourned the death of his mate. She died in a war against another powerful Werewolf Pack named Crescent Pack. It was a fight for which pack would rule as a kingdom over other packs.

Donia pack won the war. My dad defeated the Crescent pack but lost his mate. Alpha Zion of Crescent pack made sure he dealt with my dad by taking away his other half – his mate.

Donia Pack became a Kingdom, the strongest in the Werewolf World, leaving Crescent pack the second leading pack in the Lycan world.

I ascended the throne at 18 after my dad passed away. He had been ill for six months before he died. At that time, Alpha Zion once again tried to wage war against Donia kingdom because he knew the Alpha was weak but we outnumbered his war men despite all odds. I had led my warriors to war and my victory proved that I was capable of ruling Donia Kingdom. That’s why till today, my kingdom is not in good terms with Crescent Pack but they have no choice than to accept me as their King!

“Bring forth the prisoner!” Another eunuch on my left side growled out.

Two hefty warriors dragged in a tattered looking man into the throne hall. He was chained on wrists which connected to his legs and a steel collar around his neck to restrict every attempt to escape.

I toyed with the ring on my finger. “What’s his offence?” I asked the eunuch.

Eunuch Cole read out the statement documented in a scroll by the head of warriors. “He was caught in the woods by a guard on night patrol. He had weapons on him, knives to be precise and suspected to be a spy.”

“When was he captured?” I questioned, looking straight at the suspect. He grinned deviously when our eyes met.

My cold eyes sized him up. Stubborn, stone hearted and due to his big form, one could tell that he was one of the strongest warriors in whatever pack he came from. I didn’t miss his confidence and defensive stance despite the chains on him.

His eyes bore into mine…my wolf hated being disrespected by a low wolf! No doubt the suspect was ready to fight anyone if not for the silver chains obstructing him from transforming into a wolf. One of the reasons why I introduced little silver to be used on Prisoners, it would weaken their wolves and render them powerless in human form.

“My Lord,” Cullen, the head of warriors stepped forward and bowed his head slightly. “We found him lurking around our territory three days ago, obviously he isn’t someone from our kingdom. And through our investigations, I found out that he is a spy.” He explained further as two warriors brought in bunch of knives in a tray. “My Lord, we found all these weapons strapped on his body and a notepad.” Cullen waved the blue notepad in the air.

“What’s in it?” I asked, trying to calm my wolf from tearing this spy into pieces for trespassing.

Cullen answered and said. “He surveyed our kingdom, noting every entrances and exits of our kingdom.”

My head snapped up to look at the man again. He had a smug look on his face as Cullen read out the writings in his notepad. Number of warriors, officials, maids, description of the throne hall and other specific things about my kingdom.

“He is a spy, sent by an enemy. And he awaits your judgment and prosecution.” Cullen concluded.

“Guilty or not guilty?” Eunuch Cole asked the prisoner. Silence. “Do you have anything to say before the Alpha King passes his judgment on you?” Eunuch Cole asked again. No response came from him and my wolf became furious.

“Bow to the king!” A warrior hit him and he fell on his kneels immediately. He yelped in pains as the silver chains burned into his skin.

I raised up my hands before he could hit the prisoner again. He obeyed and bowed to me in respect.

Every three days, all prisoners are presented to the whole court to recieve punishment according to the crimes committed.

“Who sent him?” I asked.

“Your highness, he didn’t disclose it to us during interrogation,” Cullen replied.

I chuckled for a second. “Such a strong spy…” I mumbled,noticing the bruises and wounds on his body.

“You didn’t disclose the one who sent you despite the torture,” I said to him.

“I can’t betray my pack,” he spoke up finally.

I smiled. “You are such a loyal pack member.”

He nodded. “I would rather die than betray my pack.”

Cullen went to him and made a hit for his face. “Do not talk back at the Alpha King!” He growled out and kicked the man.

“I’m pretty sure he knows the rules, but decided to break them.” I resumed to toy with my ring.

“I don’t obey rules because I was born to break them,” he gave me a smug look but It faded quickly when Cullen hit him again. The prisoner coughed out blood.

I watched the warriors pin him down as Cullen sent a whip on his bare back. And I raised my hand on the seventh whip, ordering Cullen to stop.

“Who is your Alpha?” I requested. Silence. “Who ordered you to spy on us?” Silence. And he was beginning to get on my nerves. He was really testing my patience but I controlled my wolf.

“How long have you been in this kingdom before you were apprehended?” I asked again.

He looked up at me, devious smile playing on his lips. “You want to know Alpha king Sky?” He said in mockery and once again I cautioned Cullen not to whip him.

I shook my head in response to his question. “Yes.”

“Well, it took me just two days to gather those information in the notepad,” he said. “Surprised?” He laughed. “I am a trained spy,” he added.

“I am sorry to say this Alpha King, your warriors aren’t trained and you are losing behind in terms of security. And it obvious you only get ready when there’s war.” He shook his head in pity.

“A mere spy was able to come into your territory and act like a guard for two days. I would have escaped and succeeded in my mission which will earn me a great reward from my Alpha if that guard on patrol has not suspected that I don’t have a Donia Warrior Mark on me.” His forehead creased as he said that.

“So bad…” He did the Tsk tsk sound. “I had even spoken to the head of warriors but he didn’t suspect anything…” I exchanged glances with Cullen who immediately avoided the eye contact.

“A piece of advice, this man isn’t fit the title of being the head of warriors,” he said with a serious look.

I clenched my fists and let out a low growl to silence the prisoner. For the first time I saw the fear in his eyes which was caused by my Alpha presence and he kept quiet.

“Forgive me my Lord,” Cullen bowed.

There’s no way I would strip him off his title because of a little mistake of not noticing a spy. He had been a great help to me at war times. He was my father’s personal bodyguard before his death. As soon as I became the king, I made him the Head of warriors due to his trained skill and loyalty to the kingdom.

“You must have too many tasks on your desk for you not to have noticed a spy in our midst,” I said.

“Forgive me My Lord,” he gave me an apologetic look.

The prisoner laughed and it echoed throughout the hall. “My alpha would have killed him with his bare hands.” He scoffed.

“Is that how cruel your so called alpha is?” I asked. Maybe I was close to knowing his Alpha.

“My alpha isn’t weak,” he replied.

Anger crashed over me as he indirectly referred to me as weak. My wolf became impatient, all it wanted was to lunged at the man and kill him without mercy. But I can’t do that, I have to know his Alpha! My wolf withdrew reluctantly at my decision.

“I’ll ask for the last time, who is your Alpha?” I said with a stoney expression.

He gave me a mock smile but it disappeared as soon as it had appeared. “Order your men to kill me because I won’t disclose my alpha’s identity.” He said seriously.

“I won’t hold back -“

“You aren’t fit for that throne!” He blurted out.

Everyone in the hall gasped out In shock. I clenched my fists, knuckles almost cracking as he said those words.

“How dare you say such words to your king!” I growled out, my eyes turning black, veins budging at the sides of my neck as I fought the urge to let my wolf come out in the open.

Everyone bowed their heads at my Alpha tone. “As the only son of Alpha King Malcolm, I am the rightful successor to the Donia Throne!” I snarled angrily.

What gut does he have to belittle me like that?! I seethed my teeth and passed my jugdement.

“You trepassed into my territory and spy on my kingdom! A great offnece in our world! You have spoken blasphemy against your king! Another offence purely against the Werewolf law!” I paused, sensing the strong alpha aura radiating around the room.

“You are hereby sentenced to death!” I passed my judgment.

He laughed it off. “Just like your cruel and incapable father!”

I couldn’t hold back my wolf anymore. In a swift movement, I stood up from my throne, pulled out a sword strapped on the nearest warrior’s body and I stabbed him in his belly. His eyes widened in shock, not expecting his death to be from my hands. Whoever sent him must have told him to say those words to me if he gets caught.

“I can forgive anything but speaking ill of my father I won’t accept!” I said angrily.

He coughed out blood and he glanced down at the weapon in his belly when I pushed in deeply. “When you are dead, lead your spirit back to your pack and relay this message to your Alpha. Tell him,I,Alpha King Sky will find him and destroy his whole pack!” I gritted.

“Y..Yh..Yhoouu..wi..will..never…fi..fin..d..h..im.” He smirked.

I stepped backward,pulling out the sword. “Rot in hell!” Then I ripped off his head with the sword,the rest of his body dropped to the ground. His filthy blood staining the white marble In the hall. And everywhere was silent.

Cullen passed me a towel to wipe my hand. “Any pack mark on his body?” I asked.

A warrior ripped off a part of the deceased clothes. “There’s a mark on his body.”

Cullen moved closer to check it. “A dragon mark which belonged to the Donia Pack but he never admitted it that he is a Donia member.”

I moved closer to confirmed the mark on his shoulder. “It’s faded.” I frowned on seeing the light mark on the body. A pack mark never fails except if a female wolf marries another pack member and bonds with her mate.

I walked back to my throne and wiped my hand with another clean towel. “I want to know who sent him. But for now,let’s hold Crescent oack as the prime suspect.

No doubt,Alpha Zion sent him to spy on my kingdom to see if there was a way to take away my kingdom. He had done it during my father’s reign and I am sure he won’t stop until he have my throne.

“Clean up this mess, and send his head to Crescent Pack for Alpha Zion to know that his spy failed his mission.” I ordered.

“Yes My Lord.” Cullen bowed before giving out instructions to his men and they carried out the dead body. Maids walked in to mop the hall and in no time everywhere was clean again with no smell of blood in the air. This is the first time a prisoner would be killed in my reign. My dad did it severally because most of the spys sent at that time had foul tongue and wouldn’t give respect to him. I wonder how much the so called Alpha would give them to disrespect a whole Alpha King who is greater than the Alpha himself.

“Do any of you have anything else to say to the Alpha king?” Eunuch Cole directed his questions to the officials.

Old Ben who is my uncle raised his hand. We call him Old Benjamin because he is the oldest official in the Donia Court. “Speak Old Ben.” I rubbed my temples.

He cleared his throat. “Your Highness,killing a member of the Crescent Pack without proper investigation means war.”

My eyes darkened once again at his words. “You know the rules and laws of the Lycan world better than any of us! And that imbecile crossed my territory!” I snarled. “That’s trespassing! and I can’t overlook the fact that he called me weak and referred to my late father as being incapable!” I added furiously.

He bowed slightly. “Forgive me,My Lord!”

“If it is war,then so be it!” I spat.

The officials began to murmur among themselves. “Silence!” Eunuch Cole shouted and they all kept quiet.

I shook my head at the murmurs of my officials at the mention of war. “You bunch of cowards!” They all kept their head down but before then I saw the glint of fear and embarrassment on their faces. I stood up from my throne and walked to the center of the room. “I should consider changing my cabinet. If you are afraid of war then step out now!” I growled out. No one stepped out because they are afraid to lose their titles.

“If you are ready for war then gather information about Crescent pack,bring up tactics to get over Alpha Zion once and for all without breaking the werewolf rule. Let’s meet tomorrow by Dawn!” I said finally.

“Long live the King!” Eunuch Cole called out.

“Long live the King!” They chorused!

And I walked out of the throne Hall to my chambers.


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