Behind The Mask Episode 10

Behind The Mask Episode 1 by Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Behind The Mask Episode 10

© Jones Kwesi Tagbor

The phone calls from my brothers persisted so I decided to take the challenge by leaving to see my father. On my arrival to the hospital, I went straight to my father’s bed. Looking at the situation in which he was at the time, I knew all hopes were lost. We all knew our father will soon join her wife in the grave. He could not even recognize my presence. Food must be passed through tubes into his blood stream in order to get him fed.

My luck was that, I requested for my annual leave before the wedding so I still had some days to spend at home. By default, Xorsenyo had become a brother and a friend. He kept updating me on whatever was going on in my absence. He told me almost everything ranging from the workplace to checking on Enyonam. My brothers asked me why Enyonam didn’t follow me to check on my father. I only told them that she wasn’t feeling well due to the stress involved in the marriage preparation and ceremony.

Two days after, my father was still on life support machine and there was no sign of improvement. In the morning of that day, the doctor called us to his office and told us that, my father’s condition can not be explained medically. He said they needed to refer my dad to the eastern regional hospital for continuity of care and treatment. Even though within me, I had no hope for my daddy’s survival but I equally concerted to the referral.

Whiles we were at the doctor’s office planning of what to do next, Enyonam called my friend, Xorsenyo, to come to help her move some heavy object in our room to a different position. Xorsenyo explained that he was at work so will come over after they closed. That didn’t sound well to Enyonam but she had better plans so she agreed. Her plan was to lure Xorsenyo into bed so that he could also be broken down since he was the only person left to keep me away from her. After work, she dressed in a very offensive and exposing dress. Xorsenyo informed her when he was about to set off. Enyonam got her drink which will serve as a catalyst ready for action. She called me to be sure if I was not coming any moment soon. Xorsenyo knew the level she could go so before leaving the office, he prayed and committed his going into the hands of God. He also prayed that no evil plans of anyone whatsoever should function. He just did a short prayer.

When Xorsenyo got to the house, Enyonam tried to move our sofa to block the way.

Enyonam: Oh bro. Xorsenyo, this was what I was asking you to come and help me do. I tried moving the other ones but this very one seem to be too heavy for my strength.

Xorsenyo: Sorry about that. Let me see if I can help.

He tried pushing but the sofa was actually heavy. He applied more force before moving it to the desired position.

Enyonam: Wow! Once a man always a man. (she complimented him). Thank you very much. I still have another one in the inner room I will want you to help do. In fact I just want to change the appearance of the room before your friend returns. But before that use this red wine to freshen up your self.

She offered the infested drink to Xorsenyo to take.

Xorsenyo: oh sis Enyo. That shouldn’t be a problem. I can help you do anything.

He stretched forth his hands for the drink.

Enyonam: That’s so kind of you. My husband should be very lucky for having such a generous friend like you. Thank you once again. Make yourself comfortable.

Looking at what she was wearing, it would only take probably a truly ordained priest of the church to abstain from having sexual desires for her. Her thighs were visibly exposed and breast fully packed up with the center cavity oiled and exposed. Xorsenyo sat on the sofa he moved as he sipped the drink. Enyonam went into the room waiting for the medicine in the drink to start working.

One thing about those who worship God in spirit and in truth is that God will continually work miracles in their way even without their knowledge . Remember, in his book, Luke wrote in chapter 10 verse 19 that, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you”. Yes. Nothing by any means shall hurt you when you put God first. Xorsenyo prayed and invited God before setting off from the office. Same applies in our everyday lives. When you commit yourself into God’s care, he works miracles in your way without you knowing.

Xorsenyo took the drink and it even tasted better to him. Enyonam was happy seeing him empty the glass. When he finished, he called Enyonam to show him the next work to do.

In a surprised mood.

Enyonam: Have you finished your drink so soon?

Xorsenyo: Yeah. Thank you for this nice wine. It actually refreshed my system. What is next for me to do?

Enyonam: Are you in a hurry to leave? I want to put some things in place in the inner room before you come and help move the bed.

She said that with the intention that the drink was yet to start working. She went to wait for the next ten minutes but still Xorsenyo was active watching a documentary on the television. Enyonam became very worried. “Ah! What at all is in this guy’s system that is preventing him for falling for this medicine? Okay, let me go naked by myself to him. He can’t withstand this one”. She said to herself. She moved out only to see Xorsenyo on his phone.

On phone

Xorsenyo: Oh my dear sweetest heart just give me ten minutes I will be with you soon. Just wait for me in the house”.

Sister Enyonam please sorry I’ve to be going. A girlfriend of mine has been waiting for me in the house since afternoon.

Enyonam in a very frustrated voice agreed and walked fast back into the bedroom. “Ah who at all is this guy?” She asked herself and threw herself into the bed. Xorsenyo walked out in peace and with no harm to meet Golder his fiancée.

Time for the transference of my daddy was up. In few minutes, our pastor back home drove to the hospital. I approached him with the doctors referral issue. He said, he had a strong faith that my father will not die out of this but we needed to pray harder. My other two brothers came around to join us pray with all sort of seriousness. We just stood by the pastor’s car before this prayer. In a distance we saw the nurses putting my dad into the ambulance. This scene made me to have a flashback of my school days where Enyonam was taken into the ambulance. The prayer was intensified this time around. Soon the the ambulance was ready to leave. We joined the pastor’s car and followed the ambulance. We continued with the prayer even as we were in the car. The speed of the ambulance was faster so they were far ahead of us. They got to the hospital before us and my father was taken to the emergency room. At the time we got there, we were told we couldn’t see him.

Pastor: John where is your newly wedded wife?

Me: She is at Tema. We were supposed to travel together but because of my father’s condition, we needed to call off that trip.

Pastor: So why didn’t you come with her?

Me: I felt she would be more stressed up since our wedding demanded a lot of time and energy.

Pastor: Okay but I need to pray for you.

As soon as the pastor said that, my phone rang and guess who? Enyonam. She said she was missing me and wanted to see me badly. She threatened if I don’t get home early she will quit the marriage. I tried to calm her down.

That call interrupted my chat with the pastor. Soon, a nurse came to call us that the doctor wanted to see us. We followed the nurse to see the doctor.

Doctor: You are welcome gentlemen. Can you introduce yourselves to me before I tell you what I have?

We all mentioned our names and how we were related to my father.

Doctor: Well said. This world is such a small village. Mr John do I look like someone familiar to you?

Me: Yes in a way just that I can’t recollect the exact place.

Doctor:, Well, My name is Joshua and I can remember you as a partner in crime during our secondary school days. Can you remember me now.

Me: Like seriously? Is this you Joshua? My oh my. Joshua you are now a doctor?

Joshua: No I’m not a doctor but a Physician Assistant. What are you also doing now?

Me: I’m an internal auditor at Tema Harbour.

Joshua: Ohk that’s fine. Keep your calm. Your father will be fine. He looked unconscious at the time he was brought in but thankfully to God, he has gained consciousness. The nurses will soon move him to the male Ward and you can see him. He only suffered some shock.

Pastor: Doctor thank you very much. Indeed our God is a miracle working God.

Joshua: Oh Yes. Those who put their hopes in God shall never be disappointed.

Me: ha-ha, Joshua what are you doing? since when do you start preaching? I can see you are now a changed person.

Joshua: my brother, all what happened during school days was the work of the devil oo. But it equally served as a lesson. I’ve heard Enyonam traveled outside after the dismissal. Is she back?

Me: Ei! Information minister. So you’ve not stop this your information work upon you becoming a born again Christian.

We all laughed over our jokes as we moved out of his office to see my father. As we were walking out, Joshua saw the wedding ring on my finger.

Joshua: Eei! My guy since when did you get this ring on? So you left Enyonam to marry another lady is that not it?

Me: Charley, “Enyonam en ring this oo”

With a wide open face, Joshua was surprise to hear that. “So you guys managed to trace each other and finally gotten married. Congratulations.” “Thank you.” I knowledged his complement.

We got to the Ward and my dad was fully conscious. This was around 6:30pm that day. The next thing that happened a call from Xorsenyo.

Xorsenyo: Johnny, Charley your wife is in some critical situation now. I just heard the news and rushed to your house.

Me: My friend spare me all that long talks and tell me what has happened to her. What is it?

Xorsenyo: hmm I’m Sorry to announce to to you that your wife….

Me: My wife what? Is Enyonam dead? can you just tell me something?

…to be continued


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4 years ago

John, may God open your eyes

4 years ago

Almighty Father please deliver Your children