A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 11 by Azeemah Salami

A NIGHT WITH HIM Episode 1 by Azeemah Salami

A NIGHT WITH HIM by Azeemah Salami

🍂 Episode 11.


And as Irene trailed behind Nola, she couldn’t help but grow so curious.

What could be in that room?

Nola will definitely know because she has been with Harold for long.
“Nola” Irene called as they stepped into the living room.
“What’s in the room?” She asked.
“I do not know!” Nola replied bluntly.
“Do not go about prying, it may lead to the end of your work here” Nola warned.

“Okay, just curious” Irene said.
“I’ll be up in my room” she said.
“Okay, I’ll be in the kitchen” Nola said.
“Okay” Irene said and they both went their separate ways.

Nola sighed as she walked into the kitchen.
Everyone has always been curious about that room, can’t they just act like it doesn’t exist.

Well…who wouldn’t be curious? If she did not also know about the incidence,she would have been curious too.

“Rest in peace Helena” Nola muttered under her breath.

She sat down and shook her head sadly.
Well..Helena has been gone for years now but her presence still lingers in the house.
She was always in the kitchen with Nola, ready to help. Just like Irene does.
Helena had been Nola close friend,they were always in the kitchen and if they were not cooking, they’ll be chatting and laughing at funny things.
She was Harold’s godmother and he loved her so much.
He even spends more time with her than his parents.
Their bond was unbreakable then, anyone would mistake them for mother and son.
She practically raised Harold to be hardworking and independent, she always told Harold not to depend on his father’s wealth but work hard for his.
She made sure he didn’t grow up as a spoilt brat.
Harold is the only child of his billionaire parents and they were ready to spoil him but Helena prevented that.

Nola could boldly say Harold holds his success to Helena and God.

He was so broken when she died.
She was poisoned right in this house and till date, the culprit have not been apprehended. Detectives tried all they could but they couldn’t fish out the person, investigation went on for years until they finally washed their hands off the case.
She died on the same day ivory came into the world and Harold was more sad than happy.
But he believed that she came back to him through Ivory and he had wanted to name Ivory ‘ Helena’ but Carrle had refused.
Even with the love he had for Helena,he still respected his wife’s decision.


he made sure the name ‘Helena’ was among Ivory’s names.

Even after Helena’s death, Harold still go to her room.
But suddenly he stopped! and warned everyone not to ever step their feet into the room.
No one knew what happened.
Most people were so curious and they tried finding out what’s going on,they tried violating his orders and he had them sacked.
Others learned from it and no one dared go near the room afterwards.

From Helena’s death to harold sudden warning … everything sounds so mysterious…

“Helena” Nola sniffed and she realised she had been crying.

loves staying in the kitchen cause that’s where she shared most memories with Helena.

Nola dabbed her tears with her apron and then placed her head on the table feeling so sad.


Irene laid on her back staring at her ceiling, completely lost in thought.
“All i know is it’s a sacred room and Harold hates anyone going there, he’ll sack you immediately he finds you prying. ” Nola’s words echoed in her ears.


“What happened in the room?
Whose room is that? ” Irene wondered.

C’mon Irene.
It’s none if your business.

But her curiosity wouldn’t let go of her.
“Remember curiosity killed the cat” her subconsciousness told her.
Why can’t she just act like the room is not there like Nola had said.

But why would Harold restrict anyone from going into that room?
Something is definitely up.
“Let it go Irene, everyone has their little secret. Even you!” Her mind screamed at her.
“Okay okay” She rolled her eyes.

She picked her phone and placed a call across her Mum.
She needs to divert her thoughts.
Damien would have gone to school and her Mum might be feeling bored.

📞Rene” Her stepmum’s voice broke into her thoughts.

📞Mum, how are you?” Irene smiled.

📞I’m fine Rene and you?

📞 I’m good mum. I hope Damien left you some food before leaving.

📞 Of course he did, he even made my lunch in advance. My son is so caring and responsible you know” Mrs Neave giggled and Irene laughed.

📞That’s because i am not home. I’m more caring you know” Irene said.

you are, i really miss you.

📞Me too mum, you must be so bored” Irene said sadly.

📞Not really, i listen to some music while i knit and Damien arrived early yesterday to keep my company. He will today too so don’t bother.

📞Okay Mum, but did he bring anyone home yesterday?”

📞No” Mrs Neave lied.

📞You sure mum?

📞Of course Rene” Mrs Neave said.
Damien had begged her not to tell Irene and she wasn’t even gonna tell her in the first place.

She know Irene always quarrel with Damien over the girls he brings home.

📞I hope you’re enjoying your work place?” Mrs Neave asked.

📞Totally Mum, it feels so great and everyone is so nice to me.

📞I’m so happy to hear that. I’ll call you back Rene. My favorite TV programme is about to start.

📞 Ohh…Okay Mum. Bye.


Her conversation with her stepmum took her mind off the room she was thinking about.

She yawned and considered taking a nap.


“What desert are we having?” Irene asked Nola.
They were both preparing lunch in the kitchen.
“Salad and cherry cobbler” Nola said.
“okay” Irene said and started bringing out the things needed for it.

Nola stirred the boiling soup on the fire and then closed it back.

Irene sniffed the aroma and smiled.
“You really are a great cook” She said to Nola.
“You’re one too Irene, we’re gonna exchange ideas once we’re done making lunch” Nola said and Irene nodded.

She loved cooking.
She had so many recipes in her head, her biological mother had been a great cook and Irene inherited that from her.
“I should allow you to make the meals but Harold doesn’t allow anyone else make his meal but me” Nola said.
“I understand,he’s someone who need to have a cook he really trusts.” Irene said.
“Yes, there are so many maids in the house but i don’t even allow them join me in the kitchen. No one is to be trusted” Nola said.

She had stopped trusting the workers after Helena was poisoned.
She knew it was one of them. Definitely one of them but there was no proof and knowing the person who had killed Helena is still in house, terrifies her.

“Anything wrong?” Irene asked Nola.
“No, just thinking about what to make for dinner” Nola said.
“Ohh…if it’s that, there’s a meal i have in mind” Irene smiled.
“Really? Which meal is that?” Nola asked.
“Spiky pickle relish” Irene said and Nola eyes widened.
“Wow! I’ve been watching videos on that meal and I’ve never gotten it”
“I’ll be glad to teach you” Irene said.
“And I’ll be glad to learn” Nola smiled glad that her lie had turned out well.

She’s gonna learn something!
Some lies do turn out good though.

But it’s definitely not good to lie.


Irene selected Ivory’s house wear while Ivory showered.

She’s back from school and she had been so happy to announce to them that she got the highest score in her test.
She boasted to Irene that she had always scored the highest and will make sure it remains that way till she graduated.
Ivory is such an intelligent kid,she’s a child any parents would pray to have.

Irene settled for a black leggings and blue tank top, she shut the wardrobe close after picking out Ivory’s undies.
She turned to the shoe rack and selected a pair of blue slippers which has white designs on it.
She dropped the clothes on the bed and the slippers slowly to the floor.
She then opened Ivory’s drawer and picked her body oil.

“Ivory are you okay?” She asked after waiting for almost thirty minutes.
“Yes i am. Someone touched me without washing his hands, i have to scrub his filthy hands off my body” Ivory responded from the bathroom.

Irene sighed.

“Who touched you?” She asked..
“A classmate and he always look so unkempt ” Ivory breathed out angrily.
“Ohh..but i think you’ve scrubbed his touch off your body enough. You’ve spent close to an hour there” Irene said.
“I’ll be done soon” Ivory said and she was out of the bathroom five minutes later.

“What!” Irene exclaimed seeing Ivory’s skin had gone pink from scrubbing.
“What?” Ivory asked, pouting.
“Ivory, do you hate people touching you that much?” Irene asked.
“Yes, without washing their hands!”
“You shouldn’t injure yourself cause someone touched you, look at your skin. So pinkish. Does it hurt?” Irene asked worriedly.
“No, but they know im allergic to people touching me without washing their hands. They did that just to get on my nerves, they were so jealous i had the highest score again” Ivory rolled her eyes, drying her body.

“Really?” Irene asked.
“Yes, they’re all dumbass!”
“Does that means you have no friend?”
“I have few friends who understands my personality but the rest do claim I’m proud” Ivory said.
“Are you?” Irene teased.
“Of course I’m not. I talk to whoever talks to me, i accept anyone who wants to be my friend,i play with whoever wants to play with me and i never objected to anyone touching me as long as you wash your hands. Does that make me proud?” Ivory asked. Invite your friends to like and follow our page #creativeafricantales
“Umm..no, it doesn’t. Everyone actually have something they’re allergic to. If they like you,they should respect you and have no problem with that but y’all are still kids. You’ll understand yourselves better when you’re matured” Irene said.

“I’m gonna tell them that when i get to school tomorrow” ivory said.
“Fine, let’s get you dressed and go have lunch” Irene said.
“I love the wears you picked for me” Ivory grinned.

She’s glad her nanny has a great fashion sense.

“Why do you allow me dress you up even after stating i should not, in your rules?” Irene asked.
“I own my rules, don’t i?” Ivory asked.
“Of course you do” Irene said.


Nola, Irene and Ivory ate their lunch quietly in the dining room.

Harold is not back yet.

Irene missed his presence.
Since she resumed, this will be the first time, he’ll be absent from the dining room.
But it seems Ivory and Nola are used to it already.
They ate their desert after their meal.

Irene made sure ivory took some fruits before taking her nap.

She prepared the one she’ll be taking after nap and then walked out of the kitchen.
Nola was taking her nap too.
Irene walked towards the door to go spend some time with Tom and Eric.
She needed to ask them about that room too.
It’s really bothering her.

She opened the door and stepped out.

She’s glad she met them seated in the compound.
Looks like they were enjoying the cool breeze after lunch .
“Hey guys” she called.
“Hi, you’re here” Tom said while Eric smiled.
“Sit” Eric pointed to the chair beside him.
“Thank you” Irene said, sitting.

“You finally came to spend some time with us” Eric said.
“Yeah, Ivory and Nola are having their nap”
“I hope you both enjoyed your lunch?” Irene asked.
“Of course it was great” Eric said.
“Dinner will be more great” Irene said.

“I’m still surprised Nola allowed you to assist her in cooking, she doesn’t allow anyone” Tom said.
“I think that’s because of Mr Harold” Irene said.
“No , Mr Harold had pleaded with her severally to allow one of the maids help her in the kitchen but she had always refused” Eric said.
“Really?” Irene asked.
“Yes and she allowed you just a day after you resumed. She must really like you” Tom said.

“I’m glad she does. I wanna ask you guys a question though” Irene said.
“Go ahead” They both said and Irene hesitated.
She sighed before finally speaking up.
“There’s a room in this house that everyone is restricted to. Why is that? Whose room is it?” Irene asked.
“Oh..my, that sacred room?” Eric asked.

“Well,we were also told we are restricted to that room when we resumed .
But i heard from other workers that the room belonged to Harold’s godmother’s. She was poisoned to death” Tom said.
“What!” Irene screamed.


Irene was unsettled as she read to ivory in her library.
She was a bit scared over what Tom told her.
She should have just kept shut and tame her curiosity.
Now she had to deal with knowing someone was poisoned to death in this house and the culprit is not apprehended yet, probably still lurking in the house.
“Irene!” Ivory called putting an end to her thought.
“You just skipped a line” Ivory said.
“I’m so sorry” she pleaded and quickly pushed away the thought distracting her.


Irene taught Nola how to make spicy pickle relish and Nola was so glad she finally got it.

They had it for dinner and Irene was secretly glad harold was present.
He had obviously enjoyed the meal as the rest of the workers did.

Ivory finished eating and said goodnight to everyone.

Irene also stood up, knowing she have to read Ivory some bedtime stories.
Irene walked to her room and headed straight to the bathroom.
She brushed her teeth and took her night bath, she got into her nightwear before walking into ivory’s room to read her bedtime stories.
Ivory had included it in her rules that she doesn’t like the smell of food on her nanny before putting her to bed.

“Hey ivory” Irene said.
“Hi, been expecting you” Ivory said.
She was laying on her bed, changed into her nightwear, obviously waiting for Irene.
“Sorry i took long” Irene said, sitting on the couch right beside Ivory’s bed.

“Once upon a time…..” She started.


“The princess was turned into a mouse by the wizard…” Irene was narrating the third bedtime story when she noticed Ivory had fallen asleep.
She stood up, she was starting to feel sleepy too.
She covered Ivory properly with her blanket,switched off the lights and then entered her room through the adjoining door.
She laid on her bed and closed her eyes immediately.


Irene felt taps on her shoulder from her sleep.
The taps grew more fierce and she had to open her eyes.

“Ivory” she called seeing the little girl in her room.
She rubbed her face with her palm and could see how worried Ivory looked.
“What’s wrong?” She asked sitting up on the bed.

“Something…i..s in m..y room” ivory said and the hairs at the back of Irene’s neck stood.
“Wh..what is in your room?” She asked,her heart beating fast.
“A ghost.” ivory bursted out in tears.
Irene suddenly remembered what Tom had told her.
Her body shook in fear and she screamed hugging Ivory very close to her.



Guys are you thinking what am thinking who poisoned Helena?🤔


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1 month ago

Idiot Irene 😀😀😀😀, is she not supposed to confirm first before screaming

Erakpoweri Blessing
Erakpoweri Blessing
1 month ago

Only time will tell who killed her

Jidda mj
Jidda mj
1 month ago

See where her curiosity land her, i hope the culprit is exposed soon hmm this story is superb

Egunjobi Omolola
Egunjobi Omolola
1 month ago

Hope it’s not Alex that is working for Ethan or Cassie I don’t trust them