Behind The Mask Episode 19 – 20

Behind The Mask Episode 1 by Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Behind The Mask Episode 18

© Jones Kwesi Tagbor

*Battle won, Enyonam and Jessica delivered and confessed.*

Pastor and the elder in the room got shocked upon seeing the war that was about to begin. They both drew back and tapped the elder sleeping to wake up. He woke up and saw these three marine ladies standing before them. He jumped back immediately and joined pastor. Pastor told them to be strong and courageous.

The marine queen walked forward and said if they want to go back to wherever they were coming from in peace and not pieces, then they should leave the house and mind their own business.

Pastor: I should rather be telling you this. I command heavenly fire to consume you all this very minute. Elders pray!

The heavy prayer started and it was as if an exchange of thunder strike. Anyway i was outside by then so i was only hearing the exchange. The elder standing outside with me and Xorsenyo said we should gather courage and go into the room. I was very much afraid but i followed them. We went in and all we could see was Enyonam and Jessica on the floor. The queen vanished because the battle was tough. She took away the powers inside Enyonam and Jessica so they became very empty and weak. Xorsenyo and the elder now started their version of the prayers. I joined as if i was also doing something. I was praying with my one eye opened so that in case of anything i could run. After some time, Enyonam came into consciousness. She woke up from her unconsciousness and showing signs of poor insight. She didn’t know what exactly happened to her and was asking who we were.

Pastor held her hand and asked her to stand. He made her sit in the sofa but very weak. Pastor laid hands on Jessica and also prayed for her. She also gained her consciousness back but not fully.

Pastor brought up a victory song which we all joined in singing. After the song, he asked Enyonam whom exactly she was.

Pastor: Who exactly are you? What was your mission? and where exactly are you coming from?

Enyonam: I’m very sorry please don’t harm me. I will not do it again. Don’t force me to talk because if i do, i will die.

Pastor: You’ve not answered any of our questions. No one is here to harm you and there is nothing to apologize for at this moment. So just go ahead and answer the questions.

Little did we know that the marine queen was going to come back. She only went to fortify herself well and came back in a disguised form. We heard a knock on the door. I went and this lady said she was looking for Enyonam. I asked what was her mission and she said she was her customer so she was coming for a business discussion. I told her to wait for a while because we were busy. She said she wont keep long so i should call her. I insisted that she cant come in. She then said i should follow her to her car so that she discuss what she wanted to tell Enyonam with me. When i started moving to follow her, pastor called me and said i should return because the very minute i step my foot into that car, that would be the end of my life. I asked why he said so.

Pastor: “ramatokayatayaa” praying in tongues. I command you to leave this place now because i know what you are in for. These people are now for God and not your property. John Cant you smell the scent all over her? You are chatting with a fish who just left this room.

The pastor himself went out to meet her and to our surprise, Enyonams car was in serious flams. The car started burning which nobody knows the source of fire. We all ran outside to see what was happening. The lady was also no where to be found.

Pastor said we should be calm so that car was not an ordinary car. He said anyone that sits in that car is automatically initiated into some invisible spirit. I was confused and didn’t know what exactly was going on. Within 30 minutes, a call came that Jessica’s shop was also on fire. Me and Xorsenyo went to the shop side and everything was gone.

Now the problem here too was that, once initiated, everyone swears an oath not to reveal to anybody the practices of the marine world. They keep everything as a secrete and the punishment for unveiling their secrete was instant death or the individual generates a mental disorder. The person also loses all that she/he got from being a member.

Ladies and gentlemen, this made me to come into agreement that the devil doesn’t give anything for free. They give with the left hand and takes back with both hands and legs. Same way with blood money, you take it as a loan and pay back using everything of yours including your family. You will lose everything and lose your soul too. Due to this, everyone keeps the oath as their life jacket.

Enyonam and Jessica knew the consequences involved in confession so that became very difficult for them. After the fire service men managed to put the fire under control, we returned into the room where Enyonam and Jessica were to tell us who they were.

Pastor: Don’t be scared of anything. Just feel free and tell us everything. we are here to help you.

Enyonam: We’ve took an oath of secrecy which if we break it, will cost us our life so we cant tell you anything.

Pastor: You will never die but you shall rather live to tell the whole world the goodness of God. You will have a living testimony. The devil is just scaring you. Bible says He has given you the power over all form of powers of this earth so with God on our side, nothing can befall us. Talk my dear.

All Enyonam could do was to cry. As a matter of fact, i was confused that day. I walked towards her and asked her to stop crying and answer the question. She even cried the more when i was talking to her.

Enyonam: John, am very sorry to tell you all that I’ve cost you. I am the cause of your mother’s death.

Me: What?!!!! so you are a witch. Thunder strike you in the name of Jesus. I raised my hands to smash her to death.

Pastor: John behave yourself. You knew how to pray and never prayed to avoid all this. Enyonam feel free and tell us everything.

Enyonam: John i love you that is why you are still alive till this time. I was sent to kill you. I married you because i wanted destroy your family.

The club at Asamankesi that got burnt during your school days belonged to us. We put it up to get more young people into our camp. We make strong believes fall when they come into that club. When you and your friends came in that night, your mother stood in for you and prayed so we couldn’t get access to you. It was the straggle between your parents and us that led to the fire and burnt many people. We equally benefited from the blood shed that day. I married you so that i could retaliate with your family because of the bond. I charmed you but this pastor saved you from it. Xorsenyo was always there to interrupt in our moves because anytime he goes to pray, he prays for you. I planned the court case to separate the two of you but he was equally strong in prayers. He was always praying so he warn the case. I bribed your company lawyer to lose the case but i didn’t know why he messed up. I poisoned his drink on two occasions but i was rather the person who falls as a victim to my own trap. The first was when i ended up at the general hospital leading to the court case and second was during the reunion. In the process of given him the poisoned drink, i fell down.

Xorsenyo: Oh really! hmm God is wonderful.

Pastor: Was that all you did?

Enyonam: I have infested about 70% of my church members with HIV/AIDS and other STIs.

In chorus, we all shouted eai!!!!!

Enyonam: The head pastor is battling with one because i do sleep with him. He feels he was having fun with me but my target was to bring him down. I equally made him to lust for other church members and never had a peaceful home. I’ve given him marine powers that is what he uses at church now. The instruction is for him to preach about prosperity to members so that all their focus will be on wealth and miracles and forget about their reason for being in church. We know they were to worship God which we are against so we replaced it with wealth and miracle. Many of them hide under the grace of God and do worse things. All they come to church to do was t see miracles and hear messages of prosperity.

Pastor: So what exactly have you done to your husband so far?

Enyonam: Hmm a lot. He is a dead living.

Me: What! what do you mean by that?

She continued. He has an STI which i infested him with. I made him to forget about his father and also he has no money in his bank.

Me: Jesus Christ! Enyonam so you mean i am HIV positive? Let me just die at ones.

I ran to the kitchen to get a knife to kill myself before the elders rushed to take the knife from me. Pastor laid his hands on me and with the elders, they prayed for me and said they remove any kind of STI in my blood. After the prayer, they questioned Jessica and she also confessed everything.

After the prayer, the pastor said i should go to the hospital to test my blood if still the STI was there. As a matter of fact, i was scared to go because going to see myself positive would bring me down more. By the powerful grace of God, i gathered courage and went for the test. The result came and oh my God! i couldn’t believe it. hmm

Episode 19

© Jones Kwesi Tagbor

*Johnny meets the real Enyonam. Test result released.*

After the prayer, the pastor said i should go to the hospital to test my blood if still the STI was there. As a matter of fact, i was scared to go because going to see myself positive would bring me down more. By the powerful grace of God, i gathered courage and went for the test. The result came and oh my God! i couldn’t believe it. hmm

The news came to me as a shock because i couldn’t comprehend it. Probably i should call it the supernatural manifestation of glory. Having gone through all these ordeal with a marine spirit, sleeping with someone who has infested a whole church community, my HIV test result revealed that i was negative. ” Like seriously! doctor are you saying am not HIV positive?” i asked with a mixed feeling of joy and surprise. The counsellor who i look as a doctor said i was negative but he spoke to me on how to lead a life which will not put me at risk to acquiring the infection. I thanked him and came back to the house.

Enyonam came to kneel before me and said i should forgive her. I pretended like i didn’t hear what she was saying. She said she was left with few days to die because she had exposed the doings of their camp. I said that was not my problem. ” So had it not that God was on my side, by now i would have been in the dark. You made me lose my mother who cared and cherished me. You made my father go through pains, you’ve made me to disgrace myself by taking my good friend to court. Upon all that, you infested me with a deadly disease. You devil go away from me.” I said and walked away from him to the bedroom. She cried her heard out but that never tickled me.

Later in the day, i sat in the Sofa refreshing myself with some wine and same time watching documentary. This midday breaking news came up on the TV and in the news, Enyonam the original; was invited to the studio and was interviewed on some judgement dept saga. I had some shock within me when i first saw this lady. What the judge said about her was true. She had some slight deformity in her face but due to plastic surgery, you will hardly know that she went through burns. I picked my phone and called judge Amos to be sure if she was the one i was seeing on the TV. He confirmed it and said i should make time so that he take me to where she stays at Accra. I told the judge Amos that i was ever ready to go see her. He said i should relax because things won’t work as fast as i expected it. I told him that wont be a problem but all i want was to see her. Soon after the call with the judge, my pastor called me and said i should come with Enyonam to his place for he has something to tell us. The pastor also asked me if the church we’ve been attending knew about the deliverance of which i told him no. I told him i don’t know how to go about it so I’ve stopped going to that church. My pastor said i should invite the Enyonam’s pastor over to my house so that he would rather come down to talk to him and discuss how they will manage to deliver the church.

Even though Enyonam was still leaving under my roof, we shared nothing in common again. I don’t eat her food neither do we sleep on the same bed. I left the bed for her and i was sleeping in the hall every night. We lived together as if we were in the jungle. To me, no body knew about this. Not knowing, Enyonam had ready called my pastor and reported me to him about how i was treating her.

The whole of that week, i was never myself. I couldn’t even go to work. On Saturday, I invited the two pastors to my house.

My pastor asked me to excuse them so i left the two of them to do their thing. My pastor made Enyonam’s pastor to understand what was going on around him. He made it clear to him that he was performing all the miracles because of the marine power he has. My pastor also made it clear to him that he was HIV positive and interestingly, the head pastor admitted that. He explained that the test was done sometime ago and it was proven that majority of the members were STI positive.

The way forward. My pastor suggested a one month fasting and prayers by the pastor and all his members. My pastor was to be the gust pastor for their last week of prayers. He allowed Enyonam’s pastor to go. My pastor then called Enyonam and i into the room.

Pastor: John, I’ve heard a lot about how you are treating your wife of late. Am here to talk to both of you.

Me: Pastor am not doing anything to her. I don’t beat her, i don’t prevent her from eating and besides i didn’t throw her away from my house so how come you said i don’t treat her well?

Pastor: Let me start from this angle for you to understand me well. When was the last time you ate your wife’s food?

Me: I stopped eating her food because i feared she might put another charm in it.

Pastor: Where have you been sleeping at night? and when was the last time you had a chat with your wife?

I remained silent. All this while, Enyonam was just crying.

Pastor: John i expected you to do better. You knew it that your wife didn’t do all that from her own will but from the demands of the marine spirits that by grace she is delivered from. This is the time you should rather embrace and care for her the more. You are to show her the love of God and you are the one to put her back to life. At the moment, she is highly depressed and if you should continue this, she might end up getting a severe mental disorder which we may attribute to the work of spirits but rather you are the cause. You see, many of the people we see out there on the street which we labelled “mad people” could be avoided if someone could have just shown them some small care by just telling them that they would be there for them. Some even end up killing themselves because they see themselves as the worse people on earth. I simple word sentence like ” I have forgiven you or i love you” could reverse what made them to end up on the street or taking off their own lives. What i want from you now is to accept Enyonam as your wedded wife just as you did on your wedding day. Start all over again and i promise that you will be one of the finest couple this world have ever had especially looking at where you are coming from.

Me: Pastor, am not trying to disobey you in anyway but i have a concern.

Pastor: Go ahead we are listening.

Me: This lady here had deceived me. She was not the person i thought i was getting married to. She also portrayed herself as if she was an angel sent from God. I cant forgive her and i don’t think we will ever love each other again. If she can, fine, but i cannot love her again. The real Enyonam i wanted to marry is now back in the country. She is my rip.

Pastor: Can you compare the the pain you are going through with what Jesus Christ suffered? Even upon all that, He said ” father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing.”

Hmm John, you’ve made me to laugh at you. Look, to err is human and to forgive is divine. Have you ever heard the saying that goes like “the devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know?” My son, there are many mistakes you did in the past of which repeating them would send you to an early grave and the worse will be ending you up in hell fire. Don’t be deceived by the roses of this world by conforming to the world, because not all that glitters is gold. The real Enyonam you are talking about how well do you know her? Are you sure she is still single by this time and even if she is, do you know why she is single? Ask yourself these questions and find answers to them.

To my good friend out there thinking of leaving your current woman or man because you’ve found another person who you think would be better than the current, my question to you is that, how well do you know that person? why not maintain the current one and workout things to have a better life together? Have you asked why people keep changing spouse? Simply because no body is perfect. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If some people were perfect, i don’t think the bible will tell us that *all have sinned.* It would have said ” *some* have sinned.” Be wise and don’t be deceived.

After pastor finished talking, i became confused the more because i just couldn’t imagine seeing myself loving Enyonam again.

Me: Okay thank you pastor. I’ve heard all that you’ve said. I will also take it into prayers.

Pastor: Alright. I want the two of you to embrace yourselves let me see.

I moved towards Enyonam and did something to represent something like an embracement. It wasn’t really from my heart.

Over the weeks, the fasting and prayers went on in the church. I stopped attending the church so i didn’t put myself in the fasting brouhaha. The members were receiving the anointing grace of healing one after the other.

At work, my output was never the best. Xorsenyo was always around to motivate me but i was the only one that knew what was happening to me.

I now became concerned with my father’s health so i do pay him regular visit.

One afternoon after work, i called the judge so that he lead me to my real Enyonam’s place. He asked me to meet him at a particular joint which i did.

This lady was really living in affluence. She lived in a very big house. Had it not to be the judge that l followed there, i would have seen myself as a nobody. I hid myself under powers and influence of the judge and walked freely into the house.

As soon as my Enyonam came out to receive us i run towards her for a hug. “ei gentleman can you respect yourself a bit? how can you be running in this small space? by the way how can i help you?

I stood there looking very foolish before her.

Judge Amos: Enyonam can’t you recollect this gentleman? Look at him well.

Enyonam: Amos unless you tell me who he is because i can’t make him out.

Me: I’m John. The school prefect during our secondary school days and your boyfriend. Can you now remember where you know me from?

Enyonam: You and whose schools prefect? oh so this is you. But why are you now looking like an old man? why what work are you doing?

Judge Amos: He is an internal auditor for Tema Harbour.

Enyonam: ohk that’s fine. So how can i help you? am getting late for a meeting.

I spired her finger and i saw that she had some promise ring on, meaning she was not yet married but dating.

Me: Oh i heard you are back into the country so i decided to come and know where you stay. I actually lost contact of you.

Enyonam: But i believe you are not here to start telling me that because you were my boyfriend back in school, you want us to continue.

Me: woo! So you know that already. I can remember the letter you wrote to me stating that if we are really meant for each other, we will meet someday and indeed the day has come. This is the day that the lord has made.

As soon as i stopped talking, this V8 car came into the compound. That was her boyfriend. I looked at the car, looked at my standard and it was clear that i have a lot to do before i can impress this lady.

Enyonam: Sorry my lord, my fiance is in and we are going somewhere. I will see you at your office.

She only spoke to Judge Amos and left. This lady didn’t book me in anything. I felt bad that i was not recognised. I saw clawed of tears in my eyes about to to fall. I became broken hearted. All these while, Xorsenyo was not aware that i came to see my Enyonam. Judge Amos was calling me for us to go but i was just absent minded. What a shock…

…to be continued


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