ACRIMONY Episode 2 – Ayogu Oluchi Eze

ACRIMONY Episode 1 - Ayogu Oluchi Eze


Episode 2

Uju was so excited to be taken. She wanted to go and appreciate Nelson and his friend, Joe but was told that they were busy inside.

So she left.

Uju resumed work the following day. She was provided with everything she needed for her job.

Her workspace was demarcated from Nelson’s office by a cubicle wall with a connecting door in the middle.

On her table, were a desktop computer, an Office Telephone and some files.

She was so happy and grateful for the day he met Joe. If not for him, she wouldn’t be opportune to work in such a place.

A few minutes later, her boss, Mr Nelson arrived and everyone welcomed him.

Uju helped him carry his briefcase to his office and afterwards went back to her workspace.

She admired Nelson’s charisma, but she was bothered that he wasn’t giving her any special attention as she expected. He doesn’t neglect her either but behaves like he hasn’t met her before.

She decided to play along.

Uju put in her effort in working for Nelson.

As time went on, she was beginning to forget that they ever met.

So one evening, Uju met Joe on her way back from work, and they exchanged greetings.

“How is work?”


“I hope you are coping.”

“Yes, but I don’t understand your friend.”

“How do you mean?”

“He behaves as if I’m a total stranger to him.”

Joe laughed.

“You wouldn’t blame him, my dear, he’s married.”

Uju was shocked.

“Are you serious, when?”

“About 3 years now.”

“Wow, I never knew.”

They switched topics and later parted ways.

Uju couldn’t believe that Nelson was married.

“He couldn’t even wait for me and I thought he loved me,” she thought on her way back to her house.

After that day, Uju became a different person.
She then sees Nelson as someone who betrayed her love and trust.

“I loved him and I thought he wanted us back together. Maybe he wanted to use his marriage to torment me, I know what to do.”

She continued working for him but had a different intention.

She eavesdropped on every phone conversation that Mr Nelson made.

So one day, her boss was answering a phone call.

“Yes darling, you know we’ve not had quality time with each other ever since we got married.”

Uju heard that and listened attentively.

“But you know I’ve missed you. When is your annual leave coming up?”

“What? In 3 months. That’s far now. But you may come home as usual, right?”

“Ok, I’ll wait.”

“Junior is doing very fine.”

“Ok, I love you.”


When the call ended, Uju was fuming in anger.

“So of truth, he’s married and I’m still here. See the way he’s even declaring love and affection to another lady, mtcheeew.”

Nelson’s wife was a pilot for an international airline.

She comes home randomly, sometimes once in a week, sometimes once in a month, depending on the country on her flying schedule.

She only has full access to her family when she’s on leave.

They both have a son who is been taken care of by Nelson’s younger sister who lives with them.

Nelson loves and respects his wife so much.

They always get in touch with each other over the phone, whenever she’s away from home.


I am Ayogu Oluchi Eze

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