ACRIMONY Episode 4 – Ayogu Oluchi Eze

ACRIMONY Episode 1 - Ayogu Oluchi Eze


Episode 4

The following day, everyone was going about their usual activities in the office.

Uju was in her workspace looking so cheerful.

She couldn’t forget that moment even though Nelson pretended like nothing happened.

She finished up her work quickly and entered Nelson’s office.

She greeted him and wanted to bring up what happened between them the previous day but Nelson couldn’t allow her to finish.

“You see that thing that happened here yesterday, it’s just a mistake and will never repeat itself.”

“You can’t tell me that, I know you wanted more.”

“I’m married and will never do anything to hurt my wife.”

At the mention of his wife, Uju was enraged.

“For crying out loud I’ve heard this countless times. You want to use me and dump me. That cannot happen.”

“Don’t try anything funny Uju, you are pushing me.”

“It’s fine,” Uju said and angrily left his office.

A few days later, Joe visited Nelson at his office and he narrated to him all that’s been going on between him and Uju.

It sounded funny to Joe but he promised to talk to her.

Later on, Joe spoke to Uju in private.

He warned her that she was at risk of losing her job if she continued.

Uju was infuriated.

She promised Joe that she would never bother Nelson again.

“So it has gotten to this, reporting me to his friend. He doesn’t know who I am. I will see to the end of this game.”

Later on, Uju moved on like nothing happened.

She became dedicated to her job and stopped bothering Nelson.

At Nelson’s house, Nelson’s younger sister was the only one who looked after Junior, his child.

She prepares him for school but their school bus comes to pick him up in the morning and brings him back in the evening.

So one day, the school bus came in the morning as usual and picked him up.

In the afternoon, a man went to the school claiming that Junior’s parents sent him to pick him up and insisted on leaving with him.

The school knowing fully well that Junior uses the school bus and his parents didn’t inform them about the man, decided to call Nelson.

Nelson told them he never sent anyone to pick up his child.

He even called his wife to confirm whether she sent someone to Junior’s school but she said she did not.

He then sternly warned the school never to allow anyone to pick his child.

The school refused to allow the man to pick up Junior and he left.

Nelson and his wife didn’t take that incident lightly.

Later on, Nelson was in his office speaking with his wife over the phone.

“Your leave is due next week, right? We have a lot to discuss when you come home. Junior needs to change school.”

“OK. Tuesday evening, I can’t wait to see you. I’ve missed you so much.”

As they were discussing Uju was listening attentively with so much rage in her face.


I am Ayogu Oluchi Eze

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