ACRIMONY Episode 5 – Ayogu Oluchi Eze

ACRIMONY Episode 1 - Ayogu Oluchi Eze


Episode 5

Uju continued keeping to herself in any matter that was not related to office work.

Later on, she went to Nelson’s office to appeal.

“Sir, please I got a call that my mother had an accident and was rushed to the hospital,” she said panicking.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry about that.”

“Nobody is with her at the hospital, I want to go and see her.”

“It’s alright, she will be fine okay.”

“Ok. Thank you, sir.”

Uju left his office.

She got to her workspace, picked up her bag and left.

A few hours later, Nelson called her to know how her mother was doing. She told him that she was badly injured and that she may not come to work the following day. Nelson permitted her to stay back and look after her mother.

Nelson was eager to see his wife, he made every necessary preparation to make her return worthwhile.

So on Tuesday evening, Nelson sent a cab driver to go and pick up his wife from the airport.

Just a few minutes after landing, the driver located her and she moved her luggage into the car.

They drove off.

Their house is about an hour’s drive from the airport.

Just halfway through the journey, a black SUV double-crossed them, three men wearing black masks came down and were shooting sporadically into the air.

The cab driver stopped immediately and was fidgeting. Nelson’s wife and the driver were pleading with the armed men not to harm them.

The armed men dragged the driver out of the car and ordered him to lie down.

They quickly whisked Nelson’s wife into their car and drove off.

When the driver saw that they had left, he got up and raised an alarm but it only attracted sympathisers.

He quickly left for Nelson’s place.

When he got there, everyone came out to welcome them, only to see the driver looking forlorn.

Nelson rushed to him immediately.

“Where’s my wife?”

“Oga, some men carried her away.”

“What! What are you saying?” Nelson said while holding the driver.

“Oga I swear, some men took her away around Ruba bustop. See her luggage,” he said pointing to the bags in the opened trunk.

“Oh my God, what is happening to my family? who did I offend?”

He immediately reached out for his phone to call the police.


I am Ayogu Oluchi Eze

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