ACRIMONY Episode 3 – Ayogu Oluchi Eze

ACRIMONY Episode 1 - Ayogu Oluchi Eze


Episode 3

Throughout that day, Uju couldn’t concentrate on her work. She was so upset that she couldn’t place her hand on any work.

There was a typing work that Nelson gave her to do earlier.

He rang her, she was reluctant to go at first. Then she later went.

“What happened? why didn’t you come immediately?”

“Sorry sir, I didn’t hear the bell. I wasn’t feeling very fine.”

“Have you finished the work?”

“No sir.”

“Ok. Take your time okay.”

“Thank you, sir.”

She went back to her workspace and sat.

She regretted leaving Nelson.

“He’s so nice and caring even though he is avoiding me but I know his reasons, he’s still his old self. I know the best way to get him back to myself,” she thought.

She encouraged herself with those words and finished up the work that Nelson gave her.

A few days later, she summoned courage and went to see Nelson in his office.

“Sorry to bother you, Joe told me you are now married.”

“Yes, I’m married.”

“Congrats. You couldn’t even wait for me to come back.”

“Wait for you to come back? Can you hear yourself?”

“I have always loved you and still do.”

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore. Please face your work.”

Uju was sad and left afterwards.

After that day, Uju started dressing seductively to work.
She would wear tight-fitted dresses and blouses that exposed her upper cleavage. Nelson kept on avoiding any close contact with her.

So one day, there was a proposal that they were working on for a big contract. They have been on it for some days and the deadline for its submission was that day.

Uju worked tirelessly on it. They kept on working to meet up with the deadline.

Later in the day, other workers all left leaving only Nelson and Uju at the office.

Uju put in all her skills and did a nice job.

It was almost 9 p.m. when they were done with the proposal and finally submitted it.

They were the only ones in the office.

Uju felt that night was a perfect one to actualize her plan.

Mr Nelson was so happy and then called Uju to thank her.

“Thank you Uju, you did a nice job.”

“You are welcome.”

“You don’t know what this means to me.”

“I understand perfectly.”

She then got closer to him and started rubbing his chest.

“Why are you avoiding me, Nelson,” Uju said in a low tone.

“I was avoiding this,” trying to resist her.

Then Uju started touching him and gently brushed her lips against his neck.

“This isn’t right Uju..”

While he was still talking, she locked lips with him while touching his sensitive parts. She finally went down on him and in no time he lost control. They later had it off.

A few minutes later, Nelson was lying helplessly on his office couch with his trousers unzipped, he managed to sit up and zipped his trousers.

Uju was standing and trying the adjust her skirt.

She looked fulfilled.

“You are still the Nelson I know darling,” she grinned as she was leaving his office.

Nelson couldn’t say a word but looked overwhelmed and ashamed of himself.


I am Ayogu Oluchi Eze

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