Behind The Mask Episode 11

Behind The Mask Episode 1 by Jones Kwesi Tagbor

Behind The Mask Episode 11

© Jones Kwesi Tagbor

*Xorsenyo in Trouble.*

We got to the ward and my dad was fully conscious. This was around 6:30pm that day. The next was a call from Xorsenyo.

Xorsenyo: Johnny, Charley your wife is in a critical situation now. I just heard the news and rushed to your house. It seems…

Me: My friend spare me that long talk and tell me what happened to her. What is it?

Xorsenyo: Hmmm. I’m Sorry to announce to to you that your wife…

Me: My wife is what? Is Enyonam dead? Can you just tell me something?

Xorsenyo: Please can you just calm down and listen to me? She is not dead so just relax.

Me: OK. So tell me what the problem is.

Xorsenyo: Earlier in the day she invited me to your house to help her move some items and the furniture from one position to another. After a while, Golder called so I left to meet her. Before leaving, your wife was very vibrant. Just this evening, the police came to my house that your wife, who is currently undergoing treatment at 37 hospital, gave my name to the police as the last person to come to her house. They said her drink was poisoned and since I was the last person who left the house, the police suspected I poisoned her. As we speak now, I’m at the police headquarters at community four to write my statement and your wife is on admission.

Me: Xorsenyo what the hell do you think you are telling me? You poisoned my wife’s drink?

Xorsenyo: John I respect you a lot and I don’t expect you to say this to me. How can I poison your wife’s drink? Did I even serve her any drink? She only invited me to help her. What will I benefit from doing that?

Me: Look, by the time I get there, make sure nothing happens to my Enyonam if not, I promise you will rot in jail.

I realized I was getting confused and more furious so I hanged up without allowing him to say a word. “What at all is happening to me? I have this trouble today and tomorrow is another one. What at all is going on?” I asked myself.

Miraculously, at the time Enyonam poured the poison into Xorsenyo’s drink, she also served the drink for herself and no one knew what happened. At the time she was taking Xorsenyo’s infested drink to him, she mistakenly took the one she served herself leaving the infested one on the serving tray to take later. Xorsenyo drunk a pure red wine and Enyonam later took the poisonous one. After some time, she started bleeding and that was when she called for help from our neighbors.

Upon all these, she equally saw that as an opportunity to achieve her aim of dissociating Xorsenyo from me. The enemy will never stop following you if his mission is not achieved. Even if achieved, they still find cause to fight you. This is exactly why we are supposed to pray without ceasing.

She did same the first time she entered into the church of God. She stayed with a relative of hers during her childhood days. Her parents were not staying together due to their nature of work so they had to let her stay with one of their relatives. When she was growing, she was sent to a boarding school by her relatives and at school, she equally joined bad company. One day one of her friends organized a birthday party where she attended. At the party, they were fed with food meant for marine spirit. So in the night after the party, all the girls who took the food saw themselves at the beach where they were initiated. After the initiation, their mission was to breakdown the churches in the community so that they can win more souls for their kingdom. Unfortunately, Enyonam had an accident and was taken outside for treatment. When she returned, she was made to take control of the church.

At the time she joined the church, the holy spirit filled the church so at a revival service, she was nearly caught but she was quick to escape. She went to get more powers and in subsequent services, she joined the choir and initiated most of the young girls. They were influenced by money. She took over the choir and championed on that to get most of the young men. She even made some married men pick up quarrels with their wives. With the leaders of the church, she used her money to influence them. She always gave more when it was time for harvest and the likes. She lent her money to the church and some members. She seduced almost all the leaders of the church and slept with them.

This time around, she took me as her next prey and Xorsenyo was standing in her way so she tried to separate us.

I told my brothers and Pastor about the content of Xorsenyo’s call. I vowed never to spare Xorsenyo if it happened to be true that he poisoned Enyonam’s drink. The pastor advised that I should be extra careful in dealing with the issue but with the state I found myself in, it might be hard to heed to what the pastor said. We didn’t inform my father about it because we felt we may be stressing him with it so I left without informing him.

Later after I left, my father told my brothers that he believed his problem was a spiritual one, so he urged them to pray for him and also pray for me because he could feel that I was gradually approaching doom.

I went straight to the hospital to check on Enyonam and thanks be to God, she was doing well and about to be discharged. The doctor said she was poisoned but the case have been taken over by the police. Enyonam insisted they interrogate Xorsenyo very well because he was the only person who came into the house.

I went to the police station and Xorsenyo was detained in the cell. I made him know he would rot in jail when it goes to the end of it. He cried that he knew nothing about the allegation but I never listened to that.

Xorsenyo: John so you don’t trust me? Upon all I’ve been doing for you?

Me: None of my good friends will plot against my wife. I’m even suspecting that you went to the house purposely to do this. A very bad friend I have is you. You will surely pay for this.

Xorsenyo cried like a baby. “I know my God will speak for me. John don’t worry. Very soon, you will appreciate the truth of this matter.

Me: It will be better you say the truth so that I forgive you and stop the investigation.

Xorsenyo only shook his head in disappointment. Enyonam was just happy deep inside herself because she knew she had accomplished one of her major missions. I left him and went home with Enyonam. She never even asked how my father was doing but was interested to know how I would handle the case of Xorsenyo. The authorities of Ghana ports and harbour took interest in the case and decided to get a lawyer for Xorsenyo because they had confidence in him that he was innocent. His parents came around to bail him but investigations still went on. Since I left my father’s place, it never occurred to me to call back to find out how he was doing.

The case was still with the police as investigations went on. The company got a lawyer for him as well. I resumed from my leave as working in the same office with Xorsenyo. We didn’t talk to each other not even to greet each other. I was also not happy with the administration because I didn’t expect them to provide a lawyer for Xorsenyo. Due to this ill relationship between Xorsenyo and I, they moved him to another department until the case was over.

At home, Enyonam started using me as if I was her baby sitter. She always complained of illness so it’s either I bought fast food to the house for our supper or I go into the kitchen myself to do the cooking. Hardly does she also wash my clothes.

For about a month, the investigation was in progress. The police tortured Xorsenyo for him to accept that he did it but he stood firm to his words.

The date set for the court hearing was now here. Should Xorsenyo be guilty, he would serve a jail term for ten years with hard labour.

…to be continued

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