ACRIMONY Episode 6 – Ayogu Oluchi Eze

ACRIMONY Episode 1 - Ayogu Oluchi Eze


Episode 6

Nelson called the police immediately and reported the case to them.

He provided them with the available information they would use for investigation.

The police promised to work with the information but advised him to wait for the abductors to communicate with him, that they may request for ransom. They can also work with the information the abductors may provide for the collection of the ransom.

Nelson started checking his phone every now and then to find out if the abductors would call.

After forty-eight hours, nobody still called concerning the whereabouts of his wife.

Nelson was terrified and worried.

Meanwhile, as all these were happening, Uju hadn’t been going to work.

Nelson hasn’t concentrated on his job since the day his wife was abducted.

He then called Uju to help him run his office so he could focus on securing his wife’s release.

“Uju, please I need you to be at the office to attend to people I have appointments with. We are seriously lagging.”

“Sir, please my mother still hasn’t recovered, I even took her to another hospital. Please if you are lagging, get someone that will replace me because I can’t leave her here alone.”

Nelson was surprised and downcast but he wouldn’t give up on his wife’s safety.

He called the police again.

“Officer, it’s been two days and I haven’t heard from the abductors. I’m running out of patience. I don’t want anything to happen to my wife.”

“We are on it sir, we spoke to the cab driver earlier today and we were at the scene yesterday. So far, we have gotten the information we needed and I promise you we will track them down.”

“Okay. Thank you, Officer. I’m waiting.”

A few moments later, in an uncompleted building, Nelson’s wife was sitting on the floor with her hands and legs tied with a long rope. Her eyes were tied with a piece of cloth.

She sat on the floor looking exhausted.

Three men were watching over her. Two of them were sitting on the rough openings on the wall and one was standing before her.

She tried to talk but was gradually losing her voice due to constant crying and pleading.

She couldn’t see anyone, she only heard male voices.

As the man was approaching her she managed to speak.

“Please, don’t hurt me. Please can I talk to my husband?”

“Shut up your mouth.”

“Please I want to go back to my family.”

“Madam I said shut,” the man ordered.

She kept quiet.

The man walked to the other two sitting and they started discussing.

“Wetin we go do this woman, I don tire to dey look after her,” the man told his colleagues.

“Make we wait small. Madam talk say she go come today,” one of the men sitting said.

“Make we wait for am now,” the second man supported.

Nelson’s wife listened attentively as they discussed.

At the police station, the Divisional Police officer called some of his men. They were getting equipped for an operation.

“Sergent Abu, hope you can remember the location,” the DPO asked.

“Very well sir,” Sergent Abu replied.

“Get yourself ready, you will lead the operation.”

“Sure sir! I’m fully ready sir!” Sergent Abu said, giving him a well-articulated salute to show he was gallant.


I am Ayogu Oluchi Eze

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