BARGAIN Final Part 3 – Yùñg Tygä stories



Right after my mental health treatment, I faced the most difficult phase of my life: I got involved terribly with much more challenging taxs from the Dev!l.

One night, at one of our occult sessions with the devīl, the Dev!l gave me a mission to convert more young guys to hom0sexuality.

This directive was likewise conveyed to other members of our cult group.

Once we have s£x with you, we have taken your star, and your destiny is tied shut.

Worst of all, once we have s£x with you, you are spiritually initiated and will never be able to stop being gāy.
Inshort, you will remain gāy for the rest of your life and no advice can change you.

That is why gāys can never break free from their homosēxual habits till they die.

You will even begin to have less feelings for women, eventually losing interest in them.

[Written by: Yùñg Tyga stories ✍️]

I saw many international leaders and pastors attending most of our cult meetings, each with their own set of requirements imposed on them by the dev!l.

The pastors who were there at these gathering had sold their souls in exchange for FAME and THE POWER TO HEAL.
(Keep in mind that those healings will turn into curses after a while because they are not from God almighty.)

That is why you will see many churchgoers seeking deliverance and appearing to have obtained it, only to have their condition resurface/ worsen even more than before, after a while.

I was shocked how people could appear innocent in public but be members of so many secret cults.

I recall meeting several of them at almost every satanic cult gathering I attended.

We may pay young males to engage in sex with them. My goal was to persuade as many men as possible to become gāy.
[Remember, this was one of Sātan’s many taxes on me.]

Every tour I went on, I encountered famous movie stars, social media influencers, high-ranking government officials and Muslim imams who had sold their souls to the dev!l.

You could only recognize them, dine with them, and accompany them to certain locations if you were also a dev!l worshiper.

My tax of sleeping with gāy guys wherever I went caused me a great deal of mental distress.

Because of my sadness, I attempted su!c!de several times, but it seemed like someone spiritual always told me not to.

I grew much more depressed when my father, who was more compassionate than any father in the world, was k!lled in a vehicle accīdent on his birthday.
His demise was mysterious.

Within a few years, I got involved with illicit drūgs intake through needles and in few months contracted Cancer and Kidney problem and I was dieing in the JFK hospital.

And the whole thing comes back to how it started.

And they called my mother and when she arrived I told her the whole story, and mom called the Bishop.
And They also told him the whole story that I’ve explain to them, from the dream forth.


So I’m gonna need him to break that with the bl00d covenant.

“I’m going to need you to write the creed and then you gonna sign in your bl00d.” —He said to me.

And the creed was written and I recited it and I signed it in bl0od.
And immediately I passed away.
I was confirmed deâd.

I was immediately transported to a pitch-black room that was as hot as if I had been confined inside a shipping container that had caught fire.

I was unable to breathe since there was no oxygen. I was crying inwardly, praying to God that I would repent.

I was still crying when it felt like a very large and sharp sword had cūt the whole thing in half, and I found myself standing in broad daylight.
However, it did not cause me any harm.

—Now at the hospital, the doctor comes in and sees my lifeless body lying down, he’s very upset and my mother had gone out of her mind already.

They were all blaming the Bishop.

Confusion goes on in the room for about 40minutes and all of a sudden, i violently jumped off the hospital bed…and everyone’s mouth was opened in Agape. I came back to life.
Isn’t that a miracle of God?

I was tested and they found no Cancer, no liver problem, I was completely healed.

And from there, I’ve dedicated my life to only WRITING, & serving GOD and to tell people the reality of the devil and not to make deal with him.


©️ Yùñg Tygä stories ✍️

“I’m a fountain of endless inspiration and that’s God’s gift.”

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