Behind The Mask Episode 9

Behind The Mask Episode 1 by Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Behind The Mask Episode 9

© Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Henceforth, Episodes of this story will be posted everyday in the afternoon © Jones K. Tagbor

Hmm, sometimes, God finds different ways of saving us from falling into the trap of the devil but we do feel we know better. At times, even God himself do regret for creating man. But behold, our ways are not His ways, neither are our thoughts His thoughts.

The person I sent to check on my father called and said my daddy was in a critical condition so I needed to come home. I informed Enyonam and went to see him. Truely, I realized he was in a very bad condition when I got there. The doctor said they would try their best so we should also keep praying for him. He asked me to pay some money for deposit which honestly, at the time, I was having nothing on me. I called Enyonam for help but this time around, I was disappointed. She said she was not having enough. All she wanted was that I should return early for the ceremony. My father’s health was equally important to me so I tried to ignore her. Why should I lose my mother not too long and lose my father too? I saw that to be too big a load for me. I called my brothers abroad who came down to provide the money. It was three days to our program but still, my old boy was still in bed. I told my senior brother that they should continue with the care so that I go back to perform my marriage rites but he furiously dared me not to move an inch from that place, and if I tried that, I would not be considered as a member of the family. He asked if my father’s health was less important than going to engage a lady our father didn’t endorse. As confusing as it seemed, I called Enyonam and told her that she should let us postpone the ceremony. “What the hell do you take me for? To disgrace me or what? Please don’t try that on me.” Enyonam said, sounding very harsh than ever. “Dear since when did you start to talk to me like that?” I asked. “It’s not that I’m trying to be harsh on you but baby, just imagine what it means to postpone this marriage. How will people think about us? Would they say it’s incompetency or what? Dear, your daddy will be fine so come back and let’s complete this. I’m sure your brothers can take care of him”, she added. “I understand you but I equally need my family to be present at the ceremony so if I should neglect them at this critical moment, they may not take it easy with me”, I said. “If you will postpone it then I think it will be better you cancel it completely so that I can take the shame once and for all. Why! Are you going to marry your family or you are the doctor to cure him?”. Her temper was getting hotter as the misunderstanding was keeping longer than usual. How I wished I could just quit that relationship there and go scot-free. I rather begged her and now, I decided I will leave whether my brothers liked it or not. I called on some other family members to accompany me to see Enyonam’s parents and also to fast track proceedings.

Xorsenyo did almost everything in my absence. A day to the engagement, I told my senior brother that postponement of my date wasn’t possible so I had to go. By then, my father was a bit conscious so I went to tell him about my plans. “John so you’ve insisted marrying that lady. I thought the pastor asked you not to continue?” My father asked. “Dad, it’s unfortunate that at the time the pastor said it, I already made up my mind so we agreed that I go ahead to marry her. I will be back to take good care of you as soon as we are done with the wedding. You will be fine so don’t worry. “I assured him. My dad sighed and said, “Okay. I wish you the best. I’m sure your uncles will be in attendance?”, he asked. “Yes dad. Uncle Sam and Uncle Worlanyo will represent you there”. He said “Okay” and waved him goodbye and left.

When I got to Tema, Enyonam was really angry at me. I told her not to worry but cheer up since I came back for everything. There were lots of people in their house doing the preparations. My uncles also came around the evening before the engagement. I rehearsed with Xorsenyo how walking with Enyonam will go like. Lo and behold, the D-day came for the engagement. Before myself and my family could get to Enyonam’s house, the whole place was full with people. Some of my church members from my father’s place also came to witness the program. Actually, it was really ceremonious. The engagement was duly done and the next was the white wedding which was done at the church we both do attend. Because our union came through a prophecy, everybody wanted to witness our wedding.

The head pastor who gave the prophecy was the same person officiating the wedding. When it got to where we needed to share vows, something happened that no one understood. The cake that was the next thing for us to cut after exchanging our vows fell from the stand but never broke into pieces. We were all surprised.

Now the pastor called the two of us to face each other. He asked for the ring which the maid of honour who happens to be a member of the praise and worship team and a partner in crime to Enyonam gave out to the pastor. I wished you saw how she eyed the pastor before giving him the ring.

Pastor: Does anybody have anything to say concerning why this two people shouldn’t marry each other? You need to say it now or never.

The chapel became more quiet than the cemetery. Out of the blue, this old lady who was seated somewhere at the back stood up and started walking forward. I nearly spoilt myself with urine. All eyes were geared towards this old lady. When she was about three rows before getting forward, the pastor broke the silence.

Pastor: Auntie Mansah, Please do you have something to say?

Auntie Mansah, the older lady raised her head and looked into the pastor’s face.

Auntie Mansah: But why is everybody looking at me? Pastor I don’t have anything to say. I couldn’t hear nor see what was going on at the back so I decided to move forward to have a clear view of my grandchildren.

Everybody was like ooh!!! I shook my head and wiped off the tears on my face. This old lady really mesmerized my tension. She was asked to get a place to sit so that the program could continue.

Pastor: In the absence of any objection, brother John, will you like to take Sister Enyonam as your beloved wife?

Me: Yes I do.

There was a resounding clap from the congregation.

Pastor: Sister Enyonam, will you like to take brother John as your beloved husband?

Enyonam: Yes I do.

They gave another resounding clap

Pastor: Brother John, Please take this ring and say after me.

With a smile, I took the ring and held Enyonam’s finger. I repeated after the pastor.

_I, John Eserwoeni, take you Enyonam Agbevor, to be my wedded wife. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness._

There were lots of shouting and clapping as I gently put the ring on Enyonam’s finger.

Pastor: Sister Enyonam, Please take this ring and say after me.

Enyonam took the ring but I don’t know what happened, the ring fell to the ground when she was taking it from her maid of honour. The lady needed to run after it before bringing it back. Now she repeated after the pastor.

_I, Enyonam Agbevor, take you John Eserwoeni, to be my wedded husband. To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part. And hereto I pledge you my faithfulness._

The cheer from the crowd increased after Enyonam finished her vows.

Pastor: Now, you may kiss the bride.

Wow! The moment I’ve been waiting for finally came into being. I kissed her as if her lips was the bread of life.

Pastor: Now church, I present to you Mr. And Mrs. John Eserwoeni.

We went to where the cake was and did the cutting. Now let me tell you the implications in cutting cakes. Normally, we select a well respected mother to lead the couple to do the cutting. She guides them to patiently cut the cake from top to down. The slow and careful pace indicates that there should be no hurry in marriage. They need to take their time to carefully plan together. Also, the man holds the lady’s hand in doing the cutting which shows that the man must always be supportive to his wife at all times. They should also be able to feed each other in whatever way in the marriage that is why they feed each other the cake. The respected mother simply means the woman should model the woman and also become a responsible mother.

After cutting of the cake, we went to take our pictures which both of my parents and brothers did not feature in any. We closed around 4pm and I was to take Enyonam home so that the following day, we go for thanks giving service. That evening marked the beginning of our honeymoon. Enyonam suggested that we travel outside to complete our honeymoon but I told her I can’t do whilst my father is still on the sick bed. This was where I became Enyonam’s enemy. Anyway that evening was a blast. I used all my strength to satisfy her. The following day at the thanks giving service, my brother called again and said my father became unconscious for some days and now in coma. “Enyonam, I need to leave immediately. My brother said my daddy has gone into a critical condition again”. “John what exactly is your problem? since when did you become a doctor? look we are traveling together after the church service. Don’t try to run away from me”, she ordered. Seriously speaking, this lady started controlling me from day one of our marriage. I became worried. I told her I won’t keep long. I later asked if we should go together. She didn’t mind me.

Hmm from this day, this lady started showing me her true identity, and I could vividly remember myself saying “for better for worse. ” So what could I do?

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